Australian Doctor John Piesse DEMONIZED For Questioning Vaccine Safety

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Australian Doctor John Piesse DEMONIZED For Questioning Vaccine Safety


Dr. John Piesse is one of the very few Australian doctors who truly took seriously his medical oath to “first do no harm.” Recently, he has come under intense scrutiny – both in the Australian mainstream media and by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) – for standing up against the tyrannical Victorian government who are stripping away basic human rights, including the right to avoid dangerous medical procedures. In fact, his license to practice medicine is now in jeopardy. This is an overview of his beliefs about vaccination, what’s going on, and how you can help him defend himself against these false and wild accusations. His commentary is shared at the end of this article.

As a young doctor who gave vaccinations to infants in the 1970’s, Dr. Piesse followed the recommendations of the Australian Health Authorities without question. He trusted that the information he had been provided was actually backed by science. Like the majority of medical practitioners, he believed the official assertions that vaccine reactions were “one in a million” – until that is, he noted they were not.

When he reviewed his patient records, Dr. Piesse observed that approximately 50% of his infant vaccine recipients became quite ill. More tragically, two post-vaccination infant deaths came to his attention, and both deaths were brushed off as SIDS. Over the subsequent years he noted many cases of vaccine-damaged individuals and thus began his research into the science of vaccination.

What he found was truly shocking. Not only was there no gold standard studies proving the efficacy of vaccination – an inconvenient truth for a profession that prides itself on being scientific – but according to Dr. Piesse, “One analysis indicated that national infant mortality rates were proportional to the number of vaccine doses (Miller NZ 2011), contradictory to the claim that ‘vaccination saves lives’.” He went on to say “… there is an over-whelming quantity of ‘manufactured science’…scientific fraud, and [doctors are] ignoring evidence supporting causality [between vaccines and vaccine damage].”

So how did Dr. Piesse, a man described by his patients as a caring, honest and brave doctor, find himself the subject of an investigation?

To start, Grant McArthur, a reporter from the Herald Sun – who is believed to have colluded with Jill Hennessy (Victorian Health Minister) on a fabricated tweets saga blaming “anti-vaxxers” for abusing her – concocted an August 23, 2017 story with the alarmist title Secret Melbourne cell of anti-vaxxer doctors under investigation. His article leads readers to believe Dr. Piesse is guilty of serious misconduct. Some basic investigation will show that not only is this untrue, but everything Dr. Piesse did was perfectly legal and medically indicated.

According to section 147(2c) of the Public Health & Well Being Act, in order to access child care or kindergarten in Victoria, a parent needs to present their center with an Immunization history statement from the Australian Immunization Register OR an Immunization Status Certificate (ISC) from any immunization provider. In the event a medical exemption is required, the ISC must certify that the provider has “evidence that the immunization of the child would be medically contraindicated under the specifications set out in the Australian Immunization Handbook.” It does not state that a doctor must disclose those reasons – after all, that would be a breach of patient privacy.

While many people, including medical professionals, have been led to believe that reasons for medical contraindication to vaccination must be consistent with the very strict guidelines set out in the Immunization Handbook, the Handbook’s disclaimer in fact, expressly states that exemptions are “subject to clinician’s judgment in each individual case.”

Furthermore, the Handbook states that it is “a general guide” and that “there are unaddressed scientific questions, complex medical practice issues and continuous new information, as well as differences in expert opinion” and  “it is… possible that errors have been missed.”

This confirms that a clinician is not to treat any said guidance as superior to their own judgment, especially considering “The Government Department of Health does not accept any liability for any injury, loss or damage incurred by use of or reliance on the information” contained in the handbook.

This is precisely what Dr. Piesse did. He used his own clinical judgment coupled with his patients’ detailed history to decide if vaccination, based on his professional opinion, was or wasn’t appropriate. He did this knowing he had the right to clinical autonomy and that the Immunization Status Certificate he was providing to his patients met the requirements of the legislation.

The Administrative Appeals Tribunal, in a 15 February 2017 ruling, further highlighted that “the Handbook recognizes the importance of a clinician’s judgment in each individual case” and Acknowledged “the medical complexity of the issues under consideration,” thus confirming that the circumstances in which a determination may be made of a medical contraindication are not restricted to the set of circumstances listed on the Australian Immunization Register “IM011” form.

A second GP also under investigation who wishes to remain anonymous stated:

“Most doctors are not aware that the Immunization handbook doesn’t even meet its own mandatory guidelines for gold standard evidence. For example, there are no links to any safety studies on the MMR vaccine and a textbook reference is used to claim the MMR is effective. That textbook is co-written by Dr. Paul Offit, a doctor who has profited in excess of $13 million from the rotavirus vaccine he produced with Merck, a company which also holds a monopoly on the production of the MMR vaccine.”

