She Vaccinated Her Son for School Which Destroyed His Speech

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She Vaccinated Her Son for School Which Destroyed His Speech

Almost six years ago I started my Facebook Group, Stop Mandatory Vaccination, with the express purpose to help parents confidently go 100% vaccine free. I put in a massive amount of effort, strategy and moderation protocol to get parents into the group so they could get the information they sought. (Facebook shut it down last month.)

As more and more vaccine mandates happened, one question that was asked VERY FREQUENTLY in the group was:

“I need to vaccinate my child to go to school, how do I detox him afterwards.” 

I would cringe every time I saw that question, and like I said, it was asked a LOT. If I happened to see it, I would tell the parent that any vaccine given at any age can permanently harm or kill a child, and that they really should try to figure out a different solution, even if that meant homeschooling or moving out of a tyrannical state.

I was often blunt, to the point, and I did not mince words. Why? Because they were under the FALSE ASSUMPTION that vaccine poison can somehow be easily removed from the body, like with bentonite clay baths or something. Sometimes I would respond to their comments and remind them that they cannot detox a dead child.

I’m sharing the ArticMonkeyy screen capture with you to remind you that any vaccine given at any age can maim or kill. Notice that NOW she will never vaccinate again (and to be clear, I am NOT blaming her). LEARN FROM THIS. Tell other parents this when you see them talking about vaccinating and then detoxing.

It does not work that way. Damage can be LIFELONG.

Granted, I am thankful that her child is doing much better after taking the zeolite that I recommend, but you would NEVER want to go vaccinate thinking that you can just spray some zeolite in your child’s mouth and make it all better!!!

I have interacted with literally HUNDREDS of parents who have asked me what they should do in this situation. My answer is always the same: if you cannot get an exemption, either homeschool or MOVE. Do not cave to the idea that even one vaccine couldn’t possibly be that bad.

They are ALL THAT BAD! 

Remember, the entire vaccination program has only one medical goal in mind: DESTRUCTION OF HEATH. That’s it. There is no true reason to vaccinate and there never was.

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Larry Cook

  • Christa Ford says:

    You are AWESOME! I will always keep spreading the truth along with you! Our oldest was damaged by 21 injections by the age of 18 months! Autistic! Our 5 non vaxxed are fine!!! #WeDoNotConsent!!!! In Jesus’ Name!

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