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Infant Dies 14 Hours After Receiving 8 Vaccines

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Infant Dies 14 Hours After Receiving 8 Vaccines

Laura Stanard experienced the shock, horror, and heartbreak of finding her healthy infant daughter limp and unresponsive the evening of her 2 month old vaccines. This devastating situation of losing her baby catapulted Laura to promptly research and question vaccines. She is among countless families, mothers, and fathers whose healthy children have tragically died after a vaccination “well baby visit” – the purpose of “well baby visits” is to ensure parents fully vaccinate their children according to the CDC schedule. If a parent questions this directive, the parent will be bullied and harassed by the pediatrician to vaccinate, even if it means lying to the parent and telling the parent their child will die without vaccines.

Most of these affected parents were not given true informed consent or provided sufficient information of the risks to make an informed decision – including that their child could DIE following vaccination. Laura shares an overview of what happened to her daughter Sophia, followed by a question and answer exchange.

Laura: Sophia was born December 7, 2018. 6.7 pounds – and she got the Hepatitis B vaccine, Vitamin K, and eye goop. From the day of her birth on she struggled to poop, so we were in and out of the doctor quite often as she was 5.14 pounds when we went in after leaving the hospital. Every visit Sophia was healthy as can be. She was getting better at using her bowels as she was learning how to live in the outside world and her favorite place was the boob.

By one month she weighed 8.4 pounds, so she was gaining quite well! She was a super healthy one month old! Starting to giggle and smile at me all the time. The next month, February 8th, 2019, we go in for her 2-month check up and she received every shot a two month old is scheduled to get (HepB, Rotavirus, DTaP, Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib), Pneumococcal conjugate (PCV13), and inactivated poliovirus (IPV)) and she barely even cried. We went home, and she napped basically the rest of the day. I figured she was just sleepy from the shots because my first child would always sleep a lot after her shots.

I took their father to work around 3 p.m. and came home and cleaned while Sophia slept and my other daughter played. At around 7 p.m. we had all laid down on the couch to take a nap and when their father arrived home around 10:15 p.m., I found Sophia’s head tilted back, her forehead was back touching the couch, her mouth and nose were not touching the couch at all – she was limp. They said it was the position she was in that caused the asphyxiation. We called 911 and her dad did CPR where she spit up a little and they came in and worked on her for a little bit. Then when they left in the ambulance they said she was starting to look up. I rode separately because her dad rode with them and I had my 2 year old. By the time I arrived, they had already pronounced her dead.

Why didn’t the medical examiner and police detective look a bit deeper into Sophia’s cause of death? Sophia’s airway was not obstructed – it was completely clear and there was no evidence of suffocation. What really caused this healthy baby’s inability to breath? Laura reveals more story details in our interview below.

Q&A with Laura:

Q: You mentioned in your story submission that Sophia received all of the standard vaccines at her 2- month visit. Did you ask to skip any or did she receive the vaccines listed on the current CDC childhood vaccine schedule?

Laura: She received everything the CDC recommends at that age! And I had gotten the TDaP during her pregnancy along with the flu shot.

Q: Do you have a copy of her vaccine record?

Laura: I do not – the police took my paper from her vaccines that day and when I went to get all of her medical records from her doctor that’s the one thing they didn’t give me.

Q: How long from after her 2-month visit on February 8th until she passed (in hours)? What time approximately was her doctor’s visit?

Laura: Her doctor visit was at 9:30 a.m. and she was declared dead at 11:23 p.m., but I found her around 10:15 p.m.

Q: What was your first thought when you discovered her limp?

Laura: I was scared. I didn’t even know what to think. I had never thought that would happen to me and my sweet baby.

Q: What did the hospital/doctors on call say was the cause of death?

Laura: I was not told a cause of death by the doctors. I’m not sure if they told her father before I arrived at the hospital with my other daughter.

Q: Did they do an autopsy? If so, what was the listed cause of death?

Laura: Yes. Her listed cause of death is accidental asphyxiation.

Q: Will you have an independent autopsy done?

Laura: No, we had her cremated.

Q: Did your first child have any other reaction to the shots other than sleepiness that you can recall?

Laura: My first never had any reactions aside from sleepiness and maybe a slight fever here and there.

Q: Other than the constipation post birth, was Sophia healthy?

Laura: She was super healthy. Gained 2 pounds over a 3 week period.

Q: What do you think contributed to her death?

