Mom Ends Vaccines and Toxic Food/Home Products and Everyone’s Health Dramatically Improves

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Mom Ends Vaccines and Toxic Food/Home Products and Everyone’s Health Dramatically Improves

Trina Ricketts, from Surrey, BC Canada, began her health investigation journey after she suffered from an adverse reaction to a vaccine that led to serious chronic health issues. When she migrated to a more natural and healthier lifestyle, her oldest was nine years old, her second child was five – this was before her third child. Trina learned that vaccine toxins combined with an onslaught of exposure to dietary, chemical, additive, and pollutants, all wreak havoc and negatively impact the immune system.

Trina and her family have greatly benefitted from this dramatic shift towards more natural health choices, the halting of vaccinations, and a departure from toxic products and damaging ingredients. She’s now a more informed mom who is proactive in managing her family’s health outcomes. Sophia, her oldest, is now 18, Austin is 13, and Rosabel is 7 – all healthy! In her own words, Trina openly shares about life prior to booting toxins and vaccines, her children’s and her vaccine injuries, and the positive changes she made to save and regain everyone’s health.

Trina: I used to use dryer sheets, a microwave, and chemical house cleaners like Windex and Comet. My dish soap was bright green. My window cleaner was bright blue. My laundry detergent was strongly perfumed and you could smell the dryer sheets on our clothes from a mile away. I loved dryer sheets.

I used to follow Canada’s Food Guide. I thought pizza was healthy because it provides all the four food groups in approximately the amounts recommended. I ate fruit loops and drank soda pop. My mouth would salivate in the grocery store when I saw those bakery cinnamon muffins. They never lasted long in our house. In retrospect, I ate a lot of bread back then! I’d heard on the news, [and also supported by the Dietitians of Canada], that organic vegetables are NOT more nutritious than conventional vegetables. So, I didn’t see any reason why I should pay extra and buy organic. I hadn’t even heard of organic meat.

I used to vaccinate my kids and take them to the doctor because they were always sick. My oldest daughter, Sophia, was plagued by ear infections in the first two years of her life. I vividly remember how terrifying it was taking my baby to emergency with a high fever, not knowing what was wrong. My second born, my son, also suffered from frequent ear infections. That made me think ear infections must be normal. He also developed asthma, and once, he had an unexplained swelling of the lymph nodes in his neck. We drove him to Children’s Hospital every day for a week so he could be administered antibiotics for over an hour each day. He was only two years old. That was also terrifying.

I used to believe that when you are sick, you go to the doctor, they diagnose you, prescribe you medication, and you get well. I was on many medications including an antidepressant, anti-anxiety meds, a sleeping pill, beta-blockers, salt pills, birth control, and more.

But then, one day, I learned how toxic all those things are. I was forced to learn because after getting a vaccine for my job, I had a disabling vaccine injury. I was working as a Support Worker in a transition house for women with concurrent disorders (mental health and addictions). They recommended the Hep A/B shot and I had the first two doses of the Twinrix version. After that vaccine, my health took a nosedive and every little toxin became like a giant earthquake to my body.

The change didn’t happen immediately. Sure, over night, I became a thermometer for what is toxic in our world. I was very, very ill. But I didn’t know that toxins were responsible for my sickness. Doctors told me it was all in my head until I turned up at emergency with an unexplained bowel perforation one day. But that’s another story.

Q: What adverse reactions did you experience from the Hep A/B Twinrix vaccine?

Trina: Mostly gastrointestinal and neurological. I believe I was having seizures without anyone realizing it. I could not stand for more than a few minutes without feeling very faint. All the symptoms of Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS). Heart racing, dizziness, fatigue, numbness, and more. I had no color in my cheeks anymore. My arms felt heavy and would drop off the steering wheel when I drove. Constant dizziness was the main thing. Then stomach problems, diarrhea, and constipation, nausea. I developed blood in my stools, but doctors told me to just eat more fiber. Was told my symptoms were psychosomatic. My blood work all came back fine until one day I developed a bowel perforation out of the blue. Then shit got real. 75% of my large intestine removed, an ileostomy bag for four months, then another surgery to put what was left of my intestines back together. Then they diagnosed me with Crohn’s Disease because of the diarrhea – which was caused by the surgery. Then I developed severely disabling arthritis in all the joints of my body. A skin disorder that my skin would attack itself if I suffered any kind of flesh wound, such as cutting myself while cooking or getting a tattoo. I also developed food allergies that I wasn’t aware of until I changed my diet. No doctor ever suggested changing my food.

In addition to Crohn’s, I was diagnosed with Spondyloarthritis, and Bowel-associated dermatosis–arthritis syndrome (BADAS). My recent surgery was a “scar revision” to make the scars all over my stomach from previous surgeries look less hideous. It helped a little, but the surgery was horrible and I regret it.

