Autism In Vaccine Free Boy, Antibiotic Culprit, Gut Flora Repair and Recovery

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Autism In Vaccine Free Boy, Antibiotic Culprit, Gut Flora Repair and Recovery

My son is a twin, he just turned three. He has always been the more sensitive one. He was in the NICU for 9 days after birth with respiratory issues. At 5 months he had a double ear infection, pink eye and a high fever. Against my better judgement I let them give him Tylenol and antibiotics…he had a horrible reaction, after 2 doses I stopped the antibiotics.

At 2 years old was when I realized something wasn’t quite right: my son wasn’t talking. Durning the next 9 months he began displaying other symptoms: less eye contact, walking on tip toes, unable to regulate his emotions. He had a hard time playing with others.

If anyone even suggested autism I got mad, my son is vaccine free, there’s no way. I then started doing some research, not google something and take it at face value but finding peer reviewed, credable medical research. I took the ATEC, he scored a 68…clearly something was going on. I thought the doctors must have given him the vitamin K shot while he was in the NICU behind my back. There had been such a fight with the doctors about our refusal to give him that shot. I got his medical records, they didn’t. I did find that hours after birth my son was given 2 different antibiotics, he didn’t have an infection, there was no reason for him to get these. It still baffles me that an infant that is having some issues breathing was given an antibiotic where one of the side effects is respiratory distress. So my son, who hasn’t had any vaccines or the vitamin K shot clearly has many symptoms that they call autism…why?

Lots of reading and talking with people has lead me to this conclusion. Vaccines cause the symptoms that they call autism, but why is every kid that’s given a vaccine not autistic and why is my son who is vaccine free displaying symptoms of autism? Well, I’ll probably lose a lot of people here but I have concluded that autism is not real. There are a series of symptoms that many kids have started to display and they have decided to just put an autism label on it, and the symptoms vary so much they decided to make it a spectrum.

Why do some kids have these symptoms? Because something is wrong, there is an injury that happened. My son’s gut bacteria was destroyed hours after birth with antibiotics, 5 months later his gut was assaulted again when I gave him another round of antibiotics. The link between the gut and the brain is so significant, when his gut was assaulted it also hurt his brain. And that imbalance has displayed itself as symptoms that they call autism.

My son carries the mthfr gene mutation, it makes it harder to detox toxins out of the body (40% of the population has this mutation). Without the proper gut flora his body is less efficient at detox and he has been assaulted with environmental toxins.

Those toxins have made they’re way to the brain and are wreaking havoc on him.

My son’s body is very sensitive, even without the toxins in vaccines he still has been injured by environmental toxins. So what happens to kids who are less sensitive but are overwhelmed with toxins from vaccines? There’s injury, there’s damage to the brain. Some kids are better at detoxing and can be vaccinated with seemingly no effect but for others it affects in them different ways, in a spectrum of ways: allergies, eczema, behavioral difficulties, “autism.”

Vaccines are destroying our children and we’re made to believe there is nothing wrong – I mean injecting a bunch of known toxins into our kids…what could possibly go wrong?

I am forever grateful that my son is vaccine free because if his body was overwhelmed with toxins from vaccines he would probably be dead.

I am happy to report that changing my sons diet and supporting his immune system, he has begun to improve! Rebuilding the gut flora so his immune system can function properly, I have seen so many improvements, he’s begun talking more, he has great eye contact and rarely has meltdowns! My son is getting better because I didn’t just let them label him “autistic” I dug deeper and found not only the cause but solutions for healing, for full restoration.

  • CharlaStar says:

    The French documentary available on Amazon Prime ‘The Gut: Our Second Brain’ is very informative about the gut-brain connection.

  • Adriana says:

    Do not assume that he was not vaccinated at birth if not in the medical record. I requested same for my son, in 1998. Just before discharge he developed benign myoclonus seizures. When looking back at lab work done in NICU, liver enzymes were abnormal , pointing it to injury by Hep B vaccine, it is although this caused some type of meningitis. I couldn’t sue, as I had no proof, but my gut feeling after combing through labs was that he was inadvertently given that vaccine. I did not vaccinate again, but he did have speech delay and dyslexia.

