The One Critical Weapon Against COVID-19 That No One is Talking About:

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The One Critical Weapon Against COVID-19 That No One is Talking About: The Proven Connection Between Nutrition and Immunity

With the probability of a rushed vaccine that could result in dire long-term consequences, it’s up to us to protect ourselves and our families. Right now, all the so-called “experts” believe wearing a mask, social distancing and shutting down the economy is the only way to prevail.

But there’s another way to defend ourselves that almost no one is talking about, and that’s to fortify our bodies from the inside out by arming our immune system with vital nutrients so it can tackle any invader and fight back.

It’s no secret that nutrition plays a critical role in supporting our immune systems, but new evidence suggests that nutritional health, specifically micronutrient intake, has a direct effect on both COVID-19 severity and recovery.

According to a recent review published in BMJ Nutrition, Prevention and Health on nutrition and COVID-19, “Existing micronutrient deficiencies, even if only a single micronutrient, can impair immune function and increase susceptibility to infectious disease.” The good news is, the review concludes, “Correction of established micronutrient deficiencies has the potential to help support immune function and mitigate risk of infection.”

So, there’s a way to actually greatly reduce our risk by simply consuming the micronutrients our bodies are missing.

The problem is that processed foods make it nearly impossible to get the amount of nutrients, particularly micronutrients, needed to significantly impact our bodies. Which is why so many people turn to supplements.

The Problem with Supplements

Unfortunately, most supplements are a complete waste of money. In fact, some of the top-selling supplements aren’t even made by health food companies – they’re actually made by drug companies! The same drug companies that make vaccines and pump out pills that have countless damaging side effects.

And guess what, the number one selling multivitamin, Centrum, is made by none other than the drug giant Pfizer. Why would you trust drug companies for nutrition?

The truth is, you shouldn’t trust Big Pharma with your health. When you look at the vast majority of vitamin supplements, you discover they’re actually filled with:

  1. Synthetic Vitamins (which have no benefit)
  2. Toxic Additives, Binders and Fillers
  3. Bioavailability Problems (they pass right through, making expensive pee)
  4. GMO Ingredients from Corn and Soy

Green Juices Revitalize Your Energy, Immunity and Health!

Green juices condense several servings of fruit, vegetables, and other superfoods into a single, easy-to-consume drink. All the vitamins, minerals and micronutrients come directly from plants, so they are bioavailable for near-instantaneous effects. Because so much is packed into one drink, green juices are incredibly nutrient-dense and have an impressive list of health benefits.

There is simply no other way to provide this many benefits and nutrients in a single serving. Nothing compares, and while you may feel the benefits right away, long-term benefits are even better.

In the Short-Term, A Quality Green Juice Can:

  • Boost Energy Levels
  • Improve Mental Focus
  • Curb Junk Food Cravings
  • Ease Bloating and Gas
  • Provide Daily Nutrition

Over-Time, A Quality Green Juice Can:

  • Strengthen Immunity
  • Detoxify the Body
  • Reset Metabolism
  • Fast-track Weight Loss
  • Aid Gut Health and Digestion
  • Support Heart Health
  • Improve Clarity and Recall
  • Promote Clear, Radiant Skin

The Only Problem with Juicing is That Until Now, It’s Been Too Hard to Do!

Even before this pandemic made it harder than ever to secure a good supply of organic, nutritious fruits and veggies, doing a green juice the right way has been hard because…

  1. You Need an Expensive Juicer
  2. Have Difficulty in Finding Quality Ingredients
  3. The Time Spent Shopping, Chopping and Cleaning
  4. And Rare Organic Ingredients Are Costly

Using a quality green juice powder makes all of those problems disappear. All the difficult ingredient sourcing and meticulous prep is done for you. All you have to do is add a scoop of powder to your favorite liquid, mix and in just 30 seconds a day you have all the organic nutrition your body craves.

However, Not All Green Juice Powders Are Equal! 

