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On December 9th, 2023 I posted to Twitter 10 reasons why to avoid vaccines and it’s reached nearly 250,000 people, so I decided to post it here as well for easy reference and sharing! I hope you share this page with friends and family,  and even in social media! 

~ Larry Cook

Here Are Just A Few Reasons To Never Vaccinate!

1) Vaccines do not confer immunity. This means that a vaccinated person can (and does) get the illness for which they are vaccinated against. Although this failure of vaccines is always blamed on the unvaccinated (the “herd immunity” myth), in reality, it is because the TH1 cell mediated immune response was not activated which is necessary for immunity. Only the TH2 humoral immune response is activated – the antibody arm – BUT, antibody production is NOT immunity.

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2)The unvaccinated are MUCH HEALTHIER. Although the CDC refuses to do vax vs unvax health outcome studies, there are a few small studies that have proven over and over again that the unvaccinated are healthier. In my former Stop Mandatory Vaccination Facebook Group with over 200K members (banned in 2020) parents with both unvaccinated and vaccinated children ALWAYS said the same thing: their unvaccinated children reached milestones sooner, got over illness faster, got sick less often and did not suffer from chronic health ailments (ear infections, asthma, allergies, eczema, etc.) or vaccine injuries (autism, seizures, death, etc.) like the vaccinated siblings did.
3) Vaccine damage is everywhere, and shows up as: chronic health ailments, constant illness, ear infections, asthma, autoimmune conditions, seizures, autism, SIDS, eczema, emotional instability, irritability, neurological issues, speech delay, cancer, and so much more, which feeds the Pharma Industrial Complex with an endless supply of patients and money.

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4) The vaccine industry is not liable for death and injury. In 1986 Congress passed a law stating that vaccine makers are not liable for the injury and death it causes. Instead, parents must use a “Vaccine Court” (not really a court) where it is virtually impossible to get a vaccine injury or death recognized and the fight that parents must go through to get that recognition is an extreme uphill battle. Even so, the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has paid out over 5 BILLION DOLLARS in USA taxpayer money to settle claims of vaccine injury and death as of December of 2023.

5) The CDC covered up its own data that vaccines cause autism.This is the topic of the documentary, Vaxxed – From Cover-up to Catastrophe, which helped to ignite the vaccine debate in 2016. In early 2019 CA Congressman Adam Schiff demanded that Facebook and Amazon remove “anti-vaccine” content, and both corporations complied. Amazon removed Vaxxed, and I was dramatically censored on Facebook by March 2019 (and permanently banned in November 2020).

6) Vaccines never saved us. Historically speaking, DEATH from diseases had been on a steady decline PRIOR to the introduction of most vaccines because of the ending of child labor, refrigeration (quality food / quality nutrition), plumbing (to remove human waste and get clean water into homes), homeopathy and other natural medicine modalities, and general improvement of living conditions. Death from measles, for example, had already declined 99.96% by the time the vaccine was introduced, and measles can easily be treated with high dose vitamin C and vitamin A. Death from an infection is always more likely in malnourished children – whatever that infection might be. The solution is not toxic vaccines, but rather, better nutrition, and supplements, when necessary.

Dissolving Illusions by Dr. Humphries explains this in detail.

7) Natural immunity is superior to vaccination. Take measles for example: when a child gets measles there will be a week long rash and then once the body has mounted a proper and AGGRESSIVE immune response (very important) utilizing both the TH1 and TH2 immune system response, the child will never experience measles again. Measles is easily treated with vitamins A and C, but there are other excellent treatments as well. However, vaccination bypasses that important TH1 immune response (because it is an injection) and activates the TH2 response – the creation of antibodies – but that is NOT immunity. It’s antibodies – the only method of “proof” that a vaccine “works.” Antibodies last only so long – which is why “boosters” are required. But again, that is not immunity. So, a child could be exposed to measles and show symptoms, or NOT show the symptoms, and be sick for an extended period of time. If the child shows symptoms, then the unvaccinated are blamed – not the faulty logic / faulty process of vaccination. Vaccine mandate apologists then say that the only true way a vaccine will work is when the entire population is vaccinated – also a myth because even in 100% vaccinated populations there have been outbreaks.

8) Adjuvants aggressively overstimulate the immune system – for a LONG TIME. Adjuvants are used in vaccines to aggressively overstimulate the immune system in order to cause the body to create antibodies to injected antigens. As Dr. Sherri Tenpenny has pointed out however, this is only an ALLERGIC REACTION and has nothing whatsoever to do with immunity. Aluminum is often used as an adjuvant, and mercury can be used as well, which are both highly toxic and can cause the immune system to permanently stay in a state of shock – otherwise known as an “autoimmune” condition. Keep in mind, when an unvaccinated child gets ill, the body mounts a full immune response to take care of the problem (think, FEVER), but once it is done, the entire system goes back to a “resting state” (an EXTREMELY important concept to understand!). This is not true in the vaccinated person – that immune system is constantly buzzing because the aluminum and other heavy metals stay in the body, wrecking havoc for years or decades.

9) Vaccines destroy IMMUNE CAPACITY. On the heels of #8 above, because those toxic adjuvants (and other highly toxic chemicals used in vaccines) may never leave the body, a vaccinated person will get sick more often and take longer to recover from illness than the unvaccinated, specifically because the immune system is also dealing with the toxic ingredients that targeted the immune system. This is the MAIN REASON why the unvaccinated are ALWAYS healthier than the vaccinated.

10) The CDC, FDA, US Government, Vaccine Industry, Pediatricians, Hospitals, Medical Mafia, Fake News Media, and paid off “Scientists” LIE TO US. Countless parents, researchers, scientists, medical professionals and activists have been sounding the alarm about vaccines for decades now, which really ramped up in 2015 / 2016 after California mandated vaccines for children to attend public and private school, and the information is now available that proves beyond any doubt that vaccines do not confer immunity, are extremely dangerous, do absolutely nothing for our health, never saved us, and are completely unnecessary for children, adults or pets. The agencies responsible for mandating vaccines to the population can only now contain this information through CENSORSHIP because the books have been written, the parent groups were created (and then banned – like my Stop Mandatory Vaccination Facebook Group), the videos and documentaries have been released, the websites have been put up, the studies have been produced, the professionals have spoken, the parents have cried, and there is RIGHT NOW more than enough ample evidence to show that we do not need vaccines and never did. We do not need even one more study! Because…


we were lied to –

it’s time to learn the TRUTH.

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11) BONUS: Why you ask? Why create a lie this big? How do you control populations? Autism is 1 in 36, and will be 1 in 2 by 2032 at the current rate. How do you destroy nations, silently? And THAT is just autism. What about the rest of the ailments vaccines create?

Good vs Evil.

Spiritual Warfare.


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~ Larry Cook

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