30 Years Ago Same Age Infants Die At The Same Time After Vaccination

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30 Years Ago Same Age Infants Die At The Same Time After Vaccination


Even after 30 years, the pain of tragically losing a child following vaccines does not subside, nor does the heartache stop. Cynthia Best vividly reflects upon the loss of her infant daughter from vaccination from three decades ago, while she was living overseas when her husband was in the US Army.

Cynthia: In 1988, we were stationed in Munchwieler Germany, a very small province. It was a small base near a larger one in Pirmasens near the French border. My husband was in the Army and our doctors were military. We were living in a small community, so everyone knew everyone. Our baby, Kristina, recently had her shots, the Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus (DPT) and the Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV) on March 4th when she was nearly two months old. I remember her leg swelled a bit after being vaccinated. I had dropped her off at the sitter and I had such a bad feeling that day — I could not shake it. The sitter put her down for a nap and she never woke.

Our doctor, a Major at the time, came to my house with Kristina’s file and told me another baby had also just passed — that was born the same day as Kristina. The only thing both healthy babies had in common was their recent shots. Living in such a small province, this is why it was so odd for two babies born the same day, getting vaccines the same day, to die. At the time, we were so grieved, it was hard to comprehend. I was 22 years old and my world just crashed. My breasts were full of milk and I awakened through out the night hearing her cry and realizing she was not there. It’s like someone cuts off your arms as the ache to hold her, to protect her. Your arms seem to ache from the lack of their presence.

When the news came, I was at work at the Ford Motor Company in Germany. My husband was Military Police. Our sitter was someone I knew from home and her husband was actually my husband’s supervisor. They were equally devastated and had a two year old and they never had anymore children. Many people were affected by her death. The military communities are very close. Kristina was like the platoon baby; everyone held her and played with her.

SIDS Death Ruling

But years later, I still recalled the Major’s visit. She was so bothered by the fact that she felt it was the vaccinations that she brought Kristina’s whole medical file to my home to show me Kristina was a healthy baby with no indications of anything wrong with her besides the vaccinations. I did have three more happy healthy children, but because of Kristina’s “SIDS” diagnosis, I made the doctors give me heart monitors for my other children, and they wore them until they were two years old. Of course they had no heart problems, but I was not going to take a chance.

When a child dies overseas, it’s investigated by the local authorities and the military. They came into our home and took everything — from her clothes, our food, her food, her toys, her bed. Everything related to her was sent to Washington D.C. and the FBI to test. Many months later, I received it all back in the mail. It was probably almost a year – another devastating blow because I had nothing of hers until that day.

The Military Police showed up at my place of work and they took my keys to my car and ordered me to come. I had just purchased a taco salad for lunch and was holding it in my hands. My day was very busy and I refused to leave with them unless they told me why. The person in charge was one of my husband’s sergeants, a female. She said, “Cynthia you must come.” I refused. She ordered me. I said, “I am not military and unless you tell me why you are taking my things and trying to force me to leave, I am not going (like I had a choice).” This still makes me cry. The sergeant informed me that something had gone wrong and I had to report to the hospital which was miles away. The roads there were very small and had a lot of traffic.

I finally left with them, and as the sergeant drove, I could tell she was barely holding her composure. I pushed her on the reason I was being taken back to the base. I thought something had happened to my husband. She finally broke down and said, “It’s Kristina. She stopped breathing.” I started going through our morning in my head, what I fed her, what clothes she was in, etcetera. Then my only thought was to get to her.

When we arrived, I ran into the emergency room, jumped up on the ramp, and plowed through the doors. I saw a sea of green. Everyone in my husband’s platoon was present. I dropped my purse and ran smack into my husband’s captain. Everything within my purse was scattered all over the floor. He pushed me towards a door and the examining room. I rushed in and on the table was my husband with tears streaming down his face. Then I saw the entire command was standing around him in that room. I saw the Catholic priest, Father Toddy was his name. They told my husband to get up, hold me, and tell me what happened. There was a broom closet there and he pulled me into it and held me tight. He told me she died. I have never screamed so loud or so long in my entire life. I could not believe she was gone. How? Why? I tried to leave to go find her. My husband could not hold me. Father Toddy stood in front of the door blocking my way. I hit him. I could only think one thing and that was if I could get to her, she would be ok! They finally relented.

Since it’s an automatic investigation, I was not allowed that we see her or touch her. The Father was ranking, pulled rank, and took responsibility. I walked into that room and collapsed on the floor. My little girl, my baby, was on a cold steel table. Her outfit was on backwards and tubes were hanging out of her mouth. I touched her and she felt like rubber. Kristina was gone – there was no life in her. The only thing I could think of was to try to get her back. So I kept saying, “Come back. We are here. Come back.” My husband just picked her up and held her, rocked her. Then the Criminal Investigation Command unit (CID) showed up and the guy lost his mind. They allowed us to see her and he began to interrogate us. Finally my husband’s captain intervened and ordered them out. We had to stay in a room at the hospital. It had desks in it and we could not even go home because CID was at our home and vehicle taking everything. This was policy to do so. Two weeks later, they changed my husband’s orders and sent us home to the states. At the time, it was Fort Ord, California.

I remember it all like it was yesterday – I always contended that the vaccine makers used the military as a Petri dish. I remember getting off the plane without my baby who was still in Germany waiting to be released by customs. It took weeks, but seeing my mom and family at the San Francisco International Airport and I realized they would never see her. It felt like it was happening all over again, I had cried so much that it seemed like I had no more tears left. It had been two weeks or more and I felt numb. My brain seemed to be on overdrive. For our family, it was like it just happened for us. I kept thinking I would wake from the nightmare and it would all be ok. I found out I was pregnant soon after and I was so afraid of losing him. Kristina died April 29th and my son was born April 7th the next year.

