Violet Lorraine Kiest Died 48 Hours After Her 4-Month-Old Vaccines

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Violet Lorraine Kiest Died 48 Hours After Her 4-Month-Old Vaccines 

Alexandra Kiest shares her heartbreak with us…


Our daughter, Violet, was born on October 24, 2017. She was healthy as can be with no known health issues. She was the happiest baby you could ever come in contact with. She lit up the entire room with her smile and contagious laugh. Prior to her four-month old shots, Violet was always smiling, giggling, full of life. She was on track with all of her milestones and there were never any concerns with us or from her doctor. She slept through the night, waking up to nurse one or two times, then back to sleep, and rarely cried. She was a great eater. She and I were always in sync with her needs.

Violet (Lettie) brought her parents and two-year old sister so much joy. At about four months old, she had just learned how to roll over and was able to sit up with assistance from her “sit me up chair.” March 10, 2018 was the day our lives shattered before our eyes; the day that she went to live in Heaven.

It was two days prior on March 8th that I took Violet in for her routine four month old shots according to the CDC childhood vaccination schedule. Up to this point, she had received all of the usual shots at birth and two months – including Vitamin K, which I believed caused her jaundice, but we don’t know for sure. (Jaundice is listed as a side effect of the Vitamin K in the product package insert.)

She was already four and a half months old, so we were a little bit behind for her four month vaccine round. She screamed when they gave the vaccines. I wish I would have known the dangers of these toxic shots before that doctor’s visit. I think about that day and how I wish I could go back and choose to not vaccinate. The person trained to give vaccinations at the US Air Force Base, where we lived, told us that if Violet’s fever reached 102 degrees, to take her to the emergency room (ER). I thought, “Okay, that won’t happen.” About 6-8 hours later, we were in the ER with Violet, with a fever of 103.4 degrees. As we were on our way in to the ER, she was in and out of consciousness, and NOT her smiley self. They hooked her up to the heart monitor and her poor little heart rate rose as high as 216 beats per minute. They were not worried and told me that the high heart rate was from the fever, which was from her vaccinations.

WOW. If I had known then what I know now, I would have asked them about filing a Vaccine Adverse Event System report (VAERS) and demanded blood work. But, unfortunately, I can’t go back in time. They gave her Tylenol and that’s all they did. We went home that night with no issues. The next morning, Violet woke up with a 100-degree temperature and after that, there was no more fever. She was lethargic, but I just thought she was sleepy. She nursed great and was having normal diapers, so I thought all was well. We had a great day up in the mountains the day of her passing. She never fought falling to sleep, but on that Saturday night — she was inconsolable. We played the normal nature sounds and she went to sleep. We were at my best friend and neighbor’s house. My friend laid Lettie down in the rock-n-play and we checked on her every 10-15 minutes because I didn’t have a monitor at her house.

When it was time to head home that night, I went in to get her and she was lifeless. I tried to blow a few breaths in, but I was in too much of a panic. She hadn’t been gone long. We just had checked on her 10 minutes prior. My friend’s husband and my husband both did cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), but no luck. We then followed the ambulance to the hospital and they tried for hours to revive her. I knew she was gone, but I just prayed and prayed that she would come back to us. They came to tell us that she was gone.

I still can’t believe it. It’s been two months since her death and it feels like a lifetime away from her. We lost our happy and healthy baby girl within 48 hours of having her vaccinations. Healthy babies don’t just die suddenly. If you learn anything from this, I want you to educate yourselves on the side effects and ingredients that are in vaccines. My eyes are open. Are yours? We have started a movement of acts of kindness in Violet’s honor. It’s been a great way to handle grief.

Q&A With Alexandra

Q: Were you given informed consent by the doctor or the person who administered the vaccines at the Air Force Base for Violet or your other child?

Alexandra: No, we did not receive informed consent with either.

Q: How have you researched or looked into vaccines since Violet’s passing? What resources did you seek?

Alexandra: I’ve been following many vaccine pages on Facebook and activists. I read all the articles listed and I also try to search for others to extend my knowledge on vaccines.

Q: What is the vaccination status of your other child? How has your position and perception towards vaccines changed since that tragedy?

Alexandra: My daughter Vivian is 2 and up-to-date on shots. She will not be getting any more. She has had no reactions at this point. I will no longer be vaccinating any future children.

Q: Was a Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) report filed by your doctor? What did your doctor say about the vaccine-induced death? What was the final determination of the cause of death? Was an autopsy done? What were the results?

Alexandra: No VAERS report was filed by a doctor. The doctor never said anything about it being the vaccines. We are still waiting on the cause of death. An autopsy was done and the results are still pending.

Q: Will you proceed with vaccine court through filing a petition with the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP)?

Alexandra: As soon as we get the autopsy results and death certificate we are proceeding to vaccine court.

Q: How has life been after Violet’s death for you and your family? How is everyone doing?

