Pediatricians Bully Parents Who Want Vaccine Choice

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Pediatricians Bully Parents Who Want Vaccine Choice


Has a Pediatrician ever bullied, harassed, or demeaned you for asking about vaccine safety or for refusing to vaccinate?


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Jamie Lynn Our first one did, I quit going to her. The new one, we’ve seen her about 3 times in 10 years, doesn’t mind. She gives me her obligatory speech, winks at me and let’s me go on my way.

Ali Honisch I don’t have a pediatrician for my son 

Melissa McHan My granddaughter at her 2 month appt last week. Dr wanted mom to sign the refusal forms. She said no. Dr said you have to. Nope. No I don’t, but I’ll give you this one to sign stating that my daughter, as you’ve already stated about growth and hitting milestones, and how perfect she is, if you vaccinate her and something happens to her, you and this practice will be financially responsible from this moment on. Dr said astonished…I can’t sign that! Mom said ok then. Don’t ask me to sign your form!

Azusena Madrigal Yes, this was my daughters pcp of 12 years at the time and he advised she get the HPV vaccine. I knew nothing about it and said no, he insisted and spent an uncomfortable amount of time trying to convince me. I did research after that visit. I stopped being afraid to contradict him after that.

Julie Smith Dolcemaschio It has been a long time for me. My first was vaxxed through age 5 and when I decided to stop the pediatrician was very cool about it. Asked at every visit two questions: any vaccines today? And do you understand the risks of not doing it. Today I think it would be very different. SHE would be very different. That was in the late 90s when a PBE was nothing and I had one every year. Number 2 is completely vax free and has never seen a pediatrician only a homeopath. I feel for younger parents today and I honestly don’t know how you keep your sanity. I have zero skin in this game, yet I am outraged every day. Keep fighting for your rights as parents who know what is best for their children. I am with you.

Staci Gomez Yes! The pediatrician group we used to go to kicked us out of their practice for not adhering to the CDC schedule. When I asked for the inserts, she said they didn’t have them but even if they did that I wouldn’t be able to understand what they said. Condescension at its finest!! 

Jenny Alonso The second one did. I loved our first but the insurance changed and so we had to choose another. The second pediatrician is a downright rotten woman who loves to bully. I stood my ground and just at my son’s 19 month well baby visit I decided not to ever go back because she appeared as though she was about to get very violent with me and my son. I put my son in his stroller and walked out without another word to her or her minions. My boy is so healthy at 26 months old and no more well baby visits. There’s no point in going if he isn’t sick and we’re not vaccinating anyway.

Theresa Guyer Yep! He pretty much implied that I was trying to kill my child if I didn’t give him what he needed. Wish I would have known then what I know now! Would have walked right out of his office! Almost lost my first born because of vaccines! And now that I’ve done my research…all 3 have symptoms/problems from vaccines!

Juliana Hughes Hanbridge This even comes from other mothers. On another site I merely suggested there could be some connection between peanut allergies and use of peanut product based adjuvents have contributed to this risk. And so many went nuts on me, calling me a google researcher and follower of Jenny McCarthy. I just want people to think, to reserch. to find out what they are not being told.

Michelle McQuade Powell No bullying, but we got a letter saying my child was no longer their patient due to refusal to vaccinate. I guess 10 years ago I did have a PA demean me for refusing HPV for my then 13 year old daughter. I didn’t care for her though. She misdiagnosed my daughter with asthma and put her on several unnecessary meds, then the pulmonologist took her off of them saying she didn’t have asthma, she had reflux and allergies.

Kirsi Rantala Sure, but here we can still tell them to fo…. I didn’t, but I made it clear that the subject is closed! I mean the vaccines were the reason we had to take our daughter to the doctor in the first place!! Come on…. More vaccines? Hell no!

Robin Payne LaLena Yes publicly humiliated by a nurse who threatened to fire us as patients for noncompliance at the newborn physical. We don’t go there any more.

Sarah Stagray Yes. Our former ped told me “If she gets a disease, there’s a very good chance she will die.” About four months later my then 15mth old sailed through pertussis without skipping a beat.

Kate Kocurek No because im loud and agressive already no nonsense kind of woman and im pretty sure he knows that.

