MMR Vaccine Causes Loss Of Speech & Appetite, Horrendous Seizures and Then Her Death

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MMR Vaccine Causes Loss Of Speech & Appetite, Horrendous Seizures and Then Her Death


This is a heartbreaking story from an Australian mom, Rajni Sharma, who pieced together and traced the timeline of her young daughter’s death to her 18 month old measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccination. Ranji shares her painful experience and her only child’s tragic story. She hopes the life of her baby girl will help someone out there make an informed decision.

My beautiful daughter lived every day of her little life to the fullest before she got her 18 month old MMR vaccine. Alina “Ali” was born on May 12, 2016, full term, healthy, and a happy little bundle of love and life. Ali was my dream come true. With her I learned the love of a child, love that has no boundary or condition — pure selfless love. She was very loving, caring, and a funny little girl. Ali had an amazing sense of humor and would love to play this game of pretending to want to give you a cuddle. As soon as you go to give her a cuddle, Ali would turn away and burst out in a giggle.

Ali also went to daycare when she was only five months old and never cried while at daycare. She just loved meeting people. She had a great sense of security, knew she was loved, and enjoyed just being surrounded by loved ones. Ali also knew when it was time for her to come back home from daycare. As soon as she used to see Patrick, her dad, at the doorstep of the daycare, she would jump into his arms and not look back. She knew it was time to have playtime with daddy. She also knew when it was time for sleeping, eating, bathing, dressing up, photos, massage, and it was all about mummy. Ali loved playing drums in her bath and enjoyed getting me all wet by splashing water all over me. It was lot of fun for both of us.

Ali having her “babychino.” She loved the idea of copying me having my coffee.

Life was good! I was living my dream and this was the last time Ali was truly happy. Then the time came for her 18 month old MMR vaccine.

After that day when Ali received her MMR vaccine, she started sleeping a lot, stopped playing, lost all interest in food. I noticed the change straight away and so did the daycare. They sent me the message checking if Ali had been okay because she had been sleeping a lot and looked extremely tired. Being a first time mom, I said she could be teething. So naive! I never thought she was having a reaction from the vaccine. A week after the vaccine, we went to a friend’s baby shower party and Ali was not herself. Everyone asked if Ali was okay. She refused to eat anything and didn’t play with anyone. She stayed with me throughout the party. When we got back home, I changed her clothes, and made her a bottle. She refused the bottle, and the next minute I saw her face stiffen to the left and her jaw was clamping. We didn’t know what was happening to her, but we called the ambulance, and she was rushed to the hospital.

Paramedics had never seen this kind of seizure before and they just didn’t know what to do. It took us 55 minutes to get to the hospital and Ali continued to seize throughout the entire journey to the hospital. When we reached the hospital, she was given Midozalam intravenously and then she finally stopped seizing after an hour. I was shaken and broken, but still unaware if that was any adverse reaction to the vaccine because I was often told that “vaccines don’t kill babies.”

Two days later, Ali again seized, same repetition of events, but this time we were moved to Randwick Children’s Hospital for an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging). Her MRI was all clear, no tumor, no scar, no lump. I was told by the Neurologist, “Don’t worry about your daughter. She will be fine – her MRI looks good. She is the most well of all the babies on the ward and she will not die.” They diagnosed Ali with epilepsy because she already had more than two seizures. The neurologists were unable to determine the cause for her seizures since she had no fever, or any other sickness. Ali was just a healthy girl.

They asked if Ali’s vaccines were up-to-date, and I replied, “Yes, she had her 18 month MMR last week…” I stopped for awhile and asked the doctor again, “Do you think the vaccine caused my baby’s seizures?” And they said, “Oh no, that’s not possible.” I still believed the doctor because why would a doctor lie? He is not my baby’s enemy.

We went back home and were given Keppra to treat Ali’s epilepsy. Within a week, Ali had her third seizure, and that was the last day of Ali at home. Ali never returned home after that day. It was Nov 25, 2017. After that, Ali was induced in a coma after 14 hours of non-stop seizing. She woke up after five days, patted my back, and I knew Ali was back and remembered me. We stayed in the Neuro Ward as the cause was still not determined for her refractory epilepsy. (The Neuro Ward is for patients with neurological disorders, but more for care and constant observation.) Ali was tested genetically twice for mitochondrial disorders, an epilepsy panel, and any other test they could possibly run to find the cause for her prognosis. All the tests came back negative. By this time, I was certain that Ali was vaccine-injured.

