Healthy Vaccine Free Family Shares Inspiring Story

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Both my children and I are 100 % unvaccinated. My elder daughter Saaya is 8 years old and my younger son Sandhyansh is 9 months old and neither are vaccinated. Both are healthy. My dad once saw a girl – she was 5 years old and our neighbor. She was very healthy playing all time full energetic. But one day some foolish health worker came and gave her polio shot. She got a fever that day and next day she was half paralyzed. So at that moment my dad decided I will not vaccinate my children.

I and my 2 brothers are unvaccinated and both my children are not vaccinated. We all are healthy. I never went hospital for any disease. I prefer Ayurvedic lifestyle and Ayurvedic treatment.

Thanks a lot Larry cook for your tremendous effort for social awareness against this poison vaccine.

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