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Parents Share Why They Will Never Vaccinate Again

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On October 11, 2015, I, Larry Cook, asked my Facebook friends this question:

A few questions for you. How did you decide to *truly* start researching vaccine safety and efficacy? What do you think was the defining moment – that “ah-ha” – that convinced you to never vaccinate again? Have you ever regretted not vaccinating? (why, if yes) Very importantly, was it a person (personal relationship) or was it an educational material (book, article, video, etc.) that *first* got you started on this path of investigation?

And over 180 people responded. Their responses are below. I hope you find this helpful in your quest about whether or not you should trust what you are being told by the medical establishment, or if you should do your own research and come to your own conclusions. Comments classified into Death, Injury or adverse reaction, Coerced or forced, Nurse comments, Research or Family Experience.

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1. My Son died 40 hours after his 2 mos. shots. I NEVER knew of vaccine injury before. I feel guilty everyday because it was the one thing I didn’t look into and wish I did. Death

2. After my daughter suffered an adverse reaction to her 2 month shots, we were made to believe it was normal and that she’d be fine. It didn’t sit right so we delayed heavily. She received her 6 month shots at her 8 month appointment and then they suggested we catch her up. I was so angry that they would even recommend such a thing! So many shots full of multiple vaccines in one sitting. We never went back. In fact, my daughter has never been to a doctor appointment since then except her follow up with a specialist after breaking her arm and visiting the ER.  Injury or adverse reaction

3. I wish that were the case for me. I get blackmailed into well child visits. I work for a state gov and the insurance is fantastic. The whole family is on my insurance. However I also have to participate in this “health enhancement program”. We have to do physicals and well visits and things like that. They say it’s a choice but if you choose not to be a part of the program the cost of insurance triples and I can’t afford that. Luckily we like our pediatrician who doesn’t force the vax issue. But I hate being told I have to do things which are unnecessary. If the program ever made childhood vaccines something you had to do I would have no choice but to drop this insurance and we would be screwed.  Coerced or forced


4. For me it was when I had to be revaccinated for hep b to take a job in the medical field. I had records showing I’d had the full series, yet was being shown through a titer for hep b that I had no antibodies towards it. I thought how could that be, don’t vaccines make you immune….why do I need more? I started my research from there, this was years before we had kids.  Research or Family Experience

5. I’m a nurse and I worked giving the flu vaccine to employees all over los angeles. We were told to lie about the shots and the contents. Also the way we handled the vials was very important. We were not supposed to get vaccine on our hands.  Then my daughter started getting reactions and I found myself praying she didn’t die after her round of shots from the dr. When I finally realized I could say no, I did.

What were the lies specifically? That there wasn’t mercury or other ingredients or anything else? I’m in another group where there is a pharmacist who insists all vaccines are safe and effective and should be given on schedule in their entirety.

We had to tell pregnant women the preservative free shot really has no Mercury. It does. Just trace amounts that aren’t required for labeling.  And the fact that it makes everyone sick. The company I worked for told us people usually got sick from the shot but we had to tell them it was coincidence. Yea. We Also HAD to wear gloves while handling vaccine vials but when administering the shots gloves were optional, what?!   Nurse comments

6. I started looking into vaccines when I was pregnant. I originally decided on a delayed and selective schedule based on I felt the risk of chicken pox was less than the vaccine same with others. There were a few I originally decided to give her based on information from my doctor, much of which I later found to be false. As I continued researching I decided the risk of any vaccine was greater than her risks of contracting and suffering serious or lasting injury from the diseases. My only regret is that I ever gave her a single shot. But thankfully she is healthy and thriving.  Research or Family Experience

7. Multiple people in my family have had vaccine reactions. My cousin had a baby die after getting vaccines, my niece has one child with an auto immune disorder and one Autistic child. She tried to not get them vaccinated but the school had CPS come to her home and threaten to take the children. She gave in and is living with that decision now.  Research or Family Experience

8. When I was pregnant with my 1st in 1993, I was going to an acupuncturist who began giving me eye-opening articles on all kind of child and health related topics. From there I started reading (pre-Internet) books. One that really brought clarity was called The Immunization Decision (later re-named The Vaccination Decision).


Equally important, I believed, was to create a healthful environment for my children including whole foods, enough sleep, and a peaceful home, to name a few. My children have had chicken pox, high fevers as needed, colds, and other stuff to help them develop natural immunity. We don’t use antibacterial soaps, and have only used antibiotics on a handful of occasions (4 kids, ages 14-21), with my son never having any yet.  Research or Family Experience

9. My daughter had an adverse reaction and the doctor said it was normal and that I was overreacting. The nurse pulled me aside and told me I wasn’t overreacting and that some kids do have adverse reactions to vaccine. She said not to tell anyone she told me. Then I started researching and was appalled at what they hid from me. I tried confronting the doctor to ask why he didn’t have me sign a consent form or tell me any of the vaccine risks but he would never take my calls.  Injury or adverse reaction

10. Someone sent me a picture of ingredients while I was 2 months pregnant I had never thought about vaccines at all – I instantly said what is aluminum for and how do these shots work – I started reading no internet – pro vac books and anti – it took almost a year before I was fully confidant but knew with in my first book I would never vaccinate.  Research or Family Experience

11. After my son had whole limb swelling from his 4 yr dtap and I was told lots of kids react to that shot. I regret not researching earlier when his sister got lumps in her legs for 4-6 weeks from her dtap shots.  Injury or adverse reaction

12. My daughter had a severe reaction to her 18 month shots, she was 19 months old and we nearly lost her. I reported what happened and they didn’t bat an eye lid! I took her to a naturopath who was the first person to agree and relate to our daughter’s story! That’s when I really started researching! It was a huge wake up call and I only regret not listening to my gut and not researching before I had her. No one in my family will vaccinate again!!!!  Injury or adverse reaction

13. After my son was injured by the Dtap vaccine I watched The Greater Good…I cried through the whole movie. It started me down the path of his recovery and studying everything I could on the subject.  Injury or adverse reaction

14. 19 1/2 years ago when my daughter was severely vaccine injured. I never knew vaccines could destroy health and life as they can.  Injury or adverse reaction


15. I always like to say that I was “lucky” because my dog had an adverse reaction to a vaccine. He was three months old, and I took him to the vet to get a “complete series” of puppy shots because I didn’t know his status, and more vaccines would just make him healthier, right? He developed a tumor over the injection site less than 24 hours later. My vet actually agreed it was the vaccine because he had “seen it many times before.” I began to research that day in 1996. We didn’t have kids until 2003, and we’ve never vaxed.  Injury or adverse reaction

16. I read a book called “natural cures they don’t want u to know about” by Kevin Tredeau. I saw it advertised late night and ordered it since I was diagnosed lupus positive and did not want to end up on a bunch of meds. Like my mom n grandma. That book led me to become really interested in natural holistic health and I enrolled in a program to learn more…….Also, my hubbys chiro warned me about vaccines while pregnant, and gave me another book to read all about them and with that book, I was totally sure what my stance on the issue would be. So thankful for Dr. John Erdman, my 4 children are all vaccine free…….and so now I will be homeschooling. Research or Family Experience

17. Watching Trace Amounts was a real eye-opener for me.  Research or Family Experience

18. Hours after my son’s 12 month “well doctor visit” I remember being in the car and reaching to look back at him and his eyes were rolling into the back of his head and he was spitting up in an unusual way. I screamed so loud and drove 75 in a 35 to the ER in our town like a crazy mad woman. He was hospitalized for almost 3 days with a high temp of 105.7…. They put tubes in his head to drain the swelling. I remember yelling at the nurses because when administering the tubes, they kept missing the location they needed for draining as my baby is screaming. I was told to calm down because vaccine reactions like “this” were normal. What’s normal about that?! … And then I got to take him home. The entire thing made no sense. And I did the thing that we all tend to judge on the most when we can’t understand why they would do it again, why didn’t they see the signs… I vaccinated him again. I didn’t know, I just did what I was told. You know when you go against your intuition? I think we’ve all done it at least once. After that, I started reading and reading and reading and found out that what my son went through wasn’t “normal.” I have a beautiful 9 year old boy who hasn’t been vaccinated since that last day. And a 6 year old boy who has never been vaccinated. My oldest was diagnosed on the mild/medium Autism spectrum at the age of 5. It took three and a half years before anyone would listen to me. People don’t understand the passionate road this has taken me. We gain nothing publicly for telling the truth. Thankful for this group everyday.  Injury or adverse reaction

19. Behaviour changes to my 4 yr old after MMRII and DTPa-IPV is what did it. Eczema, sleep disorder, glassed eyes, drooling and anger. I noticed she was not herself and the only difference had been vaccines. Once I researched I realised her tip toe walking at 12-18 was also vax related and long lasting conjunctivitis too. I never knew they could be adverse vaccine reactions. But now I do know better.

20. I have a step-granddaughter that STILL tip-toe walks at 13 years of age. So gut-wrenching to see. My own bio grandbabies are all vax-free, except the oldest one. Very thankful that my boys believed me and then did their own research.  From Larry Cook:  The toe walking is because the foot pressure points stimulate the gastrointestinal area, which usually has lesions. Fix the gut and the toe walking will probably dissipate. Injury or adverse reaction

21. It’s all here:  Research or Family Experience

22. While I was pregnant with our second child, my husband began researching vaccines in depth. I remember how on the fence I was about whether to vaccinate or not for awhile as he kept showing me more and more evidence about risks associated with vaccines. Finally, after our son was born, I wasn’t sure what to do, so I decided it best to delay vaccinations and skipped the HepB in the hospital all together. I am so glad we at least made that choice at the time.


When our child was born, it turned out he had an already irritated, overtaxed immune system, and vaccines may have caused him a severe reaction. As soon as his own started to show evidence of becoming active, a few weeks after birth, while I was nursing him, there were so many signs of it. From inflammation of the skin with severe eczema, to mucous and blood in the stools, among other signals, his responses were very inflamed.

I was advised to quit all dairy while nursing from the Pediatrician, as she said this is usually the main culprit. I did, but it wasn’t enough to soothe the responses. He continued with issues for almost three years, and even had severe speech delay. I later discovered, after removing gluten & dairy strictly for a dedicated period of weeks, that finally, his symptoms improved. One such sign was he began to finally speak, almost within two weeks for the first time of strictly removing gluten and dairy.

My husband had come across a university study online somewhere that showed a higher correlation among those with dairy intolerance and the increase in dangerous reactions to vaccines. It was bingo moment for me. I suddenly realized it was a very risky idea to vaccinate all children as infants when we may not even have picked up on such vulnerabilities in thier physiology yet. And especially true for our own child.

Yet, I was a bit nervous about having this discussion with my child’s Ped. So, I delved into as much research as I could find. Another defining moment for us was during that discussion. After expressing the desire to at least postpone vaccination until older to her, she warned of the risk of death for infants from Whooping cough and how the risk was real because of a local breakout where she saw some of these kids in her office. While agonizing over what to do internally, I had at least the clarity of mind and seen enough information to ask if these children who got whooping cough had been vaccinated. The answer was yes! It was definately an A-HA DUH moment for me. It demonstrated very clearly that vaccination does not exactly equate to immunization. She then explained they began recommending boosters because she believed the immunity wears off.

I decided, with the risks involved, and the fact that we could all see our child clearly already had an irritated immune system, I would rather take the risk of Whooping Cough over the risks of vaccination, for which did not even guarantee my child immunity. He may have had a severe reaction, and it wasn’t worth it. I had read about so many parents who saw this happen, and knew I did not want to become one of them. Like I said, it was clear our child already had stressed immune system responses that was reacting to other things, and I thought it wise not to add to that burden.

BTW, I also asked about aborted fetal tissue in vaccines, and she admitted it was in at least one of them. Then I asked if I decided I wanted to give vaccines in seperate dosages, were they available like that? I had developed major concerns about MMR and the idea of bundling dosages together. I found out they were not. The more I asked, the more crazy our vaccine policies started to appear. I left feeling confident that this was the best option for our child.

I have since continued to keep up on learning about the issues. I am now confident mandatory one size fits all vaccination policies without a right to exemptions is not only dangerous and full of risks, but an infringement on our rights as human beings over medical choices that should be optional and adjustable, at best. Also, I saw it is not all it is often portrayed to be, as I had imagined it was in my ignorance of the finer details.

This does not even touch on a myriad of other concerns I have about the longer term effects of vaccination on the immune system. Since we never have any long term studies on these, we are really in the dark about it, aren’t we? I am not holding my breath…but maybe one day. I wonder what else might come to light.

This journey began for us almost 11 years ago, and we have yet to find a compelling reason of risk vs benefit to recieve any vaccinations since.   Research or Family Experience


23. I was vaccine injured at 3 months after i was adopted (seizures, 104 fever hospitalized, vomiting, spinal tap etc after DPT) then my uncle (and Godfather – who worked with Barb Fisher of NVIC) wrote a book about the dangers of vaccinations (inspired in part by what happened to me). He died too young. very tragic. Anyway, I still didn’t get it 100% as parents were adamant they were important and safe and i was evil and responsible if i don’t get them, but then i got sick after a TDaP shot i was given after an accident (they thought tetanus) and never vaccinated since. I learned my lesson. That’s what started the journey.  Injury or adverse reaction

24. We moved overseas and put our 3 yr old daughter in an Italian preschool. At some point there was an outbreak of chicken pox. I was so confused by how it could have happened. A good friend of mine from Austria kindly told me that Europeans do not vaccinate at the same rate as Americans and gave me a card with NVIC info. She also said natural immunity from the chicken pox is better in the long run compared to temporary immunity from the vaccine. After that I watched the Hear This Well Campaign on YouTube. To see that injuries extend well beyond autism and to know that there was no way that, that many parents could all be lying was a huge eye opener for me.

She is now 5 years old and hasn’t had another vaccine since she was 3. The decision to not vaccinate wasn’t easy. I realized we had to make some healthier decisions when it came to our diets to support our immune systems. We do not regret any of it. We know we’re healthier because of it.  Research or Family Experience

25. I worked for a doctor’s office for a few years and saw people come in all the time after receiving their flu shots soooooo extremely sick!! That raised some flags but mostly noticing how the medical practices were handled they seemed so careless at times. A lot of the drugs brought in by the lunch buying drug reps were handed out like candy. Just seemed off to me so I started questioning everything! And as soon as I got pregnant vaccines seemed questionable to me. After doing extensive research and talking with many different parents pro vax and anti I know without a doubt that vaccines are not for us!  Research or Family Experience

26. I went to a seminar and the doctor spoke on vaccine ingredients and reactions: Dr. Cohen. Went to another seminar two Genesists doctors wanted to find the gene for autism, they did not find a gene for autism, they found a connection with thimerosal and amounts of testosterone. Thymerosal has an affinity to testosterone. Therefore higher incidents of autism with boys and girls with high testosterone.