Laura: I believe it was vaccines. Now that I look back, after getting her shots she was not awake and playing once. I fully believe they either caused her death or they caused her to have SIDS.

Q: Did Sophia have any obvious reactions to her newborn vaccines?

Laura: She was jaundiced and fussy all the time.

Q: Did you share with the ambulance paramedics that she had her 2 month vaccines earlier that day? And if so, what did they say?

Laura: I did share that with them. They just kind of pushed it off like it didn’t really matter.

Q: Has anyone filed a VAERS report? (Vaccine Adverse Events Report System)

Laura: No one has filed. I don’t have the papers stating what vaccines she got and what time because they took my paper.

Q: Are you planning on continuing to vaccinate your 2 year old? Why or why not?

Laura: I do not plan to continue vaccinating her. I have started researching them and I find them quite disgusting.

Q: What was your opinion on vaccines prior to having Sophia? What education or research were you aware of before having children?

Laura: I was very pro vaccines until this happened. I never really did any research and I was never educated on them at all.

Q: Did your doctor and hospital staff give you full informed consent (all risks/benefits, the package insert or VIS (vaccine info sheet) when Sophia was born? At the 2 month visit or any other visit or time?

Laura: I believe I got a paper stating what COULD happen, but nothing about what was in them or why she needed them or anything. If I would’ve known those things actually happen often I would’ve never given them.

Q: What do you wish you would have known about vaccines?

Laura: I wish I would’ve just been educated on both sides of vaccines. All I’ve ever heard is the pro side of it, so I never knew how they really worked or what’s really in them.

Q: What have you discovered or researched since Sophia died?

Laura: I’ve been starting to do a lot of research on all of the vaccinations and the diseases they prevent so I’m better educated for when my rainbow baby comes in February.

Q: What advice do you have for parents? For doctors?

Laura: For parents, just educate yourself [about vaccines]. Read up on what you’re putting into your children before getting them vaccinated and read up on how common the diseases really are. For doctors, educate yourselves as well. Stop denying that it could possibly be vaccines and do some research!

Q: How has life been since losing Sophia? What support/resources do you need?

Laura: It’s been a roller coaster. Thinking of all the milestones I’m missing with my baby and looking back at how perfect she is. Her father and I split as well so that’s taken a toll on all of us. I’ve been going to 3 Hopeful Hearts and they have meetings for all different kinds of groups once a month.

Thank you Laura for your willingness to share your painful story with all of us. We appreciate you stepping forward to help raise awareness and shine a light on the risks and devastation that vaccines do cause. Let us hope that your story inspires someone to pause and research before they decide to vaccinate or not.

In loving memory to Sophia Azalea Cooney (December 7, 2018 – February 8, 2019)

Please leave your condolences for Laura and her family in the comments below.

  • Michele says:

    My condolences Mom and Dad.

  • Jade says:

    So sorry for your loss. She is beautiful. Apnoea is listed on the inserts of vaccines. They have never recorded any death of a baby as vaccines, not one ever! Pharma are the most evil criminals that have ever existed, the harm they do is massive, most people are completely unaware just how many things are caused by vaccines, the extent of it is unimaginable to most people. The only hope we have is that there are amazing doctors and other people helping people to recover xx

  • Brian Sandle says:

    It must be very hard to do but the more people taking it to court must make a difference. And the process must be a vehicle for awareness. “As of October 2019, $4.2 Billion has been awarded.”

  • Linda Baumann says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. She is beautiful and is now in heaven with our Lord and others and angels. I pray for you and your family to have peace and wisdom and be surrounded by supportive and loving friends and family. And I pray that you have accepted Jesus in your heart. Then you will be able to see your sweet girl again in eternity for one very important thing.

  • Mamas of a vaccine injured kid says:

    So sorry for your loss. You can still request your child’s records from the Pedi. It’s not too late to file with vaers. Please file a report!!

  • Portland says:

    You’re not crazy or to blame. You are loved, and so is Sophia

  • Gregory Molenaar says:

    We were going to take our son to China and he had just learned to say Moma and Baba. He could sing the notes of Twinkle-Little-Star as I would sing to him. – After receiving 4-shots – 2 in each arm, he got a fever… and did not speak for a year. – – We thought we had killed him with the vaccines, but he recovered. No more shots here.

