After Vaccines Destroy Her Children: “My children will never see another vaccine!!”

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After Vaccines Destroy Her Children:
“My children will never see another vaccine!!”


Shauna Marie, a mom of three, abruptly woke up to the risks and dangers of vaccines after her youngest child suffered from frightening seizures that landed him in the emergency room on multiple occasions following vaccination. Doctors dismissed Shauna Marie’s concerns and her son’s adverse reactions and seizures as “normal,” a “virus,” and even mistakenly diagnosed him with a non-existing ear infection. Too often parents’ concerns and gut feelings are ignored when it comes to questioning vaccine safety and their inherent risks and consequences. The Center for Disease Control’s (CDC’s) own website includes information about vaccine-induced seizures in children ages six months to two years old.

Shauna Marie reflects on her traumatic experience with her youngest child. Later she realized the connection with her two older children who also had a bounty of negative vaccine reactions, including a cluster of behavioral and other health challenges, and severe eczema. Shauna candidly shares her sons’ vaccine reaction stories, how this all led her to research vaccines, and why she and her husband no longer vaccinate.

Shauna Marie: My youngest son, Abel Jace, was born March 23, 2016. He has always been a happy, healthy, well-behaved baby and infant. He was not vaccinated at birth, thank God. Abel had his first round of vaccines around three month’s old on June 16th. He received, Hep B, rotavirus, DTaP, haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib), pneumococcal, and polio (IPOL) all that day and became ill soon after – within a couple of weeks. The doctors said it was “normal.” Thinking in the back of my mind, “How? He’s only three month’s old and he doesn’t really go anywhere.” We had to suction out his nose with an aspirator often, as he wouldn’t sleep well. His doctor told us there was nothing to do for him, but advised us to give him Benadryl to help him sleep. Abel was sick for at least a month afterwards. He was very cranky, woke up a lot, and didn’t sleep well. He was very congested at night and runny nose all day, and didn’t seem happy and active like usual.

Fast forward to November 2017. Abel had a doctor’s appointment and since he was born, I kept pushing off and delaying his vaccines. I didn’t really know why, but my gut kept saying to wait, so I did, many times. Until the pediatrician’s office finally called me to say, “We don’t want to see him get too far behind.” So we went into the office, and he got the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) and the Diphtheria, tetanus toxoids, and acellular pertussis (DTaP) vaccines. I was asked to do the live varicella (chicken pox) vaccine too, but I refused it. I felt like two was already too much. So at the end of the appointment, I asked the doctor what I should look for in signs of reactions from the shots. The doctor replied, “Well, you probably won’t notice anything for a couple weeks to even a month, but more than likely he will just have a rash or get a fever.” I nodded with a sickening feeling and left because she was right.

Exactly a month from his doctor’s appointment and vaccines, being just four months shy of two years old, my son had a normal day like any day. He was running, playing, and laughing. One evening in December 2017, Abel started becoming very clingy and warm to the touch. My husband agreed he probably had a fever and went to grab his jacket to run out to get Tylenol, since we were out. My husband didn’t even make it to the door and Abel looked at me, went limp, fell down, and became unconscious. His eyes rolled in the back of his head, he became unresponsive, and was not breathing. I called 911, and they arrived to our home in what seemed like four days, but in four minutes. The Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) quickly checked him, while also calming me down, and reassured me that he would not let my baby die, got him some oxygen, and started an IV in his tiny arm.

The medic then told us Abel was okay, was now breathing, and that he had just had a seizure. We rushed to the hospital where they performed an X-ray, took some blood, and called it “a virus.” They sent us home and suggested we check in with his pediatrician the next day.

During the check up visit, the doctor acted as if we were just overreacting and that it wasn’t a big deal. My husband and I asked several times why he had a fever to begin with when he hasn’t been in any daycare or around any other children to contract any illnesses and had been fine the entire day, week, month, and longer. The answer was, “The seizure was from a fever that rose too quickly” and that was that.

Since then, I have started my journey in becoming an anti-vaxxer. I have joined groups, like Stop Mandatory Vaccination and was added by a friend. I have also done my own research on the internet, watched hundreds of videos on YouTube, and continue to educate myself, as well as my husband who is now also a non-vaccinator.

