These Six 100% Vaccine Free Children Are Healthy, Intelligent, Vibrant and Disease Free

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These Six 100% Vaccine Free Children Are Healthy, Intelligent, Vibrant and Disease Free


Jennifer Minski, is a dedicated and doting mother of six healthy children, Gabriel (20), Adeline (15), Isaac (13), Jonah (11), Moira (2.5), and Phineas (9 months old). This informed mom conducted her research and chose not to vaccinate. She continues to stand by her choice with no regrets. Jennifer’s confident decision occurred two decades ago before Google, before there were internet support groups, before state-wide vaccine advocacy groups, and before educational websites boldly encouraged parents to research, dig deeper, thoroughly investigate the risks versus benefits, and question the safety and effectiveness of vaccines.

Jennifer researched and educated herself through reading books and gathered information on natural immunity and health. As a result, her vaccine-free children are healthy, thriving, and do not experience common childhood chronic health issues, neurological and behavioral issues, or side effects and injuries from adverse vaccine reactions. Jennifer was delighted to be interviewed and honored to share her experience and wisdom from raising six vaccine-free kids!

Jennifer: Twenty years ago, there were no internet groups. There were no support groups, there was no support!! Only books and logic. My closest friends were threatening to call CYS. (Here in Pennsylvania, what other states call Child Protective Services (CPS), we call Children and Youth Services (CYS). My friends swore I was threatening my children’s life by not vaccinating. Yet, twenty years later, I have six happy, healthy, intelligent children. We don’t have maintenance drugs, we don’t have learning disabilities or behavioral disorders. We don’t have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). We don’t have seizures. We don’t have learning disabilities. I couldn’t be more proud of my babies!

Q: As a beaming proud mama, what can you share about each child in how they thrive and in what do they excel?

Jennifer: Gabriel has (finally) graduated from his tumultuous teenage years and has become phenomenal young man – which means *something* I did along the way worked! He has an almost two year old daughter, who is his spitting image, that he is a fantastic father to. He’s an extremely hard worker and is dedicated to supporting and caring for his little family.

Adeline is just personality plus! She’s bubbly, self-confident, and studious, maintaining honor roll throughout her first year in high school. Recently, she’s taken on her first real job and I am so impressed with her fierce work ethic. In addition, I would be lost without her. She’s like a second momma to her siblings and they adore her.

Isaac, I feel, is the most like me of all his siblings. He’s the sensitive, compassionate, and kind soul who has – thus far – made the angst of being a teenager seem easy. He’s always sticking up for the underdog, always has a unique and wise point of view. He and his brother Jonah have spent their summer exploring the county on biking adventures, as he gears up for 8th grade football in the fall.

Jonah is my super industrious guy!! He is busy, busy always! Even at 11, his drive to do, build, and create astounds me. He is stubborn and determined and I have no doubt that he will accomplish great things in life!

Moira is going to be our overachiever. With such an age gap between her and her older brother, she holds many traits of an oldest child. She is SO smart! She speaks in full sentences, and the things that come out of her mouth are just hilarious!! She has an understanding well beyond her two and a half years; sometimes I have to remind myself that she’s still just a baby in a lot of ways. Moira fiercely loves her baby brother and is his greatest protector!

Phineas is The. Happiest. Baby. Ever. He is so sweet with his big sloppy chin kisses and snuggles. At nine months, he’s going strong breastfeeding, still co-sleeping and incredibly secure and thriving as a result. I can’t wait to see what he will become!

Not vaccinated? What about attending public school?
Jennifer and her family reside in Pennsylvania, a state that currently has in place all three vaccine exemptions, medical, religious, and philosophical. Those exemptions protect parental rights and support medical/health freedom and vaccine choice, as well as a state advocacy group, Pennsylvania Medical Freedom Alliance.

Jennifer: In Pennsylvania, religious/moral exemptions are still the law. We claim that exemption. They go to public school. Each year, I write a letter explaining our moral exemption. Be aware and informed of the laws in your state. In our school system, according to our state law, it is as simple as writing a letter stating that vaccination is not in keeping with our morals. Period. They cannot question your religion or morals. And they are afraid to try!!

Twenty years later, I’ve not had one issue. Every year I write a note to the school claiming the legal right to refuse vaccination for religious/moral reasons. That’s that! Remember that the school does not own your children, even if they try to act like they do! And their “policy” is not the law. My morality doesn’t allow poisoning children.

Q: Did you have any conversations with doctors or healthcare providers, and/or were you always proactive in learning about vaccines?

Jennifer: I actually never took Gabe, my oldest, to the doctor. I didn’t need to – he was never sick. My older sister was in medical school at the time, so she was an asset when I had questions or concerns, as well as my mother who had raised nine children. I just didn’t feel the need to see a pediatrician, especially since I decided before his birth that we weren’t going to vaccinate.

In looking back at the risks and adverse effects vaccines could have had on her children, and the knowledge and research that Jennifer discovered, she disclosed, “My two youngest have every indication of methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) – venus dimples, bright blue vein between the eyes. I have no doubt that they would have been injured if I’d subjected them to vaccination. MTHFR is a genetic mutation, the hallmark of which is an inability to flush toxins from your body.”

Q: Have any of your kids ever had chickenpox, measles, mumps, flu, etc.? If so, how did you treat it? Any other health issues or sicknesses throughout their childhoods? What viruses or any diseases, if any, did they contract?