  • Rhonda Kracht says:

    My condolences to you and your family. I had a similar situation and my heart aches for you. My first son passed away 16 days after his shots. They claimed it was SIDS but he was held off his first set of shots until he was almost 4 months old due to other health issues. After 8 days at the University Hospital in Madison they declared him ‘healthy’ (not) but his Dr gave the go ahead for his shots but even she was hesitant. He developed an odd cough that he never had before and the issues that put him in the hospital prior to this intensified. He died in his sleep in my arms and because they couldn’t find a reason they ruled it SIDS. I reported it to the 800 number they give you if you feel the shots caused the death and they asked a few questions and never got back to me. Huge hugs angel momma ??

  • Angela says:

    So sorry for your loss. Truly heartbreaking. Can’t even imagine it. I pray for Gods comfort for u all.

  • Alice says:

    I am so very sorry for the loss of you’re baby girl Sophia! My son got his vaccinations and a few short months later went into full liver failure. Within one week he went from just being ill to extremely jaundice even the whites of his eyes were yellow and he was crying yellow tears. I took him to the emergency room 3 time’s only to be sent home being told he probably had Hepatitis A and he would get worse before he got better but as a mother I knew it was so much worse then that, so I took him to a liver specialist and he had my son admitted right away then transferred to a transplant center.
    My son’s ammonia levels were so high ammonia was all you could smell in his hospital room and he could only stay conscious for a matter of seconds at a time because of how lethargic he was. After 2 day’s of being in the pediatric ICU he received a new liver and went into a 14 hour surgery. He suffered such swelling in his brain from his ammonia levels being so high for so long that when he woke up he wasn’t the same because he couldn’t remember songs he used to know, he no longer remembered how to color and he went back to wetting the bed.
    He suffered damage to his brain and today is 18 and has suffered with so much both medically and neurologically ever since! I almost lost him and I also wish I knew then what I know today about the danger’s of vaccinating! I really hope other parent’s hear our stories and do their research about vaccines, and all the possible risk because it really is like playing Russian Roulette with you’re child’s life! You’re child only has a one percent chance of getting the illnesses they are being vaccinated for but has a much higher chance of suffering from a negative vaccine related injury! If I could go back, I never would have vaccinated any of my 4 children because vaccines really are that dangerous! Today all 4 of my children are suffering with different form’s of vaccine injuries.

  • Fadta says:

    My heart breaks for you, May her memory be eternal ?☦️

  • Chris W says:

    So very sorry for the loss of your sweet child. ???Sending Love and Prayers for you and your family

  • Pat says:

    So sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing so others can learn.

  • LW says:

    what parent doesn’t take pause when EIGHT vaccines are suggested for your 2 month old child. EIGHT VACCINES. thats premeditated murder

  • Eva says:

    So dorry for your loss! Thanks for shearing and educating others!

  • Rosy Schmitt says:

    I feel so sorry for your loss.. God bless u and give u strength at this terrible time… thx for share with us.

  • Hadassah Bat-Yah says:

    May her memory be a blessing forever! Praying for the family and sharing post to inform other parents to research vaccines before vaccinating their children!

  • Karen says:

    I wish you all the love and light and much health. God bless and thank you for sharing and warning others:)

  • Cindy says:

    I’m very sorry that your baby Sophia had to suffer and die. Thank you for sharing your story it must be very hard. These doctors and pharmaceutical companies have no conscience or soul. I hope you pursue filing a claim with VAERS and keep telling your story so others can avoid this tragedy. God bless you your family and your angel Sophia.

  • Tabitha says:

    I am so sorry for what you have been through. Thank you for sharing your experience. My son has Autism and I fully believe the shot that my gut instinct was fully against getting is the shot that caused him to have issues. My prayers are with you and your family. May you all find healing and peace.

  • Tamar Clarke says:

    We unfortunately have too many people who have been brainwashed into believing that they need the vaccinations, especially the annual flu shot.

  • Sharon says:

    My heart goes out to you on the loss of your beautiful baby girl. Thank you for bravely sharing your painful experience. I believe it will help save other babies from this same risk. I also have a rainbow baby, now 21 years old. A true blessing from God after miscarrying my other child. ?? Peace and comfort to you.

  • Cheri Bjork says:

    So sorry for your loss. I nursed 5 babies on couches, in beds etc. You cannot smother your nursing baby. They make a fuss if they are the least bit uncomfortable.
    I hope you will heal.

  • Lisa says:

    My deepest condolences & sympathy for your loss. Very courageous to share your story!