Margaret Smith Yep, in Australia. Hemoph B influenza when it first came out. She bold faced lied to me and told me my baby would most likely not live to see age 5 if she did not inject him with it then and there. Only one child had died from Hemoph B flu in the previous 5 years in that state prior to that vaccine coming out. Walked out and never went back. She is still there. She is still highly regarded. My kids did not have that particular vaccine (oldest had already had a severe reaction to DPT at the first jab) I did find other doctors who did not push and have recently come across a new on who I told straight up, don’t ask me to do flu shots- because I don’t!

Jessica Murphy Only once in the hospital when our first was born. The head ped and her residents (3 or 4) came in the next morning lto question us about why we refused to give her the vitamin K and hep B vax and “educate” us. We told them it was our decision and requested that they leave our room.

Marti Lord Yup-Dr. Rickard Dickhead Pan, yes THAT guy (in ’98). Found my newborn had been injected with a vaccine for an STD spread by contaminated needles-Hep B. I hit the roof! Totally went off on him and put my personal belief exemption in place when my son was 3 mos. Never looked back. My son’s healthy and happy and grateful I made that choice for him. Since SB288 passed (Dickhead Pan was the architect of lovely piece of medical tyranny) I’ve learned more than I wish I knew. Vaccines are deadly and kill and maim for life routinely-it’s called a “well baby” visit where up to 7 or more vaccines will be injected into your infant. Near 300 more vaccines in the pipeline so watch out. It’s getting worse all the time.

Sandra Duncan No. Because I have never set foot within ten miles of one with my four.

Colleen Cappelletti Yes they did. I had a pediatrician bully me into vaccinating and saying some really rude things. I NEVER went back. And I stopped taking my kids to doctors visits because I didn’t know what to do I was so afraid of going to a doctor. Eventually I figured out what to do but yeah.

Natasha Allison Lentz Yes! It was the pediatrician we used when my daughter was a newborn. At that time I had no vaccine knowledge other than my gut telling me no. They told me they would fire me as a patient and so after her 3rd checkup with them we switched. Our current pedi is pro-vax but she is very understanding of my concerns and allows me to make decisions without pressuring me.

Stephanie Michelle Stewart Yes. I was threatened with CPS for medical neglect because I asked for a referral to an allergy specialist before continuing vaccines after my son had three previous incidents of anaphylaxis and hives within hours after vaccination each time. I did not want to take the risk again because each time we barely made it to the ER in time to save him.

Travis Sarah Crotwell Our pediatrician gave us a talk & tried to convince me that there’s no mercy in vaccines. Our family doctor on the other hand did try to make me feel stupid, irresponsible, & like a bad parent for choosing not to vaccinate.

 Angie Lopez When I had a pediatrician for my kids he said anything I read on the internet against vaccines was bogus and untrue as he hands me a print out of a antivax mom turned pro vax blog

Brianna Hernandez Yes- she said i was a horrible mother, and if i really cared about her i would vax. She then said she was a mother and wouldnt inject mercury or bad chemcials in her kids if she knew they were in there. She also saod to me that, if my kid gets a disease i cant come to her for help cause she warned me and it would be my fault. I had told her a total of 3xs we werent vaxxing and she had thr nerve to come into the room with vaccines saying that she was due for them. I then told her: i already told you and its set in stone im no longer vaxxing my child. Shr then walked out and slammed the door. She then later mailed me a letter debunking Wakefield and stated “facts” how vaccines were safe and if i didnt comply i would be dropped from thr practice.

Donna Allen Fiederlein Luckily i had mds that didn’t push the issue. As newer mds came in to intern they would ask why. I said to them, “look how many times my kids have been to see a dr for sick visit” . Then I told them I would like to keep it that way lol!

Jessica Childress No children yet – but did have a friend tell me she was weary of vaccinating her then 6 week old baby – she raised these concerns with her Ped – and was told “well if you dont vaccinate, then you might as well drive her home without a carseat” – way to be professional and compassionate to a young mother who had very real concerns about what was being injected into her infant – I told her I would have left the office at that moment and never went back. Any healthcare “professional” who gives that as an explanation needs to be reported and their license taken away – instead they are praised. Complete backward World we live in.

Karen Peterson We use a family practice doctor and she informs me of the risks but we always pass.

