Larry Cook Rebukes Brandy Vaughan’s Character Assassination

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Larry Cook Rebukes Brandy Vaughan’s Character Assassination

NOTE: This webpage can be found at HOME > REBUTTALS 

Brandy Vaughan is a vaccine choice/anti-vaccination activist running and on May 15, 2018 Brandy launched a vicious and reprehensible hour-long live Facebook video character assassination on me. And then on May 25, 2018, Brandy posted a second live Facebook video where she justified her character assassination. This isn’t the first time Brandy has worked to destroy a reputation in the vaccine choice/anti-vaccination movement. A couple years ago Brandy regularly criticized numerous activists she didn’t agree with – including well-known ones – by publicly and privately “calling them out” and/or calling them “controlled opposition” as a way to destabilize people’s perceptions of these activists. The difference this time around though is that not only had I personally given Brandy huge amounts of support, time and advice during that period, we also dated for a period of time. We have not spoken by text, phone, email, or Facebook Messenger in approximately 18 months or so, not even recently (our last contact was at CalJam last year where we ran into each other).

So of course it is disheartening to see Brandy present such a perversion and inversion of the truth, distortion of reality, timeline confusion and extreme emotional hostility towards me in her social media meltdown because she wants to see me leave the vaccine choice/anti-vaccine movement. Right before we stopped talking, Brandy was very frustrated that my work and brand was receiving a lot of attention, and donations, yet she believed she was doing the “important work” for the movement. Her ongoing slander throughout her live video rant saying I “threatened her” originates from a phone conversation we had while she was in France when she stated she wanted me to step out of the movement so that not only could she be more dominant and visible in the movement, but also so that any donations that maybe would have gone to my campaign, would go to her campaign.

I couldn’t believe she would make such an outrageous demand. When I told her I wasn’t going to do that, she escalated further and accused me of being in it for the money, and then said she would “expose” me for being in it only for the money. I was shocked, offended, caught off guard and angry that she gave me an ultimatum and accused me of being out of integrity. I replied that I didn’t think those who follow our work would believe her. Even though we had broken off our relationship earlier, I never expected a total end to our communication. But that phone call may have been our last communication. So, that “THREAT” that Brandy keeps mentioning throughout her video? That’s actually a perversion and inversion of what really happened: she threatened me, and now she’s made good on her promise with her live video.

Perhaps one telling moment is near the very end of her live video defamation rant, where she says this:

“And you know, Larry can talk all about being spiritual and all of this, but it’s just a crock of BS, and you know, he’s darn good at business and marketing, and it’s enough. He needs to just take his good business skills and marketing skills outside of the movement, and stop taking advantage of the movement. It’s gone on long enough.” [Clearly stating she wants me out of the movement.]

And also this:

“I’m the one that’s in the light, and I’m not going to suffer any bad karma from what I’m doing, because I don’t even take a salary, and I fund Learn The Risk mostly, not mostly, because IRS won’t allow that, but partly, with my own money, and it’s running out, and you know, that’s my role in life, and it’s my mission to create a healthier world, and expose the darkness where it’s at.” [Brandy states her money is running out. There is no IRS regulation that I am aware of that prevents Brandy from contributing to her own organization.]

When we were dating I learned that Brandy was living on inheritance money and yet she was going through it very quickly. I ran calculations and determined she’d be out of money in about two years at her very high spending rate. We discussed strategies to reduce expenses while increasing overall revenue, and one strategy (of many) was to set up monthly donations. That monthly donation option on her website was my idea and is based on my own monthly donation option.

Brandy repeatedly says through her live video that people were donating to me thinking they were donating to her billboard campaign. The reality is that I was very actively promoting the Learn The Risk website so she could get more donations, and as you’ll see later on, my messaging was always specific to her campaign. Did people get the campaigns confused in social media? Yes. But, those who gave actual donations were not confused – both of our campaigns were very clear and VERY DIFFERENT (and still are). No one ever contacted me and said they made the mistake of donating to my campaign instead of hers.

Brandy focused a lot of her energy in off-line activities, like speaking at events, passing out flyers from booths, doing billboards, etc. On the other hand, I focused primarily in social media awareness (Facebook, specifically), and since her social media presence was limited, I shared a lot of ideas with her on how to become more visible in social media.

Brandy launched a nonprofit and said the money raised went towards program expenses (the mission) and not to her personal expenses (admin expenses/salary). Well, she could afford to do that because she was living off of an inheritance. However, this is not typical. The primary reason to launch a nonprofit is to pay a salary to the one doing the mission (and any additional staff as well) so that someone or several can work on that mission full time.

I ran a nonprofit for four years, so I know something about nonprofits. In my opinion, there is not enough money in the vaccine choice/anti-vaccine movement to support a 501c3 nonprofit through donations, and although I seriously considered creating a nonprofit, I decided the best course was not to. The fact that Brandy has a nonprofit – and can’t even pay herself with it – and that I do not have a nonprofit, does not diminish my ability to promote and grow the Stop Mandatory Vaccination brand and everything that surrounds that brand, including the primary mission of helping parents understand why to go vaccine free. I discuss my revenue sources later, but donations account for a tiny fraction of my overall revenue and that alone validates my decision not to launch a nonprofit.

If we step back and take the emotion out of Brandy’s character assassination and look at the big picture, what we’ll see is this messaging: Brandy’s Learn The Risk project is deserving of any and all money it receives and what she does is of paramount importance to the cause while my Stop Mandatory Vaccination project is not deserving of any money that it receives and it is unimportant to the cause. That’s Brandy’s core messaging, repeated innumerable times and in various ways with a multitude of malicious distortions of reality or just plain lies thrown in for good measure. All with the intention to destroy my reputation so that people won’t donate to me or respect my work (because I’m doing it for the “wrong reasons”).

Click To See Her Entire Post

It seems as though Brandy was always “calling out” someone in the movement as being “controlled opposition” or just being against her in general and I personally witnessed many meltdowns and violent outbursts as she responded to messages, comments and posts about her claims. I dug as deep as I could into understanding these claims of “controlled opposition” and came to the conclusion that, at best, there was a 50/50 chance of them being true, but more likely than not, Brandy simply disagreed with the strategy or ideas presented by the other activists and/or did not want the “competition.” Not only was Brandy having meltdowns about the social media drama, but also large numbers of people in the vaccine choice/anti-vaccine movement were fighting amongst themselves over Brandy’s allegations of wrongdoing.

Interestingly, I distinctly remember waiting for Brandy at a pizza place we ate at frequently in Santa Barbara and she came up and went into hysterics at me because I commented on someone’s post who she had considered to be her enemy – it was a turning point in our relationship. I very strongly encouraged Brandy to literally stop using the phrase “controlled opposition” and if she had an issue with anyone, to use the word “disagreement” instead. In the live video she says the reason behind me recommending she stop “calling out” activists (as “controlled opposition” or otherwise) was so I could manipulate her into not “calling me out,” but in reality she’s just justifying her character assassination of me and her statements about other activists.

Dr. Bob Sears, MD, a pediatrician out of Orange County, CA, was in the trenches doing his best to stop CA SB277 from becoming law. In late 2015 he wrote a lengthy post about a certain activist “calling out” other activists in the vaccine choice/anti-vaccine movement. He writes, in part: “The witch hunt started way back in June when one particular person in this fight decided she would accuse a few of our colleagues of being under the influence of Pharma. Since it was only one person, I didn’t think much of it. But it’s continued since then…” and “Why do some feel the need to publicly declare that so-and-so or the leaders of such-and-such group are not to be trusted, or are working with Pharma? And what are their true intentions or motivations in accusing people?” I’d like to encourage you to click over and read his entire Facebook post because it is directly correlates to Brandy’s attack on me.

A while back Michele Carol messaged me and she asked if she could post her fundraiser in my Stop Mandatory Vaccination Facebook Group (most groups do not allow this) and if she could tag me. I said she could post in the group and that there was no need to tag me. Apparently Michelle was offended that I didn’t want to be tagged, so she screen shot and shared the brief conversation with others, and then drama ensued in social media, which Brandy then capitalized on to justify going Facebook live with intent to destroy my reputation. Nothing prevented Michelle from posting her fundraiser in my group, and I don’t even know if she did or not. I don’t like to be tagged unless there is a specific reason for being tagged because it fills up my notifications, and I already get too many of those. I often un-tag myself from posts for that very reason. Even so, no one should expect anyone else to do something they don’t want to do.

Brandy and others have spewed huge amounts of criticism and hate into social media that I have not raised money for families with vaccine-injured kiddos, sparked in part because of a fundraiser where I raised money to educate new parents about the dangers of vaccination. Raising money for vaccine-injured families is not my mission (though, I think it is a great mission to have). Educating parents – all parents – about the dangers of vaccination and why to go vaccine free is my mission. I don’t believe anyone should be telling others what they should or should not be doing for the vaccine choice/anti-vaccine movement. I have yet to see anyone create a fundraiser for vaccine-injured families.

I have received an outpouring of support from many in our vaccine choice/anti-vaccine movement and plenty have also defended me against Brandy’s malicious attack on me in social media. There is a huge number of people who were able to see right through Brandy’s live rant for what it actually is: an unfounded character assassination filled with outrageous lies, distortions of reality and a self-inflating mission with the intent to take me out of the vaccine choice/anti-vaccine movement so she can be revered as a savior for the movement. I’m thankful for those who can see through her so quickly and easily. But for those who are confused about Brandy’s live rant or those who trust everything she says about me, I have painstakingly created a point/counterpoint rebuttal to set the record straight. I hope you are able to step back and look at the big picture here, and truly see that Brandy’s character assassination was unjustified, untrue, a sabotage of our movement (in so many ways), and just down right cruel.

Brandy has attacked numerous activists in the vaccine choice/anti-vaccine movement. If, while you are reading though this rebuttal, reviewing the screenshots and processing the situation you come to the conclusion that Brandy fabricated, lied and manipulated the truth of what occurred between her and I, I would ask that you also rethink what she has said about other activists as well. I think we owe it to the vaccine choice/anti-vaccine movement to be very thoughtful about any claims made about activists in our movement.

