What Makes A Parent An ANTI-VAXXER?!

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What Makes A Parent An ANTI-VAXXER?!

Michelle Maher Ford of the Vaccine-Injury Awareness League takes a look at the main reasons why parents go vaccine free – to become an anti-vaxxer – and never look back!

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So there’s this myth called anti-vaxxer. I know that there are some people out there that are absolutely positively, no way in Gods green earth, are they ever gonna vaccinate.

But I wanna share a few things. The term anti-vaxxer, I think, has been perpetuated by the media to marginalize people.

But getting into the deeper issue about that is why is there a group of people that don’t vaccinate? So, I have a few ideas about why:

Number one, they had past experience with their child. So when you’re an eye witness of something like that, you can’t really go back, and you can’t deny it, and so you start going into the deep dive and doing your research and then realizing, holy smokes, there’s a high probability of [vaccine] harm. And so they may not immediately stop vaccinating, they might slow down for a while until they get to the point where they’re going, “Oh my God, I’m never doing this again.” So, those are people that I say have prior [vaccine injury] experience.

The other group is somebody knows someone, and so they saw it second hand. They saw someone’s child change dramatically [after vaccination] and just by virtue of that happening, them being an innocent, by standing witness, they decide oh my gosh, when I have kids, I’m never gonna let my kids be exposed to that.

And the third group are people that for whatever reason, they hear something, they heard of something, they read an article that peaks their interest, and then they decide wow, I better look into this ’cause it’s something I don’t know about and I wanna know [about vaccines].

And the fact of the matter is, when people start doing their own learning about this, and they stop relying on doctors and nurses and people that have a one track mind about, when they start doing their own reading and their own research, they come to the same conclusion as the parents that have prior experience, and they say, “Holy smokes, [vaccination] is highly dangerous. “There are so many known side effects, “There are many, many adverse events that can happen.”

And long-term, not just short-term acute situations, but we’re talking about long-term chronic illness [from vaccines] that can plague a child.

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