Books: Do not vaccinate before you educate by Dr. Mayer Eisenstein (he recently passed away heart attack); he had 40,000 patients and kids in his practice did not have autism, he had a talk show, he was very vocal about what is in vaccines and his practice was full of families with healthy children.

He really helped see you will be ok not vaccinated.  I was curious about why my nephew regressed after 2yrs old. He is now 21 and he is autistic.  He had beautiful eyes and bright than they turned off simple never the same again. The videos about vaccines, the information about poli vaccine in India and how the kids ended up sick. All that is confirmation.  Research or Family Experience

27. When I read that my health condition may be linked to the polio vaccines I got as a kid.  Injury or adverse reaction

28. 30.5 yrs ago my niece Jessica who was 6 months old had brain seizures. She would foam out of her mouth, go limp on one side and rush to hospital. Seizures happened a lot for the next few yrs. also Jessica was put on heavy duty meds to stop the seizures 4-6 yrs. she had to have liver biopsies every few months for 4-6 yrs.

I was born in 1965. By the time I was 5 yrs old I had a mouth full of amalgams and wore glasses full time. Always I had digestive issues. When I turned 19 I had psoriasis which is an autoimmune disorder. I have psoriasis for the past 30 yrs. when I was pregnant with my daughter 15 yrs ago, psoriasis covered 80-90 percent of my body. I was so sick of being sick. I was so sick of my skin being attacked by my own immune system. Injury or adverse reaction


29. I have never had an older dog who received vaccines who didn’t develop cancer within 2 months  Injury or adverse reaction

30. I was once listening to a Vet discussing so openly the risks of vaccines to pets, and thought…WOW, we never hear this in the mainstream media about other vaccine populations. Guess it’s safer to talk about it with animals.  Research or Family Experience

31. I vaccinated my daughter during her first few years. I was mostly aware of and cautious about just the MMR. In early 2000’s, I could get the MMR split up, so I did that. When it came time for the boosters, I asked why they were necessary. My doctor told me that boosters were necessary to cover the 10% of kids who did not get the immunity from the first shot. I asked about testing to determine immunity, and she said I could do a blood titer test to find out if she had immunity, which I did. But I was amazed that the policy would be to give all these additional shots when 90% of the kids didn’t need them. I was not expecting to be required to get another dTap booster in 6th grade. At that point, I felt we were done with vaccinating, and she already had 3 dTaps. I had also been seeing “Get Your Flu Shot” signs ALL OVER THE PLACE, increasing every year. It seemed more than a little maniacal to me, and I knew someone who had landed in the hospital after a flu shot. In the last few years, I have been seeing horrific stories about Gardasil. In my own health, I was seeing that more and more doctors were just wanting to give out drugs, were guessing at what was going on, didn’t seem to really be able to answer any questions. And the health insurance situation was also becoming more and more insane. So I dropped out of that system, and started following natural medicine, herbs, etc. I found that natural remedies worked amazingly well. Since the disneyland measles mania, I have been shocked at the scope of, and manipulative, divisive nature of the propaganda, and the ridicule of people who question this system, that exploded into every available media space since that time. I have since dropped almost everything else and have devoted all my free time to this issue. It’s amazing to me, that without any inquiry and exploration into the issues, people have chosen to give up personal control of informed consent and health choice to a mechanistic system, that has no knowledge of your child and their individuality, not only for the vaccines that are currently in the schedule, but for any other vaccine deemed necessary. I’ve never seen anything like it. There are other routes to take if you do get a virus, and so much you can do preventatively. After seeing all this, this year, I wish I had never vaccinated.

Olive leaf extract, has been lab proven to prevent every disease they give vaccines for! And so much more! If I was raising kids today they would get it every day! I take 2 caps twice daily! go to for the best on the market!  Research or Family Experience

32. I had a gut instinct while pregnant with my first.  I did not ignore it. My first 2 books were by Bob Sears and Louise Habakus which led me to Dr. Palevsky who my kids still see years later Dr. P has been a saving grace for us. So grateful for him and this community.  Research or Family Experience

33. It was never an issue in our household. My mum wasn’t vaccinated and I’m one of her 10 children that aren’t vaccinated. My 3 children aren’t vaccinated so we’ve always been happily au naturale!  Research or Family Experience

34. When I had kids and knew that I had all of those terrible childhood diseases. My husband and I are in accord on medical intervention. I also felt able to handle problems myself through chiropractic and nutrition.  Research or Family Experience

35. My mum is a nurse here in australia. Vaccinated four girls until one of her friends educated her. This friend’s child had a bad reaction. Mum has converted two of her sisters who are nurses and I have three vax free brothers  Research or Family Experience

36. I will forever regret the decision to vaccinate my son. My first husband was very pro vaccines and although I had a lot of fear, I did not fully realize the dangers and went along with it. After my son regressed into autism post MMR, I stopped. That led me on a path to recover my son and help others recover.  Injury or adverse reaction

37. My son suffered severe reactions to both DPT vaccines at 8 months and 13 months. He should have never received the second dpt. (10 DAYS OF FEBRILE, VOMITING ) *encephalitis. (1981) His health deteriorated and by age 2 he had totally “slipped away.”

From that time forward I knew that vaccines could be dangerous for what I thought were few. However, I was in for a rude awakening as the internet began revealing the hidden truth about the numbers of vaccines injuries and subsequent health problems associated with vaccines. Although I spoke often about my situation to friends and doctors about our sons reaction and regression, (early 1980’s) literally no one knew what to say …I felt so alone in my theory and experience…However, it wasn’t until I went to the library (pre internet) did I begin to uncover atrocities in the name of vaccines. Also: In Feb 1985, the ABC News show 20/20 with reporter Sylvia Chase uncovered many who have suffered adverse reactions and death from vaccines, namely DPT.  Death


38. I have an auto-immune disease, sclerodermia. After a long research, and later studying to become a naturopath showed me how vaccination made my fragile body respond in a bad way. Lately, someone told me that his child, a 4 years old girl, has diabetes type I just after a virus attack. I asked him whether she is vaccinated, he said of course. They started to give her vaccines at the age of two months old. The whole family doesn’t have any sign of auto-immune diseases, it is just that this girl was very vulnerable. How can we know the many children who get auto-immune diseases because of vaccines, especially that some of these diseases don’t appear at a young age? This is the problem with vaccination: no way to know unless the illness starts to show. Hepatitis B vaccine has been proven to cause multiple sclerosis, but other illnesses are not studied yet.  Injury or adverse reaction

39. To put it very shortly: my oldest daughter is injured by Gardasil.  Injury or adverse reaction

40. After my Son died and my Daughter injured following vaccination. Coroner tried to tell me that my Son died of natural causes namely SIDS. I had that ruling changed to Unknown causes which allows me to present more evidence in the future. My Daughter’s injury was labeled coincidental. I was also directed by the Coroner to not mention vaccines as a possible cause of my Son’s death or I would be charged with contempt of court. They know.  Death and Injury or adverse reaction

41. I believe it happened in April of 2007. Ms. Shari Goldberg, the Cleveland chapter president of Autism Speaks, telling me “if you don’t leave we’ll have you arrested” on the sidewalk in front of an Autism Speaks benefit concert where I was politely asking people if they’d like info on vaccines and autism.

I told her I had a right to be there, and she said “I have a child with autism, do you have a child with autism?” I didn’t and so I said ‘no’. Then she said to me “Well all of these people here, they have a child with autism. We’re just trying to have a good time.” I told her my being there shouldn’t bother her, and I stayed. I didn’t understand why she couldn’t just walk inside, listen to some music, and forget that I was there.

The police came and initially they told me I had to leave but when I stood my ground the police chief came and spoke with me. He told me I could stay. A few days later I saw on an internet autism ‘support’ forum called AutismNE, Ms. Goldberg trying to raise more money, and so I posted about what happened to me at the benefit concert. That post was initially censored by Ms. Helmick of AutismNE (“we only post positive things on our forum”). She later decided to allow my post on her forum after all, at which point Ms. Goldberg lied, responding on the forum with “Oh Robin, nobody tried to have you arrested.”

I later learned from the police dispatch report that the police had been told that I was ‘threatening and harassing people’, something I absolutely was NOT doing (unless the people who organized that benefit were threatened and/or harassed by the truth).

Looking back with the knowledge I now have of what caused it I have to say that no doubt hearing my firstborn scream as though someone had stuck a fork into her, literally every waking moment of her life (except for when she was nursing, which she did VERY fitfully) for the entire first two months that she was alive, was a factor. Then, at age four, when she regressed into behaviors that thankfully she pretty much pulled out of after I had a talk about diet with the late Dr. Rimland—that was certainly a factor as well. And another child has been threw some stuff that I’d rather not get into other than to say it wasn’t pleasant.

But it was Shari of Autism Speaks, for me. That’s when I knew just how filthy evil corrupt things were with the vaccine program in this country. Up until then I’d encountered thugs like her only online. When I began to meet them in real life (btw only one of the five autism support organizations in the Cleveland area hasn’t been co-opted by pharma), that’s when I knew.  Research or Family Experience

42. My son was injured by vaccines when he was 2, on a delayed schedule, went lethargic and into respiratory distress… Was hospitalized for over 2 months. They said it was a 1 in a million reaction, would never happen again. We continued vaccinating him on the delayed schedule and he continued to get sicker but I kept being reassured by the doctors that we were doing the best thing…Fast forward, my son is going on 6 and our daughter is 18 months, also vaccinating her on a delayed schedule… She gets extreme fever, goes lethargic and “zones out”… Again, are told it’s just so rare… We hold off on giving her any more but she was meeting her milestones anymore (which before she was advanced) and developed serious GI problems… We did not vaccinate her again and we started researching… Our 2 youngest are not vaccinated at all and are never sick and very advanced while our 2 injured oldest, are chronically ill to this day, at 12 & 7  And then of course, finding out about aborted fetal DNA and other ingredients, when I am very much Christian and pro-life, totally set me off the edge and infuriated me! ***I also had severe reactions to a flu shot in 97 (I have latex allergy and it had latex in it) and the 2nd in the series of Hep B in 99… From this, found out that our family history of Psoriasis and Eczema are autoimmune disease and we should not be vaccinated in the first place!  Injury or adverse reaction


43. Trying to figure out why my 2 1/2 yr old had become very ill. Pulled medical records and started to read them. Noted that since birth he had a vaccine reaction 10 days after each vaccination. Anything from rash to hives to a fever and screaming in an odd scream for hours at a time. Well noted be cause it was worrisome enough that we called the er or made a trip to the er each time. It took years and around the clock care to restore his health from the damage done. We knew at this point to stop immunization for his younger brother and to forgo immunization for our other children.  Injury or adverse reaction

44. In 1984 I learned that diet had a greater positive effect on my health than any of the modalities used by ‘modern’ medicine, such as toxic pills and vaccines.  Research or Family Experience

45. It was neither.  It was an innate clear understanding that vaccines were not effective and they were not safe, and that they represented clear and present danger.  And it was just something that I knew instinctively…and nothing that was done to me managed to belt that instinct out of me. In fact…every slap and embarrassment ever inflicted upon me only served to strengthen that resolve in me.  Research or Family Experience?

46. I just had a feeling and knew if something happened to my daughter as a result of vaccination that I’d never forgive myself. I was still undecided on whether I’d delay or not until I watched “the greater good” and read “vaccination is not immunization” by Tim O’Shea. That book sealed the deal. Irrefutable evidence there. Research or Family Experience

47. I first started to question vaccines after my children were all grown and started having children my grand children! My daughter by marriage Jenni helped open my eye’s to the dangers of vaccines! Once I started reading the article’s she was posting and started to connect the dots my life shattered into a million pieces! My middle son Brian has Juvenal diabetes and suffered hair loss I found that both events had a direct correlation to the poison they call vaccines that were give to him @ 20 months old when he started losing his hair and at 12 years old when he ended up in ICU with diabetes the reaction time in both times took about two weeks! Both are autoimmune related, it breaks my heart knowing I let this happen to my son! When I should have protected him! So now I fight not only for my children and grand children but all children! Praying and sharing the information I know to be true that they are harming are children through vaccination! The question I never want to hear again from a little boy laying in ICU crying WHY ME MOM! Now finally having the answer to the question and sharing the information with everyone who will hear the message! Vaccines damage and can kill your children! My loving prayers go out to all parents that there eyes be opened and are given the strength it will take to say no more will I let a society dictate the lives of my children or there children! From Mom I love you baby!   Injury or adverse reaction

48. I never knew vaccines were this big of an issue until I became pregnant last year. I’ve never been a fan of polluting our bodies. Then a friend turned me on to different groups and one thing led to another. I just started reading and researching and was completely shocked at what was happening. I didn’t know what I was in for because what I put in my body had always been my choice so didn’t think it’d be a big deal. Now it breaks my nerves thinking about having to fight everyone about my choice. Research or Family Experience

49. When I was pregnant I heard Vera Shrieber talk anti Vax. I was pregnant and had reacted to measles vaccine as a teen. Opened my eyes… could not poison my baby. No Vit K no vaccines, he’s now 18 & healthy as is my 12 yr old. All my friends vaccinated kids are constantly sick. Now my boys healthy all their lives. Both boys have had 1 course of antibiotics in their lives. Ive done something right…..Not vaccinated! Followed healthy organic diet too.  Research or Family Experience

50. I was listening to the Gary Null show and heard him talk about vaccines. Then I ordered some books! That was 13 years ago. But I honestly didn’t research as much as I have since last February, when CA started fighting SB277. And joined FB groups. It’s really a long big endless rabbit hole…Thanks FB for all the sharing!!  Research or Family Experience

51. I decided not to get the flu shot one year (approx. 20 years ago) and not bc I knew anything was wrong w them; it was just an impulsive decision after reading a book on health. That year I did not get sick w the flu! Prior to that year I always got the shot and always got sick w the flu! Haven’t had the flu shot or flu since then. That was my “Aha” moment on vaccines.