My Point/Counterpoint Rebuttal
Below is the transcript from Brandy’s live video along with my responses to just about every paragraph. Unfortunately, this is VERY LONG, but I do need to respond to the malicious lies, distortions of reality, timeline confusions and also give my side of the story. But because it is so long and you may get tired of reading through it (I sure have!), let me give you a few of the main highlights right here:

  • I gave Brandy a massive amount of support in numerous ways to help her become more visible to the social media community and I shared her work to 1) help her get more donations, and 2) give more overall awareness to our movement.
  • I never threatened Brandy.
  • I never requested nor charged anyone a percentage for posting fundraisers in my Facebook Group, ever.
  • I never earned $10,000 bonuses for sharing affiliate links (or even close to $10,000).
  • My videos are professional quality and my video of Brandy from the main parent video interview project had huge social traction that opened up other opportunities for her.
  • No one donated to my Stop Mandatory Vaccination campaign thinking they were donating to Brandy’s billboard campaign – not even one donor contacted me to tell me this.
  • I shared Brandy’s name and the Learn The Risk website numerous, numerous times to help her get more donations because she was complaining to me that she was not getting enough donation money.
  • I cannot control who donates to Brandy’s campaign and who donates to my campaign.
  • Whether or not I have children is irrelevant to my ability and desire to stop vaccine mandates and to help parents understand why to go vaccine free. That said, my nephew’s daughter is vaccine injured, and so am I (I was vaccine injured at 18 months).
  • My proposed severance pay from my job was one month’s salary, not one-year or a year and a half.
  • Families with vaccine-injured kiddos are not the only ones who donated to me. Families with vaccine free kiddos did too, as have others, like medical professionals with no children.
  • Brandy invited me to her event in San Mateo and I went to support her event and to be a good friend and activist; I even paid for our hotel room.
  • Sharing photos and updates from Brandy’s events were to help give her visibility and help the movement overall.
  • My eye surgery was emergency retina reattachment surgery and not elective Lasik surgery and I would have gone blind without it; everyone who contributed to my eye surgery campaign knew they were donating for my eye surgery campaign.
  • My latest GoFundMe campaign where over $10,000 was raised in just 6 days by 300 plus donors is designed to reach new parents with the messaging that vaccines kill babies, and on the campaign and in my video it is clearly stated that all proceeds will go towards the campaign.
  • No one is required to donate to me; however, for well over a year I have had a comprehensive statement on my donation page stating that the money donated to me I use at my own discretion.
  • To ensure I stay in this fight I have multiple streams of income with donations being a very tiny percentage of my overall revenue. I am thankful for those who do donate and help, but the overall donation amount is minimal.
  • What I do and the work I produce is not for everyone. There is no need for me to receive hate energy because someone doesn’t agree with me, and so yes, I do block people on Facebook who are hostile.
  • In terms of “transparency” I have 1) already stated on my website that I determine where all funds will be allocated, and 2) for the recent GoFundMe I state all funds will be used for the campaign and I will be updating the campaign website with screens shots.
  • In November 2017 I created numerous videos with Dr. Wakefield that performed very well in social media. My work in social media is not limited to creating and posting videos, though I do enjoy making them. I have been actively engaged in social media, and that in turn has raised more overall awareness about the dangers of vaccination and why parents would want to research vaccines, which in turn has grown the Stop Mandatory Vaccination Facebook group, and it is there where parents often decide to go vaccine free.

I don’t expect everyone to agree with me, my mission, how I go about my mission, or even to like me. That said, I do believe there is enough room for multiple activists to be in this fight against vaccine mandates who use different strategies and different focuses. There’s a lot that I do (there are many reasons why the Stop Mandatory Vaccination Facebook Group has over 141,0000 parents and continues to grow by hundreds every day), and there’s a lot that I do not do that others can do, or already do (e.g., legislative outreach). The Stop Mandatory Vaccination brand and my work is known well enough to make me the hate recipient of numerous pro-vaccine YouTube videos, Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, websites and more. Clearly what I am doing is having an impact and so it’s frustrating for me to watch certain activists undermine my efforts and the work of other activists.

Do we really need to have our fragile movement ripped to shreds because someone doesn’t like what I am doing or what any other activist is doing for that matter? If we continue down this path of deliberately trying to destroy the reputations of activists, we will create confusion and division in our movement and that will lower our odds of protecting our medical freedom rights.

~ Larry Cook


May 15, 2018 LIVE VIDEO LINK

>>> NOTE: As you read through Brandy’s transcript, you’ll see that she often says that I said “XYZ” and then she replied with “ABC” and so on and so forth. Some of those “dialogue” exchanges are ***based*** on actual conversations but are distorted versions of those conversations, while others are “conversations” that we NEVER had. My responses are not “conversation” specific, but rather topic specific.

BRANDY VAUGHAN: Hi everyone. So, thanks for joining me live. I’m going to wait until a few more of you jump on. Sorry I’m a few minutes late. My technology never works perfectly, as we all know, the spotlight that I’m under. But, it’s going to … I had to move some things around, but I’m on now, and I’m going to cover something tonight that I really didn’t want to cover, and it’s something that has been going on for over a year and a half, a little bit longer than that, probably, since the … let’s see, the fall of 2016, and I haven’t said anything about it for many reasons that I’ll go into, and I’m going to try to make this as quick as possible.

But for those of you joining that are part of Alfies Army and know me through that, this is not going to be necessarily about that, and I’m sorry I haven’t done an update video. I will this week, but the fact that Alfie was buried without an autopsy, even through many, many, many hours and days of pleading with the family, really kind of crushed me, so I had to take a little bit of a break this weekend, from that.

And, this is not exactly the video I want to come back with, but I think that there’s something that’s been going on in the movements, and this is particularly US-based, maybe it’s global now, that needs to be exposed, and you know … I talk about a lot of things that I don’t want to talk about, and that I don’t want happening, and it’s not because I want drama in my life, and this video has nothing to do about with drama. It’s just that I feel like there’s so much truth that has to be exposed, and sometimes it happens with different people in the movement, right? And, we all know that in every movement, there are people that get into it for different reasons, right? Some are motivated about the kids, and have good intentions. Some are motivated by ego. Some are motivated by power. Some are motivated by money, and unfortunately, in our movement, we have a lot of everything.

And before I go into specifics, I want to say that I did an interview with a woman who does a magazine called The Healist, and she interviews light workers, and I had an interview with her about a year ago, and she’s an amazing person, and you can see the interview on our YouTube channel, and she asked me if I had ever experienced a glass ceiling in the movement, and it was so shocking to me, because I’d never really thought of it that way, but even when I worked at an ad agency, and a media planning agency, and in the different companies that I worked in, even at Merck I have to say, I never experienced any kind of glass ceiling for being a woman, than I have in this movement.

And I think that I have been continually disappointed, particularly by the men in this movement, not everyone, but there are a lot of egos, and a lot of power plays, and a lot of sabotage of good people, and a lot of people in it for the money. So, you will, you know, see that I support …

Well, basically in this movement, I’ve been behind the scenes, and I’ve heard so many different things, and I’ve seen so many different things, and I’m not going to go into hundreds of stories, but if I don’t share certain people’s posts, if I don’t allow them in the group, there’s a reason, and I’m not going to go into everything tonight, that’s for sure, but I am going to go into discussions about one … Thank you, Kristin. I love you too. About someone, because it’s been about a year and a half that I’ve stayed silent, and I think that we all know by now it’s not my role to stay silent in this movement.

So, I’m going to talk about it, and the reason I’m talking about it tonight is because someone very near and dear to me, that I visited just two weeks ago in Philadelphia, was the latest person who was, let’s say … God, what’s the right word? Not shunned, but ignored, or you know, cast away by someone that says he has very good intentions in this fight, and for over a year and a half, I’ve known that’s not true. So, I think it’s time to expose it, and again, this isn’t a video I like to make, because of the drama, and also because of the threats that he has threatened me with.

LARRY COOK >>> I’ve never threatened Brandy Vaughan.

But, I’m going to talk about it. So, when I first got into this fight, Larry Cook contacted me, and wanted to do videos of me, and this was before I had learn the risk, before I knew anything. This was back in California in the early days. This was in the spring of 2016, 2015. My god, how time flies. Oh, and basically … Heather [Toronto 00:05:55] says, “Who was pushed aside?”

>>> I met Brandy for the first time in Malibu when I was doing sound for some parent interviews and she was a parent who appeared on camera to talk about why she opposed CA SB277 – still a bill at that time. She later called me and we talked for an hour as she described how she wanted to do a petition of some sort. I invited her to take part in my videotaping project, and she did, and her video was the most popular of all my parent interviews (over 163,000 views before I deleted it because of this rant), and it garnered her a lot of attention for other media outlets.

Oh, sorry, I got a little distracted. It’s a little late here. It was Michelle Carol, and Jayden, and that hurts me personally, because they are such amazing people, and Jayden is such a hero in this fight, to expose what vaccines are doing, and in the last couple weeks, or in the last couple weeks, Michelle had reached out to Larry, to just tag him in his videos. I’m sorry, not videos, in her post about the fundraising campaign that she’s doing to help Jayden recover from vaccine-induced epilepsy and severe seizure disorder.

>>> Michelle sent me a private message asking if she could post her fundraiser in my group and tag me. I told Michelle she could post her fundraiser in the group (many groups do not allow fundraisers, FYI), but that there is no need to tag me and I often un-tag myself because I get too many notifications.

So, someone says, “The truth will always come out.” You know, I didn’t want to do this video, because I was hoping that the truth would come out so I didn’t have to do this video. But, it’s been over a year and a half, and some people, like Nicole, who just joined us, have figured this out, and other people, like Shauna Marie, who just did a video last week, but not enough people, not enough people. So, he hurt someone close to me, Michelle, this week, and so that’s it, you know? That’s it, okay. I know he’s threatened me and I didn’t do this video for reasons, because I didn’t want to start drama. There’s a lot of drama in the movement already, but he also told me … Well, I’ll go into the story.

>>> 1) I did not threaten Brandy, and 2) It’s unfortunate that Michelle was upset, but keep in mind that I did give her the okay to post her fundraiser in the group.

I’m looking at my notes, because it’s been kind of long and drawn out, and I want to make sure to cover everything. But this was kind of the last straw this week, and also, three people in the last week, and I always think there are signs from the universe, and three people in the last week have mentioned that I’m working with him, and one of them was on the new Philadelphia billboard. She shared it and she said, “Look, Brandy Vaughan of Stop Mandatory Vaccinations did a new billboard.” Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no. Not associated to Stop Mandatory Vaccinations. I run, and I don’t support Larry’s efforts, necessarily, after what I found out about him in the last year and a half.

>>> Stop Mandatory Vaccination does not do billboard campaigns and has never done a billboard campaign.

But, why does she think that? Why does she think that the billboards are him? Well, this is where the first … my first notion, because like everyone, naïve to the movement … Oh my god, I was naïve. I’ve been in pharma, and was naïve to all of the politics and BS that goes in this movement, and the egos, and the money, and the power plays, and the sabotage. Holy smokes, I’m not naïve anymore, and that’s why you see me not working with very many people.

