Australian Mom Stops Vaccinating Her Kids Upon Realizing Their Numerous Vaccine Injuries

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Australian Mom Stops Vaccinating Her Kids Upon Realizing Their Numerous Vaccine Injuries


What does a discerning mom do after she discovers vaccines damaged all three of her children? She wakes up, of course, and stops vaccinating!

After hearing vaccine injury stories and identifying with the common experiences and illnesses, Yvette Saxon, mother of three, realized her children’s health issues and chronic illnesses were actually vaccine injuries. After she discovered the jarring connection, and researched how vaccines, medications, and other toxins negatively affect health, she discontinued vaccinating. Yvette now proactively seeks healthier ways to boost immune function in her family and repair the damage that came from vaccination.

Yvette: My kids are 17, 13, and 10 years old. All are fully vaccinated, including the HPV vaccine for my boys (according to the Australian vaccination schedule). The vaccine injuries across my kids are many and varied. I only woke six months ago, but after hearing people with the same experiences and illnesses, I’ve seen the connection and shared the information that I found. So has my husband, Paul, and our extended family is waking as well. Paul and I are very unified on this issue.

The Vaxxed movie came to our town in October last year and we all went to see it, kids included. Paul is an open-minded person who is willing to look at both sides of an issue.  Paul had a flu shot some years ago, had never had the flu prior, and was sick as a dog with the flu within days of receiving the shot. Even though I’m only newly awake, I suspect and know the vaccines did cause damage because we have been able to reverse some problems through natural approaches.

Q: What initially “woke” you up about vaccines?

Yvette: My friend’s little seven year old daughter died of flu complications in Victoria last year. Our friend, whose daughter passed, has since received the coroner’s report back and it showed that the tragedy would not have been averted even if she’d had a flu shot. Around the same time another friend sent me a link on the side effects of the Gardasil (quadrivalent) vaccine. What has also woken me up was the documentary series “Sacrificial Virgins,” which has since won multiple film festival awards. That was the beginning of me going down the rabbit-hole.

I became an Enrolled Nurse (EN) in 2005, as well as a Certificate IV qualified disability support worker. I also studied to become an Registered Nurse (RN), but didn’t finish my placements after having a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) about a year after having a Twinrix shot for Hepatitis A and B. The doctors mentioned the TIA was caused by stress. I was under some pressure at that time, but did not know what caused the mini stroke. Put it this way, I’m not getting any more shots! With a lot of understanding about anatomy and physiology, the side effects to vaccines made sense to me with drug interactions and toxic vaccine ingredients.

Learn from Yvette through her family’s challenging health journey. She discloses her kids’ assorted health issues, what vaccinations and medications they received, their chronic infections, rashes, illnesses, and diagnoses. She reflects on the constellation of medical symptoms her children have endured over the years. Yvette highlights what she is doing differently now to improve, remedy, and enhance her children’s health naturally.

Q: Can you provide a snapshot of your children’s health from birth to current? (from vaccinations, to medications, to infections, illnesses, and diagnoses) 

Brodie, my eldest, was born in 2000. He was a big boy weighing 9 pounds 8 ounces with a full head of blonde hair. Brodie was given all vaccinations up to four years old, starting with the Vitamin K and Hepatitis B shots at one day old. Brodie had terrible reflux as a baby and breastfeeding was traumatic for both of us. As a result, he started formula at three months old. Brodie could not sleep during the day and screamed if he was put down. This lasted until he went on solids at six months. We couldn’t go anywhere and nothing made him comfortable. He slept better at night, as I guess from exhaustion. Doctors just said it was normal.

Brodie started having ear infections at 18 months on Sept 11, 2001. He was up all night on Phenergan. It is a baby painkiller that was supposed to help him sleep. He wasn’t in pain, but he also couldn’t sleep. The only thing on TV was the plane crashing into the twin towers. We watched kiddy videos all night. (Doctor informed me his inability to sleep was due to his eyeteeth coming through.) Brodie received his 18 month DPT vaccine on November 21, 2001. His ear infections may have initially started due to his eyeteeth coming through, but the ear infections did not continue for three years from his eyeteeth. In the six to eight months before the operation, Brodie was getting an ear infection every month. Brodie’s chronic ear infections persisted until age four when he had his adenoids removed and tubes placed in his ears.

Brodie was constantly on many prescriptions of antibiotics and regular Panadol (acetaminophen) and Dimetapp (antihistamine). He had a skin rash reaction to penicillin, so that was never given again. During this time Brodie also had many bouts of croup that was treated with steroids and he experienced chronic rashes.

Even through all of these health issues, Brodie was a bright and bubbly child. He met all his milestones, and nothing kept him from developing normally. At four years old, he received his 4th booster of the polio vaccine, a 5th DTP booster, and a 2nd round of the MMR vaccine. At age five, he came home from school with a large mask and said, “Mum I can’t see properly out of this eye – it’s all fuzzy” (right eye). We took him to an eye specialist and he has worn glasses ever since. At 12 years old, Brodie received the Gardasil HPV vaccine (quadrivalent) and thankfully he had no reaction that we could visibly see. However, Brodie has had gut problems for a long time and regular diarrhea. Since doing a gut cleanse, things have improved in that area. Brodie is now 17, has finished high school, has no learning problems, and is in a chef apprenticeship position. He has his driver’s license as well, which at age five we were told he may not achieve.