With every seizure, we lost part of Ali. She lost her memory. She lost all her words, her games, and she also lost fine motor skills in her left hand. Ali’s memory loss was to the extent she forgot me and Patrick. I screamed and shouted, “Why is no one listening to me about vaccines?” And I was made to shut up because “vaccines don’t kill babies.” It could be anything else, but vaccines.

On January 12, 2018,  Ali called me “Maa” again and by that time she started to remember a few words again. She waved at someone at the hospital and said “hello” after three months. I was so happy that she was getting better and we will soon be going home. Still scared, but was hopeful. By noon, Ali started to seize again and that was the end of her little life. She seized through the rest of the January, February, and until March 26th 2018, the day she died. Ali died in my arms in a fairy garden at the hospital. I held a very cold stiff body of my baby — instead of a warm, soft, wriggly baby.

But no one dared to call it or admit that the MMR Vaccine killed my baby. Instead, I was given a two-page letter a week before her death, “That after intensive research and exome testing, we have come to the conclusion that your baby has a very rare mitochondrial disorder CARS2.” We were told that my husband and I are recessive carriers of that very rare genetic mutation and we passed on our recessive genes to our daughter.

What are the chances of my husband and I have same recessive gene? Me and my husband are not related and not even of the same ethnicity or same country. I am Indian by birth and he is English. People who mostly marry distant cousins have a good chance of passing the same recessive gene because of obvious reasons. These same genes run in families. I am quite suspicious of their final diagnosis as it indicates most likely the gene is the cause, but they are not even 100% sure. They have pulled the genetic card, planted a seed, and also have not taken the full responsibility of the diagnosis.

They suggested that CARS2 gene is most likely the cause of her condition. What’s very important to note is that kids with mitochondrial disorders show elevated levels of lactate, but Ali had not shown any signs of elevated lactate. So I don’t believe that Ali even had a mitochondrial disorder.

Turns out no one in my family or my husband’s family have any rare genetic condition except for cystic fibrosis on my husband’s side. However, Ali was not affected or a carrier of cystic fibrosis. I struggle to understand that the hospital calls every patient that they could not find an answer for has a rare genetic condition.

Even if I subscribe to the genetic angle, we were told that the mitochondrial dysfunction/disorder is actually rare. If the vaccine only triggered her condition, then why don’t they include mitochondrial disorders or gene mutations in the clinical trials and studies? What I learned from Ali’s admission to the hospital is that mitochondrial disorders are actually not that rare. I met a lot of parents at the hospital who have been given this “rare” mitochondrial card. If this is SO rare, why are there SO many kids with rare mitochondrial disorders?

You wouldn’t give peanuts to a newborn because they could be allergic to peanuts, it’s common sense isn’t it? But that’s not the case for vaccines. The same vaccines are prescribed to all children. Lots are dying of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), some are living life with seizures, autoimmune disorders, autism, and other health issues. I connected the dots with what I saw with my baby. I am a mother and I knew my baby. I knew my baby more than anyone else.

Q&A with Rajni:

Q: Do the doctors and has your doctor in Australia ever explained informed consent and provided you with the full risks/benefits of the vaccines? Did they give you a package insert and explain the side effects, including seizures and death?

Rajni: Not at all. They only tell you your child might have slight fever, which is a very common reaction to any vaccines.

Q: Was an autopsy performed on Ali?

Rajni: Ali had such a miserable painful six months in the hospital with intubation five times. I did not have the heart to get the autopsy done on her. I just wanted her to be comfortable. Could not bear getting an autopsy done on my baby.

Q: What advice and/or recommendations for parents, or health care providers do you have regarding vaccines?

Rajni: For parents, do your research! My general practitioner (GP) is a good doctor and a good person. I believed her; she believed the system. Don’t be slave of the system, question everything and everyone for your yourself and safety of your child. You know your baby best, be their advocate, don’t be a bystander.

So disappointed with health care providers! I’m tired of how they bully parents and their arrogance. I want them to listen to parents and understand why parents do their research. Respect that parents aren’t trying to show them down, they are just trying to save their kids.

Q: What do you wish you knew before Ali being vaccinated with her MMR and other vaccines?