>>> Stop Mandatory Vaccination does not do billboard campaigns and has never done a billboard campaign. I haven’t mentioned Brandy or Learn The Risk in social media in over 18 months, but when I did, it was clear messaging for people to donate to her and her campaign.

But, I was naïve, and I thought, “Oh, this guy. He has experience with videos. He wants to do these videos,” so I signed away all my rights to the video, right? He made sure everybody did that when he videoed people. And, you know, he raised tens of thousands of dollars to do commercials in LA, and this was my first experience with him, and he … Yeah, I’m not even going to go into how unprofessional the videos and the commercial was, and how little the commercial actually cost compared to the amount of money he raised.

>>> 1) All video producers have those who appear on camera sign a model release – this is standard, and to be expected. 2) Actually, at the time of the videotaping, tens of thousands had not been raised. 3) I raised money to shoot interviews of parents; however, while shooting the interviews, I also shot footage for one or two commercials. 4) I videotaped real parents sharing real stories. With Brandy, she talked about pharma, and her video became one of the most popular of all. For an “unprofessional” video, it sure did reach a lot of people. 5) I created a GoFundMe to raise funds for this project, which at the time, had raised around $10,000 or so (I don’t remember the exact amount raised at the time of filming).

But, my first awakening … because he became friends with me, and you know, this has happened not just with him, but other people in the movement, where they become friends with me, and then they start to ask me questions like, “What are your ideas? What are your plans, Brandy? What are you going to do?” And then, they all of a sudden do it right before me, right? Or, you know, someone in this movement told me …

>>> >>> [GREG WYATT] I never watched the video, but my understanding is that Brandy starts talking about GREG WYATT right here…

Spent three hours mining me for information. He put all these videos online and said, “Brandy, I want to talk to you. Oh, why can’t I get in touch with Brandy? Why doesn’t Brandy call me? I want to help Learn the Risk.” [Greg Wyatt] And then I have a three hour conversation with him, tell him all my plans that I want to do, and then eh says, “Oh, yeah, I don’t want to reinvent the wheel,” and then he goes and creates a website, and materials, and uses the same color scheme as me. Maybe some of you know who I’m talking about. And then he goes on to say he had to create that website because my materials were too expensive, and then he charges the same amount for his materials. [Greg Wyatt]

Anyway, and then he goes behind the scenes, and does private messages attacking me, saying that I’m working for pharma because I wouldn’t let him help Learn the Risk, and the guy’s kind of off the wall, and not what I would consider professional, so not someone I’m going to work with. But that’s not even who we’re talking about tonight. But, we’re talking about … Robin wants to know who that is. Does anyone else want to know who that is? I’m trying to stick to one person tonight. No, that one’s not Larry. Larry, we’ll get to in a minute, but the one who did that whole thing was Greg Wyatt.

Anyway, very disappointing. And he still attacks me behind the scenes, and I still get messages about why he hates me, and why he’s sending private messages about how I work for pharma, and all this BS. Because, again, he wanted to help with Learn the Risk, and I didn’t find him professional enough, and his ego got hurt, right? [-end- Greg Wyatt]

But, now I’m going to talk about some greed. So, I know I’m going a little bit all over the board. Sorry, guys. I wasn’t expecting to do a video tonight, but I was inspired because Michelle was hurt, was the latest person hurt by Larry. So, my first instinct that he was not really all good intentioned was when he started sharing some of my first Learn the Risk billboards. And then I’m going to circle back. This was why someone this week thought that the billboard, the Philadelphia billboard, was Stop Mandatory Vaccination.

>>> I shared Brandy’s billboard project a LOT in social media and I did it to help her. My messaging is very clear, and I tagged Brandy in most posts and either added her page or her website to the posts (you won’t see tags in the screenshots because I grabbed those after I blocked her). Sharing Brandy’s project helped her and the movement in general and gave her a huge boost in awareness. Anyone can easily go to Facebook, type in both of our names, and start reviewing what I said about Brandy in my numerous, numerous posts.

So, the reason she thought that was because when I did my first billboards, in 2015, at the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016, Larry shared them, and he just forgot to mention, originally in his posts, that it was Learn the Risk, so he branded his Stop Mandatory Vaccination all over everything, because the guy is just all about the money, guys. He has no kids. He’s never really been in it for the kids. He is a really good marketer, and a very good businessperson, and very good at … He’s charming in certain ways, right? I’m sure he could sell snake oil, if he wanted.

>>> 1) And here we just have a blatant lie. I VIRTUALLY ALWAYS gave only Learn The Risk (LTR) mentions when I posted about Brandy and LTR. Here, you can see for yourself, just click: post one, post two, post three, post four, post five, post six, post seven, post eight, post nine, post ten. And there are plenty more too. Just do a search to find them. I don’t talk about Stop Mandatory Vaccination in any of those posts. 2) How can promoting Brandy’s LTR to my audience make it “for the money” – Brandy never gave me money for promoting her project. 3) How does having children or not having children have anything to do with anything when it comes to opposing vaccine mandates?

And pretty much, you know, but I was even charmed, or fooled in the beginning, thinking that he was a good guy, and then he started sharing the Learn the Risk billboards, and people started donating to Stop Mandatory Vaccination, because he was … The way he was phrasing things implied that he was doing them. And granted, that was almost nine months after he’d done a commercial, or maybe even a year, and he hadn’t done anything since, but he continued to raise money, he continued to sell advertising on his website, do affiliate stuff, like making a lot of money, right?

>>> 1) We already covered this in the section above – I promoted Brandy’s website in virtually every post – no one was donating to my Stop Mandatory Vaccination campaign thinking they were donating to her. My “phrasing” was exact – all you need to do is click over and read a few – Naming Brandy in my posts and her LTR website hardly implies that I was doing billboards – again, be sure to click over and read several of my posts. 2) Accepting donations has nothing whatsoever to do with Brandy and her billboard campaign. 3) Having ads on my website has nothing whatsoever to do with Brandy and her billboard campaign. 4) During the time that Brandy and I were in regular communication with each other I never had any affiliate (summit) programs that I was promoting (that came much later, after we had stopped communication). 5) During the time we were talking with each other, half the time I had a full time job, the other half I was living mostly on unemployment insurance – I was not making “a lot of money.”

So, he was sharing these things, and you know, there were … He kind of … We were friends, right? A little bit. Or, I thought he was, right? And he would always ask me about things, and then there were a lot of different things that went on. It was over a few month period, but he was always mining me for information, and then he was telling me things, like I should never call out anyone who’s not in it for the real reasons in this movement, because then people would attack me, right? So, as he’s mining me for information, and this we’ll come back, right?

>>> 1) We were more than a “little bit” friends – we were dating for a while. 2) “Mining” for information? There was no “information” that Brandy had that I needed. What I did do was inquire intently on how she came to the conclusion that various well-known figures in our vaccine choice/anti-vaccine movement are “controlled opposition” and after extensive questioning I came to the conclusion that there was a high probability that no one is controlled opposition. These were people, for various reasons, Brandy did not get along with or agree with. And therefore, she attacked them in social media calling them “controlled opposition.” She would have meltdowns when others in the movement would challenge her on this. There were many meltdowns that I then had to deal with because of our relationship. I encouraged her to stop using the phrase “controlled opposition” because it was damaging to the movement, and damaging to her as well along with and her credibility. I suggested she use instead “a disagreement.”

He’s telling me these things, “Brandy, you can never call people out, because then people won’t donate to you either. You know, you need to be very careful,” and all of these things, right? Now I look back on it and realize what he was doing. He was manipulating me so that I would never call him out for the things he was doing.

>>> There was nothing to “call me out” on and Brandy does not explain what “things” I was “doing” that would warrant “calling me out” for. Helping Brandy understand that she was shooting herself in the foot by making statements that could not be proven is what I was doing.

So, he’s sharing my billboards. People were donating to Stop Mandatory Vaccination, to fund these billboards, right? Like, thousands and thousands of dollars, and people started alerting me, and I said … So I called him, and you know, he’s like, “Well, I don’t agree. I don’t think people are donating towards the billboards,” and I’m like, “But I have screenshots. These people are donating, ‘Oh, I just donated, Larry, for your billboards,'” right? I had screenshots, right? And he’s like, “Brandy, you don’t need to send them to me, because I’m not going to redirect the money to you,” so I was asking him to redirect the money from Stop Mandatory Vaccination to Learn the Risk, because people are donating to him, and he’s not doing the billboards, right?

>>> My messaging when promoting Brandy’s website and billboard campaign always directed people to Brandy’s website. I don’t recall EVER having a conversation where Brandy said she had screenshots of people who said they donated to me thinking they donated to her and then Brandy asking me for those donations. No one ever messaged me stating they donated to me but thought they were donating to a billboard campaign or Brandy.

So, he refused, and I said … You know, I said, “Well …” Like, I couldn’t believe it. I was shocked, right? Because I, when I stepped into this movement, I mean yes, I worked in pharma, but I still kind of believe in the good in people, right? And I had no idea that people would get involved in a movement like this for money, or for ego, or for power, right? I mean, I wasn’t. Man, who would step into this movement? I mean, you get attacked. Why would someone do that for those reasons? I thought, right?

>>> See my statement above.

Because I’m in it for my son. My son’s vaccine free. He’s targeted. He was in the first kindergarten class that couldn’t go to school under SB277. And I knew what pharma was doing, because I was in the movement. So I had no idea that people would actually be in this movement for ulterior reasons, right? Like, I still believed in the good in people. All right, so I was a little naïve.

>>> Aren’t we all in it for the children? Earlier I explain my mission.

So, he told me no. This was, again, probably the beginning of 2016, almost two years then, like a … Sorry, mid-’16, mid-2016, so almost two years. So, he said no, he wasn’t going to redirect any of the donations, and I’m like, “But we even have … You can even track the name of the person, and you know how much they donated, and send it to me,” and he was like, “No, I’m not going to do it.” And I was like, “Oh my god. Like, holy smokes. Like, this guy is in it for the money,” and that was my first reason.

But I still thought we were friends. Like, I still thought, you know, I don’t know. It was really important for me to have another friend in the movement at that time, because there are so many attacks, and there’s so much pressure, right? And I thought it was supportive in some reason. Now, I look back and I realize he was mining me for information and manipulating me to not turn against him, and … So anyway, I … Sorry, I got a call, distracted me.

