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Here’s Why Parents Raise Healthy Vaccine Free Children and Fight Vaccine Mandates

A Starter Guide for Parents and Everyone On The Fence

Contrary to mainstream propaganda and extreme bullying by pediatricians, there is a plethora of scientific, moral and health reasons why parents choose to raise 100% vaccine free children and/or stop vaccinating altogether. Although the vaccine industry would have us believe that their liability-free dangerous products only work when everyone is subjected to their (mandatory) use, even that public health argument falls apart when dissected further.

Prior to March 2019 we were able to demonstrate this very clearly when we had an even playing field in social media, but because the lies of the vaccine industry could not withstand the truth and therefore we were winning the arguments with facts and solid information, we are now severely censored or outright banned on various social media and big tech platforms. Only through the filthy tactics of the vaccine industry can they control the narrative that vaccines are “safe and effective” – which couldn’t be further from the truth.

So if you made it to this page and you are curious about this topic – then CONGRATULATIONS! If you are a parent on the fence, a legislator or just a concerned citizen trying to make sense of it all, continue reading and watch the videos on this page to more fully understand why parents are raising healthy, vaccine free children and will never subject their children to vaccines.

Let us begin at the beginning then, and that is with an overview of the differences between natural immunity and vaccination.

Natural Immunity vs Vaccination

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When a child acquires an infection naturally, the body mounts a full TH1 cell-mediated immune response, as well as a TH2 humoral immune response. This fully activated immune response will create lifelong or near lifelong immunity: if exposed again the child will not go through the intense infection process. By contrast, the vaccination process uses toxic adjuvants to aggressively overstimulate the TH2 humoral immune response, bypassing the critical TH1 cell-mediated immune response. This causes antibodies to be created against the injected antigens, but does not actually confer immunity – hence the need for booster shots. Vaccine “effectiveness” is thus measured in terms of antibody production, rather than true immunity. A child can still acquire or manifest the very disease s/he is vaccinated against, and this does in fact often happen during disease outbreaks. Not only this, but the vaccination process itself may exhaust and disturb immune capacity, and lead to chronic health issues – seizures, autoimmune conditions, autism, allergies, asthma, lifelong damage and death. The longer term and cumulative risks of vaccines are in truth not examined or considered by those who make or test them, by public health authorities or by legislators seeking mandatory vaccination laws. They fail to ask a most basic and crucial scientific question: namely, whether mass vaccination causes or contributes to today’s surging chronic childhood illness rates.

Dr. Richard Moskowitz, MD and Dr. Thomas Cowan, MD, give an in-depth look into the differences between natural immunity and vaccination in their books Vaccines: A Reappraisal and Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness, respectively. True immunity – whereby the body will not go through the major infection process again – can only occur when BOTH the TH1 and TH2 immune response have been fully activated. This only happens when the infection process begins through normal routes of entry (e.g., mucous membranes as opposed to injection). This natural immunity process resolves the infection with a full immune response; whereas with vaccination, rather than preventing disease, the disease is actually prevented from ever being resolved. This is why “outbreaks” happen in vaccinated individuals, and have nothing to do with the unvaccinated or “herd immunity.”  The acute response that happens when an infection happens naturally – coughing, rash, fever, etc. – is an indication that the ENTIRE immune system is activated to expel the viruses or bacteria causing the infection, while simultaneously creating cellular memory that will know what to do when exposed again – what we call “immunity.” We must also note that the infection process during childhood primes the immune system for future encounters with OTHER infections, and may even reduce incidence of disease processes in later life, as indicated by rates of naturally acquired measles and the later occurrence of cancer.

Graph from Dissolving Illusions – click to see more graphs on their website.

