My Child Is Vaccine Free Because Vaccines Carry Risk

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I Have A Vaccine Free Child Because Vaccination Carries Risk

Heidi is no ordinary mom! Prior to the birth of her daughter, she thought vaccines were safe. But then she decided to research vaccine safety and vaccine efficacy and determined that not only are vaccines NOT safe, but that they are not required to have a healthy child. Her child is vaccine free, and very healthy. She doesn’t worry about childhood diseases because she understands that a healthy and properly functioning immune system is the most important defense against disease – not vaccines.


I have a vaccine free child, and you are probably wondering, why I’ve made that choice. As a parent, I realized that that was going to be one of the most important things of bringing a child into this world. Having to make all of those decisions that came along with parenting, included thinking about medical interventions, vaccines. I thought that vaccines were safe, I thought that vaccines carried no risk, but after doing a lot of research thinking about how becoming a parent was going to transform me, and having a lot of also personal experiences with illnesses and the medical system, I realized that vaccines actually carried risk.

Upon becoming a parent and during my pregnancy, I took it upon myself to own my own health and that of my future child. That meant that I was going to become literate in the medical research, and up to latest information on vaccinations, and come to the conclusion personally that for my family, I was not going to take that same choice that everybody else was taking.

The most important thing to keep my child healthy and my family healthy is for us to have a strong immune system. We do that by doing the obvious, to us at least, which is making sure she sleeps well, that she gets as much sun exposure as she can, that she eats a healthy balanced diet, that I keep her away from the processed foods as much as possible. We just make conscious choices everyday that for some people maybe inconvenience, but for us they’re not because they’re allowing us to provide our family, and our child the strongest immune system. We focus our energy, and our time, and our lifestyle around that, so that we can have that choice and that option.

If my child were to contract one of these diseases, of course I would be concerned as a parent, but I would not be scared that that would be the end of my child or that something would happen to her that would be terrible. I know that we would have the support of her pediatrician, that we would have the tools to make all the right choices to nurse her back to health. I would be able to stay home with her take sometime off, take her out of school, and nurse her back to health. Nowhere in the back of my mind would I be concerned about having catastrophic events happen because she got sick.

Go out and educate yourself, talk to other parents that maybe more informed than you are, maybe able to share different knowledge that you’re not aware of. Even obviously talk to people that you respect and that you trust their advice. Most importantly is just make that choice for yourself, and for your family by coming to your own conclusions, by researching the subject, and by deciding on what’s best for you and your family.


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