Don’t Trust Doctors Who Vaccinate and Cause Seizures or Harm

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Don’t Trust Doctors Who Vaccinate and Cause Seizures or Harm

Dr. Henele E’ale, ND of the Energetic Health Institute asks a basic question of parents: if a doctor injected something into your child and your child developed convulsions because of it, would you trust that doctor to treat your child?

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There are literally thousands of reasons for having a vaccine free child, and I wanna help simplify your decision making if I can. My name is Dr. H, and I’m the Executive Community Director for the Energetic Health Institute and also a parent, just like many of you.

There are so many reasons. We can get into the toxins that are in the vaccinations, we can get into live attenuate and some of the arguments as to whether or not the virus, if we’re injecting a virus, if it has the ability to mutate. We can talk about the vaccine schedule and how much it’s changed. We can talk about profit margins from these greedy companies. We can talk about literally so much. I think we have so many ways to talk about this argument that we have, kind of have too many ways, you know. It’s kind of like too many chefs ruin the pot. Let’s simplify it if we can.

I want you to think about this, because I’ve been disturbed watching a lot of these vaccine injury videos that we’re seeing more and more prominent, more and more frequently out there. I’ve had a real problem watching them, they’re incredibly heart-wrenching for me as a father watching them, like I’m sure they are for many of you parents out there. Let’s just think about this.

If you went to a doctor, and that doctor injected something, let’s not even call it a vaccine, just injected something into your child, you took your child home, and your child started having seizures, would you really go back to that doctor? Would you consider allowing another doctor to do something similar to your child? If you talk to a parent of a vaccine injured child, of course you wouldn’t, of course you wouldn’t.

So forget the name vaccine, simplify the process for you, and let’s just think about this. It’s not normal for a child to go into convulsions after having a fever after having something that we know has cancer causing agents in it injected into them. That is not normal. For a doctor to tell you that that is normal in my medical opinion is malpractice.

The first rule of being a doctor is to do no harm. It’s an oath that all of us take whether we’re on the natural side of things or whether we’re on the allopathic side of things. We take the same oath: to do no harm. Someone convince me that a child going through a febrile seizure is evidence of doing no harm. Do you see what I’m saying? Let’s not take this argument and all the many directions we can take it, and believe me, it seems to be endless and growing. Let’s not take it so far out that we don’t make it simple.

Would you let a doctor have a second crack at your child if the first crack resulted in a seizure? The answer to this for all parents I know is no. And maybe that’s as far as we really need to go with this argument.


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