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Our Children Can Be Healthy and Protected Without Vaccination


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BrittneyMainSlider-250pixelsMy name is Brittney Kara and my husband and I are parents who have chosen not to continue vaccinating our children. After thoroughly investigating and carefully weighing the risks and benefits of each vaccine, we have concluded that the current vaccines are not safe for our children and that they are not required for the optimum health of our children.

We did not make this decision lightly. My husband and I are educated people as well as responsible parents and citizens. I hold a degree in Political Science from UCLA and I am a published author, professional speaker and wellness educator. My husband has a degree from Boston University and is a full time firefighter and paramedic. We are completely aware of the risks that disease can pose to a community or an individual, and specifically to our children. Yet we discovered that there are better and safer ways to deal with those risks than vaccination.

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My Vaccine Research
I began researching vaccines in 2007 when I was pregnant with our first child. Dr. Jay Gordon was my pediatrician growing up and since I have always held him in a high regard he was the first person I turned to. He was very cautious about the current CDC schedule and his research inspired me to start my own. I began following the work of Dr. Russell Blaylock, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, and Dr. Suzanne Humphries, among others.

After our child was born, my husband and I decided that the only vaccine we were comfortable giving was the DTaP shot since my husband was a paramedic and could be exposed to whooping cough patients. Later I would regret this decision because both of my children experienced strong reactions to this vaccine. Following the DTaP vaccination, my oldest got her first and only ear infection and then a year of chronic colds, while my youngest daughter developed a sleep disorder. These reactions caused me to dig much deeper into the vaccine story. What I uncovered led me to the belief I have today: that my children are much safer not receiving vaccinations than receiving them.

I have spent thousands of hours reading, watching, listening, and learning everything I could find regarding vaccination. After reading through dozens of peer reviewed medical journals, watching documentaries, and reading books such as Dissolving Illusions, Vaccine Epidemic, and Immunization: The Myth Behind the Reality, I knew that vaccines were not the right choice for my family.

I uncovered three important facts through my research:

  1. Vaccines did not save us,
  2. Vaccines are unavoidably unsafe, and
  3. I can protect my children’s health in many other ways that do not include the toxic and sometimes damaging or even deadly consequence of vaccination.

Vaccines contain some of the most toxic and carcinogenic ingredients on the planet and injecting such things into my children’s bodies is not the way I choose to protect them from potential harm. My children have been raised on organic, non-GMO foods and superfoods since they were in utero. Each day my goal is to minimize their toxic exposure and to ensure the best possible nutrition for them, which leads to very healthy bodies. Healthy bodies have the ability to handle communicable diseases, as I discuss below.

Corporate and Federal Fraud In The Vaccine Industry
Besides the health risks of vaccination, it is important to discuss the issue of corporate and federal fraud by the vaccine companies. As a parent, if a company is being sued for fraud regarding their product, why in the world would I want to give that product to my children? Merck is currently being sued for fraud for withholding data about the effectiveness of their mumps vaccine. GlaxoSmithKline recently paid $3 billion dollars in a fraud settlement case. Not to mention the fact that the pharmaceutical industry is the biggest defrauder in history under the False Claims Act. Yet, legislation continues to be put in place to protect these corporations and not the population. As a mother it is my right to protect my children from these criminals.

Public Health and Vaccination
Is our decision not to vaccinate selfish and putting the rest of society in harms way? No, it is not. This is a lie the pharmaceutical industry has spread to turn the population against each other. Herd immunity is a myth and only relates to natural immunity from diseases, not from vaccinations. You can read more about herd immunity under Myth #4. If vaccines did what they claim to do, and actually protected people against diseases, then no one who vaccinates should care if others do not. In fact, vaccinated individuals are the ones who spread diseases – not the unvaccinated. This occurs through a process called shedding. Shedding has been documented throughout the history of vaccination, yet many people are not aware of the risk it poses.

