Vaccinated OR Unvaccinated: Who Is Healthier?

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Vaccinated OR Unvaccinated: Who Is Healthier?

Why does the CDC refuse to run a vaccinated vs unvaccinated health outcomes study? The answer may lie in what the results would be!!!

Michelle Maher Ford of the Vaccine-Injury Awareness League gives her view on the health status of vaccinated children and unvaccinated children, and her analysis may shock you!


There’s this myth going around that everybody needs to be fully vaccinated in order for our society to be healthy. And I have a number of things that I wanna say about that.

So, number one, nobody promised us a germ-free world . I tend to be on the side now of realizing that we have to coexist with some of these germs.

But more importantly, children who are not vaccinated fully or not vaccinated at all, are some of the most healthy, bright children I’ve ever seen.

If you can have the opportunity to meet a family that has perhaps a first and second child that were vaccinated versus their younger siblings, after the parents kind of woke up to what was happening to their children with the vaccinations. The unvaccinated children are so much healthier. when they come across let’s say a cold or a flu, they get over it so quickly. Whereas, their older siblings can’t get over stuff that easily they have to go to the doctor, they have to get antibiotics, they have to you know, whatever it is, they’re kind of constantly under some sort of care but those younger kids that are not fully vaccinated are much, much, much healthier.

And we have examples of this. They’ve [the CDC] never done a fully vaccinated versus fully unvaccinated study to present to society.

But I don’t think we need a [vax vs unvax] study.

We have something called discernment and observation and just by virtue of me being so passionate about this topic, I happen to have come across a lot of families that fit that exact paradigm where they have older children that were vaccinated, they have allergies, learning disabilities, we’re seeing a massive increase in kids that have diabetes and cancers and all sorts of other health issues, whereas their unvaccinated younger siblings have none of that.

[The unvaccinated] don’t have food allergies, they don’t have speech delay, they don’t have learning disabilities, they don’t have chronic long term illnesses. And so for me, those observations speak very loudly.

They may be anecdotal stories, we don’t have sort of like this epidemiological study to tell us, but I think that because we have discernment and because we have the ability to use our own better judgment, it doesn’t take a whole lot to see that the writing is on the wall and unvaccinated children are a lot healthier.

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