Rajni: Ingredients, direct effects of those ingredients, and side effects of vaccines. Some literature of safety studies would have been very important because I never thought that’s even possible to have a product on the market without safety studies. And data of actual death/injury rates.

Q: What has been the most difficult aspect of Ali’s story and your experience, etc.?

Rajni: Watching my daughter slip and lose herself and life completely. My happy beautiful daughter became an experiment for the doctors.

Q: What help do you need in pursuing justice for your daughter?

Rajni: I want to reach out to people and the health minister and ask him what if that happened to his family? All of us are at risk in this experiment.

Q: What do you hope for as a result of Ali’s story being shared?

Rajni: I just want mothers like me to be informed, hope they do their research, and do what is best for their children. Also hoping for justice for my daughter.

~ In memory of Alina Poppy Murtagh (May 12, 2016 – March 26, 2018) ~

Children and infants worldwide are tragically dying as an unnecessary and catastrophic result of the grave consequences and horrid risks of vaccines. Devastated parents in mourning are bravely coming forward to tell their stories to warn and inform others of their vaccine triggered tragedies and familial losses. When will the masses realize the deaths and debilitating injuries, neurological, and autoimmune disorders are caused by vaccines? When will they heed the warning from thousands upon hundreds of thousands of parents who would hastily trade their broken heart pain for any chance to hug and bring back their child? Will people finally understand and empathize when they horrifically lose and bury their own child to vaccines?


  • Linda says:

    Ranji, your story is heartbreaking. I am so sorry you are walking through this nightmare. I pray that you know deep in your heart,
    you are wrapped in the comfort of the love of God. Please speak out and never stop. One momma will hear, then another, then another. I wish your loss was rare, but sadly this is not true.

  • Paul Kemp says:

    Hi Rajni, I am so sorry to hear about your tragic experience with vaccines. One day the world will look back on this industry and those who blindly supported it as one of the greatest errors of the 20th century. If it is any comfort for you to know children who leave this world are held in the arms of the angel assigned their watchcare in transition sleep until one of the parents take leave of this world and they are awakened to the new life together so the parent can continue to partake of the raising of the child.

  • Jen Ward-Enner says:

    It obviously goes without saying that this family is due all possible sympathy, and that losing a child is likely the singe worst experience that someone can go through. That being said…HERE IS MORE BASELESS FEAR MONGERING FROM MELISSA CURTIN. Regardless of these poor parents’ beliefs, THE MMR VACCINE HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS CHILD’S DEATH. In their traumatized state, they refuse to believe that her death was due to a mitochondrial disorder. Their position does not add any validity to their assertion. The answer, plain as day, was presented to them. They chose not to believe it, as is their prerogative. Anybody but them, should be able to look at this case objectively, and draw the obvious conclusion that the reason for this poor child’s death was the mitochondrial disorder, not the MMR vaccine. MELISSA CURTIN IS A VILE TOAD.

    • Martin says:

      Unbelievable arrogance Jen. As if a parent wouldn’t know the trigger that caused the change and death in their child.
      You disgust me with your judgemental attitude.

  • anne says:

    My heart aches for your loss…God Bless you and your husband.

  • Kiley says:


  • Barbara H Bryan says:

    Thank you for sharing the whole truth that sadly most “practicing” doctors were not taught.

  • Carol says:

    My heart breaks for you

  • Kim Fahrion says:


  • Vilma says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss.Thank you for having strenght to fight. God bles you.

  • Hanna says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. It will help people To ask ask questions and put the dots together.

  • Alisa says:

    I didn’t become concerned about vaccines until my third child. Had 16 years apart. Like most mothers I blindly went with whatever the doctors told me. It wasn’t until my youngest child was born in 2017 i was 37 years old and as i held my little 5lb 11oz bundle of love I couldn’t for the life of me justify injecting anything into her pure little body. But this was triggered by the hospitals request of consent to give her the hep b shot. My partner and i were baffled as to why and they said it was the baby’s insurance policy in the event she becomes a prostitute of intravenous drug user. Right at that moment i had questioned EVERYTHING I had ever been told by a doctors.

  • Janelle Foss says:

    My condolences. Thank you for sharing your story. Prayers!

  • Sally Healy says:

    I’m so sorry for the loss of your precious daughter.

  • Cheri says:

    So sorry this happened to your sweet little daughter. Thanks for your bravery in speaking out to protect others.

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