Here are a few recent articles regarding vaccination and the spread of diseases:
Older sibling transmits vaccine rotavirus to younger sibling
Breastfed baby is hospitalized after contracting vaccine strain virus
A two year old boy nearly dies after exposure to his fathers Smallpox vaccine shedding

Unvaccinated Children Are Healthy
I am not afraid of the propaganda that says my children are “going to die” from an infectious disease without vaccination because should they catch a benign childhood illness like measles or chickenpox, I will deal with it in the appropriate manner, which I discuss below. In fact, my children are amazingly healthy without vaccination. Yes, they get sick from time to time, but they bounce back quickly. We have only given one of our children antibiotics one time, and it was for an ear infection she got after vaccination. My other daughter has never needed antibiotics and she is 3 years old. They do not have chronic conditions or health issues that are commonplace for other children in our society. I am a huge believer in the power of the human body, the natural immune system, and looking to nature for answers in regard to our health. I do not believe that pharmaceuticals have saved humanity. We can clearly see from today’s epidemic of chronic sickness that they haven’t.

Studies in New Zealand, Germany, and Hong Kong show evidence that unvaccinated children are actually healthier then vaccinated children, yet the United States refuses to do such studies. In September 2011, German researchers carried out a longitudinal study where they surveyed a total of 8000 unvaccinated children from the ages of 0-19 years old. The results showed that vaccinated children were up to five times more likely to suffer from a variety of diseases and disorders than unvaccinated children. According to Vaccine Choice Canada, a nationwide survey of 635 children showed that during the first five years of life, vaccinated children vs unvaccinated children showed at least twice as many incidents of antibiotic use, rheumatic complaints, loss of consciousness, convulsions/collapse, ear infections, febrile convulsions, inflammation, crying spells lasting more then 3 hours, and aggressive behavior that was remarkably higher in the vaccinated group.

How I Protect My Children Against Diseases Without Vaccination
The truth is that there is a chance of developing communicable diseases whether you or your children are vaccinated or not. After I studied the history of vaccination, I quickly learned that vaccines in fact did not save us, but rather it was better living and working conditions, improvements in sanitation, and access to clean food and water. You can read more about the history of vaccines under Myth #1 on this website.

Developing some of the benign childhood illnesses can produce lifelong immunity, whereas vaccines only supply waning protection that must be reactivated time and again with booster shots. Each time you vaccinate you are exposing yourself or child to the undeniable risks of vaccination, such as chronic toxicity, permanent injury, and even death. The pharmaceutical industry has been brilliant at producing and maintaining fear regarding these diseases. This is because their entire infrastructure depends on us continuing to buy into this false reality over and over again

Below are some of the top childhood vaccines and why I am not afraid that my kids will die from these diseases.

Hepatitis B
Hepatitis B is a virus that is transmitted through bodily fluids. Mothers are tested during pregnancy for this disease and if they are not a carrier of the disease the child is not at risk. This vaccine was originally created for IV drug users, prostitutes, and sexually active members of the population. Because this group of the population was hard to identify and sell the vaccine to, it was then marketed and sold to newborn children.

I am not sure about your kids, but my kids were not doing any of these activities 12 hours after birth or at anytime for that matter. Most children will not be receiving blood transfusions at birth, nor will they be doing intravenous drugs or having multiple sex partners that early in life. This vaccine for the majority of the population is totally ridiculous. Each parent should be able to make their own informed choice regarding the issue of Hepatitis B later on in a child’s life and discuss these behaviors at the appropriate time with them.

DTaP – Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis
Diphtheria is a disease that can be avoided by proper living conditions, hand washing, and good solid nutrition. This disease is treatable with antibiotics – therefore children who have access to proper health care and who are not malnourished with weakened immune systems are not great candidates for this disease.

Poor personal and community hygiene contributes to the spread of cutaneous diphtheria. In the US, the highest incidence rates in the past were reported in states with substantial populations of Native Americans. However currently, there is no geographic concentration of cases in the US.Merck Manual

According to the Merck Manual, “Infections can occur in immunized persons and is most common and severe in those partially immunized. Communicability in treated persons usually lasts for less than 2 weeks. In patients treated with appropriate antimicrobials, communicability lasts 4 days (page 2303).”

