What To Do When A Vaccine Free Child Gets Sick

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What To Do When A Vaccine Free Child Gets Sick

Dr. Henele E’ale, ND of the Energetic Health Institute shares what to do if a vaccine free child winds up with measles, mumps, flu or another infection. He explains how to build immune function through high dose nutrition and supplementation and why that is important. He also suggests we not panic and to work with a naturopathic doctor or integrative medical doctor.

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So you’re gonna go vaccine-free with your children, and you might be thinking “OK, what do I do if they do get an infectious disease “like measles, mumps, rubella, or the flu?” Well the first thing I’m gonna tell you is don’t panic.

Hi, my name’s Dr. H, and I’m the Executive Community Director for the Energetic Health Institute, and also a dad myself. And these are legitimate concerns we have, you know? What do I do when my kid gets sick, you know? We don’t want ’em to be sick.

Well, the first thing I’m gonna tell you is make sure that you have an awesome naturopathic or functional medicine, integrated medicine doctor at your disposal. You know, someone that has worked with you as a family before, understands what your belief system is, understands that you wanna be vaccine-free and supports it, that’s the key. Because folks that are in that genre, like me, who are gonna be like, look it’s not a problem, this is how we’re gonna approach it.

The first thing that parents are gonna wanna do is understand the importance of something called a loading dose. There’s a tendency when we look on little bottles and stuff for nutrients and herbs and stuff like that, it’ll have recommended dosing, and that’s based upon this belief from these, you know, from the companies that they want you to buy a new bottle every month. So that’s what most of their dosing is. But often times, that’s not enough. And a good integrative medical doctor, a good naturopathic doctor, heck a good holistic nutritionist is going to understand that there’s an importance at that time period when the infection occurs of a greater need for nutrients, a greater need for some herbs. So you’re gonna have to do a loading dose. So ask your doctor about a loading dose.

And a loading dose of nutrients and herbs is very simple. You’re basically giving your little one some nutrients and some herbs that are specific for what they’re dealing with and are gonna help boost up their immune system, every, you know, every three or four hours, so you’re giving a dosing about four or five times a day for the first two days. After you’ve got the loading dose in, what’s happened is now you’ve gotten some of those nutrients, you’ve gotten some of those herbs into the bloodstream at a good, therapeutic amount and at that point, the immune system starts to win the battle, and that’s when it’s really cool.

So after about day two, sometimes day three, you take it down into a more normal kind of dosing schedule, which is gonna be two to three times a day. Course if they’re really feeling bad, keep ’em home, keep ’em warm. There are some things you might wanna look up if they’re real little ones, you know, like wet socks treatments or wet onesie treatments; they work.

You might wanna consider if you’re working with a integrative medicine doctor, or a naturopathic medical doctor, you might wanna consider some homeopathy, you know, based upon the doctor’s recommendations. But again, I can’t emphasize enough, make sure you’re working with someone who knows and follows that same kind of philosophy that you wanna, you know, that you wanna follow as a parent.

After the child is getting better, this is something I don’t see a lot of doctors doing so it’s important for you to have it in mind for yourself. One of the things that was really drilled into me and I’ve seen it work so many times in clinical practice is that we don’t want somebody who’s gotten sick to kind of have a relapse, right? So you start with the loading dose, two to three days, and then you dose ’em while they’re sick, but it’s very important: you keep dosing for two additional days after your little one says “I feel better,” or they look like they’re back to normal. You keep dosing for two additional days just to keep that nervous, excuse me, that immune system very nourished and ready to go in case there are some last little remnants of that infectious disease kind of trying to hide out in their body. You wanna make sure the immune system can track ’em down and get ’em.

But if you’re working with a naturopathic doctor, or an integrative medical doctor, make sure you ask them about loading dose. Make sure you ask them about dosing for two days after. You know, the chi, your baby looks, you know, like they’re doing pretty good. And make sure you talk to them and ask them about things like Vitamin A, Vitamin C. How much do we need for the age and how big my baby is. Make sure you talk to them about zinc and ask them about the role that zinc plays and its important role in the activation of the immune system.

And then, the last thing I would say is, ask them about some cool stuff about medicinal mushrooms like Reishi and Maitake and Chaga. And all these really cool formulations that are out now that are really awesome for nourishing an immune system and making sure your immune system and your baby’s immune system I should say has everything that it needs to overcome the infection.


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