After the internet came about, I began seeing and realizing how deep the rabbit hole goes and not just on vaccines. And as you all know, it’s not pretty!  Research or Family Experience

52. I’m a RN… So obviously I was taught to vaccinate. I first questioned vaccines when I was pregnant and a friend asked me if I was going to vaccinate. That’s when I started researching. I had doubts at first, but I decided that I would rather risk my child having complications from catching a disease naturally than to risk damaging him for life with vaccines while he’s perfectly healthy for diseases that are mostly mild anyway! I continued to research and became more convinced. When I discovered the aborted fetal cells connection, that sealed the deal for me.  Nurse comments

53. When I had my first child in 1980, I vaccinated as instructed. There were a few issues but I didn’t connect them to vaccinations. With the second, in 1985, I’d read there were some problems with some of the vaccines, so we did the DT shots only. She had chronic asthma and allergies. Did the same shots with the third child, who had unrecognized Aspergers. By now there were many more shots on the schedule. Thank God we didn’t do them. His health has suffered the most as he received MMR 3 times in his teens and the chicken pox shot since he had never gotten all of those illnesses. I believed at the time it was the right thing to do. I had no idea. We are now spending thousands to try and recover his health. He is very ill.  Injury or adverse reaction

54. For me it was a person who first got me thinking about the issue. I was 25, no children of my own at the time. The principal of the small private school I taught at was a woman whom I admired and respected; she was intelligent, driven, yet humble and kind. She mentioned once, almost just in passing, that her children were not vaccinated. That she and her husband had concerns about ingredients in the vaccines. (This was in 1997). She had five beautiful, smart, healthy, very well-mannered, behaved, respectful children. So, the fact that I considered her a smart lady to begin with and esteemed her, and the fact her children (ages 2-11 at the time) were all doing so well, and some of the nicest kids you could meet…well this planted a seed in my mind that maybe what she was saying was worth looking into later. So, I did. When it came time for children in my life (11 years later), I researched the topic of vaccines online and in a couple of books; before pregnancy a little and then a lot during pregnancy. Articles, interviews, stories, and facts, helped me determine that we would not vaccinate. Also what made a big impression on me during my research, was reading and hearing from Dr.s that didn’t vaccinate their children or who disagreed with it even if children were grown or had none.

So, long story short….it was a comment, years ago, that made me think twice and research. This is why I think your commercials and ideas are very important and can be effective Larry Cook; b/c you’re planting seeds in the minds of people. And someone (hopefully many!) will think about this idea of not vaccinating, ask questions, even if just in their own mind at first, wonder, and then hopefully honestly investigate the matter. You are planting seeds! Praying with you that they land on fertile ground!  Research or Family Experience

55. At the time my boys were diagnosed, Jenny McCarthy had just published her book “Louder than Words“. It was that and my own instincts to want to research that got me started in the healing journey for my boys.


Unfortunately, we vaccinated right up until 3 years old and then I learned about exemptions and filed them with the health department. Never vaccinated againResearch or Family Experience

56. When I was pregnant and started to realize my mommy intuition for the first time when I had bad feelings when offered the flu and Tdap shots and listened to the husband and went against my own feelings was the start. Then a friend who just had a baby told me that they would give my newborn a hep b shot once born and I did not understand why when my husband nor I had Hep b. That is when she added me to antivax groups and sent me stuff and I woke up in time be for her birth to decline it. My husband was not on board at first and now he has even come around to trust what I do with our little one’s health. So thankful I woke up before any damage could be done. Research or Family Experience

57. Ironically it was my pediatrician who pressured me to research vaccines before deciding on which ones to get. I actually was ready to just have HER tell me what to do, but I somehow totally lucked out with getting her as our pediatrician.

She pointed me to both conventional resource (CDC, etc) and other ones. I got one of the books she recommended   In this book I read a description of autistic symptoms vs symptoms of heavy metal poisoning. THAT was what stopped me in my tracks. The symptoms are almost identical and as we all know, autism diagnosis is based on having a collection of symptoms.

After that, I did more and more and more reading and research. I looked very carefully at any study purporting to disprove that vaccines cause autism. I looked for how the study may be set up wrong. And sure enough– ALL these studies used ANOTHER vaccine as their control. Which to me is like comparing those who smoke Marlboros to those who smoke Virginia Slims… And when cancer rates are not different between the two group, they declare– see!! Marlboros do NOT cause cancer. Looking at these studies and how completely flawed they were made me HIGHLY suspicious of the vaccine industry. I felt like these studies were designed to actually hide the fact that vaccines are INDEED causing autism. For how could any scientist be SO stupid as to not have a true control group??? They’re not that stupid is the answer. And that makes me super wary of pretty much ANY science that supports vaccination.  Research or Family Experience

58. 2 days after receiving the pertussis vaccine, I woke up with bleeding. I was pregnant with my son. I went immediately to the ER, spent an evening there and my OBGYN transferred me to another hospital to see their specialist. They thought I was going to lose him. When I got home, I got online and read the package insert. Haven’t stopped researching, and no one in my family has had been vaccinated since. My son is 2 and incredibly healthy.  Injury or adverse reaction

59. A cranial sacral practitioner I was seeing during my first pregnancy suggested I attend classes given by a local chiropractor. I attended a 3 class series – at the end I purchased a book which sealed the deal for me.

This book provides parents with a comprehensive, scientifically based guide to the facts, myths, problems… Research or Family Experience

60. In the class we learned about the immune system, different types of immune responses, different diseases, vaccines and their ingredients, and how they provoke the immune system. Several vaccines were discussed including the adverse reporting system and vaccine injury compensation and how to look up injuries on the reporting system.  Research or Family Experience

61. For me, it was when I hit rock bottom sick and my allopathic doctor had run all “his” tests and couldn’t find anything wrong. Rather than send me to someone else, he just kicked me out of the clinic. Something clicked inside. I began Internet searching, and everything started falling into my lap and into place. Along the way we changed our diet to organic and took out dairy, gluten, and soy. My daughter’s SPD began going away. All the help and specialists we took her too–no one said diet would help. From there, I discovered vaccines and their untold story. It’s been 8 years now if waking up and uncovering more and more horror stories. It is truly sad how we have been hoodwinked.  Injury or adverse reaction

62. I am an RN working in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care) for 27 years. When we started vaccinating babies less than an hour old for Hep B something seemed not right. These are newborns with no risk factors and moms that have been tested negative for Hep B. When I asked about it I was told “because it is the law”. Shortly after this the mandatory flu vaccines were started. I had never had a flu vaccine in my entire life, but it was now mandatory. That is what trigger by research and I found the corruption and greed in the vaccine world.  Nurse comments

63. I’m a teacher and two different mothers told me that they had perfectly normal children regress into autism immediately after vaccinesInjury or adverse reaction

64. When my son had a severe vaccine reaction to his 15 month shots , then was diagnosed with severe non verbal “autism” by two (he’s recovered now . Thankfully I had contacts from my previous working life, that got me researching etc. Injury or adverse reaction

65. When my kid stopped sleeping and screamed with convulsions all night.  Injury or adverse reaction

66. I read “The Vaccine Guide.” The aha for me was the understanding that modern sanitation was really the reason disease started to trend down, that vaccines are weak viruses and therefore confer weak/temporary immunity, setting us up for perhaps catching these illnesses as adults, that these childhood diseases were much like chicken pox in the sense that by far most folks had adequate immune systems to fight the illness and have no complications and then have lifelong immunity and finally, that the vaccines were filled with substances that I couldn’t be sure we’re causing lifelong issues like gut flora problems, allergies and possibly even cancers down the road. My book was given to me by a friend and I made the decision, with much thought, to go with natural immunityResearch or Family Experience

67. Sadly, for us it was the awful vaccine reaction my daughter had to the HepB at 8 months (declined at birth).  We stopped all vaccinations so I could research and would only start again if we found a compelling reason to start again.  We found quite the opposite…Injury or adverse reaction

68. Being old and untrusting of the LIES I have been fed personally…..we have had no reactions as we have had no inoculations since leaving hospital sick-care – so sorry for everyone that had to learn the hard way. SO much LOVE xxx  Research or Family Experience


69. Unfortunately, it was witnessing my friend’s daughter have an adverse vaccine reaction to the HPV vaccine. She at 18 years of age had a stroke 1 day after being vaccinated and spent over a month in the hospital. She had to learn how to talk and walk again. She lost much of her memory. 4 years later and she is steadily recovering.  Injury or adverse reaction

70. I was always skeptical of many procedures and my in-law family was very educated on the matter over 16 years ago. They gave me the information and support to refuse the vaccinations. Even after all these years, seems the majority of the population still has their head in the clouds and are clueless. I’ve continued to second guess any outside involvement that focuses on my children and family.  Research or Family Experience

71. My prized English bulldog that I hand raised myself went into anaphylactic shock after her third booster shot! That is what started to open the flood gates of questions about vaccines! I was asking common sense questions to many vets with no clear answers! So I started my journey researching vaccines and that is how I came across lots of vaccine pages with so much information. After seeing my dog nearly die and realizing this could possibly happen to my children, I decided I was not willing to take that kind of a risk with my child! Injury or adverse reaction and Research or Family Experience

72. My moment came after having done some minimal research in 2004/2005 when pregnant with my oldest. At that time I thought the best option was to selectively vaccinate on a delayed schedule. I have encouragement from a homeopathic company I worked for. I allowed my son to have two shots total equaling 5-6 vaccines. After the second (felt highly pressured and propagandize do at the WIC office) I had had enough.

I had been prayerful about the whole thing and each time I felt worse and worse. The propaganda pushed on me helped. It gave literally no open honest information. I knew there was more to the story, and yet they handed me page after page with nothing of substance.

After the second shot I felt strongly convicted to never vaccinate again or to at least wait until he was older and keep praying about it.

That time never game. I never felt convicted to do otherwise, my doctor respected my decision, I slowly learned more and more that told me “Hell no.” And I never vaccinated my younger two at all.

My kids are very healthy. No major illnesses, no real behavior or developmental delays….they aren’t perfect we don’t eat the most perfect diet, but I don’t fear quite so much that they’ll get severe scoliosis like I did.  Research or Family Experience

73. I almost died from “man made meds”…. Only being on the meds for one month and a half…. Then following that, ” they ” put me on more meds for another year, which made me suffer so so bad in every possible way, I ended up firing all my doctors telling them I was going to go out in the world and find my natural cure as my God intended… They looked at me as if I was the crazy one !! Little did they know that I succeed even though it took me couple of years of non stop research online, reading, and reading, and more reading… I started researching everything !!!! Even foods, skin beauty products….  Research or Family Experience

74. Hep B for a newborn made zero sense to me. That started my research and the more I learned…  Research or Family Experience

75. There was no need for any thing came into play right after mandatory insurance..high rise of kids getting injured.. rise in cancer rate..commercials about meds all day yet nothing was announced in media..very quiet like the secret society…Saw Bill Maher interview Bill Gates and in that interview he said vaccines are for depopulation..  Research or Family Experience

76. When my first born daughter suffered a neurological reaction to the Tdap in 1981. The Dr. acknowledged the injury, which is almost unheard-of nowadays. That was it for me!  Injury or adverse reaction


77. My son got the MMR shot in 1997 and with in 2 weeks started complaining that his heart was racing i felt his chest and his heart rate was 160 (im a nurse and a midwife) it only lasted about a minute and then stopped. We took him to a pediatric cardiologist. They did alot of tests and sent us home with a heart monitor that u put on him when his heart would race. I was reassured that the MMR vaccine didn’t cause it but did no research of my own I just blindly followed and did what I was told. My son died 6 months later from SVT.                                                      2 years later my son Jared was 3 1/2

and my son Seth was 9 months old . Jared got the MMR shot and Seth got dtap, hib, polio .

Seth cried for 2 hours after those shots and little did I know that it would be the last time he would speak for 2 years. He stopped walking and barely would crawl followed by banging his head. I can not convey the depth of despair watching my normal son deteriorate rite in front of me and there was nothing i could do to stop it. Seth was later diagnosed as severly autistic at the age of 18 months. Once again i was reassured it wasn’t the immunizations …it was going to happen no matter what …just a coincidence…

I still did no research of my own and just blindly followed. 9 days later my son Jared started seizing and once again i was told it wasn’t the MMR vaccine just a coincidence. I still did no research of my own and just blindly followed and did what i was told. Three months go by and Seth is due for shots and by some miracle a new girl is working and checks us in she is not aware that im a nurse and that i work in the birthing center at the hospital . She hands me vaccine information sheets. I was shocked no one had ever given them too me i didn’t know they even existed! I went straight to adverse reactions on the MMR sheet and read 6 in 10,000 children suffer seizures, brain damage or death. WTF let me tell you my pediatrician walked into the room and i lost my fucking religion!!!! Needless to say no shots were given that day . This is when i started to research. I got on pub med, postgraduate journal of medicine, cdc website and ever vaccine drug insert. I could not believe what i was reading and the shock of it all. Everything i was taught was a lie.

We then spent the next 2 years healing Jareds body naturally from seizures.   (He couldn’t tolerate seizure medication).

Seths body was harder to heal. It took 5 years of naturopathic supplements, speech , physical, occupational, and music therapy.