    • Petra says:

      Yes, agree. I asked that my daughter not be given the MMR and yet I believe that she was, because it shows up on other natural medicine scans.

  • Fabiola Acuna says:

    My son was just diagnosed. He just turned 3 on November 6 2019. He used to eat everything and now he is very picky eater. He is starting to chew on stuff and walk on his toes ( something he never did ) . I have been wanting to detox him and get him to eat healthy but I do not know how to or where to began. Do you have any tips or advice?

  • Heidi Weaver says:

    Excellent work, Mama!!

  • Shasha says:

    Orthobiotic probiotic/Cytoflora may help the good bacteria in the large intestines. Probiotics multiply B vitamins and detox sugar etc.. Vit C/PQQ/Nature’s plus- Source of life multiple/coconut flakes…this fat helps the brain, but a probiotic later is needed. Fish oil/lecithin/antibiotic free poached eggs/Wild rice (has no a grass)/organic fruit and vegetables/lentils and more may help. Lots of good water with no F/Cl may help.

  • Shasha says:

    Tylenol may hurt the liver and drive kids into Autism. Antibiotics may lower the immune system/hurt the gut lining/hurt mitochondria/lower Mg/hurt the good bacteria in the large intestines. Some doctors give antibiotics if the water broke early in pregnancy. Breast milk has stem cells that may help heal the baby. Baby formula maybe 1/2 sugar that lowers the immune system/have GMO/Roundup corn that hurts the gut lining and GMO soy/Roundup that blocks thyroid and development. Vaccine over load may hurt..too young/too many vaccines at one time/too many vaccines total…mercury/Aluminium and other bad ingredients like aborted cells may hurt. Vaccines may burden the immune system. Gluten (wheat/barley/rye..oats/corn/rice) may lower the immune system/hurt the gut lining so less nutrients absorb. GMO/antibiotics/gluten/Lyme etc may hurt the gut lining. PQQ may help mitochondria and exercise. Sunlight/Vit D3 may help the immune system and Vit C. Fixing the root cause is needed.

  • Ma says:

    What kind of changes did you make with diet. People need nite information. At least tell us where to go for help. Thsnks

  • Allie says:

    What did you find in your research? How do you repair the gut flora? You left us hanging. I need this for my 7yr old but he is by far the pickiest eater. I detoxed him With TRS & his tics went from bad to NONE but they are starting to come back after 5 months along with the meltdowns. im assuming environmental toxins. I guess i need to either put him back on the spray or fix his diet. Or both

    • Wendy Haslund says:

      Personally I have been really benefiting from the GAPS diet by natasha cambell mcbride.


      hi Allie
      tics! do you think this is from vaccines?
      my nephew has these since very young, we noticed around 2 or 3 with an eye squint, mouth stretch. now he is 14 and has had the vocal and motor tics on and off all the time, parent have done nothing, the dad is emotionally disconnected and pretends it doesnt exist, wont discuss. Mum is under his thumb.unfortunately they are vegetarians forced by the dad so the poor kid has not much chance of gut repair. and hes a picky eater and has behavioural problems. after mmr mum stopped vaxxing him. I wish there was more articles on tics and vax/etc because it seems to not be connected and the tics websites like to diagnose it as a neural issue ,not connect the obvious dots. its a huge burden to innocent children, so unfair.

      • Dana says:

        Katherine, Forrest Maready talks about tics and droopy mouth as vaccine injuries in his book “Crooked”. How to heal it? I don’t know, except all-organic healthy diet, which in my book must include animal fats – at least, eggs and butter and fish. And DETOXING. Fiji water, which is high in silica, can bind to aluminum in the body and pull it out. Vaccines inject a lot of aluminum into the body and it does NOT come out easily.

  • Kimberly Mallas says:

    I love moms who dig to find the solutions. I’m so happy that you fought to find them for your son and that he is responding. More and more I’m seeing that gut health is absolutely at the crux of this whole issue. Thank you for your story as it will be another piece of this tragic puzzle. Much love and light!

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