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A Picture Of Health: 2 Healthy, Totally Unvaccinated Children

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A Picture Of Health: 2 Healthy, Totally Unvaccinated Children

I have 2 grown daughters who are totally unvaccinated. Their older brother got one MMR and one other shot. My son has dyslexia and had asthma a few times until we stopped giving him processed meat. My kids grew up without allergies, ear infections, runny noses, etc. They never went to a doctor. They never needed one. They were NEVER on any kind of medication. One daughter got the flu in high school and my son was sick once that I can remember, but other than that they were always healthy. They got the chicken pox but it didn’t make them sick. They did well in college and now live in crowded cities (Hong Kong, NYC, and L.A.) but they stay healthy wherever they are.

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