Healthy 2 Month Old Dies A Week After 8 Vaccines

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Healthy 2 Month Old Dies A Week After 8 Vaccines


Krystal Corcoran is among the growing list of grieving parents who have lost an infant after vaccination. A tragedy too painful to experience and one that is deeply upsetting to continually read about. Deaths that follow vaccination are becoming their own news feed they are so often. Why aren’t the medical examiners and medical professionals investigating the role of vaccines in these “SIDS” labeled deaths. Shouldn’t we be asking why eight vaccines are given at the two month old “well visit” when they have never been tested in combination with each other for safety or if they have a negative synergistic effect?

Krystal shares her heart crushing story below in her own words followed by additional interview questions.

Krystal: Our baby Chaney James Corcoran was born on May 21st 2016. He was a very healthy 8 pound baby with no health issues at birth. He received his HepB and Vitamin K shot at birth. He continued to thrive over the next 10 weeks as he checked all the boxes and gained weight appropriately. Everyone talked about how alert he was and how he had such a huge personality. On July 26th I took him to have his two month checkup. His doctor had advised me to pick up a prescription for Tylenol and give it to him before the appointment. I was due to return to work the following Monday so I wanted to make sure he was thriving and well. He was deemed very healthy and 12 pounds. He received all of his two month vaccines (DTaP, HepB, IPV, Hib, Pneumococcal Conjugate, and the Rotavirus).

Call it mothers’ intuition, but from that moment until his death he was not the same baby. He was fussy, didn’t want anyone but me, and just overall didn’t act like he felt well. A day or so after the vaccines, I also noticed a tiny bruise on the very top of his head. I questioned it, but was told that it wasn’t anything to worry about.

On August 3rd I dropped Chaney off at my mom’s house while I went to work. My mother put him down for his afternoon nap after giving him a bottle. She could see him on a monitor while he slept. After a couple hours she decided to check on him. She immediately could tell that something was wrong. She tried to revive him while 911 was called. I got the phone call that will forever haunt my dreams. My sweet Chaney was not breathing, and we needed to meet them at the hospital ASAP – I was devastated. How could our perfectly healthy 12 pound baby just stop breathing? He was taken to our local hospital where he was pronounced dead after we arrived.

When telling our story, I usually don’t talk about the traumatizing part. For some reason, I feel that I need to shield the listener from it. However, here I do think it is essential as other mothers need to know that they are not alone in the horrible hurt and pain. We arrived at the hospital where they put us into a room. They already had a priest waiting and I knew that this was a horrible sign. The doctor came in and explained that they could not get a heartbeat, had done all that they could, and needed to call a time of death. I felt like I was someone else watching this all unfold from outside my body. The hospital staff bundled our sweet Chaney up, so we could hold him one last time. I felt like I couldn’t, but the EMT that was still there felt like I would regret it if I didn’t. He offered to hold him with me. I agreed and to this day am so thankful for his kindness and anticipation of my needs at a time that I could not know what was best for me. I held my sweet boy one last time and kissed his sweet head. I remember thinking that he just looked like he was sleeping and would wake up. I just could not fathom the fact that he would never open his eyes again. I will never forget the kindness and compassion shown to us and our family by the EMT’s, doctors, and nursing staff that day. They were hurting right along with us.

His autopsy came back a month later with the cause of death SIDS. At the time I did not know to question vaccines to be the cause of death. I have always worked in the medical field and have been conditioned that vaccines are perfectly safe and save lives. Right after Chaney’s death a couple people reached out and cited vaccines as the cause. It took a little bit for me to see, but once I accepted that it could have been vaccines, I started down the road of research. Wow, my eyes were open to that and so many more things.

Not long after we lost Chaney I found out that I was pregnant with his rainbow siblings. This really prompted me to dig and dig on vaccines and health. I read every book on the market and watched every documentary. They have not been vaccinated nor will they ever be and I now fully believe that we lost our sweet Chaney to vaccines. Since vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe” we became the statistic that they would consider taking one for the greater good.

Q&A with Krystal:

Q: Did your doctor ever provide informed consent and the full risks/benefits of vaccines, including death during that two-month visit?