  • Nunya says:

    Truly sorry for your loss..but this isn’t the truth. The father found her because you fell asleep breast feeding her on the couch. He face was in the cushions and you had been smoking marijuana that same day. You even told the police that she suffocated into the back of the couch. You didn’t come up with the vaccine idea until it was given to you. Interview the dad on how Sophie was found and what happened afterwards. He had to stop a GoFundMe page set up in his daughters name.

    • disappointed says:

      What a horrible thing to say to a grieving mother!
      EVEN IF all what you said here was true, it still does NOT take away from the fact that the overdose of recommended dangerous vaccines had a negative impact which made her baby so lethargic and weak that she died of SIDS. That is the point YOU won’t acknowledge. 🙁
      It happens WAY more often than the public is willing to admit!
      I hope this sad sad sad thing doesn’t happen to YOU…but if it does, maybe it will teach YOU some compassion!!

  • jeri says:

    I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful baby girl. It’s criminal what is being done to our children in this country! Stay strong. God can use this horrible tragedy for good. One more person in the fight speaking out truth. No one should ever have to endure this

  • My baby girl was 15 years old when she had her boosters…Diphtheria and tetanus and within 2 minutes she was having convulsions and passed out on the floor. The doctor rushed and picked up her lifeless body in his arms and carried her back to the room. She survived( thank God) and did the same when enrolling for college during her Measles shot! From then on No more shots for this girl! She is a mother of four now and no shots for her children( which has nut and milk allergies!) God Bless this mother! Breaks my heart! Yes, and she gets bullied for the way she stands up for her children.

  • I’m so sorry for your loss. I want you and other parents who have made the choice to vaccinate that there are things you can do to mitigate the impacts of the toxins in vaccines because they can have an impact long term as well. Nutrition Response Testing is a fantastic way to address this and super gentle and safe!

  • Joanne says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing.?

  • Amanda says:

    My heart breaks for your family..I am so sorry this happened

  • Margaret says:

    God Bless your beautiful baby and your family. <3. I'm sorry for the loss of your daughter.

  • Angela Bierle says:

    So sorry for your loss. It’s truly terrible to lose a child.

  • Elizabeth says:

    I am so sorry about your daughter!!

  • MS says:

    No mother or father should ever lose their beautiful precious baby like this ever… There aren’t enough words to console and aliviate parents pain after losing a baby, toddler, teen, young adults even an adult child . Because that’s not how it’s supposed to be…
    In Love there is strength, I wish you both…

  • Jill says:

    I am not pro vaccine at all. But it seems to me that dumping that many different things into a small baby at one time, cannot be good. I may not be correct, but it seems logical that spreading them out over a long period of time might be safer than inundating them all at once with these things. I do know that I refuse to have a flu shot as they make me ill every time I have had one. And that was just one vaccine to a full grown adult!

  • Theresa Corum says:

    My daughter was healthy
    And after her Last round of the MMR at age 4-5 she started blinking and twitching three months later she had to have tonsils removed. When she came off the operating table she was grunting. It was terrible. She was diagnosed then with Tourette’s syndrome. It was terrible. After suffering for 8 years I found something that worked like a miracle for her. Really and honestly. They are mega dosing our children. It needs to end.

    • MONICA A BENDELE says:

      what did you find that worked? my son began with tics at 18 months (that’s not typical for tourettes), but the diagnosed him with that at age 7 anyway.

      • Nat says:

        My son had MMR injury. Even since we are struggling. He did have PANDAS and PANS. Now we are on immunoglobulin infusions every 4 weeks for immune deficiency. Check your son for PANDAS. It started at 18 months after MMR vaccination for us.

    • MM says:

      Theresa, if you haven’t already- look up PANDAS/PANS… It’s an autoimmune that causes motor and vocal tics.

    • Stephanie says:

      My son has ticks since his vaccines. Don’t know which ones it is from or if all. What worked for your child?

  • Georgia Cammann says:

    I’m so incredibly sorry for the loss of your beautiful baby girl and deeply appreciate your willingness to tell your story to help awaken other parents. I too had my 2 daughters fully vaccinated because I actually thought the doctors knew what they were talking about. There’s a huge conflict of interest since pediatricians make their living mostly via their “well” baby visits and huge bonus’s from the pharmaceutical companies for every FULLY vaccinated baby in their care. My youngest daughter ended up having a seizure (I was told that was “normal”!) and later developed tourettes and learning disorders that have now been linked to vaccines. Dr. Andrew Moulden has done some great work around that. Both my girls also got the HPV vaccine as young teens and neither has had a regular menstrual cycle since or been able to get pregnant after several years of trying. I’m will always feel horrible for doing this to them but I have sent the last 7 years speaking up loudly and educating others so hopefully they will wake up and make different choices than I did.

