Mom Jailed For Refusing To Vaccinate Details Corruption, Abuse and Ineptness

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Mom Jailed For Refusing To Vaccinate Details Corruption, Abuse and Ineptness


Rebecca Bredow found herself in the belly of the beast known as the Family Court System in Michigan where she battled for her and her son’s rights. All due to her child’s father creating false unsubstantiated claims against her and manipulating the legal process. Rebecca was jailed for seven days for refusing a court order and was found in contempt and violation of an agreement to get her son vaccinated – except she did not give consent and there was no agreement.

Where is the line for the state to serve and help mediate family legal issues and where does it grossly violate a parent’s choice, religious beliefs, and ignore the best interest and wellbeing of the child?

Rebecca continues to speak out about the injustice and refuses to have the truth censored. She provides a detailed overview of this tumultuous situation and addresses additional points in our question and answer exchange that follows.

Rebecca: Here is the back story on my case and how a series of unlawful events ultimately led to my son and I becoming two more innocent victims of the corrupt and bias Family Court System and Big Pharma’s overreaching campaigns.

In 2008, less than a month after my son was born, our marriage was annulled and our settlement agreement gave me primary physical custody, but we’d have joint legal. The father and I worked together for the most part over the next few years.

In 2011, I had my daughter. My husband, Gary, and I, eloped in September, 2013.

The father of my son has historically been behind on child support since 2008, sometimes only paying twice a year. He was show caused throughout the years having to appear several times. He claimed to have no money to pay and kept switching his career path. First it was the University of Michigan for his Master’s in Teaching and then in 2013 he decided to go back to college to pursue a nursing degree from the University of Toledo. Friend of Court (FOC) still obligated him to seek employment and pay a couple hundred in support a month.

However, instead of pursuing a job, he started abusing me with litigation. In October 2013, he filed for 50/50 parenting time making baseless claims against me, that were all lies or half truth. Just like Big Pharma and the media, he had manipulated the truth to his advantage.

By September 2014, I found myself in trial, being accused of Munchausen’s Bi-Proxy, Parental Alienation, being an alcoholic and drug addict, among other things. The trial covered everything from the school he went to, his attendance record, whether or not he had asthma, to whether or not he would be vaccinated, and everything in between. Yes, it even covered if my son should be brought up-to-date on his vaccinations. The father claimed he recently started nursing school and they made him update all his shots and he wanted our son’s shots up-to-date because it was the law to go to school. My son was in 2nd grade at the time and I explained to the court that I had used waivers for school and was compliant with state laws.

On October 30th, 2014, the trial court entered an extremely detailed order: we would continue to have joint legal custody with me having primary physical custody (the father still having every other weekend, alternated holidays, but it gave him two extra days every other week during the summer).

The court NEVER ORDERED my son be brought up-to-date on his vaccinations!! More importantly, the order specifically states that on the date of entry October 30, 2014, it RESOLVED ALL OUTSTANDING ISSUES and LEGAL CLAIMS BETWEEN THE PARTIES!!

The father never tried to appeal or pursue any other relief from the order. Except when, less than two years after the trial, in June 2016, he filed a motion for full custody, claiming everything he just had in trial. But now he tried to claim that the signatures on my vaccine waivers weren’t mine, but my husband’s – that my religious beliefs were fake and I was still alienating by not answering every time he called.

His motion to change custody was thrown out during the July 2016 hearing. The judge was frustrated – said he didn’t know why our case was still in Washtenaw County since I lived in Oakland County and the father in Monroe, that neither of us had lived in that county for over five years. That’s when the judge transferred our case to the depths of hell, Oakland County. I was told I would receive notice by mail when the file had been successfully transferred into Oakland’s Court System.

However instead, on November 16th, 2016, I came home to a court order taped to my door:

*Granting the father immediate 50/50 Parenting Time, (week on week off)

*Ordering a custody evidentiary hearing with the FOC referee

*And down at the very bottom, in horrible handwriting writing said…“the minor child’s vaccinations will be brought up-to-date as rapidly as medically allowed.”

Judge Karen McDonald completely ignored the existing detailed court order. She ignored Michigan Court and legislative rules. She ignored best interest standards. She ignored the fact that I had been the primary custodian since birth. She gave the father EXACTLY what he wanted, making it about him, and not the child.