Pertussis (whooping cough) has been documented as far back as the 16th century. So it is clearly not going away because of vaccination, and if anything it has gotten worse, as we are now seeing vaccine resistant pertussis. There have been multiple pertussis outbreaks in highly vaccinated populations. The FDA and the CDC are well aware of the fact that the current pertussis vaccine is not holding its end of the bargain. An FDA press announcement discusses the issue of the ineffectiveness of this vaccine here.

If my children were to get pertussis (whooping cough) we would treat it naturally with large doses of vitamin C because that has shown powerful benefits in treating and managing the issues of pertussis. Dr. Suzanne Humphries, MD is a supporter of this method, and you can read her paper on it here.

Tetanus is not contagious person to person, and if you are exposed to something that would require a tetanus shot, you would have to get an additional shot after exposure. The DTaP vaccine gives immunization at the time of need and wanes after a few weeks. If my kids step on a rusty nail we will deal with it in the appropriate manner and keep the wound clean.

Measles (part of the MMR vaccine)
Recently, you cannot turn on the TV without hearing about the current “Disneyland Measles” scare. Even though this outbreak was relatively small compared to the population as a whole, and no one died, the pharmaceutical companies have used it as a fear campaign to sell more vaccines: Merck’s sales increased by 24% in the few months after the outbreak. The ironic thing to me personally is that my family and I were actually at Disneyland on the exact dates the outbreak spread. None of us contracted the measles, nor was I afraid my children would, and here is why:

The onset of measles in an individual has been attributed to vitamin A deficiency and studies have shown that by boosting vitamin A you can reduce the occurrence of contracting measles, or once infected, supplement with vitamin A to help the body better fight the infection.

If my children get the measles I will boost their immunity with vitamin A supplementation, organic nutrition, and other natural sources; monitor their health; and get them appropriate healthcare as needed. For most people measles is a 4 day rash. You do not get life long immunity from getting the MMR shot, but you do by contracting measles naturally. Dr. Viera Scheiber, discusses the importance of natural measles immunity in her paper at

Vaccine induced measles has led to fatalities in some children, thus showing that it is not safe to have every child receive the same vaccine with no preliminary testing of the immune system. According to the Merck Manual, ”In healthy, well-nourished children, measles has a low mortality rate unless complications ensue (pg 2324).” The MMR vaccine contains aborted fetal tissue and gelatin. Yes, there are aborted fetal lines used in many vaccines. You can read about this issue here.

Mumps is less contagious than chickenpox or measles, and shows minimal to no complications if contracted. The vaccine is not 100% effective and according to Merck, 5% of children do not develop the antibodies after vaccination (Merck, page 2099). Also, since Merck is currently being sued for fraud and falsifying data regarding the effectiveness of their mumps vaccine as mentioned above, there is really no point to discuss the benefits of this vaccine. For most, this is a benign childhood illness that does not pose a huge threat.

This disease is generally a mild viral infection know as the German Measles. Merck states: “Rubella is less contagious than measles. Immunity appears to be lifelong after natural infection,” and that, “ rubella requires little to no treatment.” Dr. Stanley Plotkin, professor of pediatrics at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, says that “It is clear that vaccination of children [for rubella], which has only been done for several years, is not very successful as a policy. (Immunization: The Reality Behind the Myth, By Walene James page 39)

Removal of toxins from the body can provide faster relief from this disease. Administering an enema and applying mud packs on the abdomen twice daily can help to detoxify and cure German measles. You can read about some great natural remedies for rubella here.

In pregnant women it can cause congenital defects and fetal death, however women are tested during pregnancy to see if they have it. The MMR vaccine is not safe for pregnant women, and women who do receive the vaccine are advised to wait 3 months before getting pregnant as discussed on the MMR vaccine package insert.

Side effects from the MMR include: Joint pain, temporary arthritis, and immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP), a disorder that decreases the blood platelet count, encephalitis, seizures, nerve deafness, parotitis, purpura, rash, and pruitis.

This is another benign childhood disease. I had it, my husband had it, my brother had it, and pretty much every member of our family and adult I know today had chickenpox as a child. We are all alive and well. Chickenpox can give you lifelong immunity while the vaccine is only 40-85% effective against the disease and does not provide lifelong immunity.