None of my children ever received another immunization and they never will!!!!  Injury or adverse reaction

78. I’m in the UK. My LG had her baby ones but I felt uneasy so started looking into it more. Joined a few fb groups and started reading,looked at the diseases v treatment and what’s in the actual vaccines and that was it for me but I do read more and more and have stayed on all the pages I’m on and learn more every day. No regrets either way im just glad my daughter wasn’t damaged by the ones I gave her!   Research or Family Experience

79. For me, the “Ahaa” was really slow in coming. It was more a process of rejection, over and over, until it was so crystal clear to me that I could no longer deny it. A perplexing neurological disease whose onset coincided perfectly with 3 (employer mandated) vaccinations. A naturopath was taking my history and noted that it began within months of these three vaccinations. Disappeared completely, then returned after another vaccination. I remember being shocked that the doc even connected the two..and reflexively pushed that idea away. Like we all do. But it persisted and I began to research. Thank God I found Sherri Tenpenny. I think it is a crime that there are known problems with certain vaccines..some batches or versions of MMR were known to cause higher encephalitis, for example, but the doctors don’t include that in their differential diagnosis. The government in collusion with Big Pharma has made sure we never question them or know their true dark history. I know the lengths they will go to keep it hidden, and believe that when we reach that tipping point, that 100th monkey…it will be all over for them. Vaccines cause injury and more question in my mind about that. At all.  Injury or adverse reaction and Research or Family Experience

80. I heard for along time vaccines have cancer viruses in them, however it wasn’t until I was having my first kid til I started researching. It took me until my daughter had her mmr at 12 months when she started regressing. Then I really researched and haven’t stop. Im sad, scared and very angry that Its so hard for us to wake up. That we allow them to do this to us. I try and talk to people, I post everyday the dangers of vaccines. After 3 years of researching, I’m scared for humanity. Very scared. is what woke me up.   Injury or adverse reaction and Research or Family Experience

81. I was an ignorant mom who like the current walking dead, followed my ped advice. I did question it, my gut made me ask questions. I did have the sense to spread out vaccines and not do the multiple cocktails. Each time they vaxed my kids got fevers and welts. They felt crummy and I lost a lot of sleep worrying thru the nights. It wasn’t until the flu shots that made my kids very sick did I say No More! Also, they keep pushing whooping cough and HPV on my kids, which we also refuse. I researched when my children were later in 3-4 grades and chose to no longer vax. The science behind the dangers is too great. They both have PBEs and will not get vaxed. I too haven’t had any for years.

Many of my friend think I’m nuts, I have in laws that also disagree. But I’m willing to stand up for my children and what I believe in. It’s funny how discrimination is evident to those who don’t vax…. But had I not chose to go public with my beliefs they would never know… Injury or adverse reaction and Research or Family Experience

82. BTW, we knew kids who got the pertussis (WC) vax and still got it bad…. CDC even had articles written by immunologists stating that vaccine wasn’t effective!  Research or Family Experience

83. Having a new baby granddaughter living in CA–I was motivated to start looking into it when I saw the heinous schedule they are promoting for little babies. No adult would consent to that schedule!!!  Research or Family Experience

84. The schedule has def gotten worse over the past 10 years. When they added HPV for girls, pushing it at age 10, I about chewed our GPS head off saying an emphatic NO THX  Research or Family Experience

85. My daughter was born in Feb. 1990…her first vaccine would have been in April of that same year…came home, flipped on the TV and Oprah was doing a show on vaccine injury from the DPT. We need to find that episode. I began questioning it then, but didn’t really fully reallize how crazy it was until they came out with the chicken pox vaccine, and I went whaaaaaaaaat??? Thats when I realized it was $$$$$$$!  Research or Family Experience

86. My homebirth midwives were discussing sids and vitamin K injections etc. with us and we were like omg… we are never doing scary stuff like that.

Then our pediatrician, who was also a midwife, was talking about the rest of the shots with us, and he said the biggest problem in his opinion is the aluminum. Which he explained was used in the vaccines like an irritant for making your immune system react to whatever is in the shot….  Nope.   Research or Family Experience

87. I was that pro-vaccine mother that thought everyone was stupid to not vaccinate… until my little one had a serious adverse reaction. Suddenly “1 in 1,000,000″ didn’t seem so rare.  Injury or adverse reaction

88. Two vaccine injured children.  Injury or adverse reaction

89. It came up in a mommy (very crunchy) group I’m part of. And I guess I just said to myself WHY have I researched everything under the moon EXCEPT this!? So I began researching didn’t like what I found and we stopped vaccinating our children at 2 yrs old and 6 months old. We had already declined HepB at birth for both. But the real research didn’t happen till our youngest one was at 6 months. AND I still research to this day! Kids are now 4 and 2. And I’ve never been more confident in a decision as this one! Thank God, I had that mommy group to open my eyes to question and research!  Research or Family Experience

90. My ah-ha moment happened when someone on Twitter told me I could not decide risk for my son, who had anaphalactic reaction to Varicella vaccine. I talked to his doctor who tried to convince me it was worth the risk to attempt vax, ignoring his history. That woke me up and helped create my blog PA Raven.  Research or Family Experience

91. Scholarship has comprised a large portion of my life. When you’re practiced in researching and writing academic work in service of truth, you also learn to spot b.s. very quickly… and that’s about all the CDC, APA, and pharmaceutical-complex has to offer. Their “public service” marketing tipped me off to their nonsense.   Research or Family Experience

92. I was a teenager and my mom just told me our uncle just died from the swine flu shot. She then proceeded to tell me I nearly died twice as a baby in the late 50’s after having vaccinations, 106 fever. Then she said a cousin of ours developed a mental condition (didn’t have a name for it then, autism) and she said the whole family said they thought it was the vaccines that did it. He changed right after that. Right then & there I thought there’s something not right about this vaccinating thing. I was beginning to on my own get into the health craze in the 70’s so growing up in Sacramento,CA I found many who didn’t vaccinate. I started talking to preventative Medical Doctors, local health Gurus, (anyone remember Captain Carrot?) and decided long before I was married having my daughter in 1982. Injury or adverse reaction

93. Unfortunately, it took me becoming ill after my hospital mandated flu and H1N1 shot. My son almost died the day after his 2 month shots, but I believed the DRs when they ruled it an “acute, life threatening interrupted episode of S.I.D.S “….. he became severely ill after his 7th grade shots, which was around the same time that I had the reaction to my shots. I did not notice it immediately with him, the Drs said, he was going through puberty and this and that. It wasn’t until 6 months later when his pediatrician finally took his complaints seriously and discovered that he had developed a brain tumor.

But, back to the beginning, when I got my shots I knew that I was healthy, active and athletic. Within the week I was a patient in the same hospital I worked for. I had severe gastrointestinal inflammation and had developed stomach ulcers. I knew there was a problem. I still did not see the connection immediately. I was actually researching my condition and the medicines I was on. And one thing led to another and the pieces fell in line. The more I researched over the next few years I actually took myself off of all pharmaceuticals as well as my son; started us both on a strict diet with nutrional support. My “illness” went away completely and he no longer suffered the symptoms associated with his tumor. It was around this time that my daughter was expecting her first child, so I spent all of my time exclusively researching vaccines…. and I haven’t stopped since!!!

I regret that I never acknowledged what my child was going through and if I had not become sick myself…. I most likely never would have seen the association. Injury or adverse reaction

94. When I found out vaccine manufacturers and doctors had no liability for vaccine related injury or death, I knew something was fishy. When I was pregnant with my first baby I was surrounded by International Medical and Veterinary Doctors on a University Campus. I was able to ask about other vaccine programs and compare. That defining moment was when my daughter’s pediatrician was unwilling to work out an individualized schedule for her. He said all vaccines or get out of my practice, so we left and found superior wellness care elsewhere.  Research or Family Experience


95. I was married to a chiropractor and at seminars and in conversation, we were told the dangers of vaccines and how they damage the immune system. We bought some books and the more we read, the more adamant we were to keep our kids vax free. They are now 16 and 20.   Research or Family Experience

96. My ah ha moment was after I got sick and went against what the doctors told me to do with radiation and surgery.. After 8 months of being radically healthy my issue turned around.. I then began to question everything… Then my new puppy had a seizure after 20 minutes later from his shots… My baby was 3 months old at the time and getting ready for the MMR shots… I asked to see the insert and questioned the ingredients and the doctor and nurses began acting like a bunch of sprayed roaches… It was then I took her home and vowed I would never vaccinate until I had done all the research… 9 years later of reading about their agenda and 2 more children, I am even more convinced I made the right decision!!   Research or Family Experience

97. Wow..beautiful and tragic awakenings…  I heard Robert Mendolsohn speak on the radio, KPFA in Los Angeles. He wrote, “The Medical Heretic”… to sum up…trust your gramma not your pediatrician, and that he was taught in medical school that look, people are going to heal naturally, so make sure to do some kind of intervention so as their Dr you can take the credit.

So a few years later I was at a festival and cut my toe. I went to the medical tent for a bandage. The Dr recommended a tetanus shot, and I said why? To help fight disease he said, and I responded, I thought that’s what my immune system was for….he had no answer… I am Dr free for 30 years.   Research or Family Experience

98. SB 277! I vaccinated my kids all but two vaccines. When the government decided that they knew what was best for my children , I started questioning their motivation. What an eye opener!   Research or Family Experience

99. Me too! I only specifically opted out of the Hep B vaccine (an STD vaccine given routinely at birth). After that I proceeded slowly initially but then found the information confusing and started “catching up” on all the other vaccines, trusting our pediatrician and news reports that all hazards had been debunked. But SB277 pushed me over the edge and I have done so much research now that I will not vaccinate again, unless clean, green vaccines are created. In fact, there already is one, it’s called Vitamin C.  Research or Family Experience

100. My baby regressed, screamed for days, overall became sicker with ear infections (100% breastfed). I had also had a flu shot 8 months pregnant (against my better judgement, felt pressured into it). This is my child with ADHD and other spectrum issues. My unvaccinated children have not suffered anything like what their eldest sibling has had to endure. I’ve since learned that there are over 7 auto-immune disorders/issues in both mine and my husband’s family history (including our own) and my eldest child already has a mild one (thankfully only mild). My father passed away from auto-immune disease (he had 4 different types). Knowing what I know now (wish I’d known then) I’ll never ever vaccinate another baby. Injury or adverse reaction

101. My daughter was always tiny for her age, so we chose to delay and selectively vaccinate. At her 6 & 9 month “well checks” she recieved Hib & DTaP. We started the day of her 9 month appointment with our normal happy, playful baby. Within hours of her shots, we noticed she had developed tics, very rigid movements and didn’t smile or laugh. She wasn’t too interested in interacting with us either. This lasted for around a month before she was back to her normal self. Thankfully it was a temporary reaction, but it was enough to wake me up and start reading everything I could get my hands on.   Injury or adverse reaction

102. My son was injured. Sadly I suspected his injuries were bad. But until I was also injured by the same vaccine I did not fully comprehend how dire it was. I was crawling on all fours to look after my two children. That was my light bulb moment. If I felt this horrible, then this must be how my children felt. We moved completely away from mainstream medicine right then. I regret fully that I allowed myself to be bullied into vaccinating my children & that up to then, they refused to acknowledge my fears & concerns. All they would allow me was a delayed schedule on my middle child. The day I was injured, I was determined that I’d step in front of a bullet to spare my children any further damage from the medical mafia. My 3rd child was born at home, 24 years ago, with no vitamin K, or eye goop. Never been vaccinated & is the healthiest of my 3 & the only one with any education beyond high school. She has 2 degrees & masters in education. My other two are both disabled.  Thanks, big pharma!   Injury or adverse reaction

103. Since I was a little girl, I wanted a natural home birth when I grew up. Planning for my baby included alot of reading and I knew that if I was going to go through all the trouble of taking care of myself and having a natural drug free birth, I was not going to let anyone ruin perfectly, pure, healthy baby. I’ve always known.  Research or Family Experience

104. My doula was the planter of the seed. Having to fight mainstream medicine to avoid unnecessary and unwanted surgery so I could have a natural VBA2C, was the fire that has stayed lit. I’ll never go back to the sheep I was.  Research or Family Experience

105. Accidental coming upon a vaccine ingredient related studies while looking up the potential health hazards of an ingredient for invisible ink, found in an old ink recipe book: aluminum hydroxide… never got to make the recipe.   Research or Family Experience

106. When my children were little, and I was very interested in health and nutrition and started getting a strange feeling that maybe they weren’t safe. Back then, all I could find were articles in Mothering magazine, and I ordered a few books – but it was difficult to find things then. This was a little less than 30 years ago.  Research or Family Experience

107. 17 years ago as my oldest son came to after a surgery to remove his adenoids and insert tubes in his ears, after three years of constant ear infections, antibiotics, vaccinations, fevers, misery and pain. As well as developing gastrointestinal issues in my oldest daughter who was one at the time. I began to question the entire medical industry as it were, as a whole and had the greatest epiphany of my life, in regards to what it means to be a healthy human being. Looking down at my innocent sons face, feeling like I had failed this little person, I decided to always think twice of my choices as a parent. An a-ha moment for sure. I have done nothing but progress in my detachment from said medical industry, and my two younger have benefited greatly in life, from that a-ha moment.  Injury or adverse reaction

108. I owned a small health food store and started reading info on the dangers of vaccines. My child was a teen by then, and thankfully he had no damage from the ones he had. The amount he got back then is nothing compared to what they pump into the kids now.  Research or Family Experience

109. I saw a blog speaking out against it when i was pregant, so i started researching it on my own, then asking questions about it to pro vaxxers, slowly i went from vaccines are good and eliminated polio ect ect, to vaccines are okay in moderation and after a certain age. now i’m to the point where i’m 100% against vaccines, i do not see them as effective at all and i have no faith in our health care.  Research or Family Experience

110. My daughter was born in 1980 with an emergency C-Section; totally necessary and we had the best of care from medical staff and obstetrician. Medical skills and services saved our lives, but later on Medical skills and services failed us too. I come from a family of nurses and teachers.

In 1983 I hit a wall in regard to my daughter’s health that the thirteen doctors we saw within a three month period could not shed light upon. This pushed me onto the road less travelled. Answers did come in the form of alternative health care and a liberal use of common sense.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    It did take a decade and tons of study to find the root of:

• Endless ear infections
• Repeated antibiotics
• Thrush
• Food allergies
• Eczema
• Diaper rash
• Asthma
• Lack of focus
• Hyperactivity/fatigue episodes
• Chronic fatigue

The root was vaccines.

It took me some time to connect the dots, but this is what my own 3, 5040 hours of clinical brought me to conclude.

When I was aware of the connection (including screaming for up to 16 hours after each vaccine) I delayed the recommended vaccine schedule of 1983. After more research I discontinued vaccine treatments for my child altogether.

I exercised the religious and personal exemption available to me at that time, and my daughter continued through life. I was not aware this was ‘a movement’. From age 4 to age seven, she had no medical needs. At age 7 she had a wicked ear infection and had an antibiotic prescription. This was the last medical intervention until adulthood. If I had the resources then that I do now, she wouldn’t have even required that treatment.

Her personality changed as well. As a child she lacked drive and motivation. She was timid and lacked energy. She would talk herself out of trying and had a great fear of failure.

