Completely Unvaccinated Adult Explains Why She Doesn’t Vaccinate Her Child

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Completely Unvaccinated Adult Explains Why She Doesn’t Vaccinate Her Child

Jasmine is a 24-year-old mom who was never vaccinated herself, and she does not vaccinate her daughter. She doesn’t vaccinate because she did her research, discovered that true health does not come from vaccination, she has friends who have vaccine injured children, and because vaccination carries too much risk. Educate before you vaccinate.

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I am 24 and I’m completely unvaccinated. I was born into a family of 10 children. I was the third of 10, and we were all completely unvaccinated until my older 2 brothers both stepped on rusty nails and they received tetanus shots. I had chickenpox. Most of my siblings have had chickenpox. The only problem that I had when I got it was I was 4 and it was on Halloween and I wasn’t allowed to go out trick-or-treating. That was my only remembering of my difficulties when I had chickenpox. I am now a mom myself, and I have an unvaccinated daughter currently.

I decided not to vaccinate my daughter yet because I’m alive, I’m fine and I’m a healthy adult. That was my initial reason for not vaccinating my daughter. Now that I know more moms, more people who have children and are not vaccinating, I’ve been looking more into the reasons why. I’ve had friends that have had children who got vaccinated, and they didn’t even realize that their children were vaccine injured. They would tell me that their child got a shot and now their baby is totally different. Very lethargic, things like that, very colicky even, and so it made me question whether or not I wanted to give my daughter vaccines.

I oppose mandatory vaccination because there is risk to vaccines. There is a risk to not being vaccinated and there is a risk to getting a vaccine, and parents should have the right to choose one risk over another. They shouldn’t be forced to choose one risk instead of another.


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