Jennifer: In 2010, my four oldest all had chicken pox. I assume from a recently vaccinated child that was shedding. My (then) 7-year old daughter, Addie, was the first to present with symptoms. I wasn’t 100% sure, so I did consult the pediatrician. It was almost comical! They hauled all the interns in to have a look and told them that it would probably be the last case they ever saw in their medical career and then hastily ushered us out the BACK door of the building! My kids spent a week home from school taking oatmeal baths, slathering in witch hazel and calamine, watching cartoons, and being itchy. Shockingly?! They lived!! And will enjoy a lifetime of natural immunity from both chicken pox and shingles.

Other than that, they have all been relatively healthy! I can count on one hand the number of times I felt they were sick enough to necessitate an antibiotic. I know many in the Stop Mandatory Vaccination community are hardcore homeopathic people. I personally believe that there’s a time and a place for both eastern and western medicine. Balance.

Q: Describe raising kids naturally and what that means to you? How has a vaccine-free lifestyle shaped your families health and healthcare decisions?

Jennifer: Continued education and research into vaccine related fields and toxicity in our everyday lives has absolutely shaped our family’s quest to live a more natural lifestyle. I’m almost embarrassed to think about how little I knew beginning this motherhood journey. It’s a wonder that my oldest kids ever survived eating white bread and Hi-C while being slathered in Johnson and Johnson!! Ack!! We also can’t afford to go totally organic everything all at once either. What we focus on is being *aware* of every single choice. It means paying the extra dollar for organic apples and lettuce. It means picking up pure Castile soap instead of the cheap body wash, and coconut oil instead of lotion. It means replacing that nasty tube of artificial sweeteners and fluoride with a bentonite clay tooth powder. (Which took some getting used to – man the stuff tastes terrible!) Mopping floors with white vinegar instead of Clorox and checking labels for High Fructose Corn Syrup. And we still have room to improve and ways to do better! There are still Doritos in the cupboard from time to time, but we are moving forward.

Q: Who does your receive medical/healthcare from? MD, ND, Chiropractor, etc.?

Jennifer: After being “fired” from the pediatrician that we never went to because we don’t vaccinate, we decided that it would be a good idea to establish a relationship with another doctor, just in case. My sister, the Doctor of Osteopathy (DO), had moved three hours away and it was becoming more difficult for her to sign sports physical forms for the kids. Through a non-vax friend locally, a general practitioner (also a DO) was recommended to us. We have seen him ever since and have nothing but good things to say. He doesn’t push antibiotics. He’s asked if I have any questions about vaccines, but has never once pressured, pushed, or belittled me, for my decision to keep my children vaccine free. (I’m not positive, but I believe he may have a vaccine-injured child himself.)

Q: Describe your health approach and what you do/give to your kids to boost their immune systems?

Jennifer: I believe that the best way to boost the immune system is diet and exercise! Plenty of greens and whole grains and lots of physical activity!

Q: Has your family (parents, siblings, etc.) and current friends been supportive of your decision to not vaccinate?

Jennifer: Yes, my parents have been supportive of our decision. And unfortunately, both of my siblings with children have chosen to vaccinate despite knowing better. Two of their combined five children are undiagnosed, but show strong signs of autism like symptoms.

My first grandchild doesn’t seem to carry the MTHFR mutation so has dealt with the toxicity thus far, but I can’t help but imagine how well she could be without!?

Q: Were you or your partner vaccinated as a child?

Jennifer: Yes, I believe we both were. His parents are very pro-vaccine to this day, despite having a grandchild on the spectrum. They are so polite that we’ve never had a confrontation about our choice. My parents wised up in the early 90’s and refused vaccines for my youngest brothers.

Q: Do you still have those same friends who threatened calling CYS? If so, what is their opinion now that it’s clear you have healthy, thriving children?

Jennifer: Shockingly, yes! I am still friends with one of the people that threatened way back when. She has two children of her own, ages 7 and 9. They’re fully vaccinated. She even submitted to a round of rabies vaccines while pregnant with her youngest because a rabies positive bat was found in the house where her child went to daycare. Her son was born early and was in the NICU for a couple weeks after his birth, unable to breath on his own. They’ve both been chronically ill their entire lives. Pneumonia, ear tubes, constant ear and bronchial infections, breathing treatments, etc. I’m sure the fact that mom smokes doesn’t help either. She’s very well aware of my opinion about vaccines and I try to impart tidbits of knowledge where I can, but I think she’s the type of person who will never think outside the box. She’ll always do what she’s told so as not to rock the boat and not draw any kind of negative attention. I find it extremely selfish (in fitting with her personality) and have nothing but pity for her children. Have you ever had one of those ‘tenured’ friends that you’ve been friends with for so long, you’ll probably always be friends even if you sometimes don’t like them or respect them??

Q: What is the biggest vaccine issue we are facing in your opinion?

Jennifer: The biggest vaccine issue we are facing, in my opinion, is the threat of legislation requiring mandatory injections. The fact that there are lawmakers and enough supporters of this movement in our free country to have even ONE state mandating the health care and taking choice away from parents is absolutely despicable to me.

Q: What advice or recommendations do you have for parents and others?

Jennifer: My advice to other parents is to read, read, read!! You have not only the right, but the responsibility to do the very best that you can do for your children. Make sure that you are well informed before you make any decision. Bless you younger parents questioning all the answers and bucking the norm!! Educate even if it ostracizes you!

I just want to say THANK YOU!!! I have learned so much in the Stop Mandatory Vaccination community over the course of the past year or so. Life is a journey of continuous improvement and growth and I appreciate the resources that you’ve been able to make available!

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