Three Big Reasons To Oppose Mandatory Vaccination

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Three Big Reasons To Oppose Mandatory Vaccination


Natural Immunity Is Better
Vaccination is not a desirable way to “protect” a child from infectious disease. Parents who do not vaccinate refuse vaccination first and foremost because the innate natural immune function is *superior* to vaccination in every possible way. A child will have extended and maybe even lifelong immunity to the infection once a child fights off the infection. This is far superior to “booster shots” and “vaccine failures” from vaccination. Children who are healthy and who have strong immune function are at extremely low risk of complications or death from infectious diseases, and wind up with even better immune function once an infection passes through. In fact, not all unvaccinated children who are *exposed* to an infectious disease actually get *infected* with the disease because of their healthy immune function. Thus, parents choose not to vaccinate because natural immunity is superior to vaccination.

Vaccines Cause Harm and Death
Vaccination carries extreme risk and any one shot at any age can be the shot that permanently maims or kills a child. Although vaccine apologists deny the link between vaccines and Autism, the documentary Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe dives into the dark side of the CDC’s coverup of their findings that the MMR vaccine is in fact causing Autism. With an Autism rate of around 1 in 68 we can safely say that vaccine injury affects a very large percentage of children, especially when we take into account seizures, asthma, autoimmune conditions, and a host of other chronic illnesses afflicting our children. Parents who want to opt out of having sickly children should not be forced to vaccinate their children. And let us not forget that vaccine manufacturers, doctors, hospitals, nurses and everyone else associated with creating and administering vaccines have absolutely ZERO LIABILITY if a child is permanently disabled or killed by a vaccine. In fact, doctors will deny the association even if it is staring them in the face – doctors just say it was a coincidence. We call it murder and mayhem.

Parents Should Decide
Parents – not the government – should be able to decide the fate, health and wellbeing of their children. The idea that any government would dictate that dangerous procedures *must* be administered to children in order to receive government or private benefit is nothing short of absolute tyranny. It’s a real shame that society as a whole is willing to trade their freedom for supposed “protection” and yet it does so because of fear mongering. Legislators are bought off by the pharmaceutical industry and do not have our best interests in mind. We hope one day that society as a whole will wake up to this medical tyranny called mandatory vaccination and vote out of office all those who support such dictatorship legislation. Mandatory vaccination is an abomination of a free and just republic.

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