After the healing process she turned into a ‘steam roller’. Not someone you can say no to. It was like living with my own personal little lawyer; that girl could argue fleas off a dog. As much as parenting this strong willed child was a challenge at times, I know that this is her true nature and I helped her become who she is meant to be. I also am now very very good at the art of negotiation.  Injury or adverse reaction

111. FIRST baby step: I became a customer in a health-minded mlm, and met a pharmacist who publishes an ezine explaining the risks of patent drugs. (2002)

SECOND baby step: I became aware of people like Dr. Mercola, Dr. Douglass, etc.

THIRD baby step: I read that flu shots can increase risk of Alzheimer’s. This I also learned from personal observation, working in a nursing home. (2006-2011)

FOURTH baby step: I read Devra Davis’ book “The Secret History of the War on Cancer.” I learned a lot about the major corruption involved, but several things still made no sense. And I learned that chemo was originally based on mustard gas! (2008)

FIFTH BIG STEP: I read “Cancer is NOT a Disease” by Andreas Moritz. For the first time, things began to make real sense. Things I believed intuitively were confirmed, and he also wrote that vaccines were the real first cause of most cancers. (2010) Research or Family Experience


112. Last October, somehow (wish I knew where I read it), I learned there were aborted fetal cell lines used in multiple vaccines. That was all it took to start digging for more information. Have probably read up or watch videos on this if not every day, then multiple times a week since that time. I have worked with children with disabilities. I look back and wonder how many of them have the physical and/or cognitive disabilities that they did have, due to, in any combination, vaccinations (possible sole factor), environmental, in utero, genetic predispostion, etc, factors. Epigenetics.  Research or Family Experience

113. Larry Cook, These are great questions and answers. They reveal the many different directions we all came from to arrive at the same destination. I’m thinking this would be great information to share with our pro-vax friends, to educate them that there are many different reasons to question the safety of vaccines and not ONE of them is listening to Jenny McCarthy.

¡¡¡ “and not one of them is listening to Jenny McCarthy” !!!~    YES!

114. Unfortunately it took me years to make the connection between vaccines and my sons health issues as well as my own. As a nurse I received the experimental swine flu vaccine in 1977. I developed psoriasis and severe allergies including latex allergies. At that time there were no latex glove alternatives you just suffered with terrible rashes. I didn’t make the connection to vaccines. In 1983 my son at the age of 1 received his third dpt shot. He screamed for hours. Was told this was normal when I called the doc. When he awoke the next morning he had severe strabismus and ADHD. I again was told it was normal but this nurse new something had happened. I was told over and over it wasn’t the vaccines that his behavior was due to poor parenting!! When he entered the first grade in 1989 he had to get an MMR booster. Within six months my son was in a special needs school. By this time I was a student of Chiropractic and a research professor asked for volunteers for a study on ADHD. It was then after brain mapping that my suspicions were confirmed. That what had happened to my son was vaccine related. My son recovered with chiropractic, chelation, and homeopathy but as an adult he decided to self medicate and is now a recovering addict. He has ADHD, learning disabilities and violent tendencies as well as Aspergers. At the same time my son received his MMR I was forced to forced to vaccinate as an OR nurse. I had to receive the hep b series. I developed chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. Because of those injuries we both have medical exemptions from vaccinating. At that point I started my research into vaccines. If my sons story can save anyone else from going through this hell then I will feel like my sons suffering will not be in vain,and that my sons life matters!  Injury or adverse reaction

115. I am lucky I was a part of the raw vegan community that focuses on high quality nutrition and detox. I did extensive cleansing/chelation of my body before I became pregnant and it never even crossed my mind that I would inject anything toxic into my babies. They are 4 & 2 now are extremely healthy (despite a less than perfect diet).  Research or Family Experience

116. Here’s my “Why I started researching vaccines” story  Research or Family Experience

117.  It was “inner doubt” that bringing a healthy baby into the doctors and then leaving with a crying baby with a fever, had anything to do with “health.” I find that parents who eventually don’t start or stop vaccinating originally had doubts about the whole thing. It was only then that the research began to find more information to support those original doubts.  Research or Family Experience

118. My sister told me to hold off and gave me a book to read. It didn’t take more than a few pages of that book for my ah-ha moment to happen. No regrets.  Tim O’Shea’s “Vaccination is not Immunization”  Research or Family Experience

119. My mom was an autism class teacher in the 1990s before there was such a terrible stigma about mentioning the vaccine connection. She heard so many stories that she begged my brother and I to think twice when we each had our kids. Later, books like GAPS that really laid out the gut-brain connection helped me to understand the mechanism of damage (other than straight up poisoning with heavy metals). When I was pregnant, I read Sears, Romm & Neustadter plus did my own research to see the other side–vetted all the studies cited everywhere–took the whole thing very seriously.  Research or Family Experience

120. I had a daughter who had tubes constant yeast infections, yeast infections. Constipated always and still doc said she was healthy.

Next daughter was born at 35 weeks had jaundice. She seemed healthy . She began having kidney infections often. She had bad baby acne, we believe she had breath holding seizures but didn’t think about it till recently researching seizure disorders. She had what doc said was croup but I feel it was whooping cough. 3 months this screaming (scary screaming) went on, sleepless nights and

She one night stopped breathing in her bed and I happen to wake up and get her breathing again. I was told its normal side effect of vaccines but that she was fine.

My son was born…. He was having silent seizures but I asked the doctor about it when I took him in for his face swelling up so big and again I was told its normal but seems to be just allergies from pollen and trees.

That was my AHH HAH, moment!

Why did they tell me it’s allergies from “outside” if i told them he’d been playing in the grass in the past and never swelled like that.

Something didn’t seem right …. My daughter almost died, my son may have died had i not stopped when I did. My daughters kidneys may have began to fail her and she may have eventually died of sids, or kidney failure.

When my daughter was small I kept having dreams about her death. I had bad feelings looking into her eyes. I just felt something was wrong and her life would be very short. She is right now 5 but I still worry daily for her health.

I have found no doctor who seems to care enough to help me onto the right path. Only drugs and meds.

I now have 5 kids and my youngest is fully un vaccinated and has NONE of the medical issues any of the others had.

We are expecting twins and I have mthfr, which a doctor misdiagnosed saying mthfr was a blood clotting disorder and that I needed shots in my stomach the rest of my pregnancy! I refused and got 2 second opinions.

I was also told I needed to get the rhogam shot. I accepted it with my last 3 pregnancies and I lost all those babies!

Rejecting it this pregnancy, I am happily 22 weeks pregnant with twins!  Injury or adverse reaction

121. My son’s reaction 8 years ago. I started looking at all the info I could find. That defining moment came watching a lecture by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny. That was a most informative three hours. That was when I realized that vaccines are not only unsafe, but they are ineffective and did not save us.  Research or Family Experience

122. i started at about 7 months preggo. the part that got me was the stories of children harmed by vax. Research or Family Experience

123. 1997 and a BIG yellow, manila envelope. Pregnant with my 4 baby and educating myself on a VBAC birth I read an article on vaccination. Life before Internet I wrote a letter to the writer of article. I wanted to know more about the cons of vaccination as all I had ever heard was the pros. I vaccinated on schedule with first 3 babies as that’s all knew, ignoring my conscience. I have had 4 VBAC births since this time. My last 2 babies are 13 and 14 years old and 100% vaccine free.  Research or Family Experience

124. My first shot as a child. NO!  Injury or adverse reaction

125. A friend told me to do research while I was pregnant. It made sense to me as I was already going down that road with my dog and researchicng his food/Vaccines. Both kid and dog eat healthy and are completely vaccine free!  Research or Family Experience

126. My intuition told me that vaccinating children was dangerous. I could not understand why nobody was questioning it at the time i was.(80’s).. I was working in a health and whole-food shop and became pregnant with my first child. There were some references regards Vax in the shop but not many. I instinctively knew it wasn’t what i wanted. I also had a beautiful german shepherd for many years before that son was born and noted her especially manic behaviour after the only 2 vax she ever had….

My then husband took our son for a whooping cough vax in my absence one day and within 6 months he was diagnosed asthmatic. Certain vax in certain health ‘pictures’ can tip the scales; my son was Tuberculinum type. (Lung picture).

I was devastated to find out he had been given vax in my absence. That was the only one he had thankfully. I later trained as a naturopath and began to attend The Informed Parent seminars when they came to the UK. This led me to seeking out a homeopathic for vax removal in my son.

Years later my second child remains vax-free. As do my animals. It is poison and s poisonous existence. Truly harmful and dangerous. A deliberate ploy, i will say no more…….!

Our tutor at college asked us one day “What is the best way to kill off black babies?”. She replied “Antibiotics and vaccinations”. She was referring to what was happening in third world countries. I could go on. Thank you Larry. Injury or adverse reaction

127. After my firstborn, now 13 had reactions.  Injury or adverse reaction

128. My oldest child got cancer, a brain tumor. After treatment drs. Told us to stay away from vaccinated people, and for no one in family to get vaccines or she had to stay away from them for weeks. That’s when I started questioning and researching articles in the hospital library. Injury or adverse reaction

129. We started out vaccinating our first. Then did delayed schedule with some vaccines later. Intuition. It never felt right.


Fast forward to them trying to force them in WA State. I became very rebellious, read even more, and now completely done with vaccines! I wish we never vaccinated at all. Research or Family Experience

130. The first thing that I ever looked up was the ingredients. I diligently researched all ingredients of anything that I ate and went into my home so when I got pregnant that was the first thing I looked at. From there it launched my investigation and I have never stopped researching since. That was 8 years ago. And no I do not regret not vaccinating. I only regret giving my children the 1 vax they each had.  Research or Family Experience

131.  My own illness which began shortly after getting a measles vaccine from college. Then the research on Gulf War Illness as discussed by Joyce Riley RN.  Injury or adverse reaction

132. Many things lead up to my serious distrust of the medical establishment, but I think the turning point on the vaccine issue was reading the book “How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor” by Dr. Robert Mendelsohn.

My husband’s life was forever changed by reading “Natural Cures Your Doctor Doesn’t Want You to Know About” by Kevin Trudeau…he is very skeptical of conventional medicine now, in whatever form that takes (usually drugs and surgery).  Research or Family Experience

133. I woke up five years ago when Natural News ran a headline that simply said: before you vaccinate, make sure you listen to the ten hours of video testimony on our site about kids with vaccine injuries and autism. I watched for half an hour and never vaccinated again.  Research or Family Experience

134. When I was pregnant with my first, my hubby’s chiropractor talked with us about it, gave us some books to read, and that was that. Three kids, no vaccines, super smart and healthy. I am so thankful for him!  Research or Family Experience

135. Got lupus–retrospective study showed symptoms began shortly after MMR shot at age 6.  Injury or adverse reaction

136. Watching my son have a stroke after vaccination and all the docs pretending it was “nothing” and just sending us home. Even the next day and the months that followed, they just kept denying what happened.  Injury or adverse reaction

137. My daughter, who is 20 now, was one of the first to get the Guardisil vaccines. It had just come out. I didn’t even think anything bad about vaccines at that point. But, soon after Amber got the vaccine, she started having all kinds of problems. Nausea, fainting spells, ovarian cysts, concentration problems, and the list is too long to mention. She still has those things today, and it is just a mess. Doctor after doctor. Emergency room after emergency room. Nightmare. That vaccine took away the quality of her life.  Injury or adverse reaction

138. I have read Dr Mendelson’s book. He speaks against the medical mafia, against vaccines, and kindof makes fun of them wearing those white lab coats.  Research or Family Experience

139. For me it was a combination of becoming aware of the Vaccine Injury Court, and of other medical fraud, specifically, infant circumcision.  Research or Family Experience

140. My grandson and grand daughter are fully unvaccinated. They are rarely ever sick. Never had ear issues, upper respiratory issues, asthma or any of the other constant illnesses other vaccinated children seem to have. Neither have ever had an antibiotic and my 4 year old grandson has never had ANY meds of any kind including tylenol or fever reducers. Hasn’t even been to a doctor in over 4 years! It’s blatantly obvious to me that they are much better off not vaccinated. This is constantly reinforced to me every day when I get on Facebook and read all of the posts about sick babies. Now when someone on my friends list has a baby, I can pretty much predict the series of events that will follow. Starts with acid reflux, then meds for that…..then ear infections and meds for that…. then upper respiratory infections and more meds. Asthma and allergies. Just like clockwork. Constant doctor visits for years when most or all, could have been avoided.  Research or Family Experience

141. Before I became pregnant with my first child I was a vegetarian and my mind was opened to the corruption in our food, and toxins in our environment. I did as many things to minimize toxins for my baby-to-be and myself. When it came to vaccines, even though both my parents are in the medical field, I just couldn’t get past that gut feeling against them. When in doubt, don’t. That was in 2004. I now have 4 unvaccinated children and that vague gut feeling has become a staunch, well-educated opinion and conviction. I cannot pinpoint one moment, but more of an ever-increasing confidence as I kept learning and researching. With all the toxins in this world, and being vaccinated as a child myself, I still have one kiddo with seasonal allergies and one with eczema when consuming dairy. I can only imagine how much more we would have had to deal with had we injected our babies with all those neurotoxins and chemicals and foreign dna. Very thankful for people like you who speak out to inform others. I credit most of my information from the Internet and one friend in real life who did not vaccinate her babies due to her religious beliefs. I have never once regretted our decision.  Research or Family Experience

142. My research has taken me, over the past 20 years, into the depths of learning what the ingredients are in vaccines – what they are cultured on and how they are preserved. They are not tested in how they will interact with each other and the toxic overload when given so many in one day. Babies / toddlers are still developing their blood brain barrier thus they don’t have protection from the toxic ingredients affecting and altering the brain / body. In 1996 when I was pressured by college to get the MMR because they said I couldn’t register. They were under/misinformed because ultimately I only needed to show proof I had had it but even then I could have provided an exemption but didn’t know( only started learning more in 94) I knew I didn’t want to get the MMR but felt at a crossroads because I needed to be in school.