Q: Describe your current health situation?

Trina: My current health is excellent. I don’t have any arthritis issues anymore, except the odd ache on the very rare occasion that reminds me it used to be an issue. My Crohn’s is non-existent, I believe. It was a bogus diagnosis based on the fact that I had loose stools that caused A LOT of problems. Funny how doctors can cut your intestines out no problem, but they can’t tell you how to manage your new digestive system. I had to learn the tips and tricks through trial and error and in the meantime suffered a lot because of it. My skin disorder is completely gone. I can get tattooed whenever I want now. The only thing is that my immune system still has to work harder than other people, when I have a surgery or get run down.

Q: What is your approach to your family’s health care needs now?

Trina: Healthy organic, whole foods, gluten free grains, lots of sunshine, and love. We stay away from doctors as much as possible. In fact, none of my kids has seen a doctor in a couple of years at least. My youngest has no recollection of ever seeing a doctor since she was a baby when I took her last. When they get sick, we up the vitamins, rest, and stay on top of the hygiene. Their sicknesses are infrequent and mild. And I don’t worry about their tummies grumbling between meals because it’s good for their digestive systems to have a break. I’ve taught them to say no to vaccines and question everything.

It took a lot of research and fact-finding to learn the truth about health and toxins. What I learned was that most, if not all, health disorders are caused by toxicity and deficiency. And most, if not all, health disorders can be corrected through detoxification and proper nutrition. I went gluten-free (which improved my symptoms dramatically). I started following diets like the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, the Paleo Diet, and Ketogenic Diet, and noticed even more health improvements. Now I use natural cleaning products and body products and avoid toxins!

I don’t vaccinate at all now, and can you believe my youngest doesn’t even remember ever seeing a doctor?! She’s seven now and she’s never had any of the conditions my vaccinated children had – eczema, asthma, a flu that took forever to go away, food allergies, learning challenges, ADHD, and more. It turns out ear infections are NOT normal!

When my son was very young, he was out of control, depressed, and full of anxiety. He said things like “I hate my life” and “I want to die.” He lashed out at his sister and me. No amount of discipline worked with him. Finally, realizing this was out of his control, I turned to what I’d learned. Tried every diet I could for him until I found one that worked, The Feingold Program [a diet for ADD/ADHD that removes synthetic chemicals from the diet]. My son became calm and peaceful. He started making eye contact more and saying, “I love you.” Literally overnight, our home became peaceful. He’s been on that diet for eight years and he is a brilliant, thriving, and an amazingly calm teenager now.

Q: Do your kids attend public school? If so, what is the process in Canada for exemptions? My understanding is there are no mandatory vaccinations in Canada due to being protected by your constitution – but even so, I’ve heard vaccinations are pushed.

Trina: My kids are in public school. The provinces are in charge of vaccinations. In British Columbia, where I live, there are no requirements. I don’t need an exemption. However, public health nurses go to the schools and coerce kids into getting vaccines if they are age 12 or older. It used to be 14 or older but they are targeting younger kids now. If you want to put your child in a registered childcare facility while you go to work, they require you to sign a form saying that you don’t vaccinate. If any of the vaccinated diseases are going around, my kids will be asked to stay home. That hasn’t happened to us yet. [For more info, SMV recommends Vaccine Choice Canada.]

Q: What has your experience been surrounding vaccines in Canada?

Trina: I told a nurse that my children have a genetic predisposition to vaccine injury because I was severely vaccine injured, and she said parental reaction is not a valid reason to refuse vaccines. Most people here are very brainwashed. It’s heartbreaking. Many provinces are trying to enact mandatory vaccine laws, but so far none have been able to make it happen.

Q: What other changes or choices have you integrated to improve your family’s health?

Trina: Other things I did based on my research include, I got rid of the microwave and told my landlord not to spray Roundup on our lawn anymore. [It’s a known neurotoxin and disruptive to the environment]. I started using Norwex cloths and natural cleaners to clean my house, car, and deal with pests. Switched my whole family to natural toothpaste, natural body lotions, shampoos, and conditioners. I started using natural makeup. We began eating everything organic (because of the poisonous pesticides and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) and gluten free (because it’s easier to digest). Expensive, yes, but worth it.

I changed my life and my children’s lives to make us all healthier and better able to handle stress and viruses when they come along. I learned that the important thing about health is quality, not quantity. In fact, our bodies are supposed to fast! We are not designed to eat all day every day. Moderately sized nutritious meals with little to no snacking in between are ideal for every age!