The vaccine also contains MSG (a neurotoxin), guinea pig embryo, and the aborted fetal tissue discussed above. As a parent I am not comfortable injecting foreign human and animal DNA into my children. The safety of this issue has been a concern by doctors for years, and I am not willing to let my children be science experiments.

Many health experts are concerned about the chickenpox vaccine causing an epidemic of shingles. Dr. Mercola discusses this issue here. From a financial standpoint, this is a brilliant marketing tool for the pharmaceutical companies because they now also offer a shingles vaccine too!

According to the CDC some reactions to the chickenpox vaccine are as follows: 

  • If you get chickenpox rash after vaccination, you can spread the disease to others. But, this is very rare. If you have chickenpox rash, you should stay away from people with weakened immune systems.
  • Seizure (jerking and staring spell) that may be caused by fever. Seizures after chickenpox vaccination may or may not be related to chickenpox vaccine.
  • They also may include severe brain reactions and low blood count.

Thanks CDC, but as a parent I will happily take my chances with natural chickenpox, especially since my kids can still get the chickenpox from the actual vaccine! If/when my kids get chickenpox I would do the following protocol by Dr. Monica German, MD:

  • Increase the dose of Vitamin D3 for the first 3 days to ‘boost’ the immune system. The daily winter dose is usually 1000-2000 IU per day, but it depends on your child’s age and their vitamin D status.
  • Other immune boosters include Probiotics, Omega 3′s and Elderberry syrup

I would also use calamine lotion and a colloidal silver salve to help with the sores, and we would also get lots of natural vitamin D to stop the spread of chickenpox.

Hepatitis A
According to the CDC, Hepatitis A does not have a chronic stage and does not cause permanent liver damage. Following infection, the immune system makes antibodies against the Hepatitis A virus that confer immunity against future infection. Death usually occurs when the patient contracts Hepatitis A while already suffering from another form of Hepatitis, such as Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C or AIDS. The CDC also states that, the risks of the Hepatitis A vaccine are “like any medicine, [and] could possibly cause serious problems, such as severe allergic reactions. The risk of hepatitis A vaccine causing serious harm, or death, is extremely small.

Since there is a risk of death, as a parent I should maintain the right to choose if I feel comfortable with this shot or not. Young children who are infected with Hepatitis A typically have a milder form of the disease, usually lasting from 1-3 weeks, whereas adults tend to experience a much more severe form of the disease. This disease is contracted by consuming contaminated foods or beverages and the risk is mostly in developing countries.

Everyone usually gets very concerned about polio and use it as a main reason why vaccinations are so important. People always say to me, “Well, what about polio?”

The polio truth was one of the hardest ones for me to wrap my head around. The truth about polio (or what we have all been told is polio) is that during the 1950s many similar diseases were misdiagnosed as polio, such as Gillian-Barre syndrome, hand foot, and mouth disease, transverse myelitis, undiagnosed congenital syphilis, ECHO, and Arsenic and DDT poisoning. The polio virus is a gut virus that has been around for centuries and had only began to show paralyzing effects on people in the 19 the century. Why? Because polio was really a reaction to the pesticides DDT and arsenic that were sprayed on literally everything at that time, including food. There was also a huge disruption to the immune system by the introduction of toxic and processed foods. These two factors together disrupted the gut and immune system balance which turned a once benign gut virus into a terrible disease. When DDT use was stopped, polio mysteriously dropped as well, proving that once again this vaccine did not save us. You can see the graph here. The CDC also reclassified the definition of polio multiple times, essentially reclassifying it out of existence.

The polio we see now in 3rd world countries is vaccine induced polio virus. Yes, you heard me right, vaccine induced polio. In the US the oral polio vaccine was dropped because it was causing polio, however it is still used in developing countries. How criminal is that?

This vaccination issue is a huge problem in India and Africa where the vaccine trials are causing enormous numbers of children to become paralyzed from the vaccine. In India over 53,000 cases of vaccine induced paralysis have occurred! The CDC even says that cases of polio are extremely rare in the US. However, between 1980-1994 there were 124 cases of vaccine-induced polio. Of course the government and CDC has been brilliant about covering all this up, but if you read the history of polio the picture becomes clear: vaccines did not save us from polio and in fact, caused massive harm.