The nurse asked me if I was pregnant or wished to become pregnant in the next 3 months. I said no and before I could ask her why would I want this in my body now if I wouldn’t want it in my body if I was pregnant or wished to become pregnant, she gave me the shot. In that moment, I knew NEVER AGAIN!!!  Coerced or forced and Research or Family Experience

143. My son stopped breathing after DTP vaccine as a baby. I was told he was allergic to part of the vaccine by his pediatrician. I believed it and continued to have him vaccinated. He had some mild reactions after some other vaccinations and then after a flu shot he started having severe seizures immediately after. We stopped having him vaccinated after that. He is now severely autistic.  Injury or adverse reaction

144. When I heard that the CDC had conducted the Tuskegee Experiment. That Dr Thompson who worked for the CDC hid significant data that linked the MMR vaccine to autism. Search CDC Thompson vaccine whistleblower. When I heard that the WHO was giving tetanus shots laced with a sterilizing agents to Kenyan women. When I learned that thousands of children in India came down with vaccine induced polio. When i heard that Bill and Melinda Gates are being sued over their involvement and fundng. Thousands! When I read about Agenda 21. When I learned the FDA is corrupt to its core. When I learned that Clarence Thomas worked as a lawyer for Monsanto. When I learned that our FDA is approving drugs that harm my patients because Bigpharma has more power in the US government than our representatives. When I learned that our scientists, environmentalists and holistic doctors are being gagged legally or killed to keep the profits rolling in. When I learned that one of the consequences of a diet as low as 33% gmo can lead to infertility, birth defects and organ failure. When I learned that our own government is the real terrorist, and people are so dumbed down with poison laden foods and fluoridated water to even know it.  Research or Family Experience

144. Autoimmune disease after hep B series. Ruined my life for a decade and still paying for it at times.  Injury or adverse reaction

145. My story: I was very pro-vax and Western medicine because I didn’t know any better until 6 years ago. After 4 years of unsuccessful fertility medical intervention (western/allopathic) I gave up and, on the advice of a friend, went to a ND doc to clean me out after all those drugs. A month and a half later I was pregnant naturally. Then began the enlightenment  I was told to take a flu shot at my OB but knew enough to only take one without thimerisol. She said, oh it doesn’t have thimerisol in it but I asked for the package insert and found it listed there in black and white. So I went to my GP’s office to get a Mercury-free flu shot and the same thing happened. That’s when I dove into researching. Everything I could get my hands on. If a doctor I’d known for a decade would either be completely I’ll-informed on this drug or worse, would lie to my face about it, something was really, really wrong with the picture. I read up on all angles of the topic. I was scared, then terrified, I had tremendous denial (it can’t be true!) I was sick to my stomach and heart that I’d been told this incredible lie for so many years by so many people I trusted. I felt duped and alone. But I had another human to protect and so the last thing I’d do was stop researching. When DD was born I’d decided to at least postpone and reduce but as I continued to read and learn I just came to realize how deep this issue goes. Also, I was diagnosed with Borrelia and Co’s, a double MTHFR mutation, methylation issues, etc. and have researched those very-related topics ad nauseum as well. Well more than 1,000 hard hours into vaccines and at least that many into Lyme, etc. I feel totally secure in my knowledge yet still horrified at the trajectory ignorant people have set this country on. That’s why I’ll continue to shine a light on this topic for all I touch so that they can hopefully make their way out of the evil darkness. Thanks for your good work, Larry Cook.  Injury or adverse reaction

145. My daughter had a severe reaction to her DPT in 1994. That triggered a huge chain of life altering events. Her father drank himself to death when she was 11 and she died at the age of 15. Vaccine injury devastates families. Thanks for being a voice for our precious children. Injury or adverse reaction

146. My son died 15 hrs after his first DPT vaccine, his death certificate says SIDS!! Death


147. My daughter, who is now going to be 11 in November, got the flu shot at 2 1/2 years old. That same day she boiled with a fever of 104+ and was very “out of it”. Very sluggish if I may say. She wouldn’t eat. Wouldn’t drink. And wouldn’t stop crying. Took her to our chiropractor to see if he could help her with adjustments LITERALLY all day long! She got adjusted 3 times that day to help break what has happened to her.

He said to me “what did you do today to make we this way?!?” I told him she had her “well check” and got the flu shot and MMR. Right away he looked at me with that “are you kidding me right now” look and that’s when I knew why my baby was practically dying in front of me.

Rushed her to the ER where she was so dehydrated they could find a vein in her poor little lifeless arms for HOURS! Finally they got one and pumped her with water.  She was in the hospital for a whole week. Didn’t pee for two days straight and was on IV bags the whole time. They told me she got the “rhota virus” and that her kidneys might be shutting down.

Thank our lord he blessed my daughter and everything after three days of worrying she started to come around. Peeing. Pooping. Talking again. I learned REAL QUICK from my chiropractor and my dear friend what REALLY just happened to my daughter!!!!

She has never seen a vaccine since that horrible day and my son is 100% vaccine free (he is 5today)

And the worst part is…… I GAVE HER THE SHOT! I was in a family practice at that time. Needless to say- I quit that job a few months later.

My heart aches and goes out to EVERYONE who has these sad terrible heartbreaking stories and my deepest heart goes out to those who just don’t under stand us.

We are not monsters for trying to protect our children. Yes. We have stories. Yes we have done our homework. YES WE LOVE OUR KIDS. Let us be free to choose for ourselves!   LET US BE HEARD!!!!!  Injury or adverse reaction

148. Not only because the devastating effects they had when my son was shot up with 9 vaccines in one visit, but because every time after he regressed horrifically every time since. Also, when my youngest got “caught up” when she was 1 year old, she stopped walking for 2 weeks after. She started walking at 9 months old. That was the last draw. Never again since 2007. My son has severe autism, bipolar disorder, yeast issues, OCD, PTSD and rage issues. Injury or adverse reaction


149. My sister whose husband is a chiropractor and didn’t vaccinate his son first put us on to this. I read the attached books and many others. My son already had vaccines until after the 6 week ones. That’s when we stopped. Don’t regret for a minute and my son is so smart that strangers comment on his vocabulary all the time as well as his motor skills. We just found out he is gluten intolerant and egg intolerant which I attribute to the earlier vaccines seeing as neither his dad nor I have any issues like that. Injury or adverse reaction and Research or Family Experience

150. After vaccine reaction, started reading.  Injury or adverse reaction

151. I was with my sister and nephew when we were visiting our chiropractor. Thats when I found out he wasn’t vaccinated and my sister didn’t plan on doing so. I was dumbfounded. The chiropractor said something about vaccines being bad for you and thats the first time it even occurred to me that they could be. It wasn’t until chiropractic school that I started doing research on my own. I had an extremely pro-vaccine professor teaching infectious diseases. He would go on about how altruistic vaccine manufacturers are saying that they don’t make money and the government had to bale them out 1986 so they could keep saving humanity. I didn’t buy it. That was a red flag for me. Just researching his various claims during that time took me off the fence. Since then I’ve spent 100s of hours reading about vaccines. Research or Family Experience

152. I read a guy called Stefan Lanka saying there was no such thing as a pathogenic virus. I had a look around and it seemed he was right. From that point it occurred to me that the germ theory must be a lie because if it were true, doctors would have the lifespan of a fruit fly.

I worked backwards to realise that vaccines couldn’t possibly work and the statistics were just self-fulfilling prophecies (doctors just didn’t want to diagnose, say, measles in kids if they were vaccinated). Greg Beattie wrote so much great material on this too. Research or Family Experience


153. When I started studying natural health, I started putting a few things together. When I was a child, I remember getting a vaccination in my thigh. I had trouble walking for several days. No one made anything of it. Today, I feel a painful “indention” in that spot. When I was about 8, I had a “mysterious” tumor removed from my left arm. At a vaccination site. That began my research … and I met Dr. Sherri Tenpenny.  Injury or adverse reaction and Research or Family Experience

154. I was told by my Norwegian neighbor to ask doctors about it in 1996 when my son was 6 weeks old. I did ask our pediatrician and she informed me that I had nothing to worry about. Within six months and after our vaccines my son ran a temp and was diagnosed with neutropenia. I asked the doctor again if this was vaccine related and she assured me it had nothing to do with vaccines. The doctor would come into the waiting room and administer Tylenol before each of our vaccines, my son would then began seizing after his 18 month MMR and I was told that it had nothing to do with his vaccines. When my first son continued to have seizures I question the vaccines repeatedly and was told that due to his neutropenia I must vaccinate him. My second son was born in 1999 I chose to delay his vaccines until four months of age which was looked down upon by our pediatrician. I then vaccinated my second son at four months of age and he developed neutropenia as well I was then told the neutropenia must run in our family and that it was not the vaccines. My oldest developed autism and was diagnosed by 5 1/2 years of age my second son was diagnosed with autism at 2 1/2 years of age. I stopped both of their vaccines and started early intervention for my youngest son who was fully recovered in four years time my oldest son has suffered for 19 years with the symptoms that we referred to as autism. Both of my sons were vaccine injured and suffered brain injuries one is fully recovered one is unfortunately not.  Injury or adverse reaction

155. Maternal instincts told me not to vax among other “parental” decisions after I got over the shock of being pregnant. I often wonder if I would have made the same choices if I had him younger as nothing influenced any of my decisions. I just knew that his body wasn’t mine to alter and it is my obligation to make sure he has the best and healthiest life possible.. Heck I only had fb a few months before I got prego and I only had a but load of sheltie breeders as fb friends. And the only thing I really knew how to do internet wise was ebay.  Research or Family Experience

156.  Flu vaccine at 2.5. The year that there was a shortage of the vaccine. I was so upset that I had to choose between my two children because only the child who had had RSV as an infant qualified. Would my other child die that season from the flu because she did not qualify?

I was prepared not to give it to either child but my pedi bullied me to the point of tears. Then anger and I got the flu shot for my 2.5 yo. He almost immediately swapped talking for screaming and screamed for two years straight. Like he was being mauled. He would no longer wear clothing. He banged his head. He clenched and went rigid. He stopped pooping. For weeks on end.

He was never the same. I did lose one child that “flu” season. Just not the child I feared that I would lose. 12 years later, he still has bowel issues, has expressive and receptive language delays, sensory issues, and motor and vocal tics identified as Tourette’s.

I continued vaccinating and even vax’d my twins born a year later. Once I realized and pieced together out experience and saw how sick my son was. I stopped any further vaccination.  Injury or adverse reaction

157. I was only 23 years old, but I learned that vaccines could cause brain damage or death, for which there is no treatment… Yet there are treatments for every disease. So even as an ignorant young mother, I looked at my left hand and said “hmmm, brain damage or death” and at my right hand and said “treatable disease.” It was an instantaneous decision to never, ever vaccinate.  And I thank God I was told by my midwife to investigate vaccines. I had already read the book “9 Doctors Speak Out” about medical fraud, but if she hadn’t warned me I might well have gotten the shots done on him.  Research or Family Experience

158. I read Shot in the Dark at the tender age of twenty. After my childhood friend was permanently brain damaged by the MMR I knew to take a closer look.  Injury or adverse reaction

159. I didn’t see that post but I’d like to share my story. I had just had my daughter in May of 2012, my first baby. I remember the doctor telling me at her first apt that she would need shots at her 2 month check up. After he told me that I just had a terrible feeling about it and the thought of causing any harm or pushing a needle into my perfect brand new baby had my stomach in knots! I had never heard of any of the non vax stuff or heard anything at all about the vaccine debate and what the side affects were. I never even gave it a thought while I was pregnant. It literally never even crossed my mind. Mind you I was 18 but I’ve pretty much always gone to the beat of my own drum so I decided to watch a video on YouTube of babies getting their shots. Probably the worst/best thing I could do! I just wanted to try and prepare myself for what would happen. After watching those videos I was literally sitting in the bed crying for those babies. I still had no idea that vaccines where toxic. I just knew what I felt and it just didn’t feel right. That was the night before I was suppose to take her in to get her shots. That next morning I called and canceled her apt. I thank God every day for trusting my instincts! That’s pretty much where our road began. After that I think I actually stumbled on a Jenny McCarthy video on youtube. It was an interview actually. And she started saying the ingredients in the shots and I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing! Not that I always take my medical advice from celebrities but I will say that because of her I looked deeper into it to try and find out if what she was saying was true. And I found so much and more! We have two children now, one is 3 now and we have a baby boy who is 9 months. Both completely vax free and both very healthy! One has had 1 ear infection and maybe one very mild cold and the other hasn’t been sick at all so far.  Research or Family Experience

160. I have heard SO MANY sad stories from girls having SERIOUS PAIN after the gardisill shot. Just talked to an 18 year old this week who has pain so bad it almost puts her in the hospital when she has her cycle. Another one who has stopped having her cycle! This is horrible and a crime against humanity. How is it this shot is not recalled ! It’s harming so many girls. Please let’s stop this madness.  Injury or adverse reaction

161.  I did not reply to your original request. I think it would have been too long and drawn out. However, I will say that mine “injury/reaction” happened in a decade when they were more willing to admit it. The doctor was like, “Yeah, the vaccine caused it” But he also shrugged and said, “It happens sometimes” like I should just accept it.  Injury or adverse reaction

162. My friend has started to educate me before I had kids and I read Sears’ book while trying to decide what to do. I started a delayed schedule but had misgivings. I then went to see an OMD and he talked me into waiting on continuing since my daughter seemed to be struggling with neuro behavioral symptoms. She recovered and then the fall before SB277 I was talked into vaccinating my second child by our integrative Pediatrician. She had a life threatening pneumonia which the second doc in the practice confirmed was likely a reaction to vaccination. Since then we have stopped vaccinating and started joining groups and then SB277 came along and it has only solidified my stance for choice. It’s my choice to give my kids the most amazing super foods on the planet and allow them natural exposure and supportive natural medicine.  Research or Family Experience

163. For me, it was reading the list of ingredients on the Centers For Disease Proliferation website and then looking them up one by one…..I said NO more for any of my babies.  Research or Family Experience

164. From the VAERS website:  “More than 10 million vaccines per year are given to children less than 1 year old, usually between 2 and 6 months of age. At this age, infants are at greatest risk for certain medical adverse events, including high fevers, seizures, and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Some infants will experience these medical events shortly after a vaccination by coincidence.” And also, the CDC recommends 18 shots with 24 vaccine doses between the ages of 2 and 6 months (when they are at greatest risk for adverse events). VAERS: CDC:…/downloads/parent-ver-sch-0-6yrs.pdf  Research or Family Experience

165. Forced to get a tdap vaccine … Or be fired. Even though I had adverse reactions to it in the past… Refused it. my pcp faxed in a note..Decision was made by tdap core group that I was not compliant and I needed to get it.  Drs note was “hearsay” and since I didn’t have an anaphylactic reaction, it would be “safe” for me to get it.  Told them I was allergic to it…. Didn’t want it.  Two days later …Called off work, sick  One week later cellulitis of injected arm, adverse reaction to tdap vaccine. Then, post vaccination syndrome as they call it … Sore muscles, joints and bones, sore throat, nausea, and vomiting, numbness, tingling in extremities … Short term disability x three months … Workers Compensation denied … not work related.  Fibromyalgia triggered by dtap vaccine. …  Flare ups … Constant pain and numbness.

