Two Month Vaccines Kill Infant, CPS Takes Other Children, Mom Stops All Vaccination

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Two Month Vaccines Kill Infant, CPS Takes Other Children, Mom Stops All Vaccination


Crystal Cabell’s healthy three-month old daughter DIED within weeks of her infant’s routine two-month old vaccines. Crystal is one of countless parents that share an unfortunate truth, unbearable experience, and alarming tragedy. She remorsefully shares, “I lost a child and I know it was due from her getting vaccinated!!!” Crystal hopes her devastating story will create more awareness and ignite the deeper questioning of vaccination and its inherent risks.

Crystal: My daughter Maxeen passed away December 31st, 2012 shortly after she received her two-month shots. She was barely three months old when I got her two month vaccines a little late (around December 3rd) because I was busy. In that one doctor’s visit, she received the Hepatitis B, rotavirus, Hib, pcv (pneumococcal), and inactive polio vaccines.

After her vaccines, she started having cold symptoms and developed severe eczema. We brought her to the emergency room (ER) a couple of times before she passed away. Maxeen started having breathing issues – that’s why we had to take her to ER. She stayed in the ER for about three days, the second time we brought her in. The ER gave her oxygen and some breathing treatments. The ER doctors said she just had a bad cold. I didn’t think that was the whole truth but, I just trusted them. She passed away in her sleep a few days later.

At the time, we lived in Texas. Child Protective Services (CPS) came and took my older three kids until they received the autopsy results – which took six months. CPS took my older three children because Maxeen passed away in our home and they said they needed to make sure it wasn’t because we had harmed her. My older kids were 1, 3, and 4 year’s old, when they were removed from my home and care for those six months while we waited for the autopsy findings. The autopsy report just found that Maxeen died from natural, but undetermined causes. The medical examiner from the children’s hospital indicated in the notes that I was likely a carrier of Wiscott Aldrich, a rare genetic condition, that usually only affects boys, and that I probably passed it on to Maxeen. After her death, I got tested to see if I was a carrier for Wiscott Aldrich and found out I was not a carrier for this rare condition.

When I learned I wasn’t a carrier, I started looking into her real cause of death which led me to believe it was the vaccines, especially when I started to think about my husband’s oldest and I began to realize vaccines don’t just cause autism, they can cause death. That’s when I started doing more research and decided not to vaccinate any more.

Doctors make it hard though because they can be rude and look down on you for not vaccinating. When I try to explain why I chose not to vaccinate, it’s always, “Well, that’s no reason.” But to me, it’s a huge reason. My older three children used to get red knots the size of a half dollar at the injection site. The doctor always said, “It’s normal – happens to a lot of kids.” But it was not “normal”, even though a very common side effect and adverse reaction of vaccines. My children also would get high fevers after their vaccinations. And you could barely touch their legs without them crying their head off. My kids usually always got a cocktail shot, so I’m not sure which ones actually caused the swelling and knots.

I stopped all vaccines four years ago, when I realized that vaccines weren’t just bad for my kids — they are bad for me as well. Also, vaccines don’t actually work like the doctors say they do. The vaccines are “supposed to make you immune”, but I’m still not immune to certain things like rubella. I could go on and on, but you know the truth. I just keep getting told, “Shots don’t kill babies or cause other problems. The shots prevent issues.” I’m tired of hearing doctors lie. They love to point blame elsewhere, but never look to the shots.

So I stopped vaccinating my children and they are healthier than ever. I have six children ages 10, 9, 7, 3, 2 and 8 months old – and one on the way! We stopped vaccinating the oldest ones when they were around four years old. The three youngest are not vaccinated at all!! My kids hardly ever get sick. They might get a cold that lasts for a day or two and that’s all — maybe a cold every two years now.

Even before we had our eight-month old son, I always knew he wouldn’t be vaxxed because my husband’s firstborn, my stepson, who is 18 years old, was severely vaccine-injured. He was completely vaccinated and started having issues when he was two years old. He suffers from autism, among a host of other issues and health problems. Doctors diagnosed with him with allergies and he has seizures now. His dad believes all of this originated from the shots, but this is not the belief of his doctors or his birth mother.

Then after Maxeen’s death, I said, “Nope, no more vaccines period. This family is done.”