>>> I have never received a message from any of my donors stating they thought they were donating to the billboard campaign but had inadvertently donated to my campaign. However, if I had received such a message, I would have redirected those funds to Brandy.

So basically, in that call I said, “Larry, like, I can’t believe what I’m hearing from you,” and he’s like, “Come on Brandy, we all want to be rich. Everybody wants to be rich. Everybody wants a big house. Everyone wants a nice car. I want that. I want a big house and a nice car,” and I was like … I lost it, right? Because I don’t take a salary. I don’t have a big house. I mean, I don’t want a big house. They break into it. It’s harder to control, right? I don’t drive a nice car. My car’s from 2011, used. Anyway.

>>> Wanting to be financially stable and successful has nothing at all to do with people donating to me for my campaign.

So, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, so I said, “Larry, like, you’re raising money, tens of thousands of dollars, from people in this movement with vaccine-injured children.” Luckily, I feel blessed that I don’t have a vaccine-injured child, but he’s sitting here raising money off families that have vaccine-injured children. They can barely pay their food bills. They can barely pay their medical bills. They might not even be able to recover their child, because they don’t have money. And he wants a big house and a nice car, and he refuses to redirect donations that were for Learn the Risk billboards to Learn the Risk, because of greed. I mean, literally greed.

>>> 1) I have a wide variety supporters who include families with vaccine-injured children, vaccine-free children, no children, are vaccine injured themselves or just support medical freedom. 2) People donate to me for what I am able to accomplish. 3) All of my posts about Brandy and LTR were clearly for LTR and Brandy (see links above).

So, I was shocked, right? And so I was like, “You know, Larry, I can’t believe you’re doing this. Like, I mean, I feel like I have to expose this,” and he threatens me. He goes, “Brandy, like I told you before, if you expose anybody, then you’re just going to not get any donations either, because everyone’s going to be deterred, and then you’re not going to be able to do what you want to do,” and then he said, “And good luck anyway, because I have way more followers than you, and you’re the one who’s going to lose out, not me.”

>>> BACKGROUND: Even though I had given Brandy massive exposure and pointed people to her billboard campaign and asked them to donate to it, she was still upset that my campaign had more traction than hers. Brandy felt her campaign was more important than my campaign and was frustrated that my campaign was receiving more donations than her campaign. This is one of the main reasons I was sharing her campaign all the time.

So, here’s what actually happened, and it was one of the last conversations Brandy and I ever had: She was in France and we were talking on the phone. I was on the top floor of the Equinox parking lot during this conversation. What happened is that Brandy accused me of being an activist for only the money (mind you, at this point in time I am living off of my savings, living off of unemployment, and I had a trickle of donations coming in) and Brandy stated that she wanted me to DROP OUT OF THE MOVEMENT so that SHE COULD GET DONATIONS from those who had been supporting me to go to her campaign. She then said she would “expose” me for being in the movement “only” for the money if I didn’t drop out. And I replied that I would keep doing what I am doing and not drop out of the movement, and that I didn’t think people would believe her if she publicly attacked me and told everyone that I am “in it for the money.” Brandy’s ongoing repetition that I “threatened” her is really Brandy’s frustration that I did not comply with her demands to step aside.

So, those were reasons why I stepped … And because there’s just so much drama. Like, there’s so much drama in this movement, and I don’t want to be a part of it, right? I try to stay as far away from drama and people I don’t respect as I can, right? But, again, like I said, this week he hurt someone very close to me, Michelle Carol, and I met them two weeks ago. There’s not a mean cell in her body, right? And Jayden is absolutely adorable, and how can you not even allow them to tag you in her post for fundraising, and you’re making hundreds of thousands of dollars off this movement, okay? And I’m going to go into that in a minute, how much money he’s making.

>>> I literally had no issue with Michelle. Brandy makes it sound like I did. I gave her permission to post her fundraiser in my group – most groups do not allow that. I did not want to be tagged and this should be a non-issue.

So, when we were friends, during this three months, like three or four months when we were friends, when I didn’t really quite realize that he was using me to further his credibility, right? Because he has no science background. He has no real, I don’t know. I mean, he’s not an MD. You know, I mean, what’s … There’s no real credibility, right? So, he was making it look like we were partnering up on things. He flew to a couple of events that I did and made it look like he was volunteering. So he’d take pictures behind the booth, and then he would run off and do his own networking and things. And then he would post them all over Facebook, and people would think that we were doing the same … So, all of the things that I was doing with my own personal money, and the donations for Learn the Risk, he would post them all over Stop Mandatory Vaccinations, so that people would think he’s doing something.

>>> 1) Brandy invited me to her event and I paid for our hotel room at the conference. 2) Whether or not I have a science or medical background has not had an effect on growing the Stop Mandatory Vaccination brand. 3) I have my own opinions and used my own consciousness to create the messaging that created my visibility in the movement. 4) Brandy invited me to the event up in San Mateo. 5) Here is a photo on Facebook I took during that event, and you can clearly see I am promoting Brandy and her LTR. 6) Here is a different event where I took a photo and promoted Brandy and LTR. 7) Most of the time I posted to my personal timeline, that said, if I did post to the Stop Mandatory Vaccination Page, I was still promoting Brandy. 8) Vaxxed never seemed to be bothered that I shared their documentary on my timeline and the SMV Facebook Page – they loved it! Free publicity. I was doing my best to support Brandy and the entire movement.

So, during these three months, he mentioned to me that he was making $6,000 a month, and this was two years ago, off of the movement. And, he told me when I told him, you know … He actually had this conversation with me, “Why did you even …” He said, “Why did you even start a nonprofit? Because then, the money’s going to have to be transparent.” He said, “I would never start a nonprofit, because then everyone will know exactly where the money’s going, and you know, I have to pay my bills.”

>>> 1) During the time we were dating I was living primarily on unemployment and my savings. Whether I was receiving $10 or $10,000 a month from donations is not relevant because people donated to me to help me with my stated mission. That said, I was never anywhere near $6,000 a month in donations. 2) I was hired as Executive Director of the California Naturopathic Doctors Association (CNDA) and that association is a 501c6 nonprofit and I ran it for 4 years. I was brought on to restructure its operating systems. It took me 2.5 years to turn it around and within 18 months I took it from around $300,000 per year to over $500,000 per year for 3 years in a row. So, I actually know something about running nonprofits and what it takes to run one. Yes, I thought about creating a 501c3 nonprofit many times for the vaccine choice/anti-vaccine movement, but 501c3 nonprofits require donations and in my experience I did not see enough money in the vaccine choice/anti-vaccine movement to support yet another nonprofit. The money does not exist. Brandy’s quip about being “transparent” is ludicrous – the ENTIRE REASON to start a nonprofit in the FIRST PLACE is to PAY A SALARY to staff to execute the mission of a nonprofit (called “Program Expense”). All nonprofits have the IRS category of admin/management expense (salary, overhead, etc.) and the program expense (money used specifically for the stated mission). Brandy has been living off of inheritance money so she was in a unique position to not need her nonprofit pay her a salary, but that is an exception, not the rule, for nonprofits that plan to be fully operational 40 hours per week. We never had the conversation that Brandy says we had.

So then he quits his job, right? Quits his job. He left a severance package, so when he posted about them talking to him about firing him, that part was a little bit true, but he left, he quit before they fired him, and he left a year’s severance package, a year or a year and a half. And I couldn’t believe he did that, and I was like, “Larry, why did you leave a severance package?” And he was like, “Oh, it doesn’t matter. The mothers will support me. I mean, I make enough … I’m going to have all this time to make all this more money off the movement.”

>>> 1) My time at the CNDA became more contentious as I became more recognized in the vaccine choice movement, and when Len Horowitz wrote an online slanderous article about me and the CNDA, I was given a terminate or quit notice by the CNDA Board of Directors. We negotiated a severance package and were very close to signing the agreement, when unreasonable demands were expected of me and I quit. The offered severance amount was one-month salary ($8,386), NOT ONE YEAR or more. 2) I never told Brandy that, “mothers would support me.”

This is injured families, and right here, I’m going to say I’m sorry guys. I’m sorry I didn’t say anything earlier, but this was in a period where I was under constant attack. TMP was constantly attacking me. Sharon Brown was attacking me. You know, like, left and right, right? And pharma, right? So, here’s a guy who had already threatened me, that he has more followers than I do, and all of this, and I would be the one that would suffer if I called him out, and you know, had been manipulating me for a couple months, saying that I can’t call anybody, no. “Stop Mandatory Vaccination is not a nonprofit,” someone says. No, not at all.

>>> Brandy has blurred the timelines. 1) I never threatened her; but, in reference to that, as I mentioned earlier, she wanted me to step out of the movement so that she could get donations from those donating to me, and when she said she would tell everyone in the movement that I am “in it for the money” if I did not step out, I replied I didn’t think people would believe her – that is the “threat” she is referring to. 2) That interaction occurred months after I quit the CNDA, not before. 3) It was shortly after I quit the CNDA that we began dating.

And, so I didn’t say anything, and I kept thinking the truth’s going to come out, right? I mean, eventually the truth about Sharon Brown, and that BS lawsuit, and TMP, that came out, right? And what I hoped was that it would come out from someone else, right? Because every time someone else … Oh, [Assiah 00:23:04] says, “I hope what this between you and Larry can be reconciled.” No, there’s no reconciliation. Like, there’s no reconciliation needed. His intentions aren’t good. They aren’t pure. It’s for profit, and ego, and greed. It’s not about the children. So, I’m sorry, but I don’t have any respect for anyone who’s in this movement, that doesn’t have the children as their intention, as their main intention.

>>> I’m an anti-vaccine activist that has been able to become very visible in social media though my ongoing efforts to educate parents about the dangers of vaccination and why to go vaccine free. A review of my Stop Mandatory vaccination brand and social media presence will more than clearly show that my messaging is consistent and directed towards helping parents stop vaccinating. That in turn, saves children from vaccine harm and death. Brandy’s assertions are baseless and contrary to the truth.

Like, I don’t care if you make a small salary because you have to pay your bills. Whatever, but if you’re taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from vaccine-injured families, and you are … most of everything you do is someone else’s work, or someone else’s video, or someone else’s post that you just share, that’s not okay. And then you go and hurt vaccine-injured families like Michelle and Jayden. No. That is not okay, and then … So not only did that happen, but there were three people, in the last couple weeks, that thought I was still aligned with him, and that the billboards are Stop Mandatory Vaccination. This is two years after this, people still think that the billboards … that he has something to do with the billboards, or events that I do, or anything. No.