Death from infections declined dramatically prior to the introduction of most vaccines due to better sanitation (plumbing and waste removal), refrigeration to prevent food spoilage, the use of powerful natural and holistic healing remedies, the ending of child labor and the overall improvement of living, which allowed for robust health. For example, death from measles in the USA declined 99.96% before the vaccine was ever introduced. A healthy immune system has the ability to go through the infection process without incident in the vast majority of cases; and typically if there are complications, these are due to nutrient deficiencies or other treatment or susceptibility issues, not a lack of toxic vaccines. Understanding of the history of vaccination and how vaccines never actually saved us from infections – and if anything, have made our situation worse – can be found in Dr. Suzanne Humphries, MD seminal work, Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History.

Dr. Andrew Wakefield gives a short overview of natural immunity vs vaccination. This is absolutely worth watching:

And, here is great overview about the Measles and 1) why to not panic, and 2) how infections can be resolved through natural immunity. This overview video by Dr. Thompson, ND and Dr. Camp, ND can serve as a way to think about any infection your child may be presented with and how natural immunity works.

And here is a general overview of what to do when your vaccine free child gets sick…

Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated: Chronic Illness vs Vibrant Health

Parents in the Stop Mandatory Vaccination Facebook Group who have vaccinated and unvaccinated children say the same thing: their vaccine free children reach milestones sooner, get sick less often, get over illness sooner, have WAY fewer chronic health issues and are generally much healthier than their vaccinated siblings. In May 2017 a pilot study discovered similar findings when parents of 666 homeschooled children were interviewed about the health status of their children, 261 of whom were vaccine free. Dozens and dozens of parents in the Stop Mandatory Vaccination group gave testimony on their healthy vaccine free and the big differences found in their vaccinated children, which is published on the Stop Mandatory Vaccination website. One parent wrote:

Daughter is 8 years old- no allergies, no skin issues, no asthma, no pneumonia, no flu, no stomach issues, never had diarrhea, no delays, no ADHD, no sensory issues, no behavior issues, spoke in complete sentences fully articulating and enunciating words at 2 1/2 years old. My granddaughter is 5, fully vaccinated, and has all the above. It’s the difference between night and day.

What’s interesting to note here is that the CDC continues to refuse to do a proper long range health outcomes study of vaccinated vs unvaccinated children (and if they did, they’d probably hide the true results considering their past behavior – see the documentary Vaxxed). The CDC will not do a prospective study or a retrospective study (e.g., review the health status of older children who are vaccinated and unvaccinated). Dr. Andrew Wakefield discusses the CDC’s refusal to do such a study and gives us his analysis of vaccinated and unvaccinated with a conclusion that the vaccine free children are extremely healthy. Take a look…

Homeoprophylaxis: The Vaccine Alternative

Homeopathy – a highly effective yet safe energetic medicine – was successfully used to both treat and stop infectious disease in the 1800s and early 1900s, until it was deliberately dismantled to make way for the Pharmaceutical industry and their toxic drugs and vaccines. Homeoprophylaxis is a homeopathic protocol that educates the immune system against a specific infection so that when the child is exposed to it the immune system will have a better understanding on how to more appropriately react and neutralize a specific infection process. During the 19th century, homeopathy flourished, and death rates from cholera, typhoid, and scarlet fever in homeopathic hospitals were between 1/2 and 1/8 of those in conventional (allopathic) hospitals. Yet, when the American Medical Association was founded in 1847, a clause was placed in its code of ethics stating that any member who consulted with a homeopath would be kicked out of the membership. Doctors who did were indeed banished from the newly formed, powerful organization.

One of the most essential reasons to receive homeoprophylaxis is to boost and activate the immune system, and improve the immunity through a safe delivery mechanism. Hp has also been recognized to lessen vaccine injury and adverse reactions to vaccination. No side effects. No needles. No toxins. No vaccine-injury or death. Watch the video above, click here to learn more about Homeoprophylaxis, and click here to locate a homeopathic practitioner certified in homeoprophylaxis. You can also take this Children’s Homeoprophylaxis Program and Online Course.

High-Dose Vitamin C Cures Infection!

