An Anti-Vaxxer Responds To “World Immunization Week”

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An Anti-Vaxxer Responds To “World Immunization Week”



A couple days ago I was asked by The Independent, a UK publication, to answer some questions about the World Health Organization’s World Immunization Week. Here is what I wrote:

What are the biggest arguments against vaccination in your view?
1) There is serious risk of destruction of health through vaccination. Children who receive vaccines often wind up with chronic health problems not seen in the unvaccinated population, including seizures, asthma, autoimmune disorders, eczema, rashes, sleep disorders, and many other health issues. Some have very severe reactions which lead to neurological disorders and other serious complications. Some even die. Unfortunately, doctors either refuse to acknowledge these severe reactions either through their medical arrogance or inability to spot vaccine reactions, and typically tell a parent that the newly acquired health issues are either a “coincidence” or “normal.” Vaccines destroy immune function, and as such, vaccinated children stay sicker longer and more intensely than their unvaccinated counterparts.

2) Death rate from infectious disease had already dropped by 99.9% prior to the introduction of vaccines and the reason is because children had healthier immune systems due to better nutrition, better sanitation practices and the ending of child labor. Most infectious diseases are fairly benign when a child has a fully functioning healthy immune system. Lifelong or near lifelong immunity occurs when a child naturally acquires an infection and gets over it with dispatch. Vaccines do not confer immunity, and additionally, vaccines activate only one of the two primary immune systems: an increase in antibodies does not mean “immunity;” it is a marker of contamination, as Dr. Sherri Tenpenny has said. Without a full immune response as seen in naturally acquired infections, the body does not acquire immunity to the infection. Even if vaccines did confer immunity, they fail all the time, which is why there are outbreaks in vaccinated populations. The idea that there is vaccine-induced “herd immunity” has been debunked repeatedly: even in 100% vaccinated populations there are outbreaks. Besides, if vaccines actually worked as claimed, why be afraid of the unvaccinated?


When did you first become aware of the arguments against vaccination? How long did it take for your to swear off vaccinations? Was it instant or a gradual process?
Over ten years ago I read “Immunization, The Reality Behind the Myth” by Walene James and she dived into the (false) science of vaccination and natural immunity. I knew then not to vaccinate. Later I discovered the heavy metal/vaccine/autism link, which includes the recovery of children from Autism by chelating heavy metals out of their system (among other therapies). I have since learned quite a bit, and if I ever have children they will never be vaccinated.

Where did you get most of your information regarding anti-vaccination?
Books, doctors, parents, videos, websites, conferences, in-person discussions. [Many are listed in the left column of this website.]

What is your response to those who say that not vaccinating children is dangerous? E.g. some argue that if enough parents swear off vaccination, children risk becoming disabled or even dying.
Show me the proof. Children who have healthy immune function, overall, do not die from infectious disease. Children who live in filth and squalor can certainly be tipped by *any* viral or bacterial infection – *not* just the ones there are vaccines for.

Do you disagree with vaccinations as a concept, or just forced vaccinations?
The original “vaccine” was homeopathy, which was used very successfully in the early 1900s to treat infectious disease, and it is/was non-toxic and very effective. Homeopathy does stimulate an immune response, but without the toxic chemicals used in vaccines. So, I agree with homeopathy being used to stimulate an immune response, but not toxic vaccines. And most certainly I am against any and all forced medical interventions on the population.

What is the biggest misconception about the anti-vaccine movement in your view?
That vaccine free children are dangerous to the vaccinated population. It’s one of the most ridiculous postulations ever created and a brilliant marketing effort by the vaccine industry to sell more vaccines and create vaccine mandates. What is the point of vaccination if vaccines don’t work? Is there any other product in the world that requires the entire population to use it in order for it to “work?” If you want to get vaccinated, that’s your choice. But don’t expect or force us to get vaccinated because you are buying into a defective product.

How do people react when they learn that you don’t agree with vaccines?
People who are pro vaccine hurl insults, those on the fence ask questions, and those who are anti-vaccine encourage me.

What do you want people to know about vaccines on World Immunization Week?
Proceed with caution.

Please add anything else you feel is important.
Before coming to a conclusion about vaccination, research *both sides* of the argument: many a parent was adamantly pro vaccine, didn’t do the research, wound up with a severely vaccine injured or killed child, and is now anti-vaccine. Vaccination is not the cure-all for infectious disease control.

Kashmira, I hope you’ll give our side some fair coverage. We would appreciate that.

Thank you,


P.S. Chloe was very severely injured by the HPV vaccine and lives in the UK. She is 18 years old, well spoken, and would be a good addition to your piece in sharing “the other side.” After reviewing her story we wrote, let me know if you want to contact her and I’ll put you in touch.

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