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A Big Health Contrast Between 2 Vaccinated Kids and 3 Vaccine Free Kids

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I have 2 partly vaccinated and 3 unvaccinated children. One with severe vaccine damage after MMR (severe seizures 5 years and now low energy) and the other one with autism like disorder, yet the 3 unvaccinated children are totally healthy.

The not vaccinated children fall sick very rarely and don’t need any medication. The two vaccinated children are now 19 and 21. My 19 year son developed pectus excavatum which he had operated on 3 years ago with the Nuss técnic, bar will be taking out in December 2019.

My daughter of 21 , the one who had the seizures after MMR, has a problem with her reproductive organs which causes pain.

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The 3 not vaccinated children are 100% healthy. The boyfriend of my daughter fully vaccinated (on picture as well ) developed Diabetes Type 1 at 12 years of age.

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  • pat says:

    Same story for millions of families who stopped vaccinating after one of the older children was harmed by a vaccine. This is COMMON! Of course, doctors or farma will never acknowledge this.

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