My second child, Conor, was born in 2005, another big healthy boy weighing 9 pounds, 6.5 ounces. Conor also had all his shots, including Vitamin K and Hepatitis B given at birth. Conor also had dreadful reflux, — exact same symptoms as Brodie. Conor had frothy poop, and a maternal health nurse told me he was allergic to milk, so he went on formula at six weeks old. We tried many formulas and he also required the formula to be thickened to keep it down and because he wasn’t putting on enough weight according to the health nurse. He couldn’t sleep during the day, slept five to six hours straight at night, and then the cycle would begin again. This also was resolved at six months old.

As time progressed, Conor grew, and he was a happy, loving baby. He was a smiling, crawling, bundle of joy. He received his six month shots. At around seven months old, he began getting dreadful throat infections. Every few months he would be back on antibiotics, Panadol, and Dimetapp. He also had a rash of pimply white spots on his chest and belly that stayed for years. The doctor told us, “It’s ok, they will go away eventually.” They temporarily did, but returned. He also had chronic heat rash and cradle cap until he was three years old.

At 12 months old, Conor received all of his vaccines (MMR, Hib, Meningococcal Serogroup C) and ten days later we moved to the other side of Australia. He screamed all the way to Queensland in a car (a four day trip with two cars/trailer, a dog, and a removalist [relocation] truck following).

When we arrived in Queensland, he was no longer cruising the furniture and no longer saying words, back to babbling and crawling. Doctors said he had regressed because of the trauma of the move. Conor didn’t start walking until 18 months and rarely spoke again until age three. I would say “I love you Conor” and he would say “Too.” I’d ask him if he could say I love you and he could, but he would go back to not talking. At age four, Conor started kindergarten and he received vaccines prior to school (4th polio booster, 4th DPT, 2nd MMR). The kinder teacher noticed developmental issues and sent us to a speech therapist. The speech therapy didn’t really help. When Conor started school he was not interested in learning the alphabet, or writing and reading. His language had improved a lot though. By grade one, the teacher was telling us he had Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and that we needed to get him on medication. By this point, Conor was doing a lot of flapping and bouncing when he got excited and wanted my hand on the top of his head to soothe him. I refused to medicate him. The difficulty with learning to read was troubling and the flapping behaviors were concerning (I had worked in disabilities for years).

He was never diagnosed with autism and I don’t believe he is on the autism spectrum. Yet he flapped and bounced, and has learning difficulties that have now been diagnosed as dyslexia. All his autistic-like behaviors have stopped thanks to dietary changes and direction from our naturopath.

Throughout this journey, I looked for natural ways to help and started the family on the Failsafe Diet, removing all preservatives. We did this diet for a year, reintroducing foods to see if there were any reactions. But, I was grasping at straws to help my kids, and luckily this approach worked.

We also moved Conor to another school. Conor was diagnosed dyslexic in this year and a few months into the diet, the flapping and bouncing stopped. No allergies were noticed. The next school also wanted him diagnosed with ADD (he was not hyperactive). We visited a doctor and they agreed he didn’t have ADD. The school then said he cried a lot at school and that we should get him diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, as they would get some funding for that. There is no government funding attached to dyslexia in Australian schools, but there is a lot of funding attached to autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), ADD, and psych issues. I removed Conor from this school and homeschooled him for 12 months until he asked if he could go back to school. When he returned to school, he attended a different school. He currently does not present with ADD or ADHD.

Conor has come along in leaps and bounds since then. He started learning the guitar at six years old and now he sometimes plays lead guitar in the high school band. He’s 13. When he received the Gardasil HPV vaccine (quadrivalent) last year, the weird pimply rash on his chest returned.

Jewel was born in 2008 when Conor was three and Brodie was eight. Another big bub with loads of blonde hair weighing 8 pounds, 11 ounces. Once again, fully vaccinated from birth, including Vitamin K and Hepatitis B at birth. Once again, reflux. Same as the boys, except at five weeks old I took her to a chiropractor which relieved a lot of the reflux symptoms and she slept a lot better. Unfortunately, I was still unaware of the risks to vaccines and we continued vaccinating her on schedule. (In Australia, natural health care providers can get in to trouble if reported for discussing negatively about vaccines.)

Jewel walked and talked by 12 months and was a joyful child. However, she was also a very destructive kid. The destructive behavior continued for years. Jewel went through periods of using all the shampoo and conditioner in the bathroom, destroying the soap, basically running anything with that texture through her hand. We now recognize that as a sensory issue that mainly shows up when she is anxious about something. Jewel also had problems following more than one direction at a time, has learning disabilities, and struggled with learning particularly literacy. She’s dyslexic. Jewel has not been formally diagnosed, as we didn’t see the point of spending all that money when she wouldn’t qualify for any help anyway.