On May 10, 2018, Abel had a checkup at the doctor’s office. We were told he was behind in his vaccines, but most of them he had “aged out” of. The doctor insisted we get him the Hepatitis B vaccine that day, and my husband was still skeptical at the time and said, “I guess it’s just one this time.” I still had this bad feeling and said, “I don’t know if I want him to get this,” and the doctor interrupted me mid sentence, shrugged it off, and chuckled, “Ohhh, it’s just Hep B“,” so he got it. Again, I left that office with a very bad gut feeling. And again, on July 1st, we had a day like any other day. It was a very hot day, in the 90s, and very humid. My son was acting kind of lethargic by midday, but I thought it must have been the heat. I started thinking otherwise when he wouldn’t drink anything or even eat a popsicle on a hot summer day.

That night about 10:00 p.m., he still felt very warm even with the air conditioner. My husband checked him and Abel was running a 102 degree fever, so he gave him some Tylenol. We laid down for bed and Abel was lying next to me, so I could watch him easier throughout the night. At 11:00 p.m. I awoke to check Abel after dozing off a few times, but also worried about his fever. I looked over at him and in the darkness saw him kind of limp like and staring blankly up at the ceiling. Whispered his name and he didn’t budge. I said it louder and nothing. Then I began yelling, woke my husband up, and we called 911 because Abel was unresponsive and having another seizure.

The EMTs arrived and Abel was up, sitting, and just looking at them – but not speaking. We decided we still wanted him to be seen and took him by ambulance to the hospital. They did absolutely nothing for my son. We sat in the hospital for almost three hours for them to give him Motrin and Tylenol. A doctor came in, looked in his ear and said, “Oh it’s just an ear infection,” sent a nurse in to give him antibiotics, and sent us home. Even after I had repeatedly requested further testing and for him to be checked out, I was told I was overreacting and he just needed to go home. So we left. It was 1:30 am when we returned home.

3:30 a.m. I awoke, and Abel again was sleeping with me. His eyes rolled, his arms clenched to his chest, and he was convulsing. I screamed, woke my husband, and again called 911. This time Abel turned blue and was non responsive when the EMTs arrived. I gave him air while he was coming out of the seizure and while we were waiting for the EMTs. The medics arrived and took him back to the hospital. This time they treated us a bit better, but the nurse did not. She was completely rude and insensitive to the issue and even pointed fingers at me accusing his seizure to be my fault because he didn’t receive another dose of Tylenol. I asked her what pharmacy was open at 1:30 a.m. in the morning?

The nurse wouldn’t allow my husband to come back to the room and continued to belittle my worries for my son and rudely said, “I need to assess the child before anyone else enters the room.” She took his temperature and then administered him Tylenol. That was her assessment. Finally the doctor enters the room after an hour or two. They gave my son an X-ray and took his blood. The results showed he had raised white blood cells indicating an infection of some sort, and that they were transferring him to a children’s hospital an hour away from our home. They also checked my son’s ears and no ear infection — at all!!

We spent four days in the children’s hospital where four other doctors also confirmed he didn’t have any signs of an ear infection and diagnosed him with a “virus”. I never once left my son from the moment we got on the ambulance to the moment we left the hospital. The doctors actually asked twice if he was up to date on his vaccinations. My husband and I looked at each other and at the same time said, “Ummm. Yes.” We were not going down THAT road again.

I personally believe my son had these seizures because of the vaccinations he received. I have no doubts in my mind and will no longer inject any of my children with these poisons.

After doing research and educating myself, I’ve begun to wonder and believe that my second born son, Hunter, is also vaccine injured. He has SEVERE eczema and has had it since he was about three months old when he got a round of vaccinations. His skin was so bad as an infant that his hair would fall out and his skin would peel and look like a burn. His skin was so irritated that the nurses at his pediatrician’s office called him “the burn baby” because he looked like he had been in a fire.

Hunter is almost six year’s old now and still battles and struggles today with major eczema breakouts all over his body. His legs are always terrible. He’s been through cream after cream, steroids, lotions – you name it. He also battles with some speech issues, but he has progressed a lot in the last two years. Other than the recent seizures, he had a lot of tantrums, but that could also be just his age. We definitely keep a close eye on his motor skills and behavior. Eczema, if I’ve learned correctly, is a side effect from vaccinations.