What is rotavirus anyway? Most people I speak with have no idea what this disease even is.

Rotavirus is the most common cause of severe diarrhea among children worldwide. There are many different strains of rotavirus that can infect humans or animals, including monkeys, cows and sheep. There are five main strains that cause more than 90 percent of human rotavirus infections in developed countries, such as the US, but rotavirus strains are more diverse in developing countries. By the time a child is 5 years old they have been suspected to have been infected with rotavirus at least once. Each time a child gets infected his or her immunity is boosted and subsequent infections are less severe.

Problems with rotavirus occur when there is severe dehydration. Again this is more serious in developing nations where people may not have access to clean, safe water, or proper care. According to the CDC, Rotavirus infections rarely cause other complications and for a well managed child the prognosis is excellent. So if a child’s infection is well managed and the prognosis is excellent then why the heck do we need a vaccine when this vaccine is literally killing children throughout the world? Two babies died and 29 were hospitalized after receiving the Rotavirus vaccine in Mexico. Isn’t the death of one baby, one death too many? Why is this vaccine still on the childhood immunization schedule in the US? Where is the justice for these children?

This vaccine just happens to be co-created by Dr. Paul Offit who is the head of the Vaccine Information Center and has direct financial ties to the sale of this product. He is quoted as saying that a child would be safe receiving 10,000 vaccines at once! Sorry Mr. Offit, but I don’t believe you, and I will take my chances with the diarrhea. Maybe you should offer your own child as a guinea pig for this experiment you propose.

Conclusion: We Do Not Need Vaccines For Public Or Personal Health
As a parent it should be my decision and my decision only whether or not I am willing to take the risks defined above with the bodies of my children. After all, I brought them into the world and I am responsible for their wellbeing. If a vaccine permanently damages my children I am responsible for taking care of them for the rest of their life, and therefore it should be my choice and not a State mandate! My decision to protect my children from the harm of vaccination should not be a determining factor of my child’s ability to attend school with other kids. Healthy children who are not infected with disease should not be discriminated against. The companies that produce these vaccines are criminal, and I do not trust them with my children’s health. Mandating and forcing the public to participate in vaccination violates some of the core rights we have as human beings. It violates the Constitution of the United States, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the Nuremberg Code, which is a medical ethics code created in the wake of the atrocities that certain doctors practiced during World War II. Therefore, it is imperative that we protect personal choice and stop mandatory vaccination. Join us in this fight to preserve our liberty and please think twice about whether or not to vaccinate your children: both the science and our history has shown that we do not require vaccines for a healthy society and if there is risk, there most certainly must be choice.

Also see Brittney’s vaccine-free healthy living video by clicking here.

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  1. Do you give your kids the flu shot? I feel guilt like I should but I choose not to because I cannot even imagine what all they put in it. I don’t want such a thing injected into my child. I feel like the hype that surrounds the flu shot is odd and it freaks me out. Please tell me I’m doing the right thing by not buying what they’re pushing.

  2. So glad to read this, ive got two toddler 2 and 1 both unvaccinated not started school/preshcool yet , so many people dont use there brains thats the problem we are humans not puppets.

  3. Such a great article! So glad people are actually doing the research and sharing the findings. Its crazy that proper placebo testing on these products has never been done. People will believe whatever the media tells them, and can’t seem to do an ounce of research on their own. Good for you!

  4. hello, i just want to say that thanks for spreading this great information. I wish i knew now what i didn’t know back then. Im going to be a grandma soon and i want my god child to be toxic free when he comes out of this world. I noticed when baby’s born they automatic gives them shots, can we opt on this? Also i plan on making baby food instead of buying jar food, any suggestions on packaging, healthy ingredients? My daughter who’s prego had ashtma growing up will that have any affects on baby if so how can we prevent it. fy: i grew up in the phillipines as a child i got to experienced living in the farm, with animals along with natures life and never been vaccinated till i came here in america as teen. Thank you for your time. namaste

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