She stated on the record she had no knowledge of our case, no knowledge of the issues, and that she hadn’t had a chance to review our case file. She did not engage in an analysis of whether the father had proper cause, or whether an Established Custodial Environment (ECE) existed, nor did she make any specific findings of fact that would’ve allowed a 50/50 change in custody or parenting time. She completely failed me and my son without thinking twice. (My son has lived primarily with me since birth – only being with his father every other weekend, holidays, and with a little more time in the summer. We’ve lived in our home since my son was two. He has a sister, and a stepfather, and it’s what he knows as “home”.)

Under Michigan Law: Before ruling on custody, the judge must determine whether an established custodial environment exists. The law states, “The custodial environment of a child is established if over an appreciable time the child naturally looks to the custodian in that environment for guidance, discipline, the necessities of life, and parental comfort. The age of the child, the physical environment, and the inclination of the custodian and the child as to permanency of the relationship shall also be considered.” “If the judge determines that a custodial environment has been established, judges can only change custody if it is clear and convincing that there has been significant change in circumstances and that the custody change is in the best interests of the child.”

I was never served notice and had no knowledge whatsoever that there was a motion for custody much less a hearing on that day. The father and his attorney took full advantage of me not being there, giving un-rebutted false testimony, painting a horrible picture of me saying I don’t like to show up for court, that I was defiant, and regularly didn’t follow court orders, that I don’t care about my kids, or their health or school mandates, that it was not my signature on the vaccine waiver. That my religious beliefs were newly founded and fake, that my current husband was the main reason I stopped vaccinating, and I was alienating and denying the father of his joint legal custody rights.

That moment set the tone for my case. In the judge’s eyes, I was a low-life mother and she was going to teach me a lesson. Since then, in just three years time, I’ve been jailed and lost primary custody of my son for over two years. I’ve been humiliated and called a liar for the whole world to hear (even though I never lied) and have been put through essentially two trials. I’ve spent close to $100,000 and went through five attorneys.

There’s a GAL (Guardian Ad Litem) on the case that was appointed by Judge Karen McDonald to “reduce cost and minimize conflict” and “to help the court to know what’s in the child’s best interest” while also “finding out what’s really going on with the child and mom and dad.” The judge said, “If there was ever a case for a GAL to be appointed in a custody matter, it’s this one.” I believe the only reason “this case needed a GAL” was to help secure the father’s lies and the court’s abuse. Our GAL has done nothing but lie, ignore evidence, and perpetuate abuse. She was assigned two years ago to our case, two days after I was released from jail, and the same day my primary custody was reduced.

My GAL has lied under oath every time she’s spoken to the court about my case, but mainly during her trial testimony. She’s ignored blatant evidence of abuse, tried to cover up abuse by trying to convince CPS that one of my son’s injuries was most likely from a slip and fall and that I was “doctor shopping” in order to get another CPS case opened against the father. She’s completely ignored my son’s cries for help and of course she has managed to add an EXPONENTIAL amount of cost, confusion, and litigation to the whole case – she is the EXACT opposite of what the judge said she would be! Family Law Attorney who has NO interest in helping children, but rather securing more money in her bank account. She continues to bill me. Most recently she billed me for having watched a local FOX News show, Let It Rip. It’s a live heated debate show that I was a guest on, during last Spring’s measles outbreaks. (I’m sure I’ll be charged if she comes across this article.)

However, the GAL being as corrupt and abusive as she was, was merely the catalyst in finally opening my eyes to the dark, evil, father’s/abusive parents’ rights driven world within the Family Courts, especially Oakland County – their corruption is blatant (along with several other courts across the nation). There’s an evil trend that’s been happening across the US where the abusive, narcissistic parent (majority of the time it’s the father) is being given carte blanche in the Family Court. They are getting away with harmful life destroying lies, unthinkable acts of abuse, and literally even murder. The courts are overwhelmingly granting custody to the abusive parent, and revoking custody rights from the protective parent (mainly the mother) who ends up losing majority, if not all, custody rights, and more times than not, they somehow end up in jail, just like me.