Connor & Hunter

My oldest son, Connor, is eight. He has had every vaccine on time. He has been diagnosed with autismoppositional defiant disorder (ODD), anxiety, depression, bipolar, compulsive disorder, and social pragmatic language disorder (falls under the autism spectrum). He has a very hard time in the eight years he has been alive. I fear life will continue to be a challenge for him. I wish eight years ago I would have known what I know now. I could have saved all of my babies!

I feel like society has failed. We have failed to care for one another and to have compassion and love for children and others. I feel scared to let my children into the world alone. I trust no one, but I won’t back down. My children will never see another vaccine!!

Q&A with Shauna Marie:

Q: Can you describe the horror of this experience with your son Abel’s seizures and your other children’s adverse vaccine reactions? How did you feel? What went through your mind during all of this?

Shauna Marie: I am now more paranoid and afraid something will happen to my children (Abel). At the time of his seizures, the first thing I think of is that we will lose him. It’s a horrendous thought, even if for a moment because then my mom mode kicks in and it tells me to fight and save him! I can no longer really sleep peacefully because my husband and I are constantly checking on him while he’s sleeping.

Q: When your children were given their vaccines, were you ever provided with informed consent and the full risks/benefits to the vaccines? (Sounds like you asked about adverse reactions and the doctor minimized the risk).


Shauna Marie: I was never informed of any reactions other than a “normal” fever and was only given a small handout they typed themselves about vaccines and not the actual insert, ever.

Q: What advice do you have for other parents/families? For healthcare providers?

Shauna Marie: My only advise is to educate, educate, educate! Ask your doctor for inserts and go over them at home before you decide on vaccination!

Q: Were you aware of the VAERS reporting system for vaccine adverse reactions? Did the doctors or anyone ever file a report for any of your kids?

Shauna Marie: I was not aware of VAERS until I began educating myself about vaccines! I asked Abel’s doctor about reporting or even making sure his seizures were in his records. She said they were not and she couldn’t really remember. I then “refreshed” her memory and requested they be noted. We have since moved, so my older two’s pediatrician is in another state, and also my oldest son lives with his father now.

Q: What did the doctors and nurses do for your son with extreme eczema? Did they ever make the connection that it was the vaccines that caused the eczema?

Shauna Marie: They referred him to a dermatologist. The only “explanation” I ever got was that it must be the way his genes were that he ended up with eczema.

Q: Have you considered or know about any heavy metal detox protocols to clear their systems?

Shauna Marie: I have heard about it, but haven’t purchased any yet. So far I have been giving my two boys detox baths with Epsom salt. Also looking to start them on Vitamin C.

Q: What is your approach to healthcare now?

Shauna Marie: I honestly don’t trust anyone in healthcare anymore. I’m scared to believe anything now.

Q: Have you found a vaccine-free friendly doctor and switched doctors?

Shauna Marie: I have not and am having a hard time finding one. I don’t know where to go.

Q: What do you recommend to those just starting their eye-opening journey of not vaccinating?

Shauna Marie: I recommend educating as much as possible. Understand as much as you can, then stand tall, and don’t let others push you around. Be firm with your decision.


If your child is vaccine injured, some excellent resources are:

1) Talk About Curing Autism – read through their website for MEDICAL and DIET suggestions, ask to talk with a volunteer, and find a MAPS doctor to work with for biomedical treatment. Don’t let the word “autism” turn you off – most autism is vaccine injury – this resource collection is what your child needs.

2) CEASE Therapy – is homeopathic detoxification, among other things. Very effective therapy. Watch this video to understand how it works.

3) Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment – heals the brain. Search your area for an office that offers this valuable therapy. Sessions are for one hour and 40 sessions is typical. Hyperbaric forces oxygen into the cells because of the pressurized chamber, and that causes sells to heal. One of the very best things you can do for vaccine injury is this therapy.

4) The HANDLE Institute – They focus on helping neurological systems strengthen and connect more efficiently. This in turn reduces sensory overwhelm and improves all cognitive higher functioning. The gains are permanent, and this therapy is drug-free. Excellent for ADD/ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Brain Injury and more.

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