Vaccine Free Child Eats No Problem But Vaccinated Child Had Eating Issues

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Vaccine Free Eats No Problem But Vaccinated Had Eating Issues

I have two children ages 5 and 1.5 at present. My first baby was vaxxed until 6 months because I didn’t know better. I’ve heard of dangers of vaccines before but I thought only some vaccines should be avoided. The idea of going completely vaccine free was way too radical at that time. I also did not have any information and I could be easily pressured into vaccinating by our pediatrician (whom I don’t blame, their job kind of implies pro-vaccination stance).

My second baby is completely vaccine free from birth, he hasn’t even gotten vitamin K shot or eye ointment at the hospital.

Both of them were exclusively breastfed on demand, first child – for 3.5 years and second child is still taking his naps while nursing.

Both of them are relatively healthy and resilient and have always been. However, one very big difference I observe between them is gut health… we all eat pretty much the same, while not picture perfect, I always try to provide wholesome foods, fresh fruit, vegetables, grass fed meat, and some grass fed dairy on occasion. My first child struggled with very bad and painful constipation that I could not figure out. We removed dairy except grass-fed butter, and it made things much better. However, she’s had some tummy issues since infancy and before she was eating any solid foods.

I recall reading in some blog that is was “normal” for babies to get constipated around 2-4 months or go without pooping for several days. My first baby would go 3-5 days without pooping… my second goes every single day and never bad any constipation. He never had that pattern when most other babies suddenly stop going number two for a number of days. And now it makes sense to me why my mom said that a baby should go every day or at least every other day – anything else is an indication of some problem. There were also significantly less vaccines back when I was a baby myself.

I observe that my unvaccinated child is a much more adventurous eater, he eats everything I give him, he may not like it but does not refuse to try anything. He likes sweets just like all kids but he does not demand everything exclusively sweet and does not refuse food because it’s not sweet or the texture isn’t right. That was the case with my first child. She was very very picky and addicted to sweets. It was a special challenge to get that baby to eat and it was incredibly stressful for me. I kid-you-not some days she ate nothing at all. It was then when I found a book with the title “Why won’t my child eat” where the author observed that her children’s eating disorders were linked to vaccines. So my first baby thrived on pumpkin and sweet potato smoothies that I fed her through a straw.

I am not claiming that it is all directly related to vaccines. They also have some personal differences. After all, there are picky eaters and not picky ones regardless of whether they are vaccinated. However, in general I observe better gut health with my second unvaccinated child with all other conditions being relatively the same.

Another observation I wanted to share is my second baby always has been more present and “connected.” I remember I was very surprised when a brand new few minutes old baby was looking right at me, his eyes were not crossed. And as I already mentioned he had fewer tummy issues and as a result overall happier and calmer.

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  • Joe says:

    We have a 5 year old vaccinated child in our family with extreme picky eating issues. Textures of food and even temperatures are a problem. The child eats mostly sweets, chicken nuggets (only from a popular chain) and no vegetables.

    The family uses a nutritional drink daily, similar to toddler formula, to make sure to get the nutrients needed.

    The child is diagnosed with deathly allergy to peanuts and tree nuts, and has asthma.

    Desperate for anything that you might offer to help. Has your child continued to add more foods?
    Thank you

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