It’s all about money, power, and control in the family courts. The attorneys, the judges, and the GALs are leading the charge, with the therapists, social workers, child psychologists, and CPS right behind ‘em – and sadly the children and protective parents/mothers, are their victims.

The father had several CPS cases against him – one finding proof of neglect with a moderate risk of future neglect. I filed many motions to suspend parenting time, some emergency motions, but the judge shut every single one down and her logical reasoning for doing so, was without logic and reason. She wouldn’t allow me to submit hardly any evidence proving neglect or abuse. She ignored all things having to do with CPS and their findings within the case reports. The judge even verbally ordered that I was not allowed to talk about or bring up the CPS cases anymore in court, that she was “done hearing about CPS.” The scariest part was how unemotional and blasé Judge Karen McDonald, 99% of the CPS case workers, the FOC family counselor, FOC referee, the GAL, the father, and his attorney were when it came to my son being exposed several times over many years to hard core pornography videos. I was told several times by the court and CPS that adult porn isn’t illegal and was accused of putting it all in my son’s head.

By the time I got to trial last May, I was on my 5th attorney, whom I ended up firing halfway through. She was unwilling to effectively litigate vaccines and why my son should not receive any more and it very much appeared that she was working with our GAL (someone she knows well and was working on other cases with). Also demanded over $55,000 in less than five month’s time. I ended up representing myself, which was stressful, and allowed me no opportunity to bring in any witnesses, but on the bright side – it ended up being extremely empowering.

The main trial went from May – September 2018 and it covered whether or not my son would continue to be force vaccinated and custody. Former Judge Karen McDonald entered her final ruling on December 18, 2018. She restored parts of our final (original) order issued by Washtenaw County in 2014,  giving me back primary custody, but only during the school year. The father has primary custody during the summer. Vaccinations are to continue, but that she is “sympathetic” to my stance on vaccines, so no more than two vaccines are allowed at a time.

The sad reality is that the family court system’s attorneys and its judges are constantly and blatantly ignoring parents’ constitutional rights, and inflicting great harm on children, and most times the entire family. They place bogus gag orders or protective orders on the parents and children, or evidence to try and cover up the abuse and corruption. They rule in favor of one parent, not what’s best for the child. Something that I consider to be of great public interest.

The communities have a right to be informed about these corrupt courts and the real stories of the public’s dealings with their judges and other elected officials, the people they are voting in. The public has a right to be FULLY INFORMED!

I absolutely refuse to go down without a fight because I know unequivocally beyond the shadow of a doubt that I’m right and they are wrong. Sure I get backlash, but I don’t care. I know my rights and Judge Karen McDonald had NO RIGHT to re-litigate what the trial courts had already resolved. She certainly had NO right to force vaccinate my son, change custody after 9-1/2 years, and certainly no right to jail me with criminal contempt!

I NEVER signed a CONSENT ORDER!!! I NEVER WILLFULLY CONSENTED to my son being vaccinated. I WAS HOODWINKED by my first attorney. He told me not to worry about the order entered on November 16, 2016 to vaccinate. He had negotiated a new order with the father’s attorney, the FOC referee, and FOC family counselor (I was told I was NOT allowed to be in the room during the negotiating). They would be returning primary custody to me for the time being and that all matters, including vaccinations, were to be tried in court. He said that although the new order still implemented parts of the November 16th order, he reassured me several times that vaccines were not a part of the new order. He told me to accept the order, because if I went in front of the judge that day, I could risk losing custody all together. The second order was entered November 30th, 2016 (without my signature as I still refused to sign it). (*This is the Order the Judge refers to the day she jailed me.)

Little did I know that my attorney was BOLD FACE LYING – the order he pushed for did in fact still order vaccination of my son, but only by way of a number. One of the numbers listed in the first order, but of course I was never made aware of it. My first attorney failed miserably and was extremely negligent. *Please note that while the order, under its disguise, still ordered my son be vaccinated – it NEVER ordered that I was responsible for making sure he was.

As ignorant as it may sound, I was clueless that vaccines were still ordered until June 28th, 2016 when I was “show caused” for the first time in my life for failing to follow the court’s order. By this time I was on my third attorney, who was just as much of a hack as the first one. She no-showed at the Show Cause Hearing forcing me to represent myself for the first time in front of Judge Karen McDonald.

