Vaccine Death Stories To Share In Social Media

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Killed by Vaccination

25 Vaccine Death Stories To Share In Social Media

On this website you will find lots and lots and lots of vaccine injury and vaccine death stories – especially when you click the STORIES tab in the navigation menu. To help you more easily share these tragic stories that bring attention to why every freedom loving human must oppose vaccine mandates, I have created very specific story snippets that you can  easily COPY AND PASTE directly into Facebook and other social media. This Page has over 20 vaccine death stories for you to select from and each story can also be found in the Stories tab.

I have included several screen shots of what a story looks like when you copy and paste. So, you simply decide on the story you want to share, and then copy the text and link, but leave out the title since the title will populate in Facebook, and paste into Facebook.

I hope you will BOOKMARK THIS PAGE and come back often to grab a story and share with your friends. This is one of my many workarounds to being censored!


Permission is granted for you to share any of the stories listed below onto your website PROVIDED:

1) You post the entire story “as-is” and add at least the first photo (click the links below to see the entire story).

2) You give credit at the beginning and ending of the story:

Reprinted with Permission courtesy of – and link back to this website.


Larry Cook, Founder of Stop Mandatory Vaccination

INSTRUCTIONS: Simply copy the text – without the title but with the link – and place into Facebook and the story will populate. This is our workaround to being censored – all of us sharing a story!

1) Healthy Infant Dies In Sleep After Vaccines Yet His Death Is Ruled “SIDS”

MOM: “I lost my son, Charlie, January 25th, 2018 and they said it was because of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). I haven’t done a lot of research, but I have seen SIDS is linked to vaccines. My son was PERFECTLY healthy. He was just fine and then boom, he was gone. He was two days shy of 5 months old when he died and had just received some of his vaccines, but not all of them because I didn’t allow that. I was doing my research, but that didn’t go far because I didn’t fully understand everything I read. He didn’t have any problems at all at the time which is why it’s such a shock.”

2) MMR Vaccine Causes Loss Of Speech & Appetite, Horrendous Seizures and Then Her Death

MOM: “On January 12, 2018, Ali called me “Maa” again and by that time she started to remember a few words again. She waved at someone at the hospital and said “hello” after three months. I was so happy that she was getting better and we will soon be going home. Still scared, but was hopeful. By noon, Ali started to seize again and that was the end of her little life. She seized through the rest of the January, February, and until March 26th 2018, the day she died. Ali died in my arms in a fairy garden at the hospital. I held a very cold stiff body of my baby — instead of a warm, soft, wriggly baby. But no one dared to call it or admit that the MMR Vaccine killed my baby.”

3) Infant Dies 4 Days After 5 Vaccines and 14 Years Later Mother Speaks Out

MOM: “After so many talks of them trying to convince me to remove life support, in the middle of the morning of September 26th, a doctor came into the room… “Ma’am, I know you don’t want to remove Gracie from life support, but soon, you won’t have the choice. Her heart was once beating like clockwork, but that is no longer. Her blood pressure is uncontrollable. She IS going to die.” I have this very clear memory of turning around, my face scrunched up in absolute agony in the ugliest of ugly cry faces, and I slapped the counter as hard as I could as an uncontrollable wail left my throat. I cried from my gut. I cried from the bottom of my very soul. I cried from a place of pain I never wanted to know.”


4) Mom Asks Why Her 6 Month Old Infant Died After Getting 6 Vaccines

MOM: “Evee had her 6-month checkup and scheduled immunizations a day and a half before she passed and was found to be in perfect health, as she was her whole life. She was giggling, eating solids, and telling me “no” just the night before her passing. Preliminary autopsy results have been inconclusive, showing no abnormalities, toxicology has come back negative, the official autopsy report lists cause of death as “undetermined.”

5) Healthy Infant Dies Of “SIDS” Within 48 Hours Of 8 Vaccines

MOM: “The days before his 2-month checkup I started feeling like I really didn’t want to get him vaccinated. I expressed my concerns to the doctor which they told me “many parents feel this way before their child’s shots” and assured me he would be fine. Bear was vaccinated on the 26th of March. He received the DTaP, Hep. B, IPV, Hib, Pneumo, Conjugate 13, and Rotavirus vaccines.”