Also, I became a chronic label reader. Anything with food dyes or other chemicals listed in the ingredients were out. Goodbye monosodium glutamate (aka MSG)! So long tartrazine (also known as “yellow dye”)! No to the preservative TBHQ (Not sure what it is, but it makes me sick!)! Au revoir glucose-fructose (also know as high fructose corn syrup)!

Some things took longer for me to implement than others. I dyed my hair until last year. I struggled to find a replacement for bleach for my toilets. Makeup is still a challenge. I still get tattoos. But the majority of the changes I made in a heartbeat. It was like my eyes were suddenly opened, and I needed to detoxify my home and my life immediately. What I had learned, I could not unlearn. Now I wonder how people can use those brightly colored dish soaps without feeling bad about what it’s doing to our earth. And I think it’s sad that more people don’t feed their children organic whole foods because it is so expensive!

My kids are the healthiest they’ve ever been since I made these changes eight years ago and stopped vaccinating them. They hardly ever pick up viruses and when they do, they are sick for a day. No more vomiting for weeks on end. No more hospital emergency visits. No more asthma, ear infections, or eczema.

Vaccines are a trigger for me. I cannot sit in a doctor’s office knowing there is a baby getting vaccinated. It makes me freak out! I just want to say, “Please, please, please don’t do it. Learn from my mistakes. RUN! Run from that needle…that evil, toxic needle!” I want to say, “I used to vaccinate too, before I did my research. Before I was vaccine injured. I was just like you!” Now I won’t let anyone near my children or me with a vaccine. I would fight tooth and nails, pull my kids out of school, hide in a religious community, and whatever it takes. I would do it rather than vaccinate my children or myself.Now I see the world through eyes that are knowledgeable and critical. I am skeptical of everything and research everything before buying it or forming an opinion on it. Now I am aware how deep the lies go. I know about the corruption in our government and how corporations pretty much own our so-called “safety enforcement” agencies. I know that “conflict of interest” is a way of life for our elected officials and corporate overlords.

Now I see through the propaganda. I don’t trust doctors, nurses, or the TV. I don’t trust billboards, mail outs, and newspapers. When someone tells me something, ANYTHING, my first response is, “How do you know that? Who told you that? Where did you learn that?” Unless it was firsthand experience, I won’t believe it until I’ve researched it myself.

Now I’ve taken my health into my own hands. And wouldn’t you know it…NOW I have my health back!

I resisted incredible pressure from my doctors to get on immune suppressant drugs for Crohn’s Disease and Spondyloarthritis (as well as other disorders I can’t pronounce or spell). I was told I would never live a normal life or hold a job again — if I did not take those drugs. But I said no.

Instead, I embarked on a detoxification and nutrition treatment plan. I learned about how people helped their vaccine-injured children recover. I learned about how nutrients work in the body. And how our bodies detox from bad shit. I devised my own personal health plan as I went, making changes as I learned more, trying new supplements and diets and protocols until I found the ones that got me where I am today. (Diatomaceous Earth, IV vitamin treatments, clean diet, fasting, avoiding doctors, etc.)

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Today I am off disability income. I am working full-time as a Marketing Manager whilst also being a mom to three children. And I ride a motorcycle! 

It’s been a decade since that fated vaccine destroyed my life and my health. It took ten years from the vaccine injury to get my life and health back where I am able to participate fully in life again. Eight of those years were spent seeking out natural treatments. The first two years I thought a doctor would be able to help me and I went from specialist to specialist. Healing takes commitment and perseverance. Healing takes time and hope. I used to live a very toxic lifestyle because I didn’t know any better. But now I do.

Q: What advice do you have for others, including parents?

Trina:Don’t vaccinate. Don’t live in fear of diseases. Feed your kids a healthy diet and raise them in a toxin-limited home and they will be fine. Teach them not to vaccinate their own children. And don’t give in to pressure from the brainwashed majority.

Trina’s inspiring story provides hope and proves that changes can be made wherever someone is on their health and awareness journey. Her story of resiliency also illustrates how it is possible to enhance your health and heal by making both immediate and gradual changes as you continue to research, deepen your knowledge, and learn. There’s a saying within the vaccine risk awareness movement, “When you know better, you do better.” Trina not only knows better and is doing much better, she continues to advocate for healthy living, embodies being vaccine-free, and minimizes toxins in her family’s life. For more info, visit Trina’s blog, Annie Temple.

Please share your thoughts below: do you live naturally or do you want to learn how?!

  • Carley says:

    Your story is inspirational. Unfortunately most moms won’t put in this much effort even though they love their kids also. Docs, pharms, following the crowd, someone telling you what to do is so much less stressful…until your life changes drastically for the worse!! I love that it wasn’t too late and you took control???

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