Healthy Philippine Infant Dies One Day After 7 Vaccines

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Healthy Philippine Infant Dies One Day After 7 Vaccines

How many more infants, children, and adults will be sacrificed to the almighty Pharma altar of deceit before we stop this carnage and suffering? When will we reach critical mass in educating parents and societies about the potential grave dangers of vaccinating? There have been too many vaccine related deaths and injuries to count, and too many families affected and destroyed. The stream of endless devastation and heartbreak continues with our next story below of an infant who died December 5, 2019 – within one day of her vaccines.

The family must pay for all medical expenses and are in extreme debt. You can help by giving a donation right here: (the US dollar goes a long way in the Philippines).

Baby Jhanella from the Philippines tragically lost her life shortly after given vaccines at her two-month doctor’s appointment when she was one month and 25 days old. Her mother, Elhai (Crisela) Toniacao, and her father, Johnnel Abello, are devastated and are left searching for answers along with enormous debt from all the hospital and burial costs.

They seek justice for their daughter and join the unfortunate “club” of many grief-stricken parents who lost a child following their “routine” vaccines and unaware of the full risks of vaccination, including death. Jhanella’s parents share their heartache and tragic story below. Read their full story which includes a (translated) question and answer interview to follow.

Jhanella Chikkara Toniacao Abello was born on October 10th, 2019 a healthy, beautiful baby girl. On December 4, 2019, around 10 a.m., baby Jhanella received seven vaccines: Pentavalent (DTaP, Hep B, and Hib), OPV, and Pneumococcal 13-valent Conjugate (PCV13). After getting vaccinated, she continuously kept on crying non-stop and that seemed not normal. She also slept while traveling back home.

We got home at 12 noon and that’s when she started acting uneasy. She kept on crying like she was vibrating badly while crying and she turned red and didn’t want to be put on her bed. So all I did was carried her while dancing gently to lullaby her to sleep. Until around 5 p.m., I already felt so worried because her actions and way of crying shows that she was in much pain. She’s even screaming from the pain. When I looked at her legs I saw that it’s already swollen red, stiff, and very hot when touched. She can’t even move her other leg anymore. That’s why I already texted her pediatrician doctor to ask about what I should do and which kind of medicine should I let her take. At around 6 p.m. there’s still no reply from her pediatrician, so I already made a decision to let her take a pain reliever medicine: Paracetamol Biogesic 0.6ml (acetaminophen).

She looked like she felt better after 30 minutes and stopped crying and instead she went to sleep. At around 10 p.m., she woke up and kept crying again. Then I made her drink her formula milk S26gold and then let her take paracetamol medicine. Then a few minutes she slept again while I danced carrying her to lullaby her to sleep. At 2 a.m. she woke up again and kept on crying in pain, so I made her some milk again and carried her. She still kept on crying with pain so I let her take paracetamol medicine again and for a few minutes while I danced and carried her to sleep, she slept. When I woke up at 6:46 a.m. I was shocked to see her nose bleeding with some bubbles. She was not moving anymore, so we ran to Maayo Medical Center and the nurses tried to revive her, but the problem is that there’s no doctor on duty at that time. (We were told by the nurse that our baby was still alive and with pulse when we sent her. The device they used for my baby’s pulse was still showing 172 to 176 which meant she was still alive.)

So we called an ambulance and they transported us to Seamen’s Hospital. It was the ambulance driver that applied the tube on my baby without even asking for our approval or permission while she was being transferred to the other hospital. When we arrived there, the doctor declared our baby Jhanella Chikkara as “Dead on Arrival” at 7:59 a.m.

Elhai from her social media post: People are asking me about the death of my child as most of them don’t want to believe that vaccines were the cause of my child’s death. I am her mother and I know how her health condition was and I know there’s nothing to blame but the vaccines. It frustrates me that so many people are asking me questions to seek the cause of my baby’s death, but not the vaccines. Questions about when I was pregnant and why I delivered by cesarean section which I will always answer that my OB-GYN guided me all throughout my pregnancy. All my children and my eldest was also delivered by c-section. They were asking me if my baby had some birth defects when she was born and I will always say there’s none. All these things were recorded by our private doctor or pediatrician.