On that day, the judge yelled at me, pointed her finger, and reprimanded me as if I was a disrespectful and defiant child. She shut me down every time I tried to talk and when I tried to explain what happened with the November 30th order, how I was lied to by prior counsel, and that I didn’t know vaccines were still ordered, and thought they were part of the upcoming evidentiary hearing (a trial with the FOC referee), the judge called me a liar, said she wasn’t buying a word I was saying. I tried to explain that the order never ordered that I was to vaccinate. She replied telling me it was too bad, she was ordering me to do it then, and if I didn’t leave there that day and schedule an appointment to bring him up to date, I would go to jail. I was scared, coerced, and was given no choice, other than go to jail that day or comply.

Scared, shocked, vulnerable, and confused, I left there that day and made the doctor’s appointment. My second attorney had also just failed me miserably by not showing up that day. I had no clue what my options were other than to follow the judge’s orders. However, I did purposefully schedule it for 2 months later (the judge never ordered how soon the appointment had to be, just that I was to schedule it that day) at the beginning of the school year. Hoping I could find a new attorney that could and would finally help me fix things. Unfortunately, we know that never came to fruition.

By the time I hired my 3rd attorney, the father’s attorney was preparing to file another show cause, for contempt. It was heard on September 29th, 2017. A day my attorney was in trial in another county court and would not be able to appear. The court and the father’s attorney and FOC refused an adjournment. I appeared without counsel and requested that my retained attorney be present given the severity of the motion, explaining that I didn’t feel comfortable moving forward without my him. I was told “too bad” if you don’t have an attorney here. We’ll give you one and you’ll get 15 minutes to consult with him. So once again I was forced to go in front of Judge Karen McDonald, without proper legal representation on a show cause for contempt with the father’s attorney pushing her to jail me for not vaccinating. This was the day she ordered seven days to comply with the order or go to jail. That’s when I went to the media hoping it would shed light on the reality of the unlawfulness of the court’s orders.

October 4th, 2017, was the first time I was made aware that I was being charged with criminal contempt. I was never served any notice by the court that I was facing criminal contempt charges. I received notice when I stood in front of the judge in court that morning. I had prepared a statement hoping she’d give me a chance to speak, but like the times before, once again she interrupted me, called me a liar, and never allowed me to finish. She inserted her own opinion of the matter without ever knowing the facts.

You see, the truth of the matter is…that the truth doesn’t matter especially when it comes to the family courts, and the science and medical communities. It’s not about fact or truth, but PERCEPTION and well, perception is reality, so if they can distort your perception – they can control your reality.

The father should’ve been held in serious contempt and jailed for maximum time for repeatedly failing, over 9-1/2 years, to ever follow any one of the many court orders on child support. He was over $7,000 behind the day she put me in county. He’s had bench warrants for his arrest and numerous show causes. Since 2008 – three bench warrants and five show causes just since we’ve been in Oakland County, but I’m the bad guy standing true to my beliefs – ones which I’ve never faltered on?!

On October 4, 2017 former Judge Karen McDonald read from a pre-written statement/judgement that sentenced me to 7 days in Oakland County Jail for indirect criminal contempt for failing to follow a section of an UNLAWFUL, BOGUS court order that stated “my son’s immunizations shall be made current as rapidly as medically reasonable.”

The former judge ordered a permanent medical procedure, that comes with a plethora of health risks, one of them is the possibility of death, without ever having any hearing on the matter or having any understanding, in any capacity, of our prior nine year court record, or my son’s overall health and underlying conditions.

Former Judge McDonald accused me of consenting to the order. She urged myself and anyone else to read the record.

She stated that I acknowledged in my “own pleadings that at one year old my child was up-to-date on all his vaccinations.” That she had “read the record and what I was saying was just not true.” Meanwhile she was talking out of both sides of her mouth saying that, “Contempt is a serious and critical power the court has, it’s available to the court so it can enforce orders, so that the people before [her] can have confidence that an order means something and [she] doesn’t take that lightly.” Going on to say, “It’s clear to me you don’t care about orders even if you agree to them, which you did, you agreed. On November 30th your attorney signed that order.”