He went on to say, “If doctors are not aware of the poor quality of evidence provided in the handbook, how can they offer proper informed consent? Without valid consent, which would include disclosing all the possible adverse reactions listed on a vaccine package insert, doctors are left open to being sued. The Rogers vs. Whitaker case is testament to that. This case has set precedent for a high level of disclosure of even rare risks. Doctors not willing to do their own research into the accuracy of the content in the Handbook may find themselves facing legal action should an adverse reaction occur. If a significant adverse event occurs which has not been disclosed in the consent process, the practitioner performing the procedure bears legal liability for the event, whereas the same adverse event would not attract legal liability had proper consent been given and the procedure performed competently. This is why clinicians like Dr. Piesse should be commended for being brave enough to stand up and realize, the Government is only protecting themselves.”

While the Immunization Handbook doesn’t contain adequate links to the safety of the MMR vaccine, this 1986 study (Peltola-MMR-PLAC-86-Lancet) is commonly referred to in order to defend its use. The study which states in its introduction that “little attention has been paid to reactions caused by the combined MMR vaccine” concluded that common side effects such as respiratory symptoms, nausea and vomiting were worse in the placebo group than those receiving the MMR vaccine therefore demonstrating its safety.

The placebo used however, was the MMR vaccine with the addition of neomycin (anti-biotic), phenol-red indicator (known to have serious side effects including respiratory symptoms, nausea and vomiting) minus the viral antigens. Often vaccine proponents claim it is unethical to deny a child a vaccine and this is why they can never use a true placebo such as saline in vaccine trials. If this is the case, why is it therefore ethical to inject them with the MMR vaccine minus the viral antigens that are supposed to protect them and the addition of two substances each of which in their own right can have serious side effects?



Daniel Andrews is the Premier of Victoria, Australia. Read his virulent Facebook post here.

While Dr. John Piesse continues to be vilified by the biased media and a complacent medical board calling for him to be de-registered, evidence (Letter-of-Opinion-ISC) has surfaced showing that an unspecified law firm has provided written documentation that Dr. Piesse’s Immunization Status Certificate (ISC) meets the requirements of the legislation. In fact, their letter states that, “It would not be lawful” for any childcare center or kindergarten to deny enrollment of a child using the ISC provided by Dr. Piesse.

Furthermore, any childcare service or kindergarten that denied enrollment would be “engaging in discriminatory conduct” thus leaving them open to legal action.

A second anonymous source who wished only to be referred to as Sarah, said “I was the one who advised Dr. Piesse that he could write ISC’s for his patients. Having visited 5 doctors, all of whom agreed that my son shouldn’t be vaccinated, he was the only one who was willing to give my son the certificate so I could enroll him in Kinder.” She went on to say, “I visited a lawyer and showed him the certificate Dr. Piesse provided and he confirmed it met the requirements of the legislation.”

When asked why she felt Dr. Piesse was being targeted, Sarah said “I’ve been in a deadlock with the Department of Health and Human services (DHHS) for 22 weeks and to date, they have been unable to prove that Dr. Piesse’s letter of contraindication doesn’t meet requirements. They have tried to exert an authority that is beyond the requirements of the legislation while refusing to cite the law that shows their advice is consistent with the provisions of the Public Health & Wellbeing Act. I have no doubt this witch hunt against Dr. Piesse is because they are backed into a corner and it’s easier for them to try to de-register my doctor than to admit they were wrong all along. Their behavior is despicable.”

Jill Hennessy, Minister for Health, who is responsible for the discriminatory legislation banning unvaccinated children from childcare and kinder, states “You should get your advice from a qualified GP…” However, following the latest witch-hunt, one must ask, do our politicians believe you should only seek the advice of a qualified GP who is prepared to parrot their vaccine dogma? Do we live in a democracy or in a dictatorship?

It seems evident that governments and many medicos are more interested in clobbering doctors who question vaccine safety than in promoting the good science and adverse-reaction surveillance needed to rectify legitimate concerns. Such individuals refuse to look at any published scholarly articles showing the overwhelming high-quality evidence indicating vaccines can and do cause harm, including death. Practitioners like Dr. Piesse who witness first-hand the devastation that vaccinations can cause, are gagged by the government and medical hierarchies even when they have followed the law. Have people become so closed minded that they genuinely believe a doctor who has legitimate concerns over vaccine safety should be silenced?

There is no doubt that this media scare tactic is designed to ensure that any critical thinking doctor won’t exercise their rights to use their clinical autonomy and provide legitimate medical exemptions to their patients. It is therefore imperative that we use this opportunity to tell our doctors and everyone the real story behind Dr. John Piesse.



