Eight Week Old Infant DIES After Receiving 7 Vaccines


Eight Week Old Infant DIES After Receiving 7 Vaccines

Story by Sarah Garland
Graphics by Jason Jackson

After a successful laboring experience, Sydney and Dylan welcomed their beautiful baby girl, Rowyn Faye, into this world on December 26, 2015. She was a healthy infant weighing 7 pounds and 9 ounces and had no issue latching-on to breastfeed. No medical conditions were noted, as Rowyn was perfectly healthy. The young couple decided to vaccinate their child, so the baby girl was administered both Hepatitis B and Vitamin K on the day of her birth. Rowyn cried frequently afterwards; however, this wasn’t recognized as a reaction, due to the fact that most newborn babies often cry.

The new parents took their child home to Sydney’s grandmother’s house – where they live – and they breastfed and practiced safe co-sleeping methods (the only piece of fabric on the bed being a fitted sheet surrounding the mattress). Rowyn continued to thrive, gaining weight steadily with the help from her mother’s milk. Sydney remembers her baby girl as being happy, smiley, and healthy.

On February 17, 2016, Sydney took her baby into her two-month old well-baby visit, one week early. Rowyn’s pediatrician insisted that Rowyn receive all of her vaccines that day. Being a young and inexperienced mother of nineteen years of age, Sydney agreed. It’s important to note that both of the doctor and the nurse offered no true informed consent concerning the vaccinations that Sydney’s baby would be receiving. There was no mention to Sydney about any adverse reactions that may happen to her baby, besides mentioning that Rowyn’s leg could be sore and swollen, nor were any vaccine inserts given to her, nor any mention about the ingredients used within the vaccines. The pediatrician also never went over Rowyn’s family’s medical history, looking for possible genetic risks to adverse reactions. They handed the young mother an informational paper explaining what the TDaP was, along with a list of the other vaccines that Rowyn would be receiving: DTaP (Tetanus, Pertussis, and Diphtheria); Hib (Haemophilus influenzae type b); Hepatitis B; Polio; and PCV 13 (Pneumococcal).

Rowyn received seven different vaccines in five shots during her well-baby visit. Sydney cried while watching her baby receive these vaccines, and felt like something wasn’t right – she felt it in the pit of her stomach. Rowyn screamed during the administration of her vaccines, so Sydney consoled her afterwards by breastfeeding her to sleep.

After the doctor’s visit, Rowyn started sleeping heavily throughout the days and evenings, sometimes gasping for air. Once a frequent evening waker, the baby girl now slept soundly throughout the night, waking only once to breastfeed. A few days after Rowyn’s vaccinations, the soft-spot on her head sunk in really deep; however, the pediatrician was never notified about this incidence. The parents’ previously happy baby was also now notably not as happy as she was before. Sydney was worried about her baby and asked her grandmother and friends about Rowyn’s new odd patterns and demeanor, to which they all told her that Rowyn was probably just going through a growth-spurt and was more tired as a result. She was told by her grandmother that these tendencies were normal in babies and that Sydney was just being an over-cautious new mommy. Rowyn’s new behaviors remained the same throughout the duration over the next couple of weeks.

On March 1, 2016, around 10:00 pm, Sydney prepared her baby girl for bed for the very last time. She lovingly changed her diaper, dressed her in a long-sleeved white onesie, fed her, burped her, laid her on her back, and then they both fell asleep, side-by-side. The next morning, Sydney woke-up at 6:36 am with swollen and tender breasts, never having awoken throughout the evening to breastfeed her daughter. Sydney recalls: “I looked at my little baby and I knew that something wasn’t right… There was blood on her mouth and she was very still. I touched her arm and her face; she didn’t move. I started screaming which woke-up Rowyn’s father. He picked-up her limp body and there was blood on the sheet underneath, where her mouth had been. Nothing had been blocking her face. I’m a light sleeper; I wake-up whenever Rowyn moved a toe, she never moved that particular evening. She was perfect and peaceful, just like she was still sleeping. Mother’s instinct tells me that I had done nothing wrong.”

