Vaccination By Medical Bullying Creates Hostile Child With Sensory Processing Disorder

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Vaccination By Medical Bullying Creates Hostile Child With Sensory Processing Disorder

Megan took her very healthy unvaccinated 3 year old child in for a pediatric check up, was bullied into having her child vaccinated, and left with a vaccine injured child. The doctor called it “normal.” Her child was violently ill for days after the vaccination, and then she wound up with a persistent hostile/agitation that lasted for years; she was also diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder. Megan opposes mandatory vaccination and we hope you will too!


I am a mother of two little girls. Before they were born I had already decided that I was not going to vaccinate them. I had done all the research I could. I read every book I could get a hold of. That was the decision I was comfortable with. Once they were born I found that getting out of the hospital without the first shot was difficult, but we got out. I chose my pediatrician wisely that time because she told me that she respected an educated decision. When I was at her office she didn’t pressure any kind of vaccinations. She would just mention it and leave it at that.

When my oldest one was three, my husband jobs and we changed insurance. I had to choose a new doctor and a whole new system. I just went with the one closest to my house just to make life easier. I took my very health three year old to her three year old checkup. She before that had maybe had a cold, maybe two colds her entire life. She was very, very healthy. She went in healthy and the doctor just instantly looked at her chart, wanted to know about the vaccines, why she hadn’t received any. He couldn’t get away from that. He wasn’t interested in anything else about her, if she was healthy in any other way.

We were probably there an hour of him just constantly pressuring. He told me that he sees children dying every day from these diseases and why would I put my child in that situation when it’s so easy to prevent it. I basically felt backed into a corner in this office and I felt like the only way to get out of it was just to say, “Okay, fine. She can have a shot.” That’s what I said; I said “a shot.” I didn’t really even pay attention to what that shot was but it ended up being Pentacel. It’s DTap plus polio plus Hib. Then they gave her also PCV. She ultimately came out with several in her one shot that day.

She came home, was basically violently ill right from the start. She was vomiting, she had diarrhea, she was completely lethargic. I had never seen her sick or have a fever so it was very alarming. It took a couple days to get back into that doctor. It was three days later that I was in. I can remember carrying her because she was a big three year old. She was just completely limp, carrying her up into that office, and his reaction was that’s with happens when you get a lot of shots. It was just that was normal, that was okay. She was lethargic and very ill.

I left and I just said I’m never going to see this guy again. At that point I went and interviewed pediatricians before I chose where we ultimately went, because now I know that that is important because I feel like that was extreme medical bullying. I didn’t have the words then to get out of that office properly. After that time period, after age three receiving those shots, she definitely became just a hostile child. She just was never really comfortable in her own skin is what I say of her. She was always just not content, she’s not content.

It’s taken several years but she’s actually now diagnosed with sensory processing disorder. I very much think she got it that day. She absolutely isn’t going to have any more because her body told me that day that she’s not made to have that go into it. I’m listening to that.

I oppose mandatory vaccination because I see vaccinations as a medical procedure just like anesthesia, just like surgery. They should be treated as such. They’re treated as routine and they’re such a huge, huge thing. When something goes wrong you’re left with a lifetime of something being wrong. That’s not to be taken lightly. Who knows what kid that’s going to happen to. Nobody knows; it could be anybody’s baby.

If you’re a parent watching this video and you’re concerned about vaccination, I urge you to do all the research you can on the subject. There’s a lot of things out there. I know two people can read the same thing and get two different ideas out of it, but you have to go with what works for you, what you’re comfortable with. For me, I read everything, I saw the side effects, and I wasn’t comfortable with them. So my ultimate choice was not to vaccinate.

My dad’s 11 and I’m 7; together we make 7-11.


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