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Big Differences In Two Children Vaccinated and Less Vaccinated

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I have 2 children: one is 6 years and she was fully vaccinated up until 4 years old and my other is 2 years old and she was vaccinated until 2 months old.

With my 6 year old I notice she has had several ear infections. She has eczema. She also has asthma. She is very hyper active like any other 6 year old but she is definitely very different from my 2 year old. She was hitting her milestones at the right place. In school she has learning problems. She gets distracted very easily.

With my 2 year old she has had only a few mild colds. No ear infections. No issues what so ever. She is very laid back and she has been ahead of other children her age. I definitely regret vaxxing my children. I’m so lucky nothing major has happened to them from the vaccines I did get them.

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