So not fair to do to anyone….Nurses need to stand up and not be afraid for telling the truth!  I am sad, angry, frustrated … and management doesn’t care one bit.  Not one ounce of empathy, sympathy or concern from any of them.  I want to tell my story, make it go viral….this is healthscare, not healthcare!  So not right to do! Injury or adverse reaction and Coerced or forced

166. My mother never vaccinated me or my 2 brothers & sister. It was never an issue and I didn’t ask why until I became pregnant. At that time, my uncle, a chiropractor and father of 5 (2 sets of boy/girl twins) had also not vaccinated his children. I asked why he chose and he said I had to find out that answer for myself and do my own research. When my daughter was born, I knew I want going to vaccinate but I wasn’t standing on a ground of knowledge. At least not the ground I stand on today. When she was born I kept having people ask me about her well baby visits. I was like “WTF is a well baby visit”. So I made an appt with a pediatrician. I said “I guess I’m here for a well baby check”. That’s when he started in with “Your late on her vaccinations!” I informed I wasn’t vaccinating and he essentially snarled and passed judgement and told me to find a new pediatrician in a not-so-nice manner. When I couldn’t stand my ground confidently about why I was choosing not to vaccinate, I VOWED, nobody was ever going to treat me like that again and make me feel subhuman. So since that day forward there has not been one single day that has passed that I haven’t spent at least 1-2 hours reading and researching vaccines. That was 5 years ago this month. And the more I read and the more I know …. The more confident I am about my choice!!!  Research or Family Experience

167. In 2004 I became pregnant with my one and only baby, my son Daniel. My mother a longtime health advocat, nutritionist and fitness instructor had been researching vaccines mainly through Dr. Mercola and had begun to warn me about them and urged me to not vaccinate my baby. She gave me lots of information, but I didn’t fully research it til later when his personal belief exemption was threatened by SB 277. I had pretty much made up my mind to “delay” vacinations when he was younger but I decided to permanently not vaccinate because he was way more healthy than any of his other family, friends or neighbors; extremely healthy, bright and intelligent. I had 3 miscarriages and was never able to have another child so the fact that he was my one and only influenced any decision I may have considered to vaccinate him. . . why in the heck was I going to play Russian roulette with my one and only baby? When I had him in the hospital I had a very pushy nurse that came in and started to give him the Hep B shot very quickly and pressured me. I obliged but specifically remember I felt extremely uneasy!! But I was so wiped out and I had not really begun the vaccination fight. In the days to come Daniel became orange as a carrot and very sick. When we took him home he had to stay under the lights and he cried a lot for 3 months which I was told was normal. I will never know for sure, but would love to go back in time and not give him that stupid shot and see the difference!! Thank God nothing worse happened to him. Through the years I read more more but nothing compared as when sb 277 came along and his personal belief exemption was threatened. I fought hard as a volunteer for the referendum getting almost a thousand signatures because it was especially important due to the fact that he will be at the checkpoint year of 7th grade next school year and the success of the referendum would have grandfathered him in. We now have to Homeschool and I will be taking him out next year. We have homeschooled in the past and I still have a strong support of friends and people. I can easily go back to that lifestyle yet I am outraged that I do not have a choice anymore. My freedoms and liberties stripped. I am just grateful that I listened to my mother and I went with my convictions, stood my ground with the doctors and saved my precious one and only Son from any possible vaccine injuries. We treat any illnesses holistically and alternatively and build up immune systems naturally I bought your tank top and wear it everywhere I go and spread the word that natural immunity is best. Thank you for all you do God Bless you Larry Cook!!   Research or Family Experience and Injury or adverse reaction

168. My dad didn’t believe in vaccinations so my siblings and I were Vax free growing up, I still am. I started doing research on both sides of the issue as I got older and people would ask me the question of why I was unvaccinated. I wanted to have a better answer for them then “I just don’t believe in them” . Before I had my first son my husband and I went and had the “we’re not getting our son vaccinated talk with the pediatrician. It was nice having knowledge behind our stsnce. Today my boys are 10 and 8 never vaxed and healthy! As long as they’re under our roof it’ll stay that way.  Research or Family Experience

169.  Research or Family Experience

170.     Research or Family Experience

171. My Vaccine Story: My mom told me that I was talking up a storm until about 18 months of age. And then I just stopped. I didn’t start talking again until I was three. I never knew what to make of that. Unfortunately my mom had passed away when I came across the info that vaccines can cause kids to stop talking, so I never got to ask her if I had a vaccination at that time – but, I suspect I did. Unfortunately, my mom fully believed in allopathic medicine, and it was a mixup of her prescription drugs at a care center that led to her untimely death. She was already on slow decline, but allopathic medicine sent her to an early grave. I tried many a time to give her info that would be helpful, and she’d always say, “but, you aren’t a doctor” – this is true. But, I do know how to learn and apply that knowledge to my life. If only more people would do their own learning when it comes to healthcare for themselves and children.  Research or Family Experience and Injury or adverse reaction

172. Thank you for sharing your story. A very similiar thing happened to me after I had a febrile siezure which I was hospitalized for and doctors told my parents that sometimes this happens in children under 1 and the cause was unknown…I whole-heartedly believe my siezure was because I was vaccinated. My parents told me that I stopped talking after that but they thought their divorce was to blame. I was so quite that my father didn’t think I was ready for kindergarten and both my parents had me tested but tests came back normal. I am going to request my medical records for my own knowledge and maybe my story will help others in some way as well.  Injury or adverse reaction

173. My son at age 5 months received his first round of vaccines. Due to insurance issues we didn’t do it sooner at the time. Immediately after the shots he had a reaction. Crying, swelling, fever, shaking, rash and eye rolling back in seizure form. He stopped cooing and babbling. 3 years later he is diagnosed at Severe developmental speech delay. But forbid that I mention that his delay coincidently started after his reaction. I’m not a doctor they tell me. But a Naturopathic DR finally agreed with me there is a link. I’m self educating myself daily. Education in what is the body and our body systems are not limited to having to attend medical school and get a license and pass a state board test. I have access and the power to learn just like any premed student.  Injury or adverse reaction

174. I have just SO had it with the White Coat Religion. It is FALSE and it totally ignores God and thinks it knows better! I have told my mother to stop getting flu shots, but she tells me “I’m a diabetic, so…”

I fired my first pediatrician because he told me to start cereal at THREE WEEKS. He said breast milk didn’t have enough iron in it for babies. I thought to myself “this guy thinks he knows more than God” and found another pediatrician that same day.

How often I have wondered what would have been different if I had only extended that thought (that God knows best!) to vaccines! My 3 boys only got chicken pox as children, plus one had scarlet fever. The youngest still has problems with attention deficit in his 30’s. How I wish they could have also had at least measles and mumps as children!

A few of my grandchildren got some shots before we totally woke up. My son didn’t have custody of the oldest and she got them all, even the first Gardasil, but she’s okay. I believe the 5-year-old may have some damage, but the younger ones are all vax-free. I can’t say the same for my step-grandchildren, unfortunately. Four of 6 have some degree of learning disabilities, and 1 of those 4 still tip-toe walks at 13 years of age. <sigh> Injury or adverse reaction

175. I believe that’s what happened with me. I’m 40 now and my oldest who was fully vaxed and sick a lot had a seizure after DTap at 7 yrs old. We don’t vaccinate anymore.  Injury or adverse reaction

176. To be honest I have had questions & concerns regarding vaccines for a long time, I am not sure when I really became aware. My biggest influence was my mom. My second one is probably other moms. I think her biggest was her mom who told her never to get a vaccine when they first come out. I’m a bit stubborn & rebellious so I’m sure that plays a part as well. I’ve always asked questions at the doctor & questioned the medical establishment & prefer natural methods. I hate needles. When I was a child they were still vaccinating for smallpox, my mom heard it had been eradicated. She questioned the doctor & skipped it, later they stopped vaccinating for it. I had my measles vaccination (pre-MMR) & had a reaction (nothing permanent that I am aware of) it was enough to make my mom questions & slow down or stop vaccinations. I know I had the oral polio & tetanus (maybe dtap) & that was it. I don’t think they did boosters back then other than tetanus & I never had one due to my aversion to needles & my stubbornness. At some point after my measles vax they changed the recommended age or dosage & wanted me to get another & my mom said NO. When I was in High School in the mid 80’s there was a “measles outbreak” & I was not allowed to be in school without getting another vaccination. I had a couple of weeks off with my friend whose family were Christian Scientist. It was fun for me. When I was getting married I considered getting the Rubella vaccine since I had never had it. My aversion to needles was probably the biggest factor, but I didn’t feel comfortable getting one. Something tugging at my gut said no. I wasn’t ready for a family anyway & decided to put this decision on hold. This was before the internet & I didn’t know anything about it or the disease. I do remember all the public service announcement when I was a child about the dangers of being pregnant & the german measles. Fast forward to over a decade later & we decided to try for a family. I started reading & subscribing to Mothering magazine & they had a very indepth article about vaccination. I picked up & read Neil Miller’s book on vaccination as well. Once I was actually pregnant I joined some local Attachment Parenting (natural) moms yahoo groups (pre FB). Vaccination was often a topic of Discussion. I learned a lot from the other mom’s who introduced me to Dr Sears & his books. I watched a DVD on vaccines by Dr. Jay Gordon loaned to me by another mom. Someone gave me Dr. Tenpenny on Vaccines DVD, but I don’t think I watched it. I began to do a lot of reading & discussing with other moms. I ask started to attend La Leche League meetings where I met a lot of like minded moms. I’ve never been convinced that the risk of getting the disease or the possible worst case scenario was greater than the possible risk of the vaccine. I started out planning to selectively vaccinate on a slower, delayed schedule. My plans changed when we had a Disney World trip & Disney Cruise planned with my 10 mo old son. I was an over worried first time mom & didn’t want my baby to get sick. I asked or ped to tell me which vaccines he would recommend if I only did two. He recommended the HIB & prevnar vaccine. I did them separately & spaced out. I was always on the fence but the fear of making a mistake made me go ahead. I worried about diabetes since it runs in our family. It’s always nagged at me that it was a mistake & if I could do it again I would skip both & do none. Those were the only vaccines he ever had although I did consider polio & tetanus (disappointed that it’s not available separately). When I was trying to get pregnant again I revisited the subject & I had already read Dr. Sears vaccine book & many others. Including some my Dr. Mayer Eisenstein. I would say that his books sealed the deal for me (one of many,but my final ahh ha) that I would never do any vaccines & I had enough information to close the book & stop researching. I did consider vaccinating myself for Rubella & for Pertussis, but I could never find enough information for me to be comfortable that they were safe or effective. I later read that the whole idea about getting vaccinated for pertussis to protect (cocoon) a baby was just a theory & not proven to work. While working on fighting SB277 I have learned so much more & had no idea that there were so many adults injured by vaccines or that there was till mercury in them. I cannot unlearn all this information. I do regret vaccinating my son, but it was my choice based on the information I had at the time. I have never regretted not vaccinating, but I have worried at times. I worried during boy H1N1 scares also every time there was a so called outbreak of something or other & at the beginning of the Disneyland measles hysteria. The more I learned, the less I worried & now I know more than ever that the media turns nothing into mass hysteria.  Research or Family Experience

177. I don’t remember how I got into saying no.

But before my first was born, I just knew.

I did some research and my first “no” or “decision” was the ingredients.

I’m a fan of all natural things and vaccines are not natural and not necessary.

If you do unbiased researched, you should come out to be a “non vaxxer” I don’t know how anyone can still vaccinate after proper research. It amazes me.   Research or Family Experience

178. I was an anti-vaxxer …before anti-vaxxers were cool- haha.. I was born in the early 80s and my parents had the good sense to not vaccinate me 35 years ago. I was raised to understand the dangers of putting chemicals, toxins and heavy metals into my body. I have traveled to about 30 different countries, several developing nations and I have an incredible immune system- I rarely get a cold, can not even remember the last time I had one. My parents taught us that God didn’t create humans and then forget to make an immune system that could stand up to viruses, diseases and germs of the world!  Research or Family Experience

179. My son was 12 yrs old. In Las Vegas for Jr High you are required to get the HTAP. Within days my son was in a fog he said. He than had tics so bad he wet himself. 27 docters and 15 months of hell I finally got a answer. He was mis diagnosed with ADHD, TORETTES, BI POLAR and SAVANT AUTISTIC at age 12 Cmon. The vaccine thru his immune system over. He had underlying infection with no fever or side effects. He had strep,mono, walking pneumonia and west nile virus at the time. He stopped walking and talking before he was finally diagnosed with Pans Pandas Pitand….. After antibiotics not DRUGS they where giving him , tonsils out and 5 HD IVIG he came back to me. He is now 15 1/2 years old working on his career as a DJ/PRODUCER . He has performed for thousands of people. He is not crazy he was sick and the vaccine was the last thing he needed. I will not put another vaccine in my 3 kids ever.

I said from the fist day he had the vaccine , something isn’t right. My son in days of the vaccine would scream for hours, tic vocal and physical. He would cuss and scream. He had a photographic memory that we didn’t know he had that was driving him crazy. He would click his eyes and take a picture. He than told me he had a green book in his head. He was cussing and screaming things we wish you could say. His FILTER was gone. He wasn’t saying crazy things if you listen to what he said. He just lost his filter. In days he was talking lile a baby , than a 35 yr old gangster. He would crawl around one min than talk like a educated 35yr old man. He was building things out of wores and pans. He made his first Drum set. He was more creative than you Could ever imagine. He couldnt sleep many nights. His days and nights where upside down. He begged for help. He was so confused. Depression hit him hard. He wanted to die. His ocd got so bad he was making tea bags wrapped in school paper and lightning them to smoke. He would stand outside and Ring the door bell 51 times. His ocd controlled him. He stopped walking. I saw over 27 doctors. 15 months of every mental disorder in the world. He had it all but one thing CRAZY. My son at his worst was a musical genius. His first drum TEACHER said He feels music and blind folded him. My son was so sick and drugged up he still was learning how to play instrumemts at a fast speed. He was so smart at times I swear he could read my mind. It was the scariest time of my life. I learned so much too because i was focused on my son’s strength. I walked into doctors day after day with a no diagnose. Let me remind you he never had a fever he never had anything other than allergies…..stuffy only. Not one doctor said lets get blood work done. All they gave is was DRUG’S and told me my son was crazy. I lost my home , cars, job you name it….. Than finding free State Insurance.