6) Newborn Dies of Sepsis 2 Months After Vitamin K Shot

MOM: “They had police come to our home and made us evacuate our other three kids. Sam sat in the police car for three hours and was almost handcuffed. I waited in a room alone…I could not go in to be with my baby. I could not go out to get others who had came to support me. I had an officer as well guarding the door. Finally, after a detective came, I was released to see my son. I hit the floor. All I remember seeing is his little foot. I begged the nurses and doctors to pray with me….they just looked at me. He was pronounced dead.”

7) 6 Days After 8 Vaccines “SIDS” Claims The Life Of Another Healthy Infant

MOM: “Kiah usually woke up for a feeding around 3:00 a.m. every morning, but he did not wake. I looked over at him sometime in the night and he appeared to be sleeping. His head was turned the other way so I did not see his face. At 7:30 a.m., my alarm for work went off. I picked Kiah up for his morning bottle as I always do and he was stiff, cold, and blue. He had foam around his mouth as well. I screamed. His father awoke and we immediately called 911. He was taken to the hospital and was pronounced dead. The coroner called it Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).”

8) Court Awards $137,500 After 8 Vaccines Kills Infant In Just 12 Hours

Court Awards $137,500 for vaccine death: “I lost my daughter Peyton at 6 weeks old, approximately 12 hours after receiving her two month vaccinations, when she was a month and 12 days old. She was given eight total vaccines. The VICP process took approximately 2-1/2 years. In that time, all my questions were answered. The medical experts found the evidence that proved that the DTaP, Hib, Hepatitis B, PCV, IPV and Rotavirus vaccines, were in fact, the cause of her death.”

9) 50 Year Old Woman Dies Within 48 Hours After Receiving 8 Vaccines

On Friday, October 19th 2018, she went for the flu shot and physical. When she got in there, the nurse told her she needed three more shots, the MMR and Hepatitis B. So in total she was given eight vaccines. She asked the nurse, “Don’t you think that’s a lot to give at one time”? I’m not sure her answer, but they gave them to her. Denise came home and all day Saturday she felt nauseous. Sunday morning she got up, showered, drank her coffee, and posted on Facebook a site about vaccines.

10) Healthy 4 Month Old Dies of “Natural Causes” A Week After 7 Vaccines

MOM: “The doctor stated she was in great health and in the 90% percentile. I asked the doctor for Motrin to give my baby before I left – that it helps with her pain and any fever that she might get. Not even 3 hours later, the screams and crying started, and no matter what I did nothing would soothe her. I was almost in tears because she was a good baby. … She went to bed Friday night, seven days after vaccinations, after an early morning feeding at 4:00 a.m., and that would be the last time my daughter would be alive. Two hours later, I found my baby girl lifeless.”

11) 30 Years Ago Same Age Infants Die At The Same Time After Vaccination

MOM: “Everyone in my husband’s platoon was present. I dropped my purse and ran smack into my husband’s captain. Everything within my purse was scattered all over the floor. He pushed me towards a door and the examining room. I rushed in and on the table was my husband with tears streaming down his face. Then I saw the entire command was standing around him in that room. I saw the Catholic priest, Father Toddy was his name. They told my husband to get up, hold me, and tell me what happened. There was a broom closet there and he pulled me into it and held me tight. He told me she died. I have never screamed so loud or so long in my entire life. I could not believe she was gone. How? Why?”

12) Healthy 14 Week Old Infant Gets 8 Vaccines and Dies Within 24 Hours

MOM: “She noticed Malakai wouldn’t wake up and wasn’t breathing. Then I rushed Malakai to Matthew, and he immediately tried to perform CPR, and noticed his lungs were clogged up. We got in the car and drove as fast as we could to the nearest hospital which was a few kilometers away. We took Malakai to casualty and the doctor and nurses urgently tried to resuscitate him. After what felt like days, the doctors came in and told us that they have tried the best they can, but at this point there hasn’t been enough oxygen in the brain for a while now and they must stop. They called his death at 08:10 a.m. September 22nd, 2018.”

