Fight Vaccine Mandates With These Proven Action Steps

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Fight Vaccine Mandates With These Proven Action Steps

[LARRY’S NOTE: Yes, we are dealing with CORRUPT politicians, ESPECIALLY THE DEMOCRATS, but that does NOT mean avoiding them. It’s important to exhaust all options, and that DOES include meeting with your elected officials!!!]

#FightVaccineMandates – Michelle Maher Ford of the Vaccine-Injury Awareness League gives us a complete rundown on how to fight vaccine mandates by finding your vaccine skeptic tribe, following the National Vaccine Information Center updates, finding your legislators and most importantly, how to communicate with your legislators about vaccine topics (including vaccine injury, vaccine facts and vaccination problems).

  1. Find your tribe:
    Review our Take Action page
    Join our Facebook group
    Join our Back-Up Group
  2. Get in touch with the National Vaccine Information Center AND join their Advocacy Portal
  3. Know your legislators:
    Sign up for their email updates and go to their functions
  4. Treat legislative staff with respect.
  5. Get the Vaccine Injury Compensation Report:
  6. Stay focused on the specifics of the bill as opposed to generalized information that is outside the scope of the bill. Be laser focused on why you oppose or agree with the bill and be specific.
  7. Stay calm and friendly when talking with legislators and their staff.
  8. Meet with your legislators regularly.


Let’s say you’re opposed to vaccine mandates and you want to get involved. So the first thing that you might want to do if you haven’t done it already is find your local tribe. You’ve got to find like-minded people who are going to partner with you in this process, ’cause it can be really challenging to try to do it on your own. And I’ll tell you, there are lots and lots and lots of families who are hip to this. It’s not as crazy as you may have heard in the media.

So I think the first thing that I would advise you to do is go onto social media. Like let’s say you use Facebook or Instagram. You can search for groups. If you type in the word vaccine it’ll probably be very easy to identify who’s a pro-vaccine group versus who’s concerned about vaccines, let’s say. So get yourself involved, communicate with people, find your local tribe that way.

Another great way locally is there’s a wonderful website, and I highly, highly, highly recommend that you do this right away, and the link is gonna be in the description. So it’s the National Vaccine Information Center. And they are keeping track of bills that happen. And they keep their site updated regularly.

So you can actually go onto their website, you can input your email address and a little bit of information about yourself, like where you live and stuff, and then they will send you alerts that are state specific to you. So that way you’ll know when you need to get involved, you’ll know if there’s a bill that needs support, ’cause they will tell you if there’s a bill that’s friendly to our situation.

And they’ll also let you know about bills that are concerning that you need to fight. Which brings me to my next thing. So if you need to fight something or you want to support something, you have to know who your legislators are.

So relationship building is something that’s vitally important. It also can take some time. So whether or not you have a bill happening in your state right now, there’s never a great time, you know, there’s not a better time than the immediate moment to get yourself involved. So you have two state level legislators.

So you have a senator and then you have a representative. So you’ll want to do a Google search based on where you live to determine who your legislators are. And you’ll want to go to their websites and sign up for their updates. They may have a calendar of events. So you want to be involved knowing when they’re having a coffee thing or some sort of a community event.

And you want to be a regular face that they see. Because that’s what the lobbyists for the pharmaceutical industry are doing. They’re showing up to all their events, they’re being in their ear. They’re reminding them that they need to vote their way.

So if they don’t have countering voices from people in the community, they might just be influenced by that. So you need to be an influencer too by showing up and being a person that they can trust and be a person that’s giving them factual and accurate information.

So one of the things that I like to bring with me when I’m meeting with a legislator or their staff, by the way. I can’t say enough about how vitally important it is to treat the staff with as much respect as you would a legislator, because they often are giving the legislator advice about how to vote or, you know, kind of influencing their vote, let’s say.

So one of the things I like to bring with me is this. I don’t expect you to read it. It’s a very thick document. This is the Vaccine Injury Compensation report. And it’s unfortunately not as readily available anymore. But I’ll make sure that you have the link to the most current version.

The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program is funded by an excise tax that’s added onto every dose of vaccines that’s given. So it’s a 75 cent per dose tax that goes into this fund. And the fund is supposed to be available for individuals who are experiencing an adverse side effect. So to date, and this really started being funded in 1989 after the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 was passed and ratified in 1988.

So really since 1989 through the present day, and it’s 2019 right now, this fund has paid out over $4.2 billion, that’s $4.2 billion with a B, in vaccine-related side effects. But a study was recently done that showed, the results of that study showed that only 1% of people even knew about the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program to begin with.

So 4.2 billion on a 1% notification rate. So can you imagine if everybody who suffered a side effect knew to report it and knew to go through the vaccine court? But this is a very useful tool because, let me tell you, your legislators are so busy. In some states they have upwards of 3,000 bills to consider in a single legislative session. And so you can’t expect them at all to be experts on this subject.

So you need to go in there with relevant real data that they can use when they’re considering their vote. The other thing is you have to vote on the issues that are in the bill. So I’ll use California, for example. California is currently experiencing a really egregious bill that would make it that parents can’t work with their doctor on an individualized basis to get a medical exemption without having to get authority granted by the California Department of Public Health or another body. So that’s really challenging because parents want to work directly with their doctors.

But what’s been happening is instead of parents focusing on what’s wrong with that piece of the bill, they’re going in talking about vaccines being dangerous. And so legislators will shut off to something that’s not part of the bill.

So you really want to stick to the tenets of the bill that you disagree with and you want to focus on why that bill is going to be bad. So make sure you’re sticking to the talking points. The other thing is they usually won’t give you very much time.

So I highly recommend that you’re prepared, you have your talking points ready to go, and you have your resources that you can leave with them. I have found that if you’re respectful, and you are honest, and you are open and sympathetic to that they don’t have very much time and they can’t possibly be an expert, if you stick to really bulleted points, and you are rational, and calm, and friendly, and wonderful, they’re going to respond in kind.

So things may not always go our way, but it’s only because we’ve recently begun getting very activated as a community. We were not unified. I, for one, was in the closet about this until about 2012. So for me it’s only been about seven years. And some are just starting out on this journey. And so don’t go in there with fear and paranoia.

Go in there with confidence that you know something that they don’t know, but that they need to know it. They’re about to make a decision about your child’s life, and your life potentially, and they are relying on people to give them accurate information, so that if they do have a staff that’s following up on your talking points, that everything that you provided to them is backed up by fact.

So if you’re prepared, then you can confidently say you did everything that you could do. And by the way, it doesn’t hurt to have more than one appointment with the same office, because sometimes bills get amended and things happen and you want to stay on top of it so that you can go in with any revised talking points as things change. And if they had a great experience with you the first time they’ll probably let you come back.

So you don’t want to burn any bridges when you’re dealing with your legislators. ‘Cause after all, your life is kind of in their hands.

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