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Dr. Thomas Levy, MD spent four years creating his book, Curing the Incurable, where he discusses in great detail how high dose vitamin C has cured everything there are vaccines for, including polio and tetanus, among others. High dose vitamin C has also cured snake bite, spider bite, poisonings, infections, and just about anything you can think of that involved some sort of an assault on the body from a chemical, virus, bacteria, etc. There is only one problem with high dose vitamin C: Pharma can’t make money off of something that cannot be patented, so, it’s only used by holistic doctors.

What you NEED TO KNOW is that high dose vitamin C not only cures, but it prevents as well. So, when you are thinking about vaccines and whether or not we need them, once you understand high dose vitamin C, it becomes instantly obvious we do not need vaccines. Dr. Levy suggests that adults take 6 to 12 grams of vitamin C per day for optimum dosing and that high dose vitamin C be given when there is a health challenge. I recommend that all parents buy and read his book, stock up on vitamin C and give it to their children. You can visit my Amazon Store to do just that.

The Importance of Fever

Prior to the 1960s, fever was used to successfully treat and cure people of cancer. That changed though when antibiotics, fever reducers and chemo therapy became the norm and so using fever as a treatment protocol was outlawed in 1962 by the FDA (see Dr. Cowan’s book, pages 17-22). A fever is a very important immune response AND “treatment” of the body when faced with an infection and generally speaking, should not be artificially lowered, especially with drugs. If anything, do the happy dance when your child gets a fever because it means your child’s immune system is working, as intended. The fever activates the body’s natural killer cells to kill bacteria and viruses and create antibodies. Without a fever, the immune system doesn’t know to take the steps to kill the pathogens. Artificially lowering a fever is the suppression of the proper function of the immune system. Dr. Judith Thompson, ND and Dr. Eli Camp, ND discuss the importance of fever in their book, The Unvaccinated Child: A Treatment Guide for Parents and Caregivers, which is an essential resource that every parent will want to own.

How To Raise A Healthy Vaccine Free Child

Brittney Kara and Her Vaccine Free Children

Natural health activist Brittney Kara shares how she keeps her family of five healthy and happy, which includes no vaccines. In our video interview Brittney shares the story of her child who couldn’t sleep properly for over a year after one vaccination, why vaccines are dangerous and why we don’t need vaccines in order to protect our children from infections. Brittney discusses the natural lifestyle, how she keeps her children healthy and why she is an activist for parents who want to live or do live a more holistic, vaccine free lifestyle. This is an excellent short overview for every parent who has concerns about going vaccine free.

The Beginner’s Guide to Natural Living

Read my comprehensive natural living book for healthy living.

Children who are well nourished and living without toxic chemicals have the best opportunity of clearing infections quickly and with the least amount of complications and living a holistic, natural lifestyle is the absolute best way to ensure the vibrant health of a child.

Author Larry Cook, former publisher of two popular natural living magazines and creator of Stop Mandatory Vaccination, has finally encapsulated his in-depth knowledge on natural living in book form. This book presents clear guidance on everything from what to eat—and what NOT to eat—to how to choose quality natural products, which supplements to use on a regular basis, how to choose a natural doctor, why to go to a holistic dentist, and why and how to detoxify your body.

It should also inspire you to implement a confidence building exercise routine. And just as important as the how is the why—the book provides a thought-provoking exposé of the pervasive, toxic manipulation of our food supply as well as an exploration of the realities of conventional medicine, which uses a disease management and drug therapy model while simultaneously suppressing the use of effective, all-natural treatment modalities. To help you further your education in all of these matters, a thorough list of book suggestions is provided throughout the book and collected in the Bibliography.

Larry’s detailed explanations and generous advice (right down to shopping lists, recipes and meal plans) make this guide an absolute gem if you want to know where to begin to confidently change your lifestyle. Buy it today, follow his trustworthy guidance, and begin reaping the many rewards of living the natural lifestyle!