My advice for parents and others questioning vaccines?

Do lots of research before you decide to inject your kids with these vaccines. Ask your family and friends what they experienced if they got their kids vaccinated and did they have any issues. Really look into what vaccines can do to you and your kids. Life since Maxeen’s passing has been incredibly hard.

Please research.

~ In loving memory of Maxeen Thea Faison Cabell (September 18 – December 31, 2012) ~

Some parents choose to go vaccine-free due to their avid and industrious gathering of research, the reviewing of the latest peer-reviewed journal studies and articles, their connection with other parents, from consulting with their healthcare providers and deciding that for their family’s health and family history, the risks of vaccines far outweigh the benefits. Some parents stop vaccinating their children and selves after the fatal loss of one of their children from vaccines and then they launch their vaccine investigation journey.

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  1. Hard to find the comments section with all of those Zeolite ads in the way.

  2. Andreas Kalcker at AutismOne 2014 Please, please listen to this wonderful man speak from his heart
    There is help! There is hope!

  3. My grand daughter Phoebe received her 2 month shots and exactly 7 days later she bled into her brain and nearly died. They would have called it SIDS – which means nothing to a parent. She survived but she has brain damage and cannot walk, she had hip dysplasia and had surgery last year. We hope she will be able to walk one day unassisted. She cannot hold a pencil or anything else due to muscle tightness from the brain damage. She receives speech therapy but speaks like a two year old at age 8. We believed in vaccines and doctors and we so very much regret that trust. Phoebe is healthy and happy, always smiling and only gets organic foods and vitamins/minerals. She loves to laugh. But her life and ours has forever been changed because of Big Pharma’s lies and deception. Do not vaccinate your child, you will regret it. if not now, later on you will. I pray for Big Pharma’s destruction and I am confident that this day is coming soon.

  4. Totally agree. The insult and trauma to the immune system by injecting several diseases at once is quite simply absurd, not to mention the toxic cocktail of preservatives and adjuvants. Crazy world we live in when parents are forced to inject this mess and made to feel negligent if they dont. The IDEA of vaccination is brilliant, the REALITY is horrifying. Educate yourself.

  5. Thank you for sharing your tragic story.

  6. My foster son was a lovely happy content child. Until the Dr insisted he had his MMR and all the other vaccines at 4years of age. because his natural mother had refused. We were at the time just his foster parents so had to abide ny the “rules”. Within a few weeks he went from being a normal child to one who could no longer read, write his name, see colours and had a raging temper. he was later diagnosed as having Aspergers Syndrome. At 34 years of age he has mental health issues and other problems too. No one can convince me that any of these vaccines are safe. They contain deadly poisons such as Mercury and Formadehyde. these alone are bad. Even in small amounts build up. We should not be pena;lised for wanting the best for our children.

  7. I’m very sorry for you and this horrible tragedy! Vaccines kill!!

  8. My son would get trmperatures of a 106 after every vaccine, be sick for two weeks, several times he quit breathing, we just happen to catch it. The doctor just shrugged it off, claimed Tuna had more mercury. But we don’t inject Tuna into the brain. I brought up Amish, she claimed it was genetic. My son is grown and suffers from auto immune problems. She never reported the reactions to CDC, she said it was the price to pay for vaccines. It is criminal. My doctor last week was pressuring me hard to take shingles vaccine. He was visibly upset I didn’t, so much so he failed to do pursue his examination, started to cram cholesterol drugs on me even though I had perfect readings. I refused flu vaccine, but every day some one tries to force flu vaccine.

    • Get away from that doctor, sounds like a serious quack trying to justify getting money at patients expense. If your blood levels are normal report him to the board and show a copy of the proof.
      Cholesterol drugs are dangerous. They attack muscle and your hearts a muscle. Pharmacy knows it doesn’t warn. They damage heart muscle causing death and contribute to memory issues cuz your brain needs it to function.
      Diet and natural methods safer.

  9. Thank you for sharing this story . It’s heart breaking another child lost due to greed . It’s truely horrible.

  10. So sorry for your loss. The saddest part is that one must lose a child to finally understand how dangerous and ineffective vaccines are. This is not to suggest any of this was your fault, you did what your doctor said. That is the great evil of this issue.