Meanwhile the father was in violation of a court order to pay child support every month. However at the time of this hearing, he had so far that year only paid 3 months out of 10 and was over $7,000 behind on child support! Clearly, former Judge Karen McDonald is bias when it comes to the court orders she cares so deeply about.

Again the actions and charges brought against me (and my son) WERE IN EVERY WAY UNLAWFUL!!!


Mug Shot

The day I was handcuffed in court and escorted to jail I felt like (and still feels like) a dream…or rather a horrible nightmare. My heart went from pounding out of my chest a million miles a minute …to a slow, sorrow filled, what felt like a half beat, as I was shoved into the corner of an elevator with two officers and nothing but the intense sound of silence.

I was taken directly to the basement of the court house, strip searched, and put in a holding cell with several other women for three hours. Eventually an officer opened the door and called my name and one other name and handcuffed us together – my left wrist cuffed to her right – he led us through long underground tunnels, ones that take you beneath the road to the court house and across the street into the jail.

The officer told me he had seen on the news what happened to me that day and apologized for having to be the one to escort me. He didn’t believe what happened to me or my son was right. He said he didn’t agree with the judge’s decision and that many other officers felt the same way. It was exactly what I needed at that moment.

The first two days in jail I was on 22 hour lock down in a VERY small cement cell with a bunk mate – we were only allowed out 1 hour at 8 a.m. and 1 hour at 8 p.m. I was given a small Dixie cup, a cheap stupid toothbrush, and a what looked like a ketchup packet of toothpaste.

We had to drink water from the sink connected to the back of the toilet. There’s NO PRIVACY in jail. The toilets in new arrest are next to the cell bar doors with mirrors on the outside so guards can see you.

The lights are NEVER turned off. I was only given a blanket, a plastic torn pad for the metal bunk bedding I would be sleeping on and NO pillow. The jail was cold, loud, and very creepy at night!

Every day at 5:30 a.m. a bell would ring and they’d start calling names by cell number to get a brown-bagged breakfast. 10 a.m. was lunch and dinner was served at 3:30 p.m. with lights out at 8 p.m.

The first full day I was woken and taken to the jail clinic where all new arrests were taken and held for hours in yet another cement holding cell, just to be lined up and vaccinated with Hep A and for a tuberculosis skin test – Of course I DECLINED and I refused to sign the paper consenting to be vaccinated. I was threatened that if I refused I would face solitary confinement. Luckily angels were with me and the nurse who called me had also seen my story on the news, was compassionate, and said she was going to “reschedule my vaccine for Monday” (she knew I was being released that day and wouldn’t have to get either).

Most of the women in my annex pod had watched my hearing and supported me and my choice. There were a few salty ones, but I still gained their respect for having gone against the grain and the judge’s order. I was very fortunate in that respect.

I was eventually released on Monday October 9th at 2:35 a.m.

My son was force vaccinated on October 9th, 2017, the same day I was released from jail. He received the MMRVIPV, and Hepatitis B. He’s since had to deal with severe debilitating headaches and he has most signs and symptoms of SIRVA in the arm the MMRV was administered. He’s put on weight and is extremely tired all the time. I thought he had gotten stretch marks from the weight gain, but was recently made aware of it possibly being Bartonella (a Lyme co-infection), so I’m trying to get him properly tested for that. I’ve filed a VAERS report and would love nothing more than to find an attorney who is willing to help bring my case, for the sake of my son’s health, to justice!

Our children are the future of our communities, yet with so many kids falling victims to the system, and being sickened by Big Pharma’s flourishing campaigns, their futures are looking quite bleak.

Standing up for what I believed in and not giving in was, and still is, the only option for me — ever.

I could’ve never in a million years imagined my story would go as far as it did. I just thought it be a local news story, but instead the story reached millions of people. It sparked debate and more people started to question things.

It inspired others too by giving them the courage to stand up too, to speak louder, to be braver, to not fear those in position who think they are God.

As a result of going to the media and speaking out, it truly did help others. It allowed a major light to be put on Lori Matheson’s case – the other mother in Michigan who at the same time was fighting a similar battle (albeit one without all the craziness of neglect, CPS, and abusive lies) and we shared the same judge. Lori was trying to stop the court from ruling in favor of the father to vaccinate their then, two year old daughter.