Buy the Softcover version or Kindle version right here

Vaccine Injury Is Common

A “vaccine injury” can range from any number of chronic health conditions (e.g., ear infections, asthma, allergies, leaky gut, etc.) to more severe injuries (e.g., seizures, loss of neurological function, autoimmune conditions, autism, etc.) to death – sometimes within one or two days of being vaccinated. You may find it interesting to know that no matter when a child dies after being vaccinated – even 12 hours after – medical examiners across the nation absolutely refuse to test to see if vaccines could be a cause. In any other Universe, that would be called a “conspiracy.”

In addition to parents from around the world sharing stories of their children being injured, damaged and killed by vaccines (including numerous detailed stories on this website), there are literally hundreds of peer reviewed published studies that demonstrate beyond any doubt that vaccines are dangerous. Although there are many, many reasons why vaccines are toxic to children, one primary reason is because of the requirement to overstimulate the humoral immune system with highly toxic adjuvants. And it just goes downhill from there.

It is not necessary to witness a vaccine injury or death first hand to come to the conclusion that vaccines are dangerous – we now have ample evidence that vaccines are destroying our children at an unprecedented rate which is the very reason and purpose we are censored in social media: to curtail the truth from reaching the masses – like you! The SAFEST way to avoid all danger associated with being vaccinated is to NOT VACCINATE. It really is that simple. So when it comes to daycare and school, you may need to get a vaccine exemption to keep your child safe from vaccines.

Vaccine Exemptions

Vaccine Exemptions By State (December 2020)

A vaccine exemption is what allows a child to attend school without being vaccinated. The three types of vaccine exemptions are philosophical, religious and medical. In simple terms, a philosophical or religious exemption requires the filling out of some forms and an exemption is granted. On the other hand, a medical exemption requires a medical doctor to state that the child is too medically fragile to receive vaccines but unfortunately, the vast majority of medical doctors are unwilling to issue a medical exemption, for any reason. Prior to 2015, two states – Mississippi and West Virginia – were the only states where only medical exemptions are allowed to opt out of vaccines. That changed in 2015 when Governor Brown signed into law SB 277 which removed all exemptions except medical in California. Since that time over 100 legislative bills are introduced every year in dozens of states attempting to remove religious and/or philosophical exemptions as the liability-free vaccine industry continues its push to force vaccinate every man, woman and child on the planet. New York and Maine have recently enacted strict vaccine mandate laws. Click over to the National Vaccine Information Center State Vaccine Requirements to review the exemption options you have in your state.

Review Vaccine Inserts

Suppression of infections through vaccination can come at a very high cost.

Most parents have never looked at a vaccine manufacturer insert that lists all of the details about the vaccine, including adverse reactions. Although the pro-vaccine apologists often say these are just for “legal reasons,” the fact remains that injuries are actually reported on these inserts and it behooves every parent to review a few of them. They can often be many, many pages long. Pay close attention to the above image (a partial screenshot from a four page document) and notice the “Psychiatric disorder” category. It’s a really interesting one because screaming – often very high pitched and a terror filled scream at that – is due to massive brain swelling and the absolute EXTREME PAIN in the brain. So, is it actually accurate to call that a “psychiatric” issue?! Also note “convulsions” and the many other disorders that this vaccine can cause. And this is just ONE VACCINATION!

From a safety testing point of view, it is important to note that vaccines are not tested to see if there is an accumulative toxicity (e.g., does getting vaccines every two months add an accumulative toxic load to the body that in turn causes systemic health problems or injury) nor does vaccine safety testing use true saline placebo controls – the gold standard of all other pharmaceutical drug testing. Vaccine manufacturers are not liable for the death and injury their products cause, which is truly frightening. Every parent must understand the inherent risk of vaccinating and the risks are many.