Melanie Rose Current Oh my it never stops. But the worst so far is with a WIC office nurse. I told her repeatedly that I was not vaccinating my daughter and she kept trying to persuade me each visit to get her vaccinated. Then one day she wouldn’t let me go without taking a horrible flyer with babies that had horrible diseases on it. It made me so angry and upset that they thought that was an ok thing to do. A mother with a new born baby that already was under a lot of emotional stress did not need to see dying babies. Luckily we moved after that so I wouldn’t be harassed anymore.

Yana Anita Appleton My sisters dr/midwife who was also our childhood doctor was so manipulative and horrible, she changed Dr’s several times until she found one that is respectful of her choices.

Brenda Johnson Yes the Dr at the hospital when I delivered my children. It was horrible, the last time was the worst they wanted to vaccinate I refused they then told me I was basically crazy, when we were ready to go they got mad and kept sending nurses in to harass and then some to act overly nice to us that didn’t work so then the pediatrician said she would call CPS on us. I said go ahead they can see how great our children are treated. That made them madder So I finally had to tell them were leaving now or I will be calling our countys prosecuting attorney. They were all so mad, it was a horrible ordeal!!

Stacey Bruce Yes!!! On my third pediatrician and I let him have it first visit!! Peds suck!

Annie Gonebye Wilson My baby would die if I didn’t and my parents were bad parents for me not having JABS…will she nearly died because they did give them to her while making me dumded down and stupid.. arm yourself with knowlodge research research research…

Elizabeth Alice Yep. But I’m not easily bullied and don’t put up with it.

Donna Loyst Yes…The school my son attached threatened me saying he would be kicked out of school…And they would call social services on me….

Jen Schwausch Yes I got called ignorant and negligent and kicked out of the practice when all I did was ask for a copy of the vaccine insert so i could research the ingredients.

Éire Ann Yes 3 of them, I got kicked out of their offices for not agreeing, in hindsight I wish I had punched them but I walked out in basic fear.

Pat Marriott Yup very doc i have ever met regarding my kids.. they have their spill about why i should and what Im exposing my kids too.. even after I ask them “how can you guarantee me my child will recover from the toxics u want to inject in them” then blab in about statitics. Sorry my children aint a statistic. They my babies I will not let you harm..

Christine Horan Kellerman Yes. Guardasil. For three years in a row. Glad she retired. Both alone in her office and in front of my daughters. She could care less about me refusing the flu shot for 10 years, though.

Carissa Bailey Santasiero I was asked to leave a practice after my pediatrician decided we needed to fully vaccinate after telling us she supported a delayed schedule.

Jim Gaul They usually gave me deer in the headlights stares.

Jodie Schuetz Pediatrician resisted delayed/spaced out schedule, but was respectful. My GP tried to guilt me into the flu shot “you don’t want to get your kids sick, do you”. That was the last time I saw them both. I really liked the ped, but looking to get away from the solely focused western medicine viewpoint. I found a functional medicine doc on my wavelength. He doesn’t whip out the Rx pad for every little issue.

Aybenlay Aybenlay And let me tell you why my dr changed her attitude beside me în a negative one. Because l asked her the paper where is written the substances of the vaccine.

Cersaundra Sleep Absolutely, even had one that told me he could no longer treat my child.

Greg Doss Yes. Told me if I didn’t vaccinate that I should just leave her office immediately.

Danna Stewart Yes. More than one. One even asked me when i went to medical school because how dare i question him.

Stephanie Carpenter Yes. I was told by an ER physician not only was he stupid but he was calling social services on me.

Katelyn Austin Yes! Yet couldnt answer any of .y specific wuestions without beating around the bush.

Ramona Longero Yes. Demeaned for sure. And somehow when I am proven right the treatment was even worse. 

Aybenlay Aybenlay If some children die, they don t assume that is because of vaccination.

Alanna Gifford-Gonzalez My daughter is on medical every well child appointment takes on average four hours due to them having to give me informed consent EVERY time we go in. Which involves the intern who did the exam giving me a lecture then waiting for them to print out a stack of papers about what could happen to my child because I don’t choose to vax her AND the have the over seeing MD come in and lecture me over again. EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Denice MV Hi I know my question doesn’t exactly pertain to the question but if anyone knows and can answer I’d appreciate it. My 3 month has to have skull surgery at Stanford and will be in there atleast a couple weeks. He has not received vaccines and pediatrician already asked me to give them I said no. Will they do it on him anyway and if they do are they required to tell me? I’m trying to be there 24/7 but they may not let me be by his side the whole time. Even though I’m certainly gonna try to stay by his side.

