As An Unvaccinated Child He Was Healthier Than His Vaccinated Friends

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As An Unvaccinated Child He Was Healthier Than His Vaccinated Friends

Meet Evan Kendig. He grew up 100% vaccine free, and was healthier than his vaccinated friends. His friend got the flu after receiving the flu vaccine, and that’s when he realized vaccines are not all that effective.


My name is Evan, I’m 30 years old and I’ve never been vaccinated for anything. Not the flu, not the chicken pox, nothing. And as a kid, I always thought it was interesting that all my friends who did get vaccinations somehow got sicker than me. I remember one time specifically that I went down to my friend’s house and I knocked on the door and I asked them if he could come out to play and his mom said that he had just got the flu shot and that he wasn’t feeling very good. And I thought to myself, well isn’t the whole purpose of getting the vaccination that you’re supposed to feel better and not be susceptible to these diseases or the flu? The next day he got the flu and that was my biggest realization that vaccines aren’t all that effective. Just like any kid growing up, I got sick. But not as often as my friends who got the vaccinations. And I normally would get over those sicknesses a lot faster and easier because my parents were giving me vitamins and Whole Foods nutrition and making sure that I was paying attention to my body and making sure that I was healthy. I’m vaccine free and healthy and your children can be too.


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