After speaking out to the media, the community here in Michigan, Michigan For Vaccine Choice formed a rally and protest. It resulted in many people showing up and reaching out and in the end resulting in Lori being able to secure an extremely talented pro bono trial attorney giving her a team fighting for her rather than just one. It also prompted Dr. Teresa Holtrop, and Stanley Plotkin to offer being an expert witness for the father (and help push the vaccine agenda). And now, Thanks to Lori’s case, we have hours of Plotkin being deposed on tape – under oath! She also has testimony from Dr. Moss and Toni Bark – and the infamous Dr. Holtrop! Lori is currently in the Appellate Court – as Judge McDonald ruled in favor of the father ordering all vaccination due since birth be administered according to the CDC schedule – even though her daughter had aged out of a few.

Rebecca Bredow, Attorney Mary Holland and Lori Matheson

Lori was also very successful in obtaining a strong pro bono appellate team that seems to be doing their job quiet well. We are all praying for an appellate win in Lori’s case as it will help set major case precedent for the many others in similar family court situations.

Q&A with Rebecca:

Q: What instigated your son’s father to start the legal process with you? Was it retaliation? Or because he was behind in the child support payments and was trying to avoid paying what was back owed as a way to manipulate the situation?

Rebecca: I can’t say one way or another what started it. I can speculate and I have a few theories. We had been getting along and working together (at least I thought we had) for 5 years. Then out of nowhere, one month after my husband Gary and I got married (we had been engaged since March 2010 – had a daughter, but waited to marry – then finally eloped September 20, 2013) which was around the same time the Friend of the Court (NOT ME) started to show cause him again for non payment of support. (The Friend of the Court has automated systems that sends out and schedules Delinquent Child Support cases. He might have thought it was me doing it – not sure). It was right around both those times when he first started to viciously attack me with awful hateful lies via court litigation and fought to get his support reduced from $400 a month down to $220 and did end up wining on the support issue.

One can only speculate if this was about wanting child support payments abated or maybe he is a severe narcissist who hated losing control and thought I’d probably never marry my current husband and wanted to “punish me” because he wanted me back, but I married another man. So the best way to control me and “give me what I deserve” because he didn’t get what he wanted was to basically grab me by the hair, and throw me in the mud while screaming at everyone around him that I’m a crazy women who spews lies and deserves to go to jail. PLEASE NOTE THE FATHER AND HIS ATTORNEY WERE CAMPAIGNING HARD AND REQUESTED THAT I GET 3 WEEKS IN JAIL OR MORE! THEY PUSHED HARD FOR JAIL. THE JUDGE OBLIGED THEM. Either way – who knows? Maybe it was a combo of all of the above again. One can only speculate.

Q: Curious what his vaccine perspective was while you were together? Prior to the court order, was your son vaccine free? Or had he received some vaccines up to that point?

Rebecca: As far as I knew we were on the same page. It wasn’t until I became pregnant that I started digging into research. I shared everything I was learning and my concerns with him – of course again at five month’s pregnant he shocked me with a divorce (annulment). Of course I continued to research, etc. A month before I gave birth, we were amicable. We agreed to decline Hep B at birth. In fact, we delayed all vaccines until he was 2-1/2 months old. (He only received 1 Hep B, 1 Hib, and Rotavirus at what would’ve been the 2 month wellness visit – but normally at the 2 month wellness, he would’ve been given Second Hep B, 1 Hib, 1 IPV, 1 DTaP, Rotavirus, 1 PCV13 ).

From birth 2008 until August of 2010 (when they were stopped all together) – my son had ONLY ever received SEVEN vaccines in the schedule – I DON’T CARE WHAT ANYONE TRIES TO SAY HE WAS NEVER UP-TO-DATE! That’s all he had before he was force vaccinated October 9, 2017 with MMRV, IPV, and Hep B.



Q: What type of waiver/exemption did you have for your son in the past?

Rebecca: For some reason I filled out three waivers for my son – kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade – thinking I had to do one every year. The first were “personal” and the 3rd was “religious”.

