Go Vaccine Free Without Fear Of Death From Infectious Disease

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Go Vaccine Free Without Fear Of Death From Infectious Disease

Dr. Henele E’ale, ND of the Energetic health Institute says that when a child has a healthy immune system, we don’t need to worry about our children dying from infectious disease. Many parents who want to go vaccine free and avoid vaccination altogether sometimes worry that if they don’t vaccinate their child that their child may die from an infection. However, Dr. Henele is clear that instead of vaccination, we need to avoid the fear pushed out by the pharmaceutical industry and instead work towards building healthy children.


I’m not afraid of my child dying from infectious disease, because my child has a healthy immune system.

Hi, my name is Doctor H, I’m the executive community director for the Energetic Health Institute and I’m also a very concerned father. One of the things we have to do parents is kind of free ourselves from the fear of our child dying.

I’m not afraid of my child dying from a infectious disease, because my child has that healthy immune system. Because when we were first going through the process and he was in the womb and everybody is bombarding you with all this information there is all this fear, of you have to do everything right. And part of that doing things right includes getting your child vaccinated. And I didn’t buy into that. And I didn’t buy into that because I looked up some prospectuses from some of these drug manufacturers. And you see that they talk about robust sales and how proud they are of the growth of their vaccine departments. They’re not proud of them because they’re helping children be healthier. They’re proud of them because they’re helping those companies make money.

And I’m sorry to say to these vaccine manufacturers, my child is not a profit center for you. And he’s definitely not gonna be a profit center for you for the rest of his life. So what you have to first say as a parent, is let me step back from all the bombarding that goes on and all the judgement, and all the fear that they want you to buy into if you don’t do everything their way. And the moment that you liberate yourself from that fear, it gives you an opportunity to do your own research. It gives you an opportunity to ask the right questions of your doctor, to find the right doctor. It gives you an opportunity to do research on, is there a downside to my child being vaccinated? Absolutely there is. Do I need to be concerned about that? Absolutely you do. Do I need to be in control of deciding what’s best for my child? You’re damn right you do. Because that’s what being a parent is, making decisions in the best interest of our children. And for us, and my child, it’s being vaccine free.

Now, let me tell you a story. My child is about to be 11 in a couple of days. He’s top of his class, he’s straight-A student, he’s missed a grand total, in six years, he’s missed a grand total of four days of school due to illness. And the reason he’s only missed four days in six years, isn’t because he was vaccinated. He wasn’t vaccinated. It’s because we gave him the foods, we gave him the nutrients that his immune system needs to live a healthy and happy life.

Are kids going to get sick? Yes, that’s what we want. You want your kid to get sick, but the key is that you don’t want them to be sick for long. You want them and their immune system to effectively fight the infection, and that’s what a healthy immune system will do. So how do you know if your kid’s immune system is healthy? Because I think that should really be the next question. And it’s very simple, did your kid get sick? Yes. Did he recover very quickly? Yes. Your kid has a healthy immune system. That’s the simplicity of it all. If your kid is out for a week, if he’s sick for a week, two weeks, not a healthy immune system. We gotta get some nutrients in there. We gotta get that little baby healthy, okay. But if the baby fights off the infection as a healthy immune system should, you don’t have to worry about infectious diseases.

So what I’m asking you to do as a parent, and as a doctor, is to liberate yourself from the fear, so that you can give yourself the opportunity to do your research. Talk to people who are in the know. Talk to people like me who are raising very healthy, vaccine-free kids, and strengthen your belief that you can do it too.


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