Mom Discovers Vaccination Horrors & Goes Vaccine Free

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Mom Discovers Vaccination Horrors & Goes Vaccine Free

When Shanna was pregnant she researched vaccines and vaccination by reading a book, the Vaccine Safety Manual, and discovered the many horrors of vaccination. She learned what vaccines are, what vaccines are made of, the supposed reason for vaccination, and then the type of harm each vaccine can do to human life. She wept and cried as she read story after story from parents who have vaccine injured children. She refused the Vitamin K shot and was berated by the doctor and she refused the vaccine anyway. She figured out that the doctor just wanted her to live in fear. She then read more books and talked with more people about vaccines and vaccination and concluded that we don’t need vaccines or vaccination to have a healthy child. She also learned that children are being drugged by pharmaceutical drugs, which is not in harmony with natural living. She believes in natural living and natural health and natural immunity by keeping the body healthy through organic food, supplements and other natural methods of treatment, such as through Homeopathy. Her child is four years old and vaccine free and healthy.

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Hi. My name is Shanna, and we are a vaccine-free family. I wasn’t always going to not vaccinate. In fact, my husband is a chiropractor. When we were pregnant, or when I was pregnant, I had this trump card that I played that said basically I’m the mom, and I get to decide because I carried the baby. He was okay with that. He said, “That’s fine. However, I want you to read a book.” It was at the time a book called “The Sanctity of Human Blood” by Dr. Tim O’Shea. At that time, I couldn’t find it, but knew where he was going. He wanted me to at least look into his feelings on the situation.

While shopping one day in a whole type of market with whole foods and books and whatnot, I came across a book called “The Vaccine Safety Manual.” I’m a researcher. I may not be a researcher by career, but I’m researcher on life. If I’m going to research a car, I’m going to know everything about that car before I purchase it. If I research a vaccine, I want to know why or why not I would be doing it or not. When I found this book, what I liked about it was that it was unbiased. I didn’t want somebody on a pro side to tell me what I needed to do it, and I didn’t want somebody on an anti side telling me why I shouldn’t do it. I just wanted to know what it was about.

I sat in this market with a belly sticking out to here that basically walked into a room before I did. I opened this book up, and the first thing I saw was, “These are vaccines. These are what they’re supposed to do for the body. This is what they’re made off, and this is why they put these ingredients into it.” At the end of each section was the situations that happened to people that have taken these vaccines. Whether it’s an injury or just a damage, I’ll say. It was listed at the end of each chapter, and I was shocked. I was shocked that very basic immunity building things that I have been told were causing harm.

Now, my father passed away of leukemia. He was an older gentleman, but that changed me for life. When I looked at some of these vaccines, and I saw side-effects were leukemia, or when I was learning about the disease in itself, and I learned that that’s one of the number one killers I should say for children under the age of eight. I thought, there’s a correlation to this. I sat on the floor of this market at however many months pregnant. I think it was close to nine months pregnant. I just started reading from the front cover, and I turned page after page after page.

To be honest with you, I wept. I cried for these women, for these fathers, for these mothers. I wasn’t even really a mom yet, but I was carrying a life inside me, and I was responsible. I’m responsible for everything that this child is going to be doing in life. It’s my job. It’s my job to be the voice, and it’s also my job to be the caregiver. That was my first step into, I may not not vaccinate, but I’m certainly not going to jump into the hospital and vaccinate.

That’s where it started. We went to the hospital when I was delivering. The doctors came in, and I said, “I’m not getting the Vitamin K shot.” They immediately start to tell me, “Your child’s brain is going to bleed to death.” That’s not the case. In some instances that may happen to a child, but that’s not the regular case, and that upset me. A new mom with all my hormones going, and a lack of sleep, and this newness of this child that I’m going to be leaving the hospital with any minute now, and I can’t believe they’re letting me take her with me.

It was this feeling that came over me of, so you’re not for me raising my child. You’re for me being a woman of fear. Thankfully, my husband who was right beside me, said, “Okay. Thank you,” and the woman walked out. Fast-forward a little bit. I get home, and we’ve decided I’m going to look more into it, because I don’t want to be foolish in my decision. I want to be smart. I started getting every book and every article that I could find, and then I asked peers.

I, at the time was going to school for nutrition, and I was amongst many doctors all the time in my schooling. I would go to them, and I would say, “Do you have sources? Do you have education for me that I can look up, that I can read, that I can make my own decision?” I got hooked. What upset me was, also being a new mom, you want support around you. Being that we have social media everywhere, I went onto a site, and there’s a plethora of groups for moms and moms-to-be and parenting, and what kind of parent do you want to be.

The majority of what I found was kids were being drugged up across the board. If they have a fever, you don’t just give them Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen. Now, you make a cocktail, and you give them both at separate hours, and you can get away with that. Kids that have colic. You’re giving them prescription medication drugs that were never intended for kids at that age, but it’s been okay where you can give it to them, and they’re not getting better. It leads them from one thing to the next, to the next. It starts out with colic, and then it moves on to stomach issues, and then it moves on to the next thing down the road. Then, these kids are just consistently drugged.

We can’t blame the disease, because they’ve always been here, and they’re always going to be here. We have to blame ourselves. My child is four. I can’t blame her, so instead I have to look in the mirror at myself. What am I going to do for my child to raise her up in the way that she should go? The way that she should go is a way of health. In our home, we proactively do preventive care. We do whole food supplements. We eat beets. We choose organic foods. We choose whole foods. We have very little refined sugar, if at all. We didn’t do the one-year birthday cake, let the child eat all they want to. We didn’t have any cake. We had fruit. Fruit is God’s candy. That’s what we do in our family, and it’s worked.

Our child is four, and she’s had a couple of the small childhood illnesses like Roseola. When those things come along, we’ve done all that we can preventive, and then we go into, how can we care for our child during. When she gets a fever, I don’t give her Ibuprofen, because fevers are there for a reason. Instead, we use Homeopathy. Now, Homeopathy is a tool that you use to aid the body in getting over its own illnesses. It’s not there to mask it, and it’s not there to fix it. It’s there to protect, preserve the body, and to promote healing. That’s what we do.

Every time a fever or an illness or a cold is run through our family, we’re stronger for it. I can see a developmental growth in my child. I can see her speaking better. I can see her growth and her weight. They add into her life, and that to me, those are real results. That is real credibility right there. I wasn’t always that person. I wasn’t always that person that was going to not vaccinate, but it has to start somewhere. We have to make the decision to always take one step forward in the proper direction. If you go down a road, follow the road and see where it leads.

It usually seems to be that only when a child is injured, do the parents then realize it wasn’t the best choice for their family. Nobody wants to play Russian roulette. In a sense, unless you know for sure that your child will be one-hundred percent safe, do you want to play that game? If you can’t say, “Yes,” right now, pause.

This is Clara. She’s four years old, and she is my vaccine-free child. She is the epitome of love, affection, and understanding and health.


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