Sydney’s grandmother rushed into the room and started CPR on Rowyn’s still body. Once the police and the coroner arrived, it was difficult for Sydney, who was understandably distressed and in hysterics, to communicate her story to them, so the details were left mostly for her partner to say. They asked Sydney questions about her baby’s sleeping position, details around the evening before, where her baby slept and passed away, and they had her take them into the room of her daughter’s passing; all while Rowyn laid beautifully wrapped-up in her knit pink blanket on the couch.

Rowyn was never taken to the hospital. Sydney and her partner never mentioned their daughter’s post-vaccination behavior to either the police officers or the coroner, nor did anyone think to ask them if their baby had recently been vaccinated. Had Rowyn’s pediatrician been available, perhaps the pediatrician would have mentioned this very important detail, but it’s highly unlikely.

Sydney and her partner said goodbye to their baby girl that very sad morning, choosing not to see her again at the funeral home. They were both heartbroken over their baby’s sudden and unexpected death, and couldn’t bring themselves to seeing her again. Rowyn’s death investigation took only four days before her funeral. Rowyn’s pediatrician never reached out to them, other then sending them a condolence card for her passing.

Two months after their daughter’s death, Sydney and her partner received Rowyn’s death certificate, which deemed her death as “unknown.” Under contributions on the certificate, it was noted that possible suffocation might have been a factor due to co-sleeping. Sydney and her partner are infuriated by this diagnosis, because they know that Rowyn didn’t suffocate: there were no blankets on the bed or anywhere near their daughter’s face. As Sydney so bluntly puts it, Rowyn “did not fucking suffocate!” It has now been five months after Rowyn’s death, and both Sydney and her partner have yet to receive the official autopsy report. Where is the toxicology report? How come this information is being withheld from the parents, and what are they trying to hide? Sydney didn’t see a connection between Rowyn’s vaccinations and her death, until Rowyn’s paternal grandmother, a nurse, mentioned that there may be a possible connection. Sydney started voraciously researching SIDS, the history of SIDS, and the high correlation between SIDS and the TDaP vaccine. She started obsessing over everything vaccine-related, looking for possible answers concerning her daughter’s untimely death.

Sydney is infuriated that the pediatrician never gave her the vaccine inserts for Rowyn’s vaccines, which mention SIDS as a potential side-effect for the TDaP vaccine. She was withheld information about the risks involved around vaccinating her baby – information that could have led Sydney to make a more informed decision, and possibly have saved Rowyn’s life. She now knows with all of her heart that her daughter’s vaccines are what caused the death: she heard her baby scream while the nurse was administrating them (perhaps this being the infamous TDaP scream), she intuitively knew that something was wrong, she saw a change in her daughter’s demeanor, and a change in sleeping behaviors post-vaccination. Rowyn Faye was never the same after her well-baby visit.

Sydney shares her painful story because she wants more parents to see the vaccine topic more clearly before they themselves learn that vaccines aren’t as safe as they’re purported to be, and thereby avoid the pain and loss of their precious baby, as she and her partner have experienced.

Sydney and her partner are understandably still very heartbroken over the loss of their daughter. Sydney sees a therapist once a week and has been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). However, Sydney has since found out that she is pregnant again; therefore, she is currently not taking any medications to help her cope during this excruciatingly painful time in her life. Sydney has nightmares, and suffers from anxiety concerning people she loves, and death – she is unable to sleep in her room anymore, where Rowyn passed away; she has panic attacks and worries about the baby she is pregnant with passing away; and being financially stressed about her upcoming arrival of her new baby, is working full-time, when she should be healing herself. Sydney and her partner will understandably, not be vaccinating the baby that they are currently pregnant with. Thankfully, both Sydney and her partner are surrounded around empathetic, compassionate, and loving family members and friends, all whom support and listen to them.

Sydney and her partner are filing a VAERS report for Rowyn’s vaccine-induced death. Please pray for this family and for all other families who are suffering from a loss of a family member, due to vaccinations.

Please share this story and consider giving a financial contribution so we can continue to expose these crimes against humanity.

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