How To Say “No Vaccines” To Your Pediatrician

Well baby visits to a pediatrician is for the primary purpose of scaring parents into vaccinating their child. Pediatricians can receive significant financial bonuses when a majority of their patients are fully vaccinated on schedule and so they will say anything to scare a parent into vaccinating – a common one is that your child will die without vaccines. Although this is a lie, it is not always easy for a parent to refute doctors who lie in order to force compliance, usually with hostile and aggressive energy to boot.

The best way to handle bully energy – from anyone – is to use the “broken record technique.” This technique is when you say the same thing over and over and over again, unmoved by whatever new argument someone brings up. YOUR ARGUMENT is enough for YOUR decision. You do not need to address other arguments. This is a critical understanding when dealing with hostile energy: you be the broken record. The first thing though is that you need an argument to use. Here are two to consider:

  1. You have read the manufacturer vaccine inserts, you have reviewed potential adverse reactions, and you have decided that you will not risk your child’s current health status with the potential of harm, damage or death as stated on the vaccine inserts. Of course, you do actually need to review some vaccine inserts – it is very important you do this. So when the pediatrician then says “Well, that risk is very low,” you say, “It is not low enough for my child – I will not take the risk of damaging my child.” And then, you be the broken record when the pediatrician brings up the many other reasons to vaccinate (child will die, must protect the herd, etc., etc.). It is at this point that you must stand firm and be the BROKEN RECORD: “I will not risk my child’s life with a vaccine that can cause that kind of damage to children.”
  2. You have talked with numerous parents who have vaccine injured, vaccine damaged and/or vaccine killed children and you are unwilling to risk a similar fate with your child. In this instance, although reviewing vaccine injury and death stories is a very good idea, what you really want to do is communicate with parents who have experienced vaccine injury and death. The reason is because then instead of saying you “read it online” you can truly say, and convincingly say, you “talked with” these parents. You can find these parents in the Stop Mandatory Vaccination Facebook Group and you can also join our community here and begin the discussion (or find one that is already active). The pediatrician will give all kinds of reasons to vaccinate, and you will state over and over something along the lines of: “I have talked to too many parents who witnessed their children be damaged or killed by vaccination to allow my child to get vaccines.” Or any variation of that. Being a broken record and not deviating into other arguments is the way to handle this – you must be resolute and you must believe that the argument you are delivering is plenty argument for your decision, and you will not be moved.

VERY IMPORTANT: Do not give your pediatrician If/Then statements. “If you can prove to me vaccines are safe, I will consider it.” These weaken your argument and make it sound like you are unsure of your decision. In fact, you are not there to argue with your pediatrician about your decision. You are simply letting your pediatrician know your decision, you have a reason, and you will not be moved by anything the pediatrician says to you. Of course, once you have made it clear that you will not be allowing toxic vaccines to be injected into your child the pediatrician may “fire” you, and that’s okay.

Find A Vaccine Free Doctor

The primary purpose of a pediatrician is to ensure that all children are vaccinated according to the CDC schedule. Furthermore, insurance providers incentivize pediatricians to follow the CDC vaccine schedule by paying large bonuses – provided a high percentage of the patients are fully vaccinated on the CDC timeline. Since the bonus is given based on a percentage, most pediatricians simply boot parents out of their practice if the parents refuse to vaccinate their children. We suspect there will come a time when insurance companies will flat out refuse to issue insurance unless everyone is fully vaccinated according to the CDC schedule. In the meantime, here are a few types of medical professionals you can seek out for the care of your child:

  1. General Practice Medical Doctor (MD)
  2. Integrative Medical Doctor (MD)
  3. Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO)
  4. Naturopathic Doctor (ND)
  5. Licensed Acupuncturist (LAc)
  6. Chiropractor (DC)
  7. Homeopath (unlicensed)

How To Find A Vaccine Free DoctorIf you are on an insurance plan, are low income and your pediatrician fired you, you might be able to see an general medicine MD or DO within your insurance plan. That would be your first action step. Many alternative doctors are cash only, but not all. With that in mind, here are some ways to find a vaccine free doctor:

1) Do a Google search using doctor modality plus city or state: “naturopathic doctor Seattle,” “integrative medical doctor Seattle,” “homeopath Iowa,” “chiropractor Eugene” and so on. Not all doctors are vaccine free, so you will want to look at their websites and see what they say and narrow your list to then call and ask questions. Chiropractors, Acupuncturists and Homeopaths are not allowed to give vaccinations, but in some states, Naturopathic Doctors are allowed to. With this in mind, NDs who graduated from NCNM are more likely to not support vaccination, so take a look at their bio to see the schooling.