>>> 1) No one is taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from vaccine-injured families – including myself. 2) That said, anyone and everyone who donates to me or anyone else for that matter does so willingly and with intention to support that cause they are donating to. That includes Brandy’s project, among others. 3) I stopped promoting Brandy and Learn The Risk over 18 months ago. During the time I promoted Brandy’s billboard project I always directed people to Brandy’s website.

And by the way, the video that he did of me, that has like, I don’t know, half a million views, he repeatedly told me that that was his most money-making video, and yet when I asked to put it on Learn the Risk’s YouTube channel, he said no, and that the copyrights were his, and that I signed them away, and you know, he would have to sue me, ha ha ha, right?

>>> The video of Brandy that I shot had around 163,000 views on YouTube at the time I removed it. I pulled it down because she posted her live Facebook video character assassination on me. Yes, that was my video and she could very easily have used the video and embedded it anywhere she wanted to. She is correct that I did not let her use my video on her YouTube channel. I earned a small stipend from the video, but other videos have produced more YouTube revenue. Nevertheless, I don’t release my videos to other YouTube channels because then that would 1) dilute the effectiveness of my own YouTube channel, and 2) reduce the revenue from my YouTube channel. This is one of my multiple streams of income that I rely on to do this work full time.

Okay, so anyway, what are a few other things that happened? Yeah, so basically, he told me he would never start a charity, because then he would have to be transparent with the money, right? And I know for a fact that he’s taking over six figures, because he was making 6,000 a year back two years ago, right? And he has even more followers now. He just did a GoFundMe campaign for sharing posts on Facebook, which he has plenty of money. A, he has plenty of money to be sharing and boosting posts, because he makes six figures off this movement, and B, he has plenty of money to boost any affiliate links.

>>> 1) I never started a nonprofit because it would not be financially sustainable, and not starting one had nothing to do with “financial transparency.” 2) Yes, my audience is larger now than two years ago – why would that be a problem? 3) Brandy is speculating about how much money I have, or do not have, but more importantly, raising money for a stated project with stated goals is irrelevant to my financial status. The GoFundMe to raise vaccine awareness through Facebook paid boosts was successful because over 300 people believed in it and thousands more supported it. It is now active and you can see the updates here.

All of these affiliate links, all of these summits and everything, right? I post them too, but I make like a fraction, and everything I make goes back to the movement, goes into the nonprofit, transparent, goes into a campaign. Every dollar that he’s making, and he’s always in the top five for all of these affiliates, right? I’m never in the contest list, right? But he’s winning like $10,000 bonuses and so I know he’s making probably 200,000, I would say, a year off of this movement, and he doesn’t do any events. He doesn’t do any of his own videos anymore. He doesn’t do any billboards, yet people still think the billboards are his. He doesn’t do any … He hasn’t done a commercial in three years.

>>> SUMMIT OVERVIEW: A “summit” is an online presentation featuring a couple dozen or more experts where people can register to watch a 7 to 9 day presentation for free. At the conclusion of the summit attendees are given the opportunity to purchase the summit in order to own the series. An “affiliate” is someone who shares the summit with an audience, and if someone purchases the summit through a unique affiliate link, the affiliate earns revenue. A big advantage to this model of information dissemination is that a huge number of people are able to witness life-transforming content because so many people are promoting it at once. The summit producers are able to recoup their expenses and make more life transformative summits. In order to encourage constant promotion, summit producers sometimes offer cash prizes to affiliates who are able to draw in a high number of registrants.

Summits are truly a win/win model. Everyone has the opportunity to watch a life-transforming summit, for free. Promoting summits is one way I am able to continue doing advocacy work full time.

1) Brandy is clearly using a double standard here saying that it is okay for her to earn revenue from summits, but somehow it is not okay for me to do so. 2) I’ve never won $10,000, and very few summits even offer that amount as a top prize. My audience reach is decent, but there are a LOT of others who promote and who reach huge numbers of people. I have all of my emails from the various summits I have promoted and I know for a fact that Brandy would never be able to show a leaderboard that has me at the very top with a $10,000 prize. It’s never happened. The most I ever won was $1,500, and that was before Brandy began promoting summits (as far as I know). 3) I haven’t promoted Brandy or Learn The Risk in over 18 months. 4) My focus is not events – it’s social media awareness.

He has plenty of money to boost the stories, yet he just did a Facebook GoFundMe this week. In three days, he made $10,000 to be doing stuff he has tens of thousands of dollars to be doing, and that he’s living off it. Like, that’s going into his bank account, right? So, it’s making me sick. I can’t stand it anymore, right?

Oh yeah, someone reminded me about the GoFundMe for his eye surgery. So, he had this eye surgery that was elective. I mean, I’m pretty sure it was LASIK, and he did a GoFundMe, and that really upset me. And if anybody knows me well, and there might be a few people on here, there were about three or four people that I was asking when that happened. I’m like, “I have to expose this. Like, I can’t believe this is going on,” right?

>>> 1) The GoFundMe for the Facebook Paid Boosts project raised $10,000 (the goal) in about 6 days. All of the money raised will be for the stated campaign, which is mentioned in my video and is also on the campaign. 2) The GoFundMe for my emergency retina reattachment surgery was not “elective” and had I not received the immediate emergency surgery I would have gone blind in my left eye. The purpose of the fundraiser is clearly stated, and I am thankful for those who helped me with this unexpected expense. Donations are Donations: people are never forced or conned into donating – I have remained transparent in all four of the GoFundMe campaigns I have created over the past three years.

But a lot of other people, it was a red flag for a lot of other people, and I thought, “Okay, maybe other people are going to expose it, and you know, I won’t have to do it,” because those four people that are close to me said, “Don’t expose him. You’ll just get attacked. He has so many followers,” all of this stuff. So I stayed silent again, and I’m sorry guys. I really shouldn’t have, but I stayed silent, again, about Larry’s real intentions, and how he’s really in it for the profit and not the children.

>>> My “real intentions” can be found by looking at the work I do for the vaccine choice/anti-vaccine awareness movement.

So, I’m sure he’s going to come after me after this video, too, but I’m going to … Anyway, I wanted to go back. I mentioned how he’s making hundreds of thousand … He’s making a killing off all of these affiliate links, and if you look at his website, and I’ll show it to you in a minute, like, if you look critically at his website, at the advertising, he even posts on there that the money is going to pay his bills, and anything he wants, and he’s not going to be transparent, so he even says all that.

>>> 1) I wasn’t going to do a rebuttal, but after more posts and Brandy’s second scathing video justifying her character assassination, I needed to speak up. 2) I am not running a nonprofit. I have created multiple streams of income so I can do this work full time. The advocacy work I do helps parents understand why vaccines are dangerous and why to choose a vaccine free lifestyle. For the latest GoFundMe all of the proceeds will go to the stated campaign. I receive donations now and then, and also monthly donations from over 100 people to help offset expenses associated with Stop Mandatory Vaccination. That said, donations account for a very tiny amount of my overall revenue.

Like, you see it. Like, you see it. You see that it’s about money, right? All of the time that he spends in this movement is about making more money, right? And he shares other things from other people on his page. He doesn’t do much of his own original things. He doesn’t do original research. He doesn’t do original anything, right?

>>> 1) “Do what you love, and the money will follow.” I have figured out a way to support myself while doing this work. Very few have. Where are the celebrities? Where are the millionaires? Where are the big businesses giving donations? They do not exist. If people want to work full time jobs, raise children and be an activist, who am I to judge? Conversely, if I want to make this activism my full time job, why on earth would anyone have a problem with that? 2) Sharing the work of other activists gives them exposure and spreads our overall messaging to a wider audience. 3) Whether or not I do “original” work is not relevant, but that said, we are continually creating new stories for Stop Mandatory Vaccination and sharing them.

And he’s making a killing off of all of the affiliate stuff, and all the advertising he has on the website, the supplements, all the Google ads he puts on the website, the Amazon ads. I mean, I can’t even read a blog post on his website. I mean, it’s all about ads everywhere, ads, ads, ads, ads, ads. And then, it’s all about his face everywhere, right? I mean, those postcards that had his face that said, “Our children will not be force vaccinated.” He doesn’t even have kids. I mean, it makes me sick.

>>> My wide variety of revenue sources help to keep me in the game of fighting for our children. The Stop Mandatory Vaccination website is PACKED with vaccine injury stories, vaccine death stories, how and why to go vaccine free, positive vaccine free stories, vaccine free doctor resources, recommended books, recommended DVDs, medical exemption information, and a wide variety of other helpful bits of information and resources. There are no Google ads on the website (and there never were). Amazon links are tailored to be helpful resources for parents. The entire website is a resource for any parent desiring to learn more about vaccination and why and how to go vaccine free. I’d also like to make note that last year I switched to a much more expensive super fast Internet Service Provider so that the website loads very quickly so that parents can quickly access the information.

So, all right … And if he’s watching you know, sorry Larry, but time is up, you know? I mean, I stayed silent about this for 18 months, and you threatened me, and all of that, like … And then, you know, I may have even stayed silent, but really, like turning down Michelle, that you’re not even going to let her tag you in her fundraiser, when you’re making all of this money off of people who can barely afford to feed their children, or recover their children? You don’t even have children. Like, and you’re making all of this money off the movement, and you won’t even let her tag you in her fundraiser. Like, I’m sorry, mistake, because I cannot take it anymore, and I’m not going to stay silent.

>>> 1) I’ve addressed the “threat” a couple times already. I never threatened Brandy. 2) I told Michelle she could post her fundraiser in the Stop Mandatory Vaccination group, and there was no need for her to tag me. I fail to see how not being tagged has “hurt” Michelle. 3) I highly doubt people who cannot afford to feed their children also donate to me, or anyone for that matter.

So, all right, here’s a few other things on my notes here. Not only did he say he wouldn’t start a charity, and he quit his job instead of getting the severance, because the movement was going to take care of him. He mentioned that the mothers were so naïve, like he could get money for anything, right? I mean, the way he would, on the phone, and I wish I had screenshots, but you know, in California, you can’t record conversations. He knew all that, so he wouldn’t ever put anything in writing. He’s smart. I’ll give that to him. He’s smart. He is a good businessperson, and he is a good marketer, and he’s a good manipulator.

>>> I’ve never said anything about mothers being naïve.