13) TDaP Vaccination Causes Immediate and Traumatic Stillbirth At 28 Weeks Pregnant

MOM: “My doctor sat me down and assured me they were safe. He had been great the whole entire pregnancy. And I trusted him with my life. Ultimately, my son. So I did it and agreed to the TDaP. I refused the flu shot because I always got sick after and I only took the TDaP. I was never informed that studies haven’t ever been done, and wasn’t told or informed about the numerous reports of stillborns, miscarriages, and adverse reactions after vaccines during pregnancy. I just looked in my doctor’s eyes and trusted the blind fact that he knew best. It cost my baby life.”

14) 6 Month Old Gets 7 Vaccines And Dies Two Days Later From “SIDS”

MOM: “We followed the ambulance to the hospital. They tried, they really did. They hugged us in a smothering- not comforting- way, and tried to tell us that it would be ok. I heard them call for a second Epi-Pen. I knew it was hopeless. My husband and son stood in shock. I hugged my childhood friend, the firefighter, who had come to the hospital. He said, “I’m so sorry,” and walked away. My breasts were full of milk and my baby was dead.”

15) “SIDS” Takes Infant’s Life Just 14 Hours After Vaccination

MOM: “That evening they handed me his cold and swollen little body so we could say our goodbyes. I will never forget the helplessness, horrific, and finalization feeling of this. That night the police came over to assess our house and to rule out any foul play. It is an experience that no parent and family should ever have to go through. The diagnosis was Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), which really isn’t a diagnosis. In my gut and first instincts, I always thought there was a connection to him being perfect one day, vaccinated, and then dead the next morning.”

16) Two Month Vaccines Kill Infant, CPS Takes Other Children, Mom Stops All Vaccination

MOM: “After her vaccines, she started having cold symptoms and developed severe eczema. We brought her to the emergency room (ER) a couple of times before she passed away. Maxeen started having breathing issues – that’s why we had to take her to ER. She stayed in the ER for about three days, the second time we brought her in. The ER gave her oxygen and some breathing treatments. The ER doctors said she just had a bad cold. I didn’t think that was the whole truth but, I just trusted them. She passed away in her sleep a few days later.”

17) Infant Dies Two Months After HepB Vaccine and Vitamin K Given at Birth

MOM: “Leading up to her death, Chloe was perfectly fine as far as I could tell – besides the heavy breathing, there were no other symptoms that arose before she passed. The heavy breathing was on and off every time she would breathe; it was heavy! She experienced heavy breathing ongoing from the time it started from 24 hours after birth, until she passed!! Deep down inside, I know the Hepatitis B vaccine caused her breathing issues and death. My husband and I both believe she also got sleep apnea from the vaccine and want to fight this, but don’t know how. I’m trying to get justice for my baby girl – there is no help. No one has helped us uncover the truth. To this day, I feel like she passed from the vaccine they gave her at birth.”

18) The Vitamin K Shot and Hepatitis B Vaccine Kills 4-Day Old Infant

MOM: “After about three hours, I decided Emily needed to be woken up. She was a newborn and needed to eat. Touched her face and it was cold. I started pulling down her blanket and her neck was purple on the left side. I knew for a fact she was cold and she was gone, but I still tried to save her. … The doctor said we could visit with her body in the trauma room she was in for a short while. While we were sitting in there, the cops pulled us out to interview us about what happened. The cops then informed us they would be going to our house to conduct a search and take photographs. Shortly after, the nurses told us to leave and they sent Emily off to the medical examiner for an autopsy.”

19) Violet Lorraine Kiest Died 48 Hours After Her 4-Month-Old Vaccines

MOM: “Our daughter, Violet, was born on October 24, 2017. She was healthy as can be with no known health issues. She was the happiest baby you could ever come in contact with. She lit up the entire room with her smile and contagious laugh. Prior to her four-month old shots, Violet was always smiling, giggling, full of life. She was on track with all of her milestones and there were never any concerns with us or from her doctor. … When it was time to head home that night, I went in to get her and she was lifeless. I tried to blow a few breaths in, but I was in too much of a panic. She hadn’t been gone long. We just had checked on her 10 minutes prior. My friend’s husband and my husband both did cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), but no luck. We then followed the ambulance to the hospital and they tried for hours to revive her. I knew she was gone, but I just prayed and prayed that she would come back to us. They came to tell us that she was gone.”