Alexandra: We are doing the best we can. My husband has been seen for depression and I am experiencing some signs of PTSD.

Q: What else would you like to share and advice for other parents or caregivers, doctors and healthcare providers?

Alexandra: My advice is to become as educated as possible on the side effects and ingredients in vaccines. Don’t trust everyone and do your own research.

Please leave your condolences below for Alexandra 

Melissa Curtin:

Infant deaths directly following vaccines is one of the most heartbreaking experiences families endure. Other than personally losing a child to vaccine injury and death, discovering how common these stories are is one of the worst feelings and realizations. The heartache from these tragic events and losses leaves many of us frustrated, unsettled, and desperate to end this blatant attack on our children and loved ones.

Informed parents, healthcare providers, activists, and advocates for health, are enraged that these deaths continue to happen while the medical industry and vaccine manufacturers continue to literally get away with murder. There is no accountability. There is no liability. There is pain, suffering, and the shattering of families – repeatedly. Infants and children are being maimed, injured, and slaughtered by mostly ineffective, unnecessary, and destructive vaccines. The US has one of the highest infant mortality rates of industrialized nations. Out of 225 countries, the US ranked 56th in 2017. This 2011 study demonstrated “a high statistically significant correlation between increasing number of vaccine doses and increasing infant mortality rates…” The findings call for a closer investigation between “vaccine doses, biochemical or synergistic toxicity, and infant mortality rates.”

If only the risks of vaccines were accurately portrayed and not underestimated and the benefits weren’t exaggerated. If only parents and caregivers were given full informed consent, and accurate and truthful information about how vaccines negatively affect an infant’s developing immune system and health. If only these tragic stories were given adequate airtime in the corporate-owned and largely funded by pharmaceutical and vaccine-driven mainstream media. When tragic stories are shared and visible, instead of censored, parents can make an informative decision and learn from other’s heartbreak and experience.

In loving memory of Violet Lorraine Kiest (October 24, 2017 – March 10, 2018)

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  1. So sorry. I lost my perfectly healthy, beautiful daughter, Arabella, who had just had her 16th birthday, days after receiving the Gardasil vaccine. Now deemed “SADS” Sudden Adolescent Death Syndrome in the UK. Criminal Murder!

  2. I am so sorry for this terrible loss… bless you sweet Violet.

  3. What happens when a person doubles up, or takes multiple prescriptions ??
    A person can’t sleep, doc gives you a pill.
    Side Effects of that pill can cause anxiety so the doc gives you a pill for that.
    This person decides to stop smoking and the doc gives you meds for that.
    Multiple meds plus stress on the job or at home, a death in the family.
    I can see a REAL problem …..
    Ex military person being treated for PTSD becomes a police officer and gets stressed out because of his job.
    This officer sees a person
    J walking in a residential area with very little traffic.
    (This really happened)
    The officer is going to give the
    J walker a ticket.
    The walker thinks it’s crazy getting a ticket in a residential area.
    He starts walking away and the officer shoots him in the back several times.
    When asked why he shoot and killed the guy the officer said that he “didn’t know why he shot him”’.
    I believe the officer may have argued with his wife ? was stressed out by his job, this guy was walking away from him (more stress) and the officer loses it, goes over the edge,
    A side effect of the PTSD meds can be Disassociation with Life.
    This officer might not have known what he was doing, he just reacted.
    I see a problem with so many Anti psychotic, Mind Altering prescription drugs.
    One of these drugs can send a person “over the edge”, what can
    multiples of these drugs do to a person ?? Way over the edge ??
    Do you trust the pharmaceutical industry ? When they are making $ billions pushing these drugs…
    Feedback ???

  4. (Alexandra has signs of PTSD
    and her husband has depression.)
    Be very careful of your meds, read ALL of the dangerous
    Side Effects. Research.
    My point is …..
    There are too many prescription drugs out there that have the SAME dangerous Side Effects.
    Sleep meds like Ambien,
    depression meds, anxiety meds like Xanex, meds for Rosacea.
    Mind Altering, Anti psychotic drug Side Effects of RITALIN, PTSD meds, anxiety meds, depression meds, ADHD meds, stop smoking, skin problem meds and too many more even ED meds …..
    WHY all the same Side Effects …..
    very common (10% or more): **Agitation (up to 19%), insomnia (up to 18%), **anxiety (up to 17%), restlessness (up to 12%) �Common (1% to 10%): Insomnia, ***suicidal ideation�Uncommon (0.1% to 1%): Self-mutilation, ***aggression, loss of libido, ***suicide attempt, ***hostility, libido increased, ***anger, ***delirium,
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    Sleep meds, anxiety and depression meds, PTSD meds, stop smoking meds, Ritalin for grade school kids, skin problem meds.
    Hand them out like candy.
    Worse than Opioids epidemic.
    Check ALL your meds for dangerous Side Effects …..
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    If you need more info I will help.

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