Q: In this part, “IT NEVER ORDERED my son be brought up to date on his vaccinations!!  More importantly the order specifically states that on the date of entry October 30, 2014. It RESOLVED ALL OUTSTANDING ISSUES and LEGAL CLAIMS BETWEEN THE PARTIES!!” Do you mean they waived what he owed in back child support and current payments?

Rebecca: No, I mean his dad brought up vaccines and requested my son be brought up-to-date during the first trial in 2014 (we litigated the matter – showing my waivers and being questioned on the stand etc.). The judge never ordered anything as it pertained to vaccinations. I was the primary custodian and was compliant with the state laws on waivers. The order states ALL ISSUES WERE RESOLVED – meaning the court ruled on all matters brought forth during trial – and the issues are barred from being brought up again. They had no right to bring up vaccines in 2016 – Judge Karen McDonald had NO RIGHT to force vaccinate my son.

(Please see Res. Judicata/Collateral Estoppel.)

Local Fox News Show with Dr. Neu next to Rebecca.

Q: Did you have to justify your reasoning and religious beliefs to the court during this process as part of defending yourself? Or did they just accuse you of not having authentic beliefs with no evidence and used that against you case?

Rebecca: Both – the father and his attorney tried to blame my husband as being the one to push the non vaccinating idea on me and that my religious beliefs were fake and made up. During the trial on the stand, I tried to refuse the religious line of questioning stating it’s not up to that court to determine whether my religious beliefs are genuine or not and the line of questioning violated my rights. That pissed the judge off royally and she literally forced me to answer the line of questioning and when I reluctantly tried. She, like always, chimed in agreeing with the father saying things like “So he’s right, you basically don’t have any religious beliefs.”

Q: What is the current parenting plan or custody situation? Is it still primary for you during the school year and summers for the dad?

Rebecca: I represented myself during the last days of trial and then filed a motion shortly after because I found out the father decided to move an additional 40 miles north to a new home in a new city with a new girlfriend whom my son had just met – but was now living with half the time (From October 4 2017 until December 18, 2018 (when the judge issued her ruling on the 2018 trail) had ordered 50/50 custody.

She had my son driving 140 miles – round trip to school – 700 miles every other week from his dad’s. He missed days due to snow conditions and was late a couple times a week – meanwhile I live 8 minutes from the school.

Q: Has everything been resolved legally? Or is there continued legal action?

Rebecca: The court issued its final order as stated above on December 18, 2018, but as far as I’m concerned, none of it’s over, and I do not trust the Oakland County Family Court,  there’s court ordered weekly “therapy” for my son that costs $150 a session with a women who is either a complete and utter idiot or just another corrupt soul looking to fill her pockets. She does nothing for my son and it’s been two years. Also, we still have a court ordered Guardian Ad Litem that’s charging me for watching a local FOX News Show I was on whose done nothing but lie and perpetuate abuse and she should removed herself from the case a year ago like I asked her to. In short, NO I don’t think we are done.

Q: Are there any appeals or next steps in process for you?

Rebecca: IF I COULD FIND AN APPELLATE ATTORNEY WILLING TO HELP ME, there would’ve been one filed last December! I cant find anyone who wants to touch my case because they don’t understand it – they believe mostly what they’ve heard through media and not too many appellate attorneys are hip to tackling the vaccine topic while having to overcome all the other aspects of my case, between the abuse of the judge and her blatant judicial errors and bias, and the CPS cases including neglect and abuse. I did file an appeal December 2017. I had one appellate attorney call me back who said she thought we could appeal based on the abuse, neglect, and judges errors. It was denied based on a simple error. We then immediately filed a motion for re-consideration, again DENIED without explanation – $40, 000 down the drain.

Q: What has been the most frustrating part of this whole ordeal?


Q: How old is your son now?

Rebecca: 11-1/12

Q: Have you done any detox protocols for your son? Sounds like he is experiencing some health issues and had adverse reactions to the vaccines he was administered by court order. And no one in the court system will be held accountable for this outcome.