So, let’s see. What else? Oh, so some other things people have been telling me behind the scenes is that he wouldn’t … And this is probably why he denied Michelle’s request to tag him, was that he won’t … Unless he gets a cut of the GoFundMe, he will not promote it, for vaccine-injured families. So, this, a number of people have come out and told me this, that he wants a cut of any GoFundMe that he promotes, or even puts up on his page, and if people won’t give him a cut, then he won’t … Someone says we should start a charity for vaccine-injured families. As soon as I have enough funding to pay the bills, that’s what I want to do, 10% to vaccine-injured families, and have a whole fund, and be able to help these people. I help them now, with personal money, but I can’t afford to fund Learn the Risk and do everything.

>>> 1) Brandy shares a screenshot of my exchange with Michelle that clearly shows I did not ask for any percentage. Yet Brandy is using this story to somehow surmise that that is the reason why I did not want to be tagged. 2) I’ve never asked for a cut of anyone’s GoFundMe at any time and for any reason. Ever. This never happened and does not happen. 3) Even when I share other fundraisers I do not ask for a cut and would never consider doing so.

But, back to Larry. So, I’ve been hearing that he won’t support any GoFundMes, or any money, fundraiser for any families, or anything like that, unless they give him a cut. He’s already making hundreds of thousands off this movement, and people keep joining, and who am I talking about? I’m talking about Larry Cook.

>>> Again, just an outright lie. I have shared many fundraisers and have never asked for a cut. Ever.

And, again, this was a video I never wanted to make, and it’s been 18 months that I’ve stayed silent about this, and watched from the scenes, and just hoped that the truth would come out without me having to do this, because so many people close to me said to me, “Brandy, don’t. You don’t want to be a part of the drama.” You know, and I try to stay very far away from all of that, really far away from all of that, and I do a pretty good job, but this week was just too much. I mean, no.

Now he’s saying, “You’re just lying.” I’m lying, I’m lying, I’m lying. How many lies can I possibly tell? Larry, I’m not the one lying here. I wish I was, because I really … It makes me sick. It makes me sick what you’ve been doing, and I have stayed silent for way, way, way too long, and I can’t anymore, right? I’m sorry. No, I’m not sorry, actually. You should be sorry, because what you’re doing to this movement is not okay. It is not okay to take advantage of vaccine-injured families. It’s not okay, not okay to take …

>>> Yes, Brandy has told innumerable lies in this character assassination, and what I have done for the movement is make it much more visible in social media. The Stop Mandatory Vaccination website has over 50,000 new visitors per month, the Stop Mandatory Vaccination Facebook Page has over 112,000 Likes and reaches over 2 million people per month, the Stop Mandatory Vaccination Facebook Group has over 141,000 parents in it and continues to grow by hundreds of parents PER DAY with over 450 posts per day, and then my personal posts and comments generate huge traction in social media. I’ve created a recognizable brand that benefits a very large number of parents, including families who have vaccine injured kiddos. I am often asked about how to reverse vaccine damage and I point parents to appropriate resources almost every day.

I mean, to take hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s not okay to put ads all over your website, making tons of money, and have money to boost for affiliates, and then do a GoFundMe saying that you want to boost vaccine-injured families, when you’re spending thousands boosting your affiliate links, money that goes into your pocket. It’s not okay to say that you are not going to start a charity because then it would be transparent and everyone would know how much you’re making. It’s not okay. It’s not okay. I’m sorry, but it’s not okay, and it’s no better than what pharma is doing to these families. So, you can sit there and you can attack me, and I’m done. I don’t care.

>>> 1) I don’t “take” any money from anyone; there are some who do donate to me and I am thankful for their support. 2) Actually, it is okay to put ads onto my website and to monetize so that I can continue to do this work. Originally, I started doing the advocacy while working a full time job and used my vacation days on the advocacy work and I was nearing burnout by the time I was given a terminate or quit notice. At that time I had two “full time jobs” – my real job and Stop Mandatory Vaccination. I am thankful that I now have better life balance and can financially support myself doing this advocacy work. 3) I never said I would not start a charity because it would mean being “transparent,” I never started a 501c3 nonprofit because in my estimation there is not enough money available to sustain a nonprofit.

And the reason I didn’t post this earlier was because he did threaten me, and he did attack me, and he said, “I have far more followers than you, and you’re the one who’s going to lose out, and my followers are going to believe me over you,” and threatened me. So, I didn’t say anything, but now … It’s just too much. It’s too much, right? And you know what? We’ve had a lot of fucking losses lately, like Alfie, and Nicholas’s one year anniversary, and then Jayden, who is the most amazing little boy, and you ignore his mother’s request for your help when you’re making hundreds of thousands of dollars off this movement? It’s not okay, and it’s over. It’s over. I’m done. I’m not going to stay silent anymore.

>>> 1) No, I never threatened Brandy. This recurring theme of hers has been addressed earlier several times. To recap, after we broke up, Brandy asked me to step out of the movement so that her campaign might instead receive the donations that my campaign would potentially receive and stated she would tell everyone I am “in it for the money” if I did not step out. I refused to accept her ultimatum and explained that her negative messaging would not sway my supporters. Brandy believes that her campaign should be center stage in this movement and she wants me and my work out of the picture. 2) There have been a number of children who have died from vaccine injury, and I have shared those stories, and in the case of Nicholas, we wrote a story specifically about him dying 17 days after the DTaP vaccination. 3) I gave Michelle permission to post her fundraiser in Stop Mandatory Vaccination. Most groups will not allow fundraiser posts, FYI.

Oh, god. So, here it goes. What else is on my list? Oh, well I was going to show you his website, and all the ads over it, and I’m going to show you where he says, on his website, that the money goes into his pocket, and anyone who questions him is going to get blocked, which he’s been doing.

>>> People who are hostile to me in social media I block. I don’t have a problem answering honest questions, but I do have issue with the hostile baited “questions.”

So, what I wanted to point out is what he doesn’t do, right? He doesn’t do any of his own research. He only shares what other people do. He doesn’t do any of his own work anymore. He doesn’t do any billboards. He doesn’t do any ads. He doesn’t do any events. He doesn’t do any materials. He doesn’t do any flyers. He doesn’t help any vaccine-injured families. He does … Let’s see. Oh. He did a GoFundMe, or maybe it was just a plea on the Facebook, to get new equipment. He got all of this new video equipment. He hasn’t done really any videos. Like, he should have been … With how much money he … He had probably as much money as Vaxxed, and look at how many videos Vaxxed did, right? Larry is the professional cameraman. Why didn’t he get involved? Why didn’t he get involved with Vaxxed and do some of these videos, right? I mean, come on. What else is he doing? He’s not doing anything.

>>> 1) I’m not a medical researcher; that said, I know quite a bit, and I am also always learning. 2) Every activist has a unique style for how they create their messaging. To date, Stop Mandatory Vaccination has a very strong following. 3) I do help families who have vaccine injured kiddos – all the time. I give them the website resources they need to get help when they ask, or when they post comments about the injury. 4) I was never asked to work for Vaxxed, though I have shared a huge number of their posts and messages. I did videotape some of the key players from Vaxxed (Del, Polly, Dr. Wakefield). Amazingly, I’ve never heard them complain about me sharing their work. 5) I’m not doing what Brandy is doing, and in her mind, that equates to “not doing anything.”

So, again, yeah. Someone says, “Okay, Larry, publish every cent you’ve made.” Yeah, publish every cent … Thanks, Timothy. He says, “Breathe. Prayers.” I mean, I’m sorry, but seeing Larry’s comments on here is getting me worked up. Larry, yeah, publish. Where has the money gone? Show people where this money has gone, because you just raised another 10,000 this week, to boost Facebook posts, when you have plenty of money to boost all your affiliate links, and I know because you’re always in the top five of all the affiliates. You’re always winning these $10,000 here, $10,000 there awards, and you know, it’s enough. I can’t watch the fraud and sit back watch anymore. You’re profiting off the children.

>>> 1) If people want to donate to my efforts I welcome that, but no one is required to do so. 2) $10,000 was raised to boost Facebook posts for the “Vaccines Kill Babies” campaign and all money raised has been devoted to the campaign. Revenue generated through summits and affiliate links is one of the ways I financially sustain myself to stay in this fight for medical freedom. 3) I’ve never won a $10,000 award, not even close. 4) “Fraud” means I am doing something unethical or illegal, and I am doing neither. I am not “profiting” off of children.

You’re profiting off the children. You don’t even have any, so you don’t care, you know? But your intentions are not pure, and you put this whole spiritual thing into it, to get people to believe what you’re doing, and it’s almost worse, because you’re lying, you know? This is not a spiritual mission for you. This is a mission of money. This is a mission of profit, and you are hurting the families that you claim to be supporting, and claim to be helping. And to me, that makes me so sick, and it’s made me sick for a year and a half, and I am sorry, guys. I’m sorry I didn’t do this earlier, but he threatened me, and … And I kept thinking, “Someone else will call him out. Someone else will call him out,” and people started to. Shauna Marie did a video last week. Michelle posted it today.

>>> I’m not “profiting” off of children nor am I “hurting” families. I care what happens to children and my intentions are to help parents go vaccine free. That in turn helps to save countless babies and children from vaccine harm and death. I never threatened Brandy – she asked me to drop out of the movement so she could collect any future potential donations and when I refused she said she would “out me” for “being in it for the money,” and I told her I didn’t think people would believe her.

You know, I just kept thinking the truth is going to come out, but it hasn’t, so … Well, I mean, it has, but not to enough people. So, I’m going to show you a few things. I’m going to flip the camera around now that I have some battery, and I’m going to show you a few things, just so that you have an idea of what I’m talking about here. This was Michelle’s post, that really was the … I’m sorry, which … Impetus. I always get that word wrong. Which was the reason that I started this video in the first place.

This is Michelle Carol, Jayden’s mom, that I met two weeks ago. She’s amazing. Her whole family’s amazing. I mean, the whole community that they’re surrounded with is amazing, and Jayden is amazing. And she asked just to tag him in her post, for her fundraiser, to help heal Jayden from the epilepsy, the vaccine-induced epilepsy and seizure disorders. So, this is what she posted. Thank you Michelle, because this truth had to come out, and you’re the reason I’m doing this video in the first place.

She asked, “Can I tag you in something?” In this fundraiser, to help him, and I hope you can read this, because it’s really interesting what she writes. “Hi Larry, we are trying to raise money for Jayden’s therapies and treatments. Would it be okay to tag you in a post for his link? I can send you proof of receipts for therapies and treatments the past few weeks. We are hoping to raise enough for oxygen therapy.” Sorry, people are posting, and I’m not being able to read it myself, “and CEASE therapy, chiropractic, hydrotherapy. Jayden’s father is disabled and our family of four is barely surviving off his disabilities. I was primary provider before for our family, but I can’t now, because of Jayden’s seizures.”

