Vaccine Injury Destroys Lives So Listen To Parents and Not Pediatricians

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Vaccine Injury Destroys Lives So Listen To Parents and Not Pediatricians

Polly Tommey, mother of an autistic son from a MMR Vaccination and Producer of the documentary Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe, shares why we MUST listen to parents who have vaccine-injured children and NOT the pediatricians who claim that vaccines are safe. Her story is passionate and chilling, and parents who care about the well being of their child would do well to heed her advice. For the full story, watched the documentary.

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My son is vaccine damaged. Before I vaccinated him, I was extremely pro-vaccine, a hard pro-vaccine girl. My daughter, who’s older, was vaccinated, absolutely fine on all her shots. I had no reason to question any of the vaccines or even question my pediatrician. I was even warned on the morning of the day that I gave the MMR to Billy that there may be a problem with the vaccine, and still, no. I’m not going to believe anybody other than my pediatrician. That morning that Billy had the MMR [vaccine], by the evening, he was rushed into hospital having a huge seizure. We were told in the hospital that this is just a normal thing, a normal thing that can happen to people like Billy and don’t worry. Everything’s going to be absolutely fine. Well, he wasn’t fine and still isn’t fine. He’s now 20 years old and is extremely damaged by this particular vaccine.

The reason why I go on tour with Vaxxed, the reason why I became a producer of Vaxxed and put my passion into everything that we’ve got here in this film is because I cannot stand to see another baby damaged. People don’t seem to understand, a vaccine-injured child wrecks your life. It’s the most painful thing you as a mother can go through. It affects the siblings. It affects the grandparents. It affects the aunts, the uncles. A huge amount of the family is affected. Your finances, your marriage, just about everything you have will go when your child is vaccine damaged. I am here and I’m doing Vaxxed because if I can just save one child every time I speak from being vaccine damaged, then I feel like I’ve done a good thing. It’s got to stop. It’s a horrific form of abuse and there’s no way this is …

Somebody once said to me that Billy is a gift from God and that Billy was given to me because I could cope with vaccine damage. Let me just put that right. Yes, Billy is a big gift from God. No doubt in my mind he’s a beautiful gift from God. Autism, the vaccine injury, absolutely not a gift from God. That was something that’s man made and could have been prevented, so I need to make that absolutely clear.

If you’re a parent that’s about to vaccinate your child or you’re just pregnant or even if you’re just thinking about having children, please do not make the same mistake that I did. Please do your research. I wholeheartedly trusted my pediatrician when he told me that the vaccines that I was giving my children were safe. I didn’t even think to question them. Please do that. Please question them.

You know what I would do if I were you? I’d ask your pediatrician if he has gone to see, he or she has gone to see Vaxxed. Because once they’ve gone to see Vaxxed, very few doctors will be giving that MMR vaccine again. As Dr. Rachel Ross said in the film, she would not now … Now that she’s seen Vaxxed, she would not now give her own baby the MMR. That’s how serious this is, so please watch Vaxxed: From Cover-Up To Catastrophe yourself, read the inserts of the vaccines you’re about to give your children or yourself and ask your doctors to go and see Vaxxed and then have a conversation with them about how safe these vaccines are. There is nothing pretty about a vaccine-injured child. Your child is the most beautiful gift that you can be given. Do not put needle injections in – we know from Vaxxed movie that the CDC had been committing fraud. Dr. William Thompson has come out and told us, top senior scientist has told us all about the fraud, not to mention all of us parents who have lived through vaccine damage.

Back in 1999 after Billy had his diagnosis of autism, we couldn’t get any answers from anywhere. I could remember this is 19 years ago, so we were knocking on pediatricians’ and doctors’ doors, speaking to health professionals, speaking to anyone we could about this condition that our son had got and nobody could give us any answers.

I set up a magazine and a shot in the garden where parents would answer each other’s questions and tell our own stories and see what help we could get to the huge answers that we needed for the terrible things that happened to our children. First thing I saw was how quickly that magazine went. It grew so fast. It grew around England, around Europe, around America. It just flew around, which showed me, number one, there are many, many more Polly Tommeys and families like us out in the world. I didn’t realize to that extent how many, but as the years went on and we did more with the magazine and we set up the Autism Media Channel to film families, we’ve realized that parents actually have the power here.

Please don’t make the mistake that I did, listen to your pediatricians. Listen to those parents. We cannot all be – all of us around the world. We all have the same story. We cannot all be making up for – just a couple of people, I’ll understand. This is thousands, millions, countless. We don’t even know. You’ve got to. At Vaxxed everywhere and we come, half the audience [have] vaccine-injured children. Please listen to the parents. Doctors need to listen to the parents. Parents need to listen to the parents. They’re only telling their stories because they don’t want it to happen to you.


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