20) $250,000 Awarded To Parents After Their Healthy Infant Is Killed By Vaccines

MOM: My son, Alexander, suffered a seizure and cardiac arrest on April 29, 2005, three and a half days after receiving his first set of vaccines. The vaccines he received were the DTaP, HiB and Hepatitis B combo (Comvax), inactivated polio, and Prevnar. He coded, but was revived and placed on life support, however, the damage to his brain was catastrophic. After 12 days in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), and two independent determinations of brain death, we removed life support on May 11, 2005. He was only 12 weeks old. … Because Alexander had the seizure at three and a half days after the vaccines, not three days within the administration of the vaccines per the table of compensable injuries, we had to go testify in Washington, D.C., as well as hire an expert for our case. The Vaccine Court ruled ten months after our final hearing, and ultimately our Special Master decided that the DTaP vaccine caused his death. We were awarded the statutory maximum amount of $250,000 through the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP).”

21) 2-month old Dies 48 hours After 8 Vaccines: Owen’s Mom Speaks Out

MOM: “Owen received multiple vaccines just 48 hours prior to his passing. He was given a combination of eight different vaccines, which is the norm for a two month old. The first day after his vaccines he was very tired and lethargic, didn’t seem himself. The second day, which is the day he passed away, he was in the care of his grandmother while I was at work. He would not take a bottle, and was inconsolable. He was tired, but couldn’t sleep because he was in such pain. His grandmother thought that he was just having really bad gas. She finally got him down for a nap for the first time that day, sometime after 2 p.m., but Owen never woke up.”

22) DTaP Vaccine Shatters UFC Fighter’s Family After It Kills Their Healthy Boy 

Marjorie says, “On Sunday, May 7th, 12 days after his vaccine, he was extremely lethargic and febrile with a temp of 102.2. I’d seen him with higher fevers but he’d never been this lethargic. I dosed him with Tylenol once during the day, which broke his fever, and then a dose of Motrin at bedtime. Monday morning he woke up 100 percent fine and remained well. “As I walked over to his crib, I found my beautiful son Nicholas on his belly with his knees bent in towards his chest, his head was slightly tilted to the left and when I picked him up, I quickly realized he was gone: he was so cold, blue and mottled. As a nurse, I knew he had been gone for a while and there was no chance of reviving him.”

23) Six Day Old Infant Dies After Respiratory Distress, Vitamin K, Lasix, and Abuse

MOM: “He died April 14th at 6:45 a.m. in my arms. I try and block this part out as much as possible, but he was unresponsive for two days. We just held him and loved on him. I told him it’s ok to let go and he grabbed tightly on my fingers and didn’t let go until he let out three final breaths and was gone.”

25) Meningitis College Vaccine Causes Seizures and Then Death

MOM: “Tragically, our gorgeous 18 year old began having seizures after receiving the meningitis vaccination and after learning what happened while working in functional/naturopathic medicine, we began a protocol to slowly detox our beautiful Bearcat! Even though she was making progress, we unexpectedly and tragically lost our sweet girl on November 6, 2018 from a seizure that she never recovered from.”

26) Infant Dies 14 Hours After Receiving 8 Vaccines

MOM: “By one month she weighed 8.4 pounds, so she was gaining quite well! She was a super healthy one month old! Starting to giggle and smile at me all the time. The next month, February 8th, 2019, we go in for her 2-month check up and she received every shot a two month old is scheduled to get (HepB, Rotavirus, DTaP, Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib), Pneumococcal conjugate (PCV13), and inactivated poliovirus (IPV)) and she barely even cried. We went home, and she napped basically the rest of the day. I figured she was just sleepy from the shots because my first child would always sleep a lot after her shots.”

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