  11. I appreciate these stories and have ceased vaccinations in my children. I’d love to see more information & education distributed to aid in ‘building immunity the natural way’. I’ve done some research on my own yet feel not everyone is like me.

    • Hi Emily, i take natural supplements. Ambrotose from Mannatech, Texas, quote 2305329 builds the immune system and balances it. Also mannabears for children are great Bless you Heather Downie

      • Susan Richards Day

        Mannatech helped save my sons life after getting leukemia from his vaccines at 4 yrs old . That was in the yr 2000 and mannatech was brand new .He survived chemo also .No choice in treatment.

    • Medical Medium by Anthony Williams has those answers and how to heal bodies from vaccine injury. He doesn’t at all say vaccine injury in the book or he probably wouldn’t still be alive. But the book tells you how to detox the body from all of the toxins and keep your immune system healthy with just natural food, herbs and whatnot. It saved and changed my life and the lives of many loved ones.

    • I agree. we need to tell people how to keep their children healthy from birth on. Too much emphasis is placed on toxic vaccines and nobody talks about the many healthy options to prevent disease. Vaccines are very dangerous and toxic.

    • Check out YouTube videos by dr sherry tenpenny, dr Bergman, The HighWire, Dr Mercola… to name a few.

  12. CRYSTAL: Have a gene test of your husband (Genesight is the laboratory but you need a doctor who will send it to them). It is covered by medicaid or $350. It is just a swab of the mouth to collect the DNA. Sounds to me like your husband may be missing certain enzymes (Liver) that metabolize the xenobiotics excipients in vaccines and passed it genetically to his children. It would be good to know because 10% of Caucasians are missing the enzyme that metabolizes up to 50% of today’s drugs like Adderall, Haldol, respirdal and recreational drugs like magic mushrooms, cocaine, LSD, etc. My family (children and myself) are missing this enzyme. It is not a defect. It is just a cultural/racial variation in genetics. All infants, in any case, have an immature enzyme system until they are 3 years old…some enzymes…12 years old. If your children are missing the enzyme (Cytochrome P45o “2D6”) and they take the wrong drug, even common drug or cough syrup they can have an episode of “drug induced psychosis” which can be suicide or homicide (like school shootings). See our pharmacogenetic “room”

  13. So have six children and we had all of them with an eight and a half years! After our oldest child who is born in 2004 got her 2 year vaccines at Age 3 she started showing strong signs of autism! I’d never even heard of autism at that time! I just looked up her symptoms online of extreme Sound Sensitivity, light sensitivity and touch sensitivity and also going into her own world where we couldn’t get her out of it for long periods of time and I saw the signs pointed to autism spectrum! I brought all the signs to her doctor who was a military doctor and of course he denied even the signs of autism even though he wasn’t an expert in anyway and also of course denied that vaccines could have anything to do with it! By that time I realized it was going to be in our hands to help our daughter so we did all we could to remove gluten and casein from her diet and we never had the money to fully detox her so she got worse and but we are still here so much here for her and help her every day of her life! Our second child faith received three month vaccines and she proceeded to cry inconsolably for the entire day! It was after that time that I ordered all of the inserts of every single vaccine back in 2006 and red over each and every one of them as well as read books about why vaccines can be extremely dangerous and from that point on all of our remaining five children and our first never got another vaccine! They’re all extremely healthy have never had major disease other than a flu or cold or strep throat, and we just achieved all of their exemption forms that we needed for them to go to public school! My oldest consent to needs to suffer everyday because of the Blind Faith that we placed in our doctors to let them inject all these brain-damaging chemicals and DNA from other people and creatures in our precious daughter’s body! Absolutely loved reading your story and so sorry for the loss of your child! The reason I love reading it was not because of the pain you suffered of course was because
    you know now that these are not safe and effective and that all of your children are now protected into the future as well as yourself in your husband! God richly bless you and your future!

  14. I’m so sad about the carelessness that the government and pharmaceutical companies demonstrate towards our children. Not only that but outright disregard the FDA has for the lack of testing and safety measures when it comes to vaccines. When it comes to the lives of our most vulnerable they choose to treat them like lab rats instead of the precious treasure that they really are. It is clear that it is up to us as individual parents and citizens to not only refuse to chance our children’s health but to spread the word while continuing to stand up for our rights.

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