She has to be with him 24/7. So all she asked for, right here, is to tag him, to tag him in the post, and she was going to send receipts. And might I add, the reason I say this is interesting is because he’s never posted receipts. He has never posted receipts. He’s never been transparent about where all of the money he goes … You know, that he’s been raising is going. He’s never been transparent, and in fact, he told me point blank that he would never start a nonprofit because then he would have to be transparent. So she’s saying, “I will be transparent. Can I just tag you? Can I just put your name in a post?”

>>> I never told Brandy I would not start a nonprofit because it would be “transparent.” I never started a nonprofit because it is not financially sustainable from donations in the vaccine choice/anti-vaccine movement. I explain this in detail earlier.

And he says, “Hi Michelle. No need to tag me. Good luck.” “Hi Michelle. No. No need to tag me. I don’t want to help you. I don’t care about your children, your child’s, Jayden,” basically is what he says, and you know, why did he do this? Why would he not do this? Because it would take away money from him, right? Because he’s doing his own fundraiser to be boosting posts that he has plenty of money, plenty of money, tens of thousands of dollars, to boost already, and he has no problem finding money to boost all of his affiliate links, and the ads that he does, and all of this, but no, he won’t let himself be tagged on a fundraiser for a vaccine-injured child, because that would take money away from him.

>>> I agreed to help Michelle and allowed Michelle to post her fundraiser in my group – unlike many other groups that deny fundraisers. I already get plenty of notifications every day and I often un-tag myself from posts if they are not speaking directly about me. Not wanting to be tagged has nothing whatsoever to do with money or taking money away from me.

So basically, that’s what’s going on, and I’m going to show you a couple of other things, because Shauna Marie, if you … No, I don’t have that up. Pulled it up and my Facebook always starts to go funky when I do videos. Let’s see. I’m going to show you … I’m just going to straight to the website. This is his donate page on Stop Mandatory Vaccination. “Donate today,” with his photo, right? No kids on there, guys, right? This isn’t about kids. This is about him, and it’s about money. All right, so, “Donate to my ongoing public awareness efforts.” What? What have you done? Where’s the money gone, Larry? Where has it gone? You haven’t done billboards. You haven’t done events. You haven’t done any materials. You haven’t done any ads. You haven’t done a commercial in two years. You raised all this money to do … to get all this new video equipment, and yet you didn’t do any … You know, you rarely do any videos, and the ones you do are of other people’s events, right? And other people’s things.

>>> 1) My Stop Mandatory Vaccination website has a lot of stories about children. 2) I have a very large social media presence, as does the Stop Mandatory Vaccination brand. Brandy and I have different missions – one is not more important than the other.

So, all right. Let’s see. “P.S., continue reading below to see where donations are used,” and by the way, it says, “Your financial contributions help me to do this work. You can donate below,” blah blah blah. Oh, you know, he says … Let’s see what he promises. He says, “There are other channels of distribution besides social media.” He’s going to help educate legislators, educate the media. Yeah, no, I’m sorry, you haven’t been doing much of that.

So, he’s very honest down here. Remember when I told you he said he would never … He told me point blank he would never do a charity, because then everythings have to be transparent. Well, you should read this. It’s on his donation page. “All donations go to me directly and into my bank account. From there, I and I alone decide how to use the funds. I do not have a nonprofit. I have considered forming one …” Yeah, that’s not true, “but at this time, there’s not enough donation revenue to warrant the expense of setting up a nonprofit.” That is total BS. This guy is making six figures at least, and if he wants to prove me wrong, and he says I’m lying, show us your tax returns. I mean, hey, I show the tax returns for Learn the Risk. Show the tax returns if I’m lying, okay? Because I’m not, and you won’t show them because you know I’m not.

>>> I’ve mentioned previously that donations account for a very small portion of my overall revenue and that has always been the case. I’ve never lived off of just donations. Based on my experience of receiving donations there is not and has not been enough donation revenue to warrant setting up a nonprofit that would be funded solely by donations. Brandy has been living off of inheritance money so she is in a unique position to not need her nonprofit to pay her a salary. That is an exception, not the rule, for nonprofits that plan to be fully operational 40 hours per week.

All right, he doesn’t want to be beholden to any social media oversight committee. Basically, he doesn’t want any oversight on where the donations go, and he doesn’t want to be overseen by individuals who believe they should have any say on, “How or where I spend the donations, or even question where or how I use the money donated.”

>>> 1) I am a private individual and if people want to support the work I do, then that’s great (and there are many ways to support it); and, if people don’t want to support the work I do, then that’s fine too. No one is forcing any adult to do anything they don’t want to do. 2) Nonprofits are governed by their Board of Directors and not the public at large nor those who donate to the nonprofit.

All right. This says, “Money donated to me may be used to pay personal bills,” obviously they are, “Hire help when I shoot videos.” Really, he hasn’t shot very many lately, has he? “Pay for video editing.” Oh, he doesn’t pay for that. He does it himself. “Purchase equipment,” right? He’s bought all of this equipment and hardly done any now. Helps him pay for Facebook advertising. He makes … All the Facebook advertising he does now is for affiliate work. So, he has plenty, plenty, plenty of money coming in. “Pay writers, photographers,” all this stuff. He’s been using volunteers, mostly, for the writing, and not paying them well at all.

>>> The financial allocations have turned Stop Mandatory Vaccination into a successful and well-recognized brand. For the latest $10,000 GoFundMe, I stated that that money will be used specifically for the campaign, and that is where it is being used. I think it is important to mention that very little of my overall revenue is from donations – it is a very small percentage. In my opinion, the vaccine choice/anti-vaccine movement could not sustain a nonprofit and pay a living wage to its director from donations only. Brandy is living off of inheritance money and therefore is able to not take a salary from her nonprofit. Her ability to spend full time on Learn The Risk is dependent on her inheritance – this is an unusual situation not found in a majority of other nonprofits.

So, anyway, you know, this is just … It’s total BS. And then, he does go in to say, “Oh, I don’t have enough.” Oh wait, this is the funniest part, and he’s probably going to change this now. “I don’t have enough … There’s not enough donation revenue to warrant the expense of setting up a nonprofit,” which is $2,000, buys, $2,000 to set up a nonprofit. And then, down here, it says, “With the very generous financial support of literally hundreds upon hundreds of individuals, who have helped supported my mission …” Yeah, he says it. He says it. He is making so much money, but he won’t start a charity, because then he would have to be transparent, and yeah. Anyway, it goes down. You know, feel free to read it.

>>> $2,000 may be the amount to set up a nonprofit on paper, but that is not what it takes to run a nonprofit. In addition to donations for program expenses (the mission), there also needs to be enough to pay a living wage (salary), health insurance, etc. Brandy is not able to pay herself a salary from her nonprofit – she lives off of inheritance money.

And then, we’re going to go in here, and you know how I talked about how much he’s … You know, it’s ads all over the place, ads all over the place, ads all over the place, ads all over the place. You know, it even goes into here, and it says, “Advertise with us.” You know, like, it’s in black and white, guys. I don’t know why it’s taken so long for people to see this. But anyway, you know, he sells lots of advertising, all over. You know, all over the page, and then it goes down on …

Oh, it’s slow to load, because there’s so many ads. You know, but then it’s like more ads, more ads, more ads, pricing for all the ads, monthly. You know, ads, ads, ads, ads, ads, ads, ads. Oh wait, and in the middle of his advertise for us page, it’s Google ads, more Google ads, Google ads, Amazon ads.

>>> The vast majority of information websites have ads. My website has Amazon links to helpful resources.

Anyway, it makes me sick, and it really makes me sick. So, sorry Larry. I stayed silent for over a year and a half, and I’m not going to stay silent anymore. What you’re doing is a disgrace to this movement, and just absolutely disrespectful to vaccine-injured families who are trying to pay their bills, who are trying to support, and rehab, and heal their children, and your continued GoFundMes. Oh yeah, that was the other thing. All of the GoFundMes that he has raised. I mean, so when he told me, for the three, four months that we were friends, he told me that most of his money comes in through the website, through advertising and through all of that, through monthly donations, which are never tracked on the GoFundMe. So he told me that the GoFundMes are, like, a small percentage of what he actually makes.

>>> 1) What I am doing is advocating for parents to look into vaccination and recognize that vaccines are dangerous and do not have the efficacy as claimed. If you think that’s disgraceful then that’s unfortunate. 2) I communicate with parents who have vaccine-injured kiddos on a very regular basis and help them find resources that will help their children. 3) I have multiple sources of revenue, which is required to continue doing this advocacy work. 

But I’m just going to show you what he’s made on his GoFundMe already. This one was 55,000, and again, this has only been in two years, right? This one, he just did three days ago, was 10,000. There’s one that he did in Australia, and I would love to know if you guys actually saw anything for your money down there. That one only raised 3,000, but oh, I think he took off … Oops. Yeah, I have lots of tabs open. He took off a lot of his [inaudible 00:48:52] that he has already done in the past, including his eye surgery GoFundMe. Oh no, wait. That’s still here. Oops, I’m sorry. I was wrong. It’s not taken off. There it is. “Eye surgery expense,” so help Larry pay for … This is on GoFundMe, obviously, GoFundMe, his eye surgery expense. He raised $7,000 for eye surgery.

>>> I have four GoFundMe Campaigns (Stop Mandatory Vaccination, My Eye Surgery, Save Australia, Vaccines Kill), and everyone who donated did donate for that specific GoFundMe cause. No one is ever required to donate for anything, anywhere, at any time.

Yeah, so anyway. And if you’re on his news [inaudible 00:49:27] you’ll see it’s not a lot of good … It’s not research. He doesn’t do research. He doesn’t do any of his own stuff. It’s always sharing of other people’s stuff and affiliate stuff. That’s it. So, again, for those of you just joining us, you should really listen from the beginning, because this has been about 18 months that this has been going on, almost two years, about 18 months that I knew about Larry’s crooked ways, and the fact that he was putting profit before the children, and that’s really what he’s out for.

>>> 1) Brandy states that I don’t do “research” – I am not sure what she means by that, but I am well educated on the topic and continue to learn. 2) Sharing other websites gives their stories traction and helps the overall movement. I don’t need to just share Stop Mandatory Vaccination resources to be effective in building vaccine awareness. 3) My mission is to help parents understand why to go vaccine free, which in turn, will increase the number of people willing to talk with legislators, educate others, launch their own awareness campaigns, and help us stop vaccine mandates.