If you’d like to support Dr. Piesse in his fight for justice, you can DONATE to his Go Fund Me campaign. Dr. Piesse’s supporters have also called for individuals to lodge complaints to the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Authority about the way Dr. Piesse has been treated via email to

Australian Dr. John Piesse Speaks About Fundraiser

Contribute to Dr. Piesse’s fundraiser to help defend him against allegations that he is inappropriately writing medical exemptions to mandatory vaccination in Australia! We must help him have the financial means to defend himself against the massive media slander and misconduct allegations! The witch hunt against good doctors saving children MUST BE STOPPED. Donate right now:

Posted by Stop Mandatory Vaccination on Sunday, August 27, 2017


The Following Is An Article By Dr. John Piesse:


I have become embroiled in the controversy about whether or not it is wise to vaccinate.

I have been encountering cases of vaccine injury for over 40 years. In June it was a happy, healthy nearly 5-year-old whose parents were required to put her on a catch-up schedule, in order to get her into kindergarten. She won’t be going to kinder. She’s in a wheel chair, brain-damaged. Her life ruined. Then came a friend’s father who died after a flu vaccine, and last week a 4-year-old boy, made autistic by a catch-up schedule.

In 1988, the US National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program was created. It has paid out over US$3.5 billion to the vaccine-injured. The NVICP was set up to protect vaccine manufacturers from ruinous costs of litigation by vaccine-damaged people. It was deemed preferable to have ‘unavoidably unsafe’ vaccines than no vaccines. Unfortunately the protection provided to vaccine manufacturers also reduced incentives to develop safer vaccines in USA.

Politicians and doctors assure us that vaccinations are very safe although less than 5% of vaccine reactions are reported. Most are passed off as ‘just a coincidence’.

Vaccines contain health-damaging ingredients, not the least aluminum – a known neurotoxin, implicated along with mercury, in brain damage as in autism, developmental delay, ADHD, and learning difficulties.

Aluminum is also a powerful promoter of autoimmune diseases.

Vaccines can claim to be mercury-free if their mercury content is below a still-toxic threshold.

Most influenza vaccines contain mercury – also a neurotoxin. In addition, polysorbate 80 in vaccines increases the permeability of the blood brain barrier and potentiates the risks of these neurotoxins.

The known presence of carcinogenic viruses in the MMR vaccine has been covered-up. Vaccines also contain formaldehyde, a known carcinogen.

Proof of vaccine safety requires rigorously conducted clinical studies comparing vaccinated versus truly unvaccinated children for health outcomes.

Are there any such studies that confirm that vaccinated children are not worse-off than those unvaccinated? No. There are none.

Hence, child vaccines are unproven for safety – an inconvenient truth for a profession that prides itself on being scientific.

One analysis indicated that national infant mortality rates were proportional to the number of vaccine doses (Miller NZ 2011), contradictory to the claim that ‘vaccination saves lives’.

From mid-2015, parents who wished not to vaccinate their children, started to converge on my practice seeking assistance with gaining exemption from the penalties directed at non-vaccinators by the No Jab No Pay and No Jab No Play Legislation.

Analysis up to the end of 2016 of parent’s reasons for not vaccinating indicated that 64% of 166 parents knew of vaccine-damaged individuals in their own family.

The study of ‘Adversomics’ confirms polymorphic and genomic susceptibility factors common to vaccine–damaged individuals and their families. (Poland GA 2015). 40% of unvaccinated children had pre-existing health problems that parents considered would make them more at risk of harm from vaccines. 60% of unvaccinated children were very healthy, but only 6% of the vaccinated children. There were no cases of autism in 212 unvaccinated children, but 8 autism cases in the 50 vaccinated children (16%), and 36% with ASD, compared to 1.4% in the unvaccinated.

As yet there are no large-scale vaccinated versus truly unvaccinated studies of the sort needed prove that vaccines do or do not cause autism.

So where does the widespread belief that vaccines do not cause autism derive?

In a nutshell: from an over-whelming quantity of ‘manufactured science’ of low quality, scientific fraud, and ignoring evidence-supporting causality.

Few doctors and politicians are aware of the pivotal scientific fraud committed in the US Centers for Disease Control.

A study of the MMR vaccine in black American babies showed a 2.5 fold higher level of autism in babies given the MMR vaccine at 12 months of age compared to 3 years.

The CDC refused to publish these findings but manipulated the data to disguise the undeniable association found.

The fraudulent data was then published (DeStefano F 2004 ) and promoted as the final statement on the question. Thereafter the official line was that vaccination did not cause autism. [Watch the Documentary Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe]

5000 vaccine-damaged children had their applications in the Vaccine Court for compensation quashed after this deception. But whistle-blower William Thompson released the true unabridged data that was published briefly until pressure from the CDC forced its retraction (Hooker B 2014).

A recent study of home-school students showed a 6.6 fold increase in neurodevelopmental disorders in the vaccinated group over the unvaccinated. Autism spectrum disorders were 4.7 times more prevalent in the vaccinated children (Mawson AR 2017).

So long as doctors and governments continue to be hoodwinked into believing that vaccines do not cause autism, no action will be taken to stop the alarming surge in the autism epidemic. A tragedy that need not happen if we demand good science, and safe vaccines.


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