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Her Vaccinated Children Struggle While The Unvaccinated One Does Not

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I listened to my doctors. We were never taught any different. That’s just what you/we did!! Ya just did.

And now, my daughter will likely never fit into society without major struggles. And she’s The LUCKY ONE. Because she didn’t get the measles. Because she spared her peers. Because there’s no help for the poor to heal their children from brain damage (encephalopathy) CAUSED by Reaction from the ingredients of this product.

I stopped letting them shoot her up but the damage has been done. She started slamming herself into her crib, within a couple of weeks of a 7 month vaccination. Her eye started to wander at the same timeframe. She woke ten + times a night, ever since, to slam her head and back into her crib, over and over until I’d have to pat her back to sleep.

My youngest child is way different than my older three. He’s bright. He understands. He has empathy. He makes connections so fast in everything he does. His manners are on point and I still remind my other children, constantly of varying things.

My youngest is my only unvaccinated. My daughter is partially, my older two boys are nearly fully vaccinated. They are teens so, the schedule may have changed for my daughter, by the time she was born.

I can see the difference in thought process. My older three struggle to process things unlike my youngest… Full sentences by the time he was two. It’s easy to see why.

My oldest child is sad because he can feel how his brain and his thoughts aren’t very deep and meaningful like most ppl. It just breaks my heart.

All three vaccinated babies had jaundice. Unvaccinated baby did not.

All three vaccinated babies had repeat ear infections. Unvaccinated baby did not and has never been treated for ear infection.

Go to PROJECT 180 to get the truth about vaccines!

Most of the time, my daughter, who is 11, gets along with her little brother like she’s 3. She has zero friends and gets restrained by school staff…. Easy to see.

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