Here Are 9 Must-Haves to Look for in a Quality Superfood Green Juice

  1. Herbs & Algae for Detoxification: Evidence shows that chlorella, spirulina, milk thistle, parsley, dandelion leaf and turmeric support liver health for detox, and protect against free radicals and other toxins.
  1. Alkalizing Greens for Optimum Health: Most people eat an acid-forming diet, which sets the stage for weight gain and a higher risk of chronic disease. Organic grasses offset this effect, helping to alkalize and balance the body’s pH. Look for barley grass, alfalfa grass, oat grass, wheat grass and leafy greens such as kale and spinach.
  1. Probiotic and Prebiotics for Gut Health and Digestion: As much as 70% of your immune system lives in your gut. Restore the delicate balance of microbes in your gut with probiotics, the good bacteria that support digestion, alleviate gas and bloating, and help keep bad bacteria in check.
  1. Organic Vitamins and Minerals: Most supplements are sourced using synthetic vitamin isolates, which are not absorbed and may even do harm. Countless clinical trials show benefit for vitamins and minerals from FOOD (not chemicals). Organic fruits, veggies and herbs provide micronutrients in the form your body needs.
  1. Adaptogen Herbs for Energy: Adaptogens are a class of herbs that have been used for centuries to combat fatigue, enhance mental performance, and support recovery. Adaptogens include Eleuthero root, Ginseng, and Rhodiola Rosea.
  1. Antioxidants for Anti-Inflammatory Support: Special plant compounds called antioxidants can offset the effects of stress, reduce the impact of aging, and help fight the effects of inflammation. Some of the best antioxidant sources include Matcha green tea, acerola cherry, goji berry, black currant and other organic berries.
  1. Mushroom Complex for Immune Support: Medicinal mushrooms have been used for thousands of years to support immune health. They contain compounds called beta-glucans that studies have shown help modulate the immune response.
  1. Organic Omegas for Heart Health: Omegas are healthy fats that are essential to the body to support the heart, brain and tamp down temporary inflammation. While fish oil has high omegas, it’s not ideal since it can go rancid (and pro-inflammatory). Plant sources like flax seed and chia seed are healthy ways to get the omegas you need.
  1. Enzymes for Maximum Absorption: It doesn’t matter how many good foods you eat if you can’t digest them properly. Without enzymes, your body cannot break down and absorb the nutrients from your food. Look for amylase, protease, cellulase, lactase, and lipase.

But it’s not just what’s inside, what’s not inside matters too. A green juice should avoid added sugar, sweeteners, soy, and GMOs. And just as importantly, it needs to taste GREAT from natural organic flavor.

Here’s a Quality Checklist to Use When Looking for a Green Juice

  • Meet the criteria for organic superfoods (above)
  • Made with 100% organic whole food ingredients
  • Sourced in the U.S. from certified organic farms
  • Created with low heat to preserve nutrients
  • Comes with a Money-Back Guarantee
  • Tastes good with zero grass flavor

Now more than ever, we need to arm ourselves in the fight against disease and infection. Green juices are one of the most powerful ways you can do something right now that can make a difference in both the short and long-term for your health. The sooner you start, the quicker you’ll be on your way to creating an arsenal of protection for you and for your family.

I’m excited to say that I have found the most perfect green juice on the market. What’s even more exciting is the special offer I was able to negotiate for my readers to try it.

Introducing Super Green Juice!

Get 44 Organic Superfoods to Alkalize, Detox, Energize and Strengthen Immunity in Less Than 30 Seconds a Day

Unlike other green powders out there that only contain 8-12 superfoods, Super Green Juice contains a whopping 44 different superfoods, every one of them certified organic for optimum benefit, and ready to instantly add to any smoothie, juice or shake.

But it tastes so good, most people just add water. It’s the fastest and simplest juice you’ll ever make. With organic raspberry and apple flavors, even kids love it.

And because of the 44 organic superfoods inside, it’s packed with the vital micronutrients your body needs right now.

Imagine getting everything you need to strengthen immunity, reset your metabolism, cleanse your system, rejuvenate your skin, alkalize your body, unleash your natural energy and more—in just 30 seconds a day.

With just one scoop you can…

  • Wake up feeling refreshed every morning
  • Enjoy incredible focus and mental clarity
  • Have clear, smooth, and radiant skin
  • Easily alkalize the body to promote natural energy and weight loss
  • Nurture a healthy gut to get the most nutrients out of your food
  • Easily balance out your diet with more than 44 different superfoods
  • And feel good adding an extra layer of protection for your family

To get even a fraction of these benefits, you could easily spend $300 or more each month buying all the organic superfoods to replicate this blend—and you’d still have to shop, chop, juice and clean up afterwards.

But you can get a full month’s supply of this remarkable and delicious Super Green Juice for just $79.95.

That alone is a steal. But today I have a special offer, exclusively for my readers (for a limited time).

Times are tough right now, I know. And with the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more critical than ever to protect ourselves and our families!

That’s why I was able to reserve a small number of full-sized canisters at the incredibly low price of just $29.95.

That’s an entire month’s worth of goodness for less than $1 a day. 

I’ll even include free shipping.

But it gets better. You know the short-term benefits are incredible, but the long-term effects can be life changing. That’s why I want to make it easy for you to continue taking this amazing product.

When you subscribe to a monthly shipment today, not only is your first canister $29.95, but you’ll lock in a 15% member discount off the regular price. Cancel any time.

And for those of you with a houseful, the more you buy, the more you save.

100% Risk-Free Guarantee

Best of all, there’s zero risk. This offer comes with a 30-day empty canister guarantee with every order, less return shipping of course.

This offer ends on Sunday August 16th so you want to get this offer right now!

Claim your risk-free offer now and arm you and your family in the fight against COVID-19—on your  terms.

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  1. Totally agree. Stopped my osteopenia when i moved to an alkaline diet, I am now a raw vegan and I never get ill. Do not take any medicine whatsoever and fast with the change of seasons, 10 days water fast 4 times per year. I am 69 and never felt so vital. Do yoga and meditation. And, of course,will NOT take the frankestein covid vaccine.

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