2) Look at the association websites for alternative doctors. You might google “integrative medical doctor association” or “acupuncturist association Oregon” or “naturopathic association Texas” for example, and virtually all associations have member directories. Members can often be located by zip code search.

3) You can ask for a referral in the Stop Mandatory Vaccination Facebook Group. Keep in mind that many people are concerned about the safety and well being of doctors, so you may want to ask to be private messaged with referrals.

4) Here are some website resources to review that offer vaccine free or vaccine friendly doctor lists:

Vaccines are destroying our children at an unprecedented rate (Autism alone is 1 in 36) and it behooves us to find educated doctors who will not bully or otherwise advocate that parents must vaccinate their children.

Vaccine Injury Recovery

If you have a vaccine injured child – from mild to severe – there is hope for improvement, partial recovery and/or even full recovery. However, you will not find the help you need in the conventional medical setting – especially the same setting the caused the vaccine injury in the first place. Rather, you will need to seek out alternative medical providers and alternative medical treatments if you want your child to have hope for healing and recovery. No matter when the injury occurred have confidence that you will see improvement when you begin this type of treatment, often called “biomedical treatment.” A restricted diet is always essential when working to heal a vaccine injured child and must not be ignored. For brain injury, mild hyperbaric oxygen treatment is very effective and highly recommended. Since this is a really big topic to get going with, go to The Vaccine Injury, Treatment and Resources Start Guide to understand what to do to help your child heal from vaccine injury. That guide gives a step-by-step action plan with everything you need to get started on the healing journey.


This brings us to the primary goal and call-to-action of this entire website: we must oppose and fight the ongoing WORLDWIDE push to FORCE VACCINATE every man, woman and child on the planet. Make no mistake, the current push to destroy and eliminate all childhood exemptions around the globe is to usher in adult vaccine mandates, as outlined in the HHS Healthy National Adult Immunization Plan. WE NEED YOU IN THIS FIGHT! So, head over to the TAKE ACTION page to find a local group to connect with and join the fight of a lifetime!

Support The Cause

I created the Stop Mandatory Vaccination brand to raise awareness about why parents go vaccine free, why vaccines are dangerous and why we all must oppose vaccine mandates and actually get involved in the fight. If you support my mission and ongoing activism efforts, please DONATE.

Larry Cook

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Here are some essential resources for the modern parent who has chosen to raise a healthy, vaccine free child.

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Miller’s Review of Critical Vaccine Studies: 400 Important Scientific Papers Summarized for Parents and Researchers
The Beginner’s Guide to Natural Living
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The quick overview on this page is intended to be your starting point with some of the most salient points that you need to learn as to why natural immunity is superior to vaccination. Of all the arguments available as to why to raise a vaccine free child, the most important one of all is truly understanding how natural immunity works, and how vaccination works, on the immune system. Dr. Moskowitz and Dr. Cowan give excellent overviews that every parent can understand on this topic. This is foundational to all other arguments, including vaccine safety arguments and all the other ones out there (and there are plenty). Once you, as a parent, understands why your child is at MUCH GREATER RISK from vaccination with a corresponding diminished ability to handle infections of any kind, it becomes instantly obvious why the vaccine free lifestyle is the absolute safest and healthiest way to raise a child. And then you will become an activist and fight tooth and nail to preserve your right to keep toxic injections out of your child so you can raise a healthy, vibrant, milestone crushing child.

In Conclusion…

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