I remarried. My current husband adopted my three living children. Ed is an amazing man – Rob tuned out after Kristina’s death and although we tried to make it work, he just could not come back. After Brooke was born we divorced. He just disappeared – occasionally popping up from time to time.

None of my four grandchildren had vaccines until they were school age in California and would not have any if I had it my way. My son is now split up with his now ex wife and their kids were never sick until ages six and five. Now they always have a cold or something health issue going on. Their mom gave them vaccines because it was mandatory in California (due to SB277) and it breaks my heart. I believe it is unconstitutional to force anyone to have anything in their bodies and Big Pharmaceutical knows exactly what it is doing!

Q&A with Cynthia:

Q: What advice or recommendations do you have for families and parents about vaccines?

Cynthia: Don’t do it. My children and grandchildren were healthy before vaccinations. Two of my grandchildren just started being vaccinated because of the laws in California. My ex daughter-in-law decided not to fight it and they are always sick. There were never sick before.

Q: Do you currently get vaccines for yourself?

Cynthia: I do not get vaccinated and I don’t take antibiotics either. I use Silver or something else like Elderberry, super tonic (garlic mixture), etc.

Q: How did you approach health, vaccines, etc. for your younger three children after Kristina?

Cynthia: They actually got some vaccines, although I had them on heart monitors until they were two. Fear ruled me there. I had not given the Major’s doctor statement much thought until I was a little older. My children did not receive many vaccinations and were sick after. My ex-husband believed in vaccinating even though the Major spoke to us. I stopped having them get them. It was a real hassle with the schools, especially in Southern California, however, we homeschooled until the children were in high school. They are healthy and we learned what to do with herbs, etc. I guess you could say we became responsible and accountable for our children’s and our health. My oldest son owns a gym and is a nutritionist, etc. His finance is finishing up her doctorate and gets her white coat in January. We have had conversations regarding Kristina and she said her next classes are on vaccines and she would look into the information I gave her. All my children are healthy and use herbs and more to heal. My go-to was always lymph drains for ears. It’s amazing how easy it is. People are programmed now to just be part of the herd.

Q: What do you wish you would have known prior to getting Kristina her shots?

Cynthia: I wish I had been educated on the vaccinations. We are told to get them that it’s the right thing to do for your child. But we never ask why, what’s that you are putting into them and why? Like the fact that if you take the tetanus shot is anaerobic so it does not work for whatever you are getting done, so why have it if you don’t use drugs?

The effects of the vaccination and why do they say it’s what you do, so the whole herd is not affected by the decision of one not getting it. If you really think about it as I do now, it’s like giving someone access to the most precious thing you have — no questions asked. I often say now would you give the nurse or doctor your ATM card? Mostly likely not, so why would you allow someone the ability to inject you with something you have no idea what it was.

I was in the salon getting a pedicure and an older woman came in and sat down next to me. She started telling the women giving her the pedi that she just got the pneumonia shot, but her whole arm swelled up and she was breaking out in hives. She said, “I was so scared. I was going to die and went back and the doctor said it was normal.” Then she said she thought it might kill her. Wow.  Yet she took it without knowledge. WHY?Had I known more about vaccinating, my little girl would be maybe 29 and have babies of her own.

Q: Did Kristina’s doctor provide any information about the risks and dangers of vaccines?

Cynthia: I don’t recall other then the pamphlets they give everyone, but she did think it was the vaccines that caused her death. The doctor’s words: “The only thing these two babies had in common other than birthdays was the same vaccinations. She brought Kristina’s file off base to my home which is not typically done, but she felt very strongly about it. I was obviously very emotional, so I do not remember everything. A lot happens in military life and when there is a death, it’s a lot of hurry up and wait.

Q: What do you feel is the biggest issue regarding vaccines now?

Cynthia: To me there are so many – they are forced. There are too many vaccines and there is no reason. It should be our choice and everyone should be given all the information such as the ingredients, etc.

Q: Anything else you’d like to share?

Cynthia: Just to say be informed. Know what it’s about and all the potential (outcomes). Be informed!

* Both of the vaccines Kristina were given in 1988: Diphtheria, “whole cell” pertussis, and tetanus (DPT and OPV) have been discontinued in the US. (DPT was replaced with the DTaP.) The Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV) contained live, but weakened poliovirus, but was discontinued in the US in 2000 due to the “rare” risk of vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis. The OPV was replaced with the IPV vaccine.

~ In loving memory of Kristina Chantele Forest (Jan 14 – April 19, 1988) ~

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  1. Dear Cynthia, thank you so much for sharing your story. So sorry you had to go through the loss of your baby, it must be so hard for you all the time, in 1981 my mom lost her firstborn son at 6mths old (heart condition) and the grief never leaves her. I have seen my mother cry so many times. I pray the time comes that you and Kristina will one day be together again and this time no tears xx

  2. We will see the day come for justice for your child and all the others when all mothers throw off medical tyranny; a price our children have paid for our “economic freedom” in society.

  3. Thank you for sharing, Cynthia. And I’m so sorry for your loss! Know that my heart is broken for you! As I lay here next to my sleeping baby I am so thankful for you and others who are telling your stories. These stories have given me courage to follow my intuition against the grain to keep my baby safe and healthy. Your story means everything. Your mother’s heart is strong and beautiful and I believe your baby is proud of you and waiting for you to hold her again in heaven. Much love from Tennessee.

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