Autistic Children and the Real Cause and Progression of their Autism

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It’s been two years now of working with autistic children.

Here’s the real cause and progression (doctors are totally ignorant to this).

1. Mother takes a pre-natal vitamin during pregnancy. The vitamin has folic acid in it. Folic acid is a synthetic shitty form of folate. Folate is responsible for the MTHFR genetic function. Improper forms of folate start to down regulate MTHFR gene. MTHFR gene controls detox, hormones and neurotransmitters.

2. Baby is given formula. Formula is full of allergenic foods like soy and corn that destroy the gut. It’s also full of inflammatory oils that destroy brain neurons. It’s also “enriched” with more folic acid (goodbye MTHFR gene) and also enriched with shitty forms of iron. Iron is the main food of parasites. Gut starts to overgrow with parasites and c-diff. Parasites and c-diff hijack the dopamine pathway and the child’s excitatory neurotransmitters start to back up into the brain. (Stop eating enriched foods!)

3. Baby’s sick gut causes ear infections. Child is given antibiotics. Antibiotics wipe out the gut flora needed to break down macros. Food starts to constipate in the gut. Baby is given miralax (poison oil petroleum). Miralax eats holes in the in lining and then eats holes in the blood brain barrier. Suddenly toxins are entering the blood stream and the brain causing neuropsychiatric symptoms that they refer to as autism.

4. Immunity is low now. Child gets sick. Child is given Tylenol. Tylenol increases autism by 30%. It also represses fever. Repressing fever is STUPID. Stop doing it! It traps pathogens into the body. Trapped pathogens start to cause autoimmunity. We need fevers to open pores and move toxins out. If we stop the vital function of a fever, the body becomes a walking bag of toxic overload.

5. Baby is given needles (vaccines). Needles are full of toxins that the body can’t get rid of because the MTHFR gene isn’t working from all the shit folic acid in the foods and formula. Toxins in the needle flood the body and brain. Child stops speaking in a stress response. Stops making eye contact because the brain is on overload. Neurotransmitter pathways are haywire. Heavy metals are in the brain stopping cognitive function. Now kid can’t detox and stress hormones back up in the brain.

6. Parents feed their picky eater child fast food which is full of more toxins. (Your child isn’t a “picky eater, you have simply failed to properly train the child’s palate for medicinal food flavors). Child won’t eat healthy food because it’s been turned into an addict with all the crack like chemicals in the food. Child regresses into diagnosis. Three letter institution claps their hands ready to profit off the new diagnosis and have a whole bunch of pharma pills ready to prescribe to “fix the problem”.

This is what is happening wide spread to the newest generation of humanity.

Caitlin Woolery

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Larry Cook

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