And, he threatened me, and he said, “Good luck exposing me. I have more followers than you, and I’m going to ban you from the group, and then, you know, nobody’s going to support you.” He told me a lot of those types of things, and he also told me, yeah, that … Well, lots of things. But anyway, go back to the beginning of the video. I guess I’ll just do a quick summary, because I think this is much longer than I wanted it to be.

>>> I never threatened Brandy, I refused to step out of the movement when Brandy demanded I do so, I told her that the community would not believe unfounded allegations, and I’ve previously discussed this point numerous times.

But, because of what happened this week with Michelle Carol, and please, Michelle, put the link in the comments, and Shauna, put your video in the comments as well. Finally, I couldn’t stay silent anymore, because I met the Carols, well, Dave and Michelle, and Jayden, last … and their little girl, beautiful little girl, two weeks ago, and to be raising hundreds of thousands of dollars off of this movement, and not being transparent about it, doing no action, and then telling Michelle that you won’t even let her tag you in a post, fundraiser for Jayden’s medical expenses. I mean, that is just … Just, I’m sorry. It boils my blood. It’s not fair what you’re doing. It’s not fair what’s going on to this movement, and people are being taken advantage of. And vaccine-injured families are being taken advantage of.

>>> 1) Michelle was allowed to post her fundraiser in my group. 2) I am not “raising” hundreds of thousands of dollars. 3) My “action” is growing the Stop Mandatory Vaccination brand, which is now well known and my Facebook group has over 141,000 parents and continues to rapidly grow. 4) No one is being taken advantage of. Michelle could have posted in the group had she wanted to. Parents who have vaccine injured children are also allowed into my group to ask questions, and they often ask questions, and get a lot of help.

So, please, you know, we really need to get this information out there, because at this point, it’s hurting more than it’s helping the movement, and yes, he’s a good businessperson, and he can be quite charming and manipulative when he wants to be, but that’s it. He’s in it for the money and not the kids, and he doesn’t even have kids, so I mean, you can imagine.

>>> More and more parents go vaccine free every day after being introduced to the Stop Mandatory Vaccination brand. Untold numbers of parents who have joined the Stop Mandatory Vaccination group have said they went vaccine free after joining, or are more confident being vaccine free after joining. I don’t consider that manipulation – I consider that education and advocacy.

And, yeah, so he told me point blank, when I had asked him to redirect some donations he had taken in from all of these billboard posts that he’d made about Learn the Risk billboards, he was getting donations from them, because the way he wrote the text made people think that it was Stop Mandatory Vaccination that was doing the billboards, and so he was getting all these billboards. And people were putting in the comments of these threads, “Oh, I donated to your billboards, Larry,” all of this, right?

And when I called him on it, and said, “Hey, you know, can you please redirect that to Learn the Risk, because that’s for billboards,” he said no. He wouldn’t do it, and then you know, point blank told me that everybody wants to be rich, and he wants to be rich, and he wants a big house, and a nice car, and that … Yeah, and then when I said, “Okay, this is not cool. I mean, people need to know about this,” he said, “Yeah, good luck, because I have a lot more followers than you, and they’re going to believe me rather than you,” so I stayed silent for too long. I kept thinking that, you know … I mean, especially after the eye surgery GoFundMe. I mean, come on, red flag? Seriously.

>>> This conversation never happened. I addressed this topic extensively earlier. I am not aware of anyone who donated to my campaign thinking they donated to a billboard campaign and none of my donors ever messaged me to tell me this. I was always clear when I posted about Brandy and her campaign and directed people to her website for donations.

I really thought that other people would come out, and the truth would come out, you know? And it has, with people like TMP, and Sharon Brown, and all of that, right? But I guess it takes a little longer, and this one, after what happened with Michelle, I just couldn’t stay silent anymore. So yeah, Larry was on here commenting, and yeah, Larry, this is not an attack on you. It’s just the truth, and I’m tired of hiding it, and you know, feel free.

>>> This is not an “attack?” Really? I am truly disappointed with the level of viciousness you have displayed Brandy. I know we had our differences but I never expected someone who I was once close to who is a member of the same community to go off the rails and try to destroy my reputation with appalling lies, horrific distortions of the truth, emotional volatility and timeline confusion. Your hostile and violent attack on me and the resulting social media backlash by those who believe your lies has been an exhausting experience that has necessitated a thorough and time consuming deconstruction of your allegations. I would much rather have spent my energy this last week advocating for the cause rather than drafting this rebuttal.

Try to prove me wrong. Publish your tax returns. Someone posted that maybe you fudged them, which who knows? I don’t know anything about that, but you know, publish it. Like, publish what you’ve been doing with the tens of thousands of dollars that you’ve been raising, and the hundreds of thousands, right? I mean, what have you been doing with all of that money? Because you haven’t done events, you haven’t done materials, you haven’t done any of your own research, you haven’t done videos in a long time, you did one commercial two years ago, which you raised four times as much money as you actually put into it, and yeah. And you don’t do billboards. You don’t do ads. You know, you have plenty of money. You just did a GoFundMe to raise money to do Facebook boosts when you have plenty of money to Facebook boost all of these affiliate posts, and you know, that’s … It’s just not cool, and you’re taking advantage of this movement, and I just can’t let it go on anymore.

>>> 1) My tax returns are not relevant. 2) My approach to my mission is not your approach that you use for your mission Brandy, and I am not obliged to do what you think I should be doing. In fact, it is because of what I am doing that Stop Mandatory Vaccination is so well known and effective.

And, yeah, it just is what it is, and I’m really sorry about this video. I didn’t want to make it, and I can’t even believe that it’s gone on as long as it has, and I’m sorry, guys, that I didn’t speak out sooner, but you know, yeah. I just thought the truth would come to light.

So, anyway, it is what it is, and please post some of the things that I’ve been mentioning in the comments, and keep it up, and yeah. So, that’s it. I’m going to make this. This was supposed to be only 10 minutes. Obviously, I got going, especially when he got on here and started commenting, and telling me I was lying, which is not true at all, and you know what? I’m the one that’s in the light, and I’m not going to suffer any bad karma from what I’m doing, because I don’t even take a salary, and I fund Learn the Risk mostly, not mostly, because IRS won’t allow that, but partly, with my own money, and it’s running out, and you know, that’s my role in life, and it’s my mission to create a healthier world, and expose the darkness where it’s at.

And you know, Larry can talk all about being spiritual and all of this, but it’s just a crock of BS, and you know, he’s darn good at business and marketing, and it’s enough. He needs to just take his good business skills and marketing skills outside of the movement, and stop taking advantage of the movement. It’s gone on long enough.

>>> And here it is. Brandy wants to be the hero of the movement and she believes she knows best how to “win” in this movement, but her issue back then was that I had huge social traction and that also meant I had donations to Stop Mandatory Vaccination. Brandy was upset and expressed frustration that her campaign was not gaining significant traction and raising adequate funds. She became emotionally volatile and accused me for being in it “only for the money” and demanded I step out of the movement or she would “expose me.” I was offended and aghast at what I heard. I told her I would not step out of the movement and if she went public with unfounded criticisms of me, that I sincerely doubted people would believe her.

So, anyway, again, not a video I wanted to make, and I wish that this wasn’t going on, but there is a lot of ego and greed, even in the movement. So, that’s that, and yeah. Oh, someone said, “Can you name all his sites?” Stop Mandatory Vaccination. He has a big group. By the way, he once told me, just to grow his group numbers, so that he would have better algorithms on Facebook, like I said he’s a smart business guy, he let in trolls, and that’s why people are seeing so many of the trolls. So he would let in anybody. He did no vetting of people.

>>> Trolls do get into the group on occasion, but we also review profiles before letting people in. And there are no “Facebook algorithms” that would warrant letting trolls into the group. My moderators and I review hundreds and hundreds of requests every day and literally reject hundreds a day because we know they are trolls. We use a variety of the Facebook sort tools to review requests and scan profiles. We almost always let people in who are clearly parents. For the rest, they get more scrutiny.

And then finally, once people started calling him out on it, then he had moderators added to start vetting people, but before, he didn’t, and it was just to get his numbers up so that his Facebook algorithms would share more, and so he would have more people to sign up on his affiliate links, and all of it for the money and everything.

>>> I’ve always had moderators and we’ve always reviewed member requests. We do not scrutinize every single one, however. With hundreds of requests per day, that would never work. But we have systems in place on how we review profiles. We never let people into the group for the purposes of promoting summits. We let people and parents into the group who want to learn more about vaccines and why to go vaccine free.

Anyway, that’s that. So I think I’m going to sign off now, and … Someone said they saw me in San Jose, and that I … Yeah. That I spoke the truth there. Anyway, thanks for watching, and yeah. Again, just keep up the good fight, because there are a lot of good things happening too, and we’ve taken a lot of hits lately, but there are a lot of good people out there and a lot of good things happening too, and we have to take those small wins and keep going forward, and you know, there are a lot of things people can do outside of Facebook, and all of these types of things.

We really need to get the grassroots activism going. We’re adding new flyers. We just added a Gardasil flyer. We added a new page on immunity, and a new page on viruses, because that’s my thing. I want to make Learn the Risk have the best resources, and you should check out the pages we’ve been doing, and particularly about the new immunity one and the viruses one. They’re awesome, and we have more awesome ones coming your way soon. And, new flyers, and some more events coming up, and all kinds of good things. So there are good things happening, and we just got to keep moving forward. But, we do need to expose the darkness where it is, so that’s what I did tonight, and I’m sure he’s going to attack me left and right, but it is what it is.

Pharma attacks me left and right all the time. In fact, they took down the donation part of our website for the last three months, so that was … That’s been really rough, I’m not going to lie. When I’m dealing with those kind of attacks, Larry … He has his own karma coming to him. So, anyway, may the force be with you, may the light be with you, and you know, keep moving forward, guys. So, thank you for watching. Bye. 

Thank you for taking the time to read through my rebuttal to Brandy’s outrageous lies and character assassination. Brandy’s one hour vicious attack on me has cost me well over a week’s worth of time working on this rebuttal literally nonstop. I’ve paid out over $1,000 in attorney fees, transcription fees and costs associated with having several people help me review this rebuttal to ensure I was able to adequately address Brandy’s fabricated accusations. There was just no way I could allow that many lies to be told about me without responding. What Brandy did was reprehensible, and she needs to be held accountable for her vicious attack on me. Just because someone has risen to prominence does not mean they have license to destroy others as they see fit and then be rewarded for their bad behavior by their followers. This entire social media meltdown by Brandy is absolutely inexcusable and I hope you see it for what it truly was.

~ Larry Cook

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