Krystal: I did sign a consent to have the vaccines done. However, I did not read it and it was not explained to me. I managed the office and had seen the form as I supplied it to the staff. I never thought to question it.

Q: According to the pdf of the doctor’s visit notes, looks like Chaney was given 8 vaccines – DTaP, HepB, IPV, Hib, Pneumococcal Conjugate, and the Rotavirus. Was there any discussion from the doctor about safety or giving that many shots in one visit?

Krystal: No, I was told that it was safe.

Q: Did you get in touch with the doctor and explain what happened to Chaney? What was the doctor’s opinion of the “SIDS” explanation for cause of death? Were there other medical providers that felt the vaccines contributed to his death?

Krystal: We had very in-depth conversations after his death. She also had Jeff and I come in to discuss the autopsy due to our close relationship. She said that she could not find anything on the autopsy that would even come close to explaining death.

However, vaccines were never brought up. I also was not questioning them at this time due to being taught not to ever question them.

Once I had the twins, I decided to take them to a “vaccine friendly” physician. I told her Chaney’s story and she immediately said that it was SVDS (Sudden Vaccine Death Syndrome), not SIDS. Finding a “vaccine friendly” provider is so difficult. I am also so scared of the religious exemption being taken away in my state. They just make the CDC schedule mandatory which added them and will take away the right to do them slow, or just some and not all. So now, it’s all or nothing on schedule.

Q: What do you feel caused the bruising on Chaney’s head? Do you think this was connected to brain swelling/encephalitis?

Krystal: Brain swelling would explain this however the autopsy said that his brain measured normal.

Q: In the autopsy report it doesn’t mention that Chaney was recently vaccinated. (There should be a law or protocol to include this – there is a state with advocates working on this.) Was the medical examiner aware of his medical history? Will there any follow up to further investigate cause of death?

Krystal: We had very little control over the autopsy and I was told the results by the police detective. I did not ever speak to the medical examiner. However, Chaney’s doctor did call just to clarify some things. Due to not questioning vaccines at the time we did not have them check vaccines as the cause. We have now passed the time frame to go back and do that.

His autopsy also says SIDS due to prone position. He had just started rolling that week. I had seen him do it once at home, but not while asleep yet. According to all safe sleeping, once they can roll on their own, it is safe to sleep that way.

Q: What do you wish you knew prior to Chaney’s birth and two-month vaccines?

Krystal: I wish that I had known to question everything that went into or on my child. Being in the medical field for 16 years I was taught that vaccines were safe and to not question them. The one time that I did try to question them the doctor told me that the study that said they caused autism had been debunked.

Q: What resources would you recommend for parents questioning the safety of vaccines?

Krystal: The Truth About Vaccines Docuseries, VAXXED series, and follow The Highwire.

Q: What would you like to express and share with other parents about your experience?

Krystal: Every time you stick a needle into your child you are gambling with both their health and life. This is a known fact. The Supreme Court even deemed vaccines as “unavoidably unsafe.” When the maker of something cannot be sued this is a huge red flag. Nothing is worth the life of your child. You should never set your child on fire to keep others warm. If you have uncertainty about it, listen to your gut. It is normally right.

Q: What would you want doctors/health care providers to know about your experience?

Krystal: They need to do their own research and not just rely on the small amount of training that they received in medical school. There are plenty of scientific studies out there saying that vaccines are not safe. If they would just take the time to make an informed decision, they could save so many lives.

Q: What is your approach to health and wellness now?

Krystal: I research everything now with both food and medicine. I try to use as little medication as possible and instead try natural remedies first. I have incorporated daily vitamins and supplements into my family’s lives in order to keep our immune systems the best that they can be. Multivitamin, Elderberry, Vitamin C, D3, and other essentials. I personally have an autoimmune disease (possibly from vaccines) and I have learned that medicine actually fixes very little. If you want to be healthy you have to eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle. I fed my twins 100% organic for the first two years of their lives and they are vaccine free. They did not go to the doctor for a sick visit until they were two with their first ear infection. Overall their health has been amazing.

Q: When you say rainbow siblings, do you mean you had twins after Chaney?