Jasmine Dressen Why yes. And its not over. We dont see her anymore but shes still practicing and doing the same stuff to other children.

Sarah Jaciuk Our pediatrician recently told us if we didn’t vaccinate our son we had to go elsewhere, in a nutshell.

Stefanie Hart Nope . I wouldn’t let anyone talk down to me 

Jennifer Redwine Thankfully, no, but I am careful and live in areas with a lot of refusers.

Rose Voltaire I never took my children to a pediatrician.

Aybenlay Aybenlay Yes. My dr has a different attitude, a negative one. After refusing, she chaged.

Carley Napier Of course they did… and then I FIRED them!!! 

Ashley Mass Yes we fired them before they could quit.

Rebecca Skelton Mateiro Yes! It was devastating and shocking.

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  1. I am astonished by the parade of imbeciles posting on this page.Every one of you is delusional to think that not vaccinating is the safer choice.

  2. Hi,

    It wasn’t a pediatrician, rather the gynecologist for my pregnant wife. She recommended the DTaP and Tdap Vaccines for my pregnant wife in her third trimester of pregnancy. And when ignored it and didn’t have her vaccinated, so the gynecologist marked on my wife’s pregnancy card that she refused to be vaccinated even when she was recommended to do so for “religious” reasons, which wasn’t the case, so when I noticed that statement, I had actually asked her to cut that statement off (and she had to) and I had to explain the harmful effects of the vaccine, especially for pregnant women and the baby.
    My other encounter was at birth, I had handed them our birth plan clearly stating that we do not want neither a Hep-B vaccine nor a Vit-K shot in our child. Unfortunately they didn’t let me in, and his knows what they did inside, except the nurse whom I handed over the birth plan later on told me that they had forgotten and given our baby the Vit-K shot. That’s the last time my daughter has seen a doctor. I totally lost the trust in current day doctors and medical facilities, except a few of them which can be counted on the finger tips.

    From the Maldives
    (Sunny side of the earth)

    • Correction: ” . . . and ‘God’ knows what they did inside . . . “

    • Wow. How horrible that someone thought to prevent your child from bleeding to death. Have you heard of hemorrhagic disease of the newborn? A dose of vitamin k prevents it.

  3. Question to those who say their children have avoided the pediatrician all together, how did u skirt the mandatory newborn testing? Was it performed by someone else? Not currently pregnant but have two children and if I were to get pregnant again I’d like to be armed with as much information as possible

    • Why would you skirt the state metabolic screen. Wouldn’t you want to know if your child has a rare, but treatable disease?

  4. Oh yes. After my oldest had bad reactions to her 2and 4 month shots, her doctor at the time was supportive of stopping at least for the time, and even said he’d been practicing 30 years and thought there were too many Vaccines now.
    Then we moved, I told the the first pediatrician we went to see we would not vaccinate and why. She insisted there was no way my daughter’s reaction had been to the vaccines because she’d never heard of such a reaction (3 of her reaction symptoms were on the “seek medical help immediately if one of these happens” Portion of the vaccine print out we received from our previous doctor) and insisted those symptoms were likely caused by a milk allergy instead… even though she’d only had those symptoms in the days/weeks immediately following vaccines And no other time.
    This pediatrician then suggested we admit my (Then 14 month old) daughter to a hospital for a night so they could catch her up on all her shots while monitoring her and observe her reactions.
    We left quickly and never went back.

  5. Yes but not too bad. I had to take my daughter to a checkup for school she was very healthy. I declined all vaccines the pediatrician lectured me about how just because Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carry started this movement didn’t mean it was good. I was like I didn’t know they weren’t into vaccines good for them! She then started on a speech about horrific diseases in third world countries. I reminded her my daughter had been born in Thailand and had zero health issues except those FROM a vaccine. She signed off after that

  6. Yes! I presented an extended schedule to my doctor with my oldest 10 years ago. He tried talking me out of it saying it was completely unnecessary and immediately saying how he had seen mothers in foreign countries lining up, begging for life saving vaccines for their kids. I insisted and he agreed…only for my comfort, not because it was necessary at all. Over the years any time I asked questions with my 5 kids to follow, he would always poo-poo me. I was NEVER once offered informed consent or taken through an insert detailing ingredients and risk vs reward.

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