Jewel has struggled with chronic chest infections since a baby, and croup for a time. The chest infections start with a sinus infection that end with a chest infection, preceded by a post-nasal drip. Jewel had been on many scripts of antibiotics and Panadol and antihistamine that did nothing. Every year they would finally prescribe steroids up the nose that would stop the bug. This routine would continue for five to six months every year. At age seven, we began seeing a naturopath. The problem is now resolved before it becomes a chest infection. No more antibiotics.

After the varicella vaccine at four years old, Jewel had chicken pox symptoms that were never diagnosed as chicken pox by doctors. They called it “a rash that needed to be covered as it could be contagious.” It was chickenpox. Crusty spots that started on the upper torso, same as when I had chickenpox as a kid. Jewel also had a molluscum rash on and off for two years, since after her 18 month old shots. Her immune system was just not strong enough to fight it. We treated this rash with steroids.

Jewel has not received the HPV vaccine and she won’t be. In Australia, Gardasil has been replaced with Gardasil 9 as of the beginning of 2018. The original Gardasil had 220 micrograms of aluminum per shot – given in three shots. They also gave dTap at the same time as the Gardasil shot unbeknownst to me. Gardasil 9 contains 500 mcg of aluminum per shot – given in two shots. DTap is also being given at the first visit.

Q: Did your doctors ever provide you with the risks and benefits (informed consent) and explain or give you extended information about the vaccines or medications your children were given (vaccine inserts, product info sheets, ingredients, etc.)?

Yvette: No. No informed consent was ever given; in fact when Brodie was a newborn, new mums were given a date and time and were herded through a school hall like cattle. “Dose up your kid with Panadol, get the jabs, go home. Ring if you are concerned.” Raised temperature, pain at the site, and general irritability were the only stated side effects.

Q: What natural health approaches are you pursuing now?

Yvette: We regularly see a naturopathic doctor (ND) now. Our ND has done a gut cleanse and detox on the two youngest kids and he has treated them with homeopathic remedies. Behaviors and health have definitely improved with all the kids. The younger two have improved noticeably in concentration and attention at school, which has been commented on by teaching staff. Jewel is no longer destructive, but that also had to do with maturity and understanding with guidance.

We also eat as cleanly as possible and I research and use natural supplements such as Vitamin C and Colloidal Silver. We also juice, and I make my own elderberry syrup, kombucha, and more to build our family’s immune function. Regularly, I am researching natural ways to build the immune system and fight disease.

Thank God we are seeing a naturopath now and are avoiding further toxins, antibiotics, etc., and finding a more natural route to health. Both of my younger kids are passing their year levels at school and are improving due to the naturopath’s direction. I’m trying to spread awareness about the potential negative side effects of vaccines and encourage others to do their own research and make informed decisions for their families. So glad I’m awake, but also angry I didn’t wake sooner. My goal now is to build my children’s immune systems naturally and avoid vaccines and antibiotics completely.

Back when my kids were younger and struggling with behavior, concentration, and chronic health issues, it was stressful. Jewel still has chronic sinus and chest infections. It’s less stressful now as we are more knowledgeable about natural health protocols for building their immune response and dealing with illness when it arises.

I owe my kids to take responsibility for my shit decisions and help others. My Conor really struggled last year with dealing with kids in his class with autism. Since I started this journey and talk to the kids about the info I find, Conor is now protecting the kids with autism and helping them. I asked him, “What had changed?” He said, “Well Mum that could have been me.” I’m so grateful for newly found knowledge and my beautiful kids that are on their way to better health.

Q: What advice do you have for parents that are new on the path of vaccine awareness?

Yvette: Do your research before vaccinating. Know the potential consequences, both for and against. There is so much information out there that is accessible now that wasn’t available when my first two children were born.

Q: What are the current vaccination laws in Australia and vaccination schedule?

Yvette: Current vaccination law in Australia is that vaccines are not compulsory. However, the “no jab no pay/play law” that came into effect January 1, 2016 means that non-vaccinated families or partially vaccinated families are likely to have the government withhold childcare rebates and all childcare benefits – including the grandparent childcare benefit, special child care benefit, and for jobs, education, and training childcare fee assistance. The Family Tax Benefit part A – end of year supplement is also affected. Private childcare businesses can choose not to enroll unvaxxed or partially vaxxed children. Only families with a medical exemption or fully vaxxed are able to receive these benefits. Apparently unvaxxed or partially vaxxed children will not be discriminated against in government-run education settings. This remains to be seen.

Q: How do vaccine exemptions work in Australia? (for school enrollment)

Yvette: In Queensland it is not considered discrimination to refuse enrollment of a child that is not up to date on vaccinations at private childcare businesses. Unvaxxed or not fully vaxxed children are able to access government childcare facilities of which there are not many.

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