Krystal: We found out three weeks to the day after losing Chaney that we were expecting his sibling. We found out three weeks after that, that it was twins. Our sweet Chaney handpicked his little brother and little sister for us.

Q: What do you feel are the most important issues surrounding vaccines and vaccination that society faces?

Krystal: I believe that the most important issue that our society faces with vaccines is that you are not allowed to question anything about them. If you do then you are labeled as a horrible/crazy person that wants to kill everyone else’s kids. The logic behind it all is just crazy. If vaccines really worked then the people that vaccinate would have nothing to fear. The vaccine industry is 100% money driven and is being done at the cost of so many lives. It is sad to watch and sometimes I just want to scream “Wake UP” to so many.

As I was holding my sweet Chaney for the last time in the ER I remember thinking “we just became a statistic.” We just became those parents that no one ever thinks will be them. No one should ever have to go through that. We live in America and should have the freedom to question everything and have our own opinion on it. Right, wrong, or indifferent, that should be my choice. Also, everyone preaches “my body, my choice”. How does that not apply to vaccines too??? I work in healthcare and I am forced to get vaccinations to keep my job. It is not, my body, my choice.

Q: Are you connected to other grieving parents who have lost their child as a result of vaccines?

Krystal: No, I am connected to some other loss parents. The thing is that SIDS is so rare that most of the loss parents that I am connected to lost their child by a late miscarriage or still birth.

It is also hard to convince a SIDS mom that it could have been vaccines. That is going back to the biggest problem in society with vaccines right now. I would however love to be connected to some.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to share or learn about?

Krystal: I really wish that I had had my eyes open before I lost Chaney. I may have taken different steps and he may still be here with us now. I want to thank the strangers that reached out on our gofundme to suggest that it could have been vaccines. That is really what started me down the path of vaccine research. I started down the researching path and decided to do things much differently with the twins. My twins also show physical signs of the MTHFR gene. The problem is that it is still practically impossible to get a medical exemption for vaccines and it is even harder to find information to prove that makes a difference with vaccines injury/death. Since this is genetic, it is very possible that Chaney also carried the MTHFR gene.

I also received the TDaP vaccine while pregnant with Chaney. I was, however, smart enough to refuse the flu shot. I had a friend of a friend that had lost her baby late term pregnancy due to the flu shot. It was, however, still a fight with my company to not get it. Which is ludicrous since no studies have ever been done on vaccines and pregnant women to prove safety.

~ In loving memory of Chaney James Corcoran (May 21, 2016 – August 3, 2016) ~

  • Pamela Patrick says:

    He did not hand pick your twins , God decided to give back to you one more for your loss of him and for all you know his litttle soul came back to you ….Food for thought!

  • Alicia says:

    I am so sorry for your loss, Krystal. This struck me since my son was also born on 5/21/16, but thankfully I did not choose to vaccinate him. I continue to protect him every day and pray people wake up. It breaks my heart that this keeps happening.

  • MyVaxxedLife says:

    Chaney’s story hurts my heat. My heartfelt condolences to his family. I am currently writing up my story, which is huge. I have suffered from 90 vaccine injuries since childhood. My daughter is vaccine injured since childhood and now my granddaughters are as well. I also have a vaccine injured dog, who now has a vaccine exemption. I cured majority of my vaccine injuries all on my own once I woke up to the corruption when a 2015 DTaP almost killed me. You will be hearing about my story very soon when I get it to the correct people, who I am sure will want to represent me in a legal case if anyone thinks they are going to mandate me into any vaccines.

    • Maddy says:

      Thankyou so much for your story, MVL. Looking forward to fully reading/hearing it. I hope, if you haven’t already, that you will contact the Vaxxed team and arrange a bus interview. Are you in the U.S.? Australia has just finished their Vaxxed Bus and will be touring the country shortly (so exciting!). May I ask what your dog was exempted from? As in, why and what was he mandated to receive in the first place? The only animal vaccine I believe would be required would be a rabies vaccine for dogs. Was this the case?

      Warm regards,

  • Another ignorant pediatrician with murder on his/her hands.

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