I had to take this kid screaming, cussing, saying things that could harm him to all these places for help. Getting blood work is all my son needed. 15 months later and my son not walking and stuttering what he could get out…… I did my own research online and found Pans Pandas Pitand. My son had every sign of this illnesses. He was the extreme.. He was the onset overnight. Blood work that I requested was done and in a day, this doctor that has seen him from the night of onset said ” You are correct” My sons strep antibodies titters – 890 he had mono, strep and walking pneumonia too. He was allergic to every food and environmental. He was the boy in the bubble. His immune system was done. Within days of starting antibiotics he could walk and talk. He had ups and downs but he was coming back . We took out his tonsils and saw more of him. He started getting better in the hospital after hours. He was happy again, his tics where less, his baby talk was leaving. Removing food and environmental allergies I saw my 13yr old again. He had 5 HD IVIG in a year. Everyone one was a nightmare than he would get better and better. He missed 2 yrs of school. He struggles with catching up in school. He gets it but he learns different now. His photographic memory controlled. He used it to learn how to do so many things. He received a Make A Wish. He got DJ EQUIPMENT. He has performed at the UFC 191 at the MGM , he opened for LiL Jon at a music festival. He has a resume that many djs around the world want. He has more talent than you can imagine. He can play the piano just by ear. He is producing music. He is catching up in school. He is working at age 15 and living his dream. He loves me more than life . he believed in me. I told him”””” I’ll never give up”!!!!!.My family at times said I was crazy. Told me to drug him up. The one thing this all taught me is to never give up and don’t ever forget you can always reaserch information. I should have a PHD but Im not book smart. I’m just like my son , I just never had the onset. I believe all 3 of my kids have a immune disorder. This taught me who I am. WhyI had ocd, tics , school difficult, headache’s daily, allergies, anxiety everything my son had. I also see how I learn different. I finally after 41yrs knew who I was!!!!! I hope his and our story make you think about what is put in your child. You have a choice.   Injury or adverse reaction

180. I have been a mother for almost 20 years and I have three sons and one daughter. The one and only time any of my children had to be admitted to hospital was in ’97, my oldest son contacted the vaccine strain of mumps from an inadequately attenuated MMR vaccine. He had the shot at 14 months, I had postponed it because he was teething. Less than two weeks later he seemed very listless and feverish. This lasted for a few hours so decided to leave him with my roommate so I could go get him some Tylenol. I had only been gone for 45 minutes or so but when I returned it looked as though he had golf balls stuck on the insides of his throat. I panicked and took him to the hospital in Abbotsford,BC. We were immediately taken by ambulance to Vancouver Children’s Hospital where we were placed in isolation. He was started on heavy doses of antibiotics intravenously. Blood work was done daily and on the second day the doctors told me that it was the vaccine strain of mumps. He was kept up in isolation until day 5 when he started to show signs of improving. Even the made a full recovery but my trust in vaccines did not. I refused all vaccines after that point and my younger children have never had any. They are some of the healthiest children I have ever seen. I do not regret my desicion, and I have no trouble trying to defend my choices to these rabid provaccers when confronted.  Injury or adverse reaction

181. I’m a pediatric ICU RN and i was raised as a scientologist with strong beliefs that toxins you put in your body can cloud your thinking and make you feel sick. And then I was pregnant with my first child and my ob wanted me to get the flu shot so i read up on it, read in the insert that it was not even tested safe for pregnancy or the growing fetus, and asked a few docs at work, including my ob : “how can this be recommended for me if its never been tested as safe?” And i remember one doc i worked with agreed it wasn’t a big deal to skip it and ever since i have read, read, read everything possible before giving my two kids anything and now after everything i have now learned, how corrupt the vaccine insustry seems to be, me and my husband are thinking we will homeschool or move out of state before fully vaxing our two toddlers. No. Efing. Way.  Research or Family Experience

182. I never did vaccinate my child because….) I worked as a speech-language pathologist in a Birth-Age 3 program for 10 years. I was BLOWN away at the health status of our nation’s youngest children. I began LISTENING to parents stories….right in their own living rooms….How could I ever forget and set aside the child who, after the MMR at age 1, completely changed his personality, no longer made eye contact or would be held, had terrible bloating and his bowel movements changed for the worse, he began banging his head on the metal grates in their home, scratched his face on the stucco walls till it bled, threw himself back in his high chair repeatedly with so much force it tipped over? And this infant is just 1 of the HUNDREDS I treated for speech with the same story….though it was not always the MMR. I began researching vaccines and decided No. Not for my child. And I can’t forget these children, despite having a healthy child. It is because of them and their parents willingness to share their story that I have a healthy child. Research or Family Experience

183. My son had delayed vaccines. He had never had a flu vaccine and although we discussed it for several weeks he chose to have the 2009 H1N1 flu vaccine but not the regular flu vaccine. He was given the Flumist vaccine, a weakened live virus, 32 days later he died from Viral Myocarditis caused by a recent viral infection, he had not been sick, he had a sore throat and felt achey about two weeks after the vaccine. The Flumist can cause mild flu like symptoms which are common symptoms of Viral Myocardits. I will never have grandchildren since Christopher was our only child but I will continue to try to educate his friends that are starting their families. Feel free to use Christopher’s story. Death

184. My DD1 had 1 Hib at 2 mos and Hib and rota at 4 months. I resuscitated her 8 hours later. No more for her and none for DD2. Dr said there was no connection. Yeah right. Injury or adverse reaction

185. Our daughter had reactions after every round of vaccines. when we googled the symptoms we found that other kids who suffered the same symptoms ended up with autism. Our doctors bullied us so we continued with some but not all vaccines. After she came down with all the symptoms of whooping cough immediately after the DPT vaccine, we drew the line. No more vaccines. We are both science-educated and did tons of research. Finding out about the different SIDs rates in other countries was an eye opener. Injury or adverse reaction

186. When I got into natural health in my early 20’s(20 years ago) I went to a seminar about vaccines and it stuck with me. When I adopted my neice at 18mo. …She got her 2 year shot with my mother and that’s the last one. My biological kids have never had any shots. My adopted daughter had to have her tonsils and adnoids out at 3… my natural kids are very healthy and smart aside from one child with eczema which is from too much antibiotics. I’ve always just individually felt they were bad and would rather move out of state than risk their health. I’ve felt terrible my whole life due to being overemedicted as a child and I won’t do that to them. The dr. even gave me seizure medicine as a baby because I was collicky! Before I got married..I made sure he was fine with homebirth and not vaccinating! Drs. and big pharma scare the crap out of me!!! Research or Family Experience

187. I reacted badly as a child, I got really sick and was not myself my mum thought I might die and after my doctor advised my mum not to do it again. I’m too scared to do it to my kids as they are apart of me, also I react to all antibiotics, I have been vaccine free for about 25yrs and the only time I have been to hospital was to have my 2 kids also I have noticed my kids never get sick like their vaccine friends and have no allergies like their friends do and my kids recover a lot quicker if they ever get a temp and I have never given them any medication or Panadol. Research or Family Experience

188. I was born in 1937 but have no recollection of what vaccinations I had as a child. I do know I have had a smallpox vaccine scar on my arm as long as I can remember. I’m wondering now if the Atopic Eczema I had at age 10 was related to a vaccination. When the polio “sugar cubes” came out, I remember our mother taking us to the local high school to get ours–being the good little sheeple that we were.

My husband & I got umpteen shots when we went into the Peace Corps. I mean, it was just expected. I remember the PC doctor showing up periodically at our house to give us boosters of various shots. My husband received probably 3 doses of gamma globulin during our PC time. He had reactions to each one. The last time he had a raised area the size of a wallet on his buttock and the PC doctor actually told him never to get that shot again. I’m now wondering if the illness he had a few months later when he looked like he was covered in blood blisters was related to those shots. I don’t suppose we can ever know. I give thanks that we got along pretty well, everything considered.

Fast forward a few years to when we started our family. I grew up with the idea that vaccines were something you just did, so when our first daughter was born in 1968, I let her have the DPT shot…something I will always regret. I don’t know if she had only one or if there was more than one. Now I’m wondering if the rash she had on her face when she was a few months old was related to that shot. Again I don’t supposed we can ever know.

At some point after she was born, I had received a message from my violin teacher from junior & senior high school days. He was adamant that I NOT let her get the polio vaccine. He was a wise man who had come to the US from Germany shortly after WWII. I took her to the doctor for a regular appointment when she was a few months old (don’t remember HOW old, but still a babe in arms). He wanted to give her a polio shot and I said “NO, we are NOT doing polio.” As I recall, he got up from his desk and started shouting at me that he could maybe understand my attitude if it was smallpox but POLIO was vital, yada, yada, yada! He was so upset with me that my baby picked up the negative vibrations and started crying!

When he started shouting at me was THE moment when I told myself I had to do my own research–I needed to know more! What I learned was appalling–and not nearly as bad as it is today!! I vowed then that no child of ours would ever get ANY vaccine–ever again.

When I refused vaccines with daughter #3 in 1972, the doctor (who definitely thought he was God) threatened to make her a ward of the court if I did not do it. I was very happy to leave Montana a few months later for California where there was a Personal Belief exemption for vaccinations which we were able to use while they were in school.

I believe we were actually blessed to be moving frequently during the years when the girls were very young so we never had a pediatrician…and once we got to California, we never bothered to look for one as they were all healthy. All three girls were breastfed, actually never had any of the “childhood” diseases, and were very healthy–then to now.

189. My son Jacob Perry had seizures in the 72 hour window following his shots when he was 5. He had no fever. He woke up the third morning following the routine nine doses, and toddled into the kitchen behind me where I was making coffee.

I heard a THUD and a groan. I turned around and my beautiful, perfect five year old boy had done a trust fall on the kitchen tile, back arched, eyes rolled back in his head, fists clenched up by his ears, grimacing and SHAKING.

Coincidence? HELL NO. He had never had a seizure before nor since. He will tell you he woke up with his head under the bed, then fell in the hallway on the way to the kitchen. When I went back to make his bed later that morning and it was soaked, which is classic of seizures through the night.

Jacob’s shots were delayed because I had done the research and we have significant family history consistent with what is now considered to be fraudulent science suggesting my children would be Vaccine Vulnerable.

That fraudulent science, I KNOW, saved his life. Before that science was called fraudulent, my pediatric GI agreed that we should delay John’s and Jacob’s shots.

What would have happened if I had allowed them to give him HepB at one day old, and the ensuing routine battery of 25 doses in the first six months?

I shudder to think what would have happened. But I thank GOD that I had faith in “fraudulent science.”

Certainly, that scientist who was labeled a fraud, is a hero. One day the world will know he was just ahead of his time, and our society put money before our children.

Dr. William Thompson Senior Scientist from the CDC’s vaccine research division, who was one of the 5 authors of the paper our CDC published in 2004 which allegedly disproved the vaccine/autism link, has come forward. He has confessed that he and his colleagues covered up data, literally throwing it in a garbage can, that showed that Dr. Wakefield was RIGHT.

Thompson has been granted Whistleblower status by the Obama administration, and is still employed at the CDC.

We want Congress to subpoena Dr. Thompson to testify, exposing the fraud within the CDC. But our Congress has allowed the CDC to investigate themselves.

190. My first born, Ace, was fully vaccinated (due to my unawareness at the time) leading up to his 12 month vaccines when I realized during his first year that his INTENSE allergic reactions to milk, egg, all dairy, his skin rashes, his nonstop diarrhea, and what his doctor called asthma (the Doctor put him on a breathing machine that my baby would throw up when being given) were all just side effects of his many unnecessary vaccines.

Even at his first visit with the Pulmonologist, the specialist warned me, “these symptoms are due to asthma, it is HIGHLY unlikely he is allergic to milk, egg, cheese and what you are presuming…. The results were in, he PERSONALLY called me a couple weeks later to say, “This is quite rare, but your motherly intuition was right and he is allergic to all dairy products!”

I was focused so much on his allergies that I didn’t think about the vaccines. I thought they were normal, then finally even after eliminating the allergies there were still symptoms (small but noticeably something needed to change) and my motherly instincts thought, “these vaccines are too much and I need to find a way around them” (I hadn’t done my research yet, it was just an intuition). I stopped, then started researching, I decided that if I gave him more shots, I couldn’t take them back, but if I continued researching and not giving him shots, if I decided to give him more, I could if I wanted to… And to this day I’m beyond happy that I made the decision to not vaccinate my family. Ace hasn’t had a rash, he hasn’t had anymore fevers or allergic reactions, no more projectile vomiting, we are living to the point where we aren’t PATIENTS anymore… We are a family living our lives HEALTHY.

Through out the whole entire experience (birth to 12 months) Ace was the most happiest baby anyway. I am so proud of him going through that discovery period so strongly and getting through the rough patches and having the ability to still grow and develop at such a great pace. I know it isn’t the same for other people.

Currently I am undergoing the bully of my son Jax’s previous pediatrician (who I fired), who keeps calling us and bullying to vaccinate, even mentioning Ace (which I believe should be a violation of privacy). I clearly let him know last conversation that we were taking our kids elsewhere to a naturopath in Hillcrest, that he could stop calling now, and that he could call my lawyer if he has anything else to say (I don’t really have a lawyer, just wanted him to know how serious I am).

We are all forgoing the same types of struggle today. We’ve broken through the decision to not vaccinate and we are all standing tall saying WE ARE THE PARENTS. WE HAVE HAD THESE EXPERIENCES AND WE KNOW WHAT IS BEST FOR OUR CHILDREN. OUR CHILDREN WILL NOT BE THE LAB RATS OF OUR GOVERNMENT.

Still Not Convinced?

Read what more parents have to say after their child experienced a vaccine related swath, injury or reaction:

Additional Reasons Why To Stop Vacinating

Facebook Comments


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