Facebook Threatens SMV Group Shut Down Over Pix Of Vaccine Injured Children

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Facebook Threatens SMV Group Shut Down Over Pix Of Vaccine Injured Children

Over the last several days my Facebook Group, Stop Mandatory Vaccination, has received two strikes against it for “child nudity and sexual exploitation of children.”

Another post was sexual exploitation of an adult – which was an auto-flagged post I reviewed and accepted – and if I remember correctly, it was a animated meme of a laughing face or something similar.

I say “remember” because anything deemed “sexual” Facebook will NOT show me what it is.

And there was another post that I do not remember what the issue was, which brings the total number of violations to four. At three violations I received the warning that additional violations could result in the group being disabled – shut down.

AMAZINGLY, and most importantly, as the GROUP OWNER, I cannot appeal or request manual review of any of these “violations.” According to Facebook, the ONLY person who can request a manual review of a violation is the original poster.

I went back and forth with a Facebook representative and even asked to talk with her supervisor. Here is what she said to me:

Hi Larry,
Thank you for your response.

I understand your frustration, Larry, however that is how the procedures of Facebook work and no matter who you talk to, the answer will be the same. This feature happens to flag false positives sometimes and that’s why the Posts can be appealed. They have to be appealed by the Post creator, for the content is their responsibility. Please note they are an active part of your Group, so naturally their actions will influence the Group directly.

I have given you the options your Group has and I ask you to please take my advice under consideration, as it is according to our Policies.
If you find there are too many Posts for you to manage in the Post Approval, you can ask for more Members to be Moderators so they can help you manage the Group and the Posts.

Other than that, Larry, I’m afraid there are no other options I can give you. Please note that our policies are made with our Users best interest in mind, in order to keep Facebook safe and inviting to everyone. Thank you for understanding and I wish you a good day.

Best regards,

Facebook Groups Admin Support Analyst

So, what type/kind of photos are getting flagged you ask? Well, photos like this one, which is a RASH from the MMR VACCINE (permission was granted to use the photo):

So, that begs the question, “Who is reporting these photos to Facebook?” We need to look no further than to the trolls inside the Stop Mandatory Vaccination Facebook Group who have organized in their own hate-filled circles to dismantle the ability of parents to communicate with each other through sinister reporting:

Since Facebook refuses to allow me – AS GROUP OWNER – to appeal these ridiculous FAKE REPORTS of parent child photos as “child nudity and sexual exploitation of children” which also means that LITERALLY ANY PHOTO OF A CHILD COULD SHUT DOWN MY GROUP, I have no choice but to BAN ALL PHOTOS IN THE GROUP.

What would happen if a few trolls used their throw away accounts to post some photos and then other trolls reported those photos? Do you see the problem here?

So, effectively, FACEBOOK HAS BANNED PHOTOS IN GROUPS because of their absurd policy that group owners cannot request manual review of reported photos.

With that, if you have a child and want to share photos of your child, join my MeWe group, where pictures of vaccine injured children and vaccine free children are not censored or cause the group to be shut down.

JOIN Stop Mandatory Vaccine on MeWe

Also join my other Facebook Group The Vaccine Free Child

Also happening today: my email eNewsletter system has been hacked and I cannot collect emails or send them. I am waiting for Europe to wake up and then get back to me on possible solutions; meanwhile, I am also setting up my 2nd back-up that I have waiting in the wings, which I’ll turn on if my main system cannot be repaired. I do have my email list, which is a good thing.

Finally, if you appreciate my advocacy work, please consider a monthly contribution or one-time donation. It’s a big fight and that does require monetary resources!

Thank you,

Larry Cook
Stop Mandatory Vaccination Owner

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