  • Colleen Nieve says:

    Sorry first off for this loss. I’m advocating ALLERGY TESTING BEFORE VACCINES. Even yeast can ruin a child’s life if they have allergies to the compounds. We are been pushed all around and undermined on our childrens health. It’s like to this day FDA HAS NOT APPROVED EPIDURALS. But the medical Association keeps that under wrap. Ask a surgeon or Doctor. Or better yet a Lawyer. We are being treated like expendables.

    • Judy Rempe says:

      Whoa, Colleen, I had no idea epidurals weren’t ok’d by the FDA ! Thanks for mentioning it. So many women end up having to have c-sections due to epidurals. Last I read, out of the last 8,000 births, 6,000 were c-sections-all had epidurals.
      Articles like this can bring out other important issues.

  • Guest says:

    Our niece died @ 2 months supposedly of sids. Now I wonder.

  • Tina says:

    I am so sorry this happened. I fought often with the physician to not give multiple immunizations especially all the new ones. My 4th child had received the hib (in 1997). He cried for many hours afterward and there was no consoling him. After that I only allowed certain vaccinations but continued to receive pressure to do ALL of them. Now there are so many new ones and still parents aren’t informed enough of their right to refuse them. My condolences in your loss. Prayers for God’s comfort to you and your family.

  • Connie says:

    I am so sorry. My daughter passed away at 50 last Oct. 48 hours after having 8 vaccines for a job. She was so scared of the flu shot and I believe thats what killed her. She had myocarditis and that can come from flu vaccine. I now try to convince people how bad they are. We were ant vaxxers to begin with. My heart hurts for you.

  • Sarah Lynn Baird says:

    I’m so sorry for the pain of losing Sophia ? her death will not be in vain by telling your story you can help others!

  • Jane Resko says:

    Never more than one at a time‼️‼️‼️our granddaughter had her three year inoculation and our daughter said ,”as long as we are here let’s do the flu shot”
    Dr. did and a few days later she was presenting with all symptoms of diabetes.Couldnt get enough water and became fatigued .Diagnosis ,T1D Diabetes .The viruses in the injection overwhelmed her little pancreas and it stopped working ‼️‼️
    If we could only have that day back and had known better ???

  • Not a woo fuckhead says:

    Vaccines don’t cause any issues ever. You people are all crazy. Vaccines save lives.

  • Sonja Hoadley says:

    Thank you for sharing your story as that is completely devastating and my heart and prayers are with you and your family. They billed your insurance so the vaccines should be on the explanation of benefits from the insurance company. I would demand a copy of that record and file a VAERS report. So more people learn this is not uncommon and that is tragic.

  • Teresa says:

    I am against vaccines, My grandson almost lost his life after his 2 month shots, he spent many days in Levine’s Children’s Hospital , I thank God every day for intervening and being with the Drs. and nurses and letting my grandson live. Even for adults, my Drs. have been trying to get me to get the Shingles shot and I refuse. I tell them I have No Idea what is in those needles. Praying for the families that have lost a child or anyone because of vaccines. God Bless.

  • Betty says:

    Laura, I am heartbroken for the loss of your beautiful baby. This has to stop! Thank you for coming out w the story and informing other parents.

  • Tonya Lewis says:

    My heart goes out to you.

  • Venessa says:

    I have posted #standforsophia in several comments along with #justiceforevee and flyhighnocholas. I’m so sorry for this tragic loss. You are so strong to come forward with your story. We believe you and are here for you. Just like we are for Catie for Evee and the other precious, innocent babies who have been killed by vaccines. Keep sharing! It’s going to save lives!

  • Constanze Asaad says:

    My deepest condolences! I know what you are feeling because my GRANDDAUGHTER Phoebe nearly died after her 2 month shots. I research vaccines all the time and came across an article which stated that SIDS is basically that the infant’s brain is so overloaded by the heavy metals and toxins and shuts down which stops the breathing. That is the process. Words cannot describe the sadness I feel in my heart right now. I love the name Sophia so much. I will pray for you all.

  • Elaine Donnelly says:

    Thinking of you Laura…. They murdered your wee baby ? sorry for your loss… Absolutely terrible xx

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