Rebecca: I desperately wanted to right after. However I didn’t see him until 5 days after he was vaccinated. I did do special detox baths that was given as a gift from someone I now call a friend. I had him soak whenever he was home – I used clay, vitamins, minerals, etc. We only use clean water, and we clean and soak all our veggies and fruits and try to eat healthy fresh food, but he was only home 7 days, then gone 7 days since being vaccinated. When he’s with his dad, they only eat pizza, McDonald’s, and junk food – it’s made it extremely difficult. We are now back to our school routine after him not being home hardly this summer and he’s only gone every other weekend now. So I’m trying get him tested for this Bartonella, but have to have the father’s permission for any type of testing and want to make sure any detox isn’t going to mess up whatever he has going on. I know there’s fine lines to walk with detoxing.

Q: What is your son’s opinion of this whole court and jail situation? And being force vaccinated? Did he consent to being vaccinated?

Rebecca: So awful – No, he did not consent. My kids were raised and knew we don’t do vaccines. I’ve taught them why and they were reminded anytime we were at the doctor’s office and I declined them – especially when we were kicked out of my son’s pediatrician he’d known for seven years because of failure to vaccinate.

My son can’t even handle the word vaccines to be mentioned around him. He gets a pit in his stomach. He says he feels pain in his arm when he thinks about it. He has anxiety about it and is worried about having to get more.

Q: On a side note, was your story covered by Del Bigtree on Highwire when they stopped your ex in the airport when this case was in court?

Rebecca: Yes, that is my ex – Del flew into town the day after I was released from jail to be at my first hearing. That’s the day I found out which vaccines he got and that I no longer would have primary custody. That same day Del flew back to LA and Mr. Horne and his attorney were on the same flight as Del. How lucky can one guy be! My ex was being flown to LA to do an Episode of the Doctors. Check out when Del cornered the father and his attorney when they landed in LA for the Highwire!

Q: What recommendations do you have for parents entering divorce or legal proceedings where vaccines are a factor and part of the legal decision?

Rebecca: Try to argue and fight for medical custody and try not to allow it to be about VACCINES. Honestly. This question leaves me stumped as it’s been asked numerous times by parents in the same situation (albeit they aren’t facing jail time…yet). What I think needs to happen is a case needs to be brought to the Supreme Court to answer our question of Law – do the Family Courts have the right to be ordering vaccinations against one parent’s wishes without understanding the child’s medical history and under what grounds? How should it be ruled on? Cause everything I know, – it’s supposed to be about the CHILD’s best interest, and not one parents’ or the public’s.

Q: I’m wondering if there are any laws in place or areas where bills can be introduced to protect a parent’s religious or other belief system where during court, the judge shouldn’t be able to be in a position to force vaccinate a child as part of retaliation from the other parent? Especially if the parents prior to their legal issues were on the same page about vaccines. Do you know of any laws since you went through this case that could positively influence cases like yours?

Rebecca: There are several – I know that every state is different, but there is US Supreme Court case – I’d have to dig in my library to find them – I can’t recite off the top of my head, but I can assure you there out there.

Q: What is the biggest issue regarding the vaccine issue in today’s culture?

Rebecca: First, it’s the blatant disregard of parental rights. Parental Rights are entrenched in Supreme Court History – Federal Law and the Constitution. (Man does the other side LOVE to use Jacobson v. Massachusetts from 1200 B.C. to push the mandatory vaccination.)

I think one of the biggest issues socially though is the censoring of vaccine literature and those who oppose vaccines, and those that try to tell their vaccine injury stories – which equals the inability of the younger generation to be able to do independent research to have their rightful independent thoughts on the matter (like I was able to).

  • Jean Boot says:

    Praying for your son’s emotional and physical healing and your continued strength, hope and healing. Also praying that your ex will come to an attitude adjustment where he realizes it’s not about him; that as a man he is not to thwart the mother-child relationship and he is never to act in a way to bring stress to the lives of those he once claimed to love. Seems you never really know someone til you divorce them. Will pray also that God lift the pain from this situation and bless your life and your son’s life with joy beyond what you could ever imagine.

  • Drew Lewis says:

    I do think that in 10 years time when the number of autistic children reaches 1in every 2 children due to this crime wave of forced vaccinations we will see the collapse of our society and civilization as we have known it.

  • Leigh Skinner says:

    If this were happening to me, I would contact RFK Jr’s organization to see if they can recommend a good vaccine versed attorney or steer me to someone who can.

  • michelle says:

    I am just destroyed reading this. I can’t even imagine what this mama and her baby have gone through. Im winded

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