Confident Mom Tells Hospital Doctor NO HepB Vaccine After Birth Of Twins

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Confident Mom Tells Hospital Doctor NO HepB Vaccine After Birth Of Twins


Jaime Cromer, an informed mother, researched, and then knew her infant twin daughters did not need to be injected with the Hepatitis B vaccine at birth. She knew it was unnecessary — she did not have hepatitis. If the mom of an unborn child does not have hepatitis B, she cannot pass it in vitro or to her newborn. Yet this vaccine is pushed across hospitals to most newborns and again between one and two months old, and again, between six and 15 months.

According to the Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices (ACIP), the Hepatitis B vaccine is currently “recommended regardless of the infection status of the mother.” However, less than one half of one percent of pregnant mothers actually test positive for hepatitis b. Testing mothers for hepatitis b is fairly routine during prenatal appointments, so why is there a blanket recommendation to vaccinate all newborns for hepatitis b when the risk of it is so, so low? (The hepatitis b virus is a sexually transmitted disease that can also be contracted through sharing IV drug needles, coming into contact with contaminated blood or bodily fluids, unsterile tattoo, or other equipment.)

Read Jaime’s story where she tells her experience of standing up to the resident pediatrician and confidently declined the unnecessary Hep. B vaccine for her newborn twins. In the Q&A to follow her story, Jaime also expresses her concerns about pressing vaccine issues, her decision to stop vaccinating her three year old, and how healthy, happy, and thriving her unvaccinated twins are eight months later.

Jaime: I had my twin girls on May 17, 2018. I did a ton of research and decided we would decline the Hepatitis B vaccine at birth. It just didn’t make sense to inject my new perfect babies, especially since I don’t even have hepatitis. My midwife was incredible and supported all of my decisions, even backed me up, and confirmed most of my suspicions. I didn’t get any vaccines during my pregnancy either – even in the midst of a “horrible flu season,” and even with a nurse practitioner who tried to scare me into it telling me they’d take my babies from me if I even had so much as a cough when I gave birth.

No one gave me a hard time about declining the Hep. B vaccine in the hospital until the resident pediatrician came to examine them the day after birth. He asked me why I denied it, and I told him, “because I don’t have hep. b.” He told me they still recommend getting it for the “good of the population, for those who do come in contact with hep b.” I was floored. Um, in what universe does this even make sense?! Then he asked if I’d think about it and he’d come back later and see if I’d changed my mind. I told him that wouldn’t be necessary, I wasn’t changing my mind.

My girls are now eight months old and haven’t received a single vaccine. They are happy and healthy, except for the occasional runny nose thanks to my three year old who just started preschool.

I continue to do research, read, and ask questions. I’ve always been very natural minded and I am extremely passionate about self advocation when it comes to health. I believe it is so important to be educated, to ask the hard questions, and to never do anything blindly or just because “it’s recommended.”

I hope all new moms know that they have a choice. That the information is out there, you just have to seek it out. That you can always go back and vaccinate if that’s your choice, but you can never undo it once it’s done. Be informed and know your rights. These are our children and we must be their voice, we must protect them.

Q&A with Jaime:

Q: Did the doctor provide true informed consent about the Hep. B vaccine, about the full risks, benefits, risk of your child coming into contact with hepatitis b, the result if you choose not to vaccinate, etc. and clear reasons why the doctor felt it was necessary (other than the resident MD’s opinion of why)?

Jaime: No, no information about the vaccine or the disease was given. I didn’t ask for it either though. I had already done my own research.

Q: You birthed in the hospital, correct? (Just checking since you also mentioned you had a midwife.)

Jaime: I birthed in a hospital yes, and had a midwife during the pregnancy who worked in the MFM (maternal fetal medicine)/high risk office.

Q: Did your twins receive any other vaccines or shots (like the Vitamin K) at birth?

Jaime: They did receive the Vitamin K; this is one where I felt the risks were too high for our comfort. They did not receive the eye antibiotic however.

Q: Did anyone hassle you after you left the hospital to vaccinate your twins?

Jaime: No one has hassled us yet, and I was given a handout on Dr Sears’ alternative schedule from my pediatrician at their four month appointment. We have not been back to this pediatrician since because I know they won’t be supportive of our decision not to vaccinate.

Q: Is your three year old vaccinated? If so, what changed your mind to not vaccinate?

Jaime: My three year old is vaccinated, except for varicella (chicken pox vaccine). We did a delayed schedule when he was an infant, and didn’t do the MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) until he was around 2-1/2. I still regret doing the MMR vaccine.

Q: When did you begin researching vaccines?

Jaime: I began researching when I was pregnant with my now three year old. But I didn’t dig deep enough and wasn’t confident enough then to make an informed decision for him.

Q: Do you know anyone personally whose child had the Hep. B vaccine and had any adverse reactions? How did you know to decline the Hep B vaccine?

Jaime: I don’t know anyone personally. I knew my twins didn’t need it and I know it’s my choice.

Q: Did you have to fill out paperwork to decline the Hep. B vaccine in advance? And was that part of your birth plan?

Jaime: No paperwork, and yes, it was part of my birth plan. My midwife put it in my file and the nurses confirmed while I was in labor. The girls never left my sight!

Q: Can you describe the twins’ personalities (for each) and more about how healthy they are and thriving?

Jaime: Ivy is small and mighty. She’s a charmer, funny, and happy. Ella is sweet and snuggly, and also very funny. They’re very active and ready to be on the move! They adore their big brother and he adores them. They are exclusively breastfed and have always steadily gained weight. They’re chubby, happy and healthy.

Q: Any other advice to new parents? To doctors?

Jaime: New parents, – do your research!! Be an advocate for yourself and your baby. You don’t have to do anything you’re uncomfortable with. Doctors, – have a more open mind, allow parents to make informed decisions without judgment.

Q: What is the most pressing vaccine issue of our times?

Jaime: This is a really tough question and the answer is far from simple. I think the CDC (Center for Disease Control) vaccine schedule needs to be re-evaluated. It’s been proven that the younger a child receives the MMR vaccine, the more likely they are to have an adverse reaction – so why not push it to three years old? And infants are getting far too many in too short of a time span. Another issue is the lack of education, in doctors and parents. And finally, I think much, much more testing needs to be done. Vaccines are classified like other pharmaceuticals, but do not go through nearly as much testing. This is a huge issue.

Q: What else would you like to share?

Jaime: Our bodies are incredible machines. I believe the more we intervene, the more we hurt ourselves. Vaccines are not one size fits all. More research and more testing needs to be done and parents have got to have the right to decide what’s best for their child without judgement, shame, or getting denied care.

Stop Mandatory Vaccination has also reported about infants who died after receiving the Hepatitis B vaccine and/or Vitamin K shot. For a diverse selection of stories about vaccine-injury and deaths following multiple vaccines, visit “our stories” section on the website. To connect with others who are against mandatory vaccination, join our supportive FaceBook group.

  • Isa says:

    I am a Labor & Delivery interpreter for non-English speaking moms.

    I shared my concern with a nurse who was also unhappy that newborns, within 2 hours of birth, were getting a Hep B vaccine. She added that it doesn’t even count as one of the recommended dosages. It’s an “extra”.

    The first 72 hours the baby’s body is adjusting to breathing on it’s own. Why, in God’s name, are we doing this to them ???

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