My baby was delivered with fever (39°C/102.2 F) because three days before I delivered my baby, I was having cough and colds. I am very much hurt because they kept on diverting the situation by many questions and it’s out of point as we are already spending a lot for medical expenses just to secure my child’s safety and we even did everything we could to afford his formula milk: S26 Gold, even if at times, we parents don’t even have enough food to eat. We just want to make sure our baby is healthy and I am sure my baby was very healthy up until we went to Eversely Child Sanitarium and General Hospital to have her vaccinated. It is very heartbreaking that they don’t want to believe that it was the vaccines. I cannot accept such injustice that happened to my healthy baby. To Dr. Alinsug, you know how healthy my baby and you even told me about it. Please help me find the justice my baby daughter deserves and please answer all my questions about my daughter’s vaccination. I kept on texting you, but I’m not getting any reply.

(With immense gratitude to Angelik Velayo for translating on behalf of Elhai Toniacao and Johnnel Abello.)

Q&A with Elhai and Johnnel:

Q: Sounds like Jhanella was healthy at birth with no birth defects – except she was born with a fever (102.2 F). Did they give any other reason why Jhanella would have a fever? There weren’t any other complications was the c-section/delivery or birth, right?

Elhai: When I was in the hospital two hours after my c-section delivery, the nurse told me that they have to inject an injection for antibiotic for my baby because she is having fever. I asked why and she said it’s because my baby is having fever, but the next day her fever was gone and at 36°C. Then they took some blood samples for the laboratory to check if there’s an infection. I asked the doctor the next day about the result and was told there’s no infection, but to still let her finish taking the antibiotic because they already made her start taking antibiotics and to let her take it for one week because that’s the right protocol for complete treatment even if she’s already well by then.

Q: Did Jhanella receive any vaccines or other shots at birth?

October 10, 2019 Hep. b and Vit. 1C, October 12, 2019 BCG

Q: Did your doctor provide you with full informed consent during your daughter’s doctor’s visit at the appointment when she was vaccinated or when she was born? Meaning did they provide the full risks (including injury/death), benefits, including if they didn’t vaccinate at all? Were you given a Vaccine Information Sheet (VIS) that explained the adverse side effects and signs to look out for post-vaccination. Were you fully aware of the risks beforehand?

Our doctor never mentioned any of the above. It seems like they don’t care at all. They never even mentioned any of the side effects of vaccines. I am not informed about it or anything about vaccine side effects. If I knew there were side effects, I could have chosen not to have her vaccinated.

Q: What do you wish you would have known prior to vaccinating your daughter?

All I know is that a child with colds can’t be vaccinated. I have just learned from social media that vaccines have other side effects including death.

Q: What do you wish to achieve by sharing Jhanella’s story? What would they like us to know about your daughter and situation?

I want the world to know about the vaccination system here in Philippines and let all parents who are unaware about vaccines know about its danger, so that nobody has to suffer the same situation as we did. And a lot of innocent children are already dying because of vaccines.

Q: What justice are you seeking?

We want to achieve justice and let those people pushing vaccines take accountability for the death of my child.

Q: Have you contacted the doctor? Are you receiving any support from any of the medical personnel?

We haven’t talked to the nurse who injected our baby yet because they said she went out-of-town. Our lawyer sent a letter to the chief of the hospital, but they aren’t sending any response up to now.

Q: Have you heard of any other babies about the same age as your daughter in your area that also died post vaccination?

On the day that Jhanella Chikkara died, there was a neighbor construction worker in front of our house who mentioned that the same cause of death happened to their baby who is of the same age as my baby. There’s another neighbor that also told me that their five month old baby also died after being vaccinated.

Q: Has an autopsy been performed on Jhanella? If so, who performed the autopsy?

Our baby wasn’t autopsied because during the time we wanted an autopsy the NBI and PNP police doctors are not available. There’s also no doctor in the city health center. We went to different places to seek help, but most doctors don’t want to help us.

Click Image To Watch CPR Video

Q: What advice or recommendations do you have for other parents?

Every child was given by God perfectly. Let’s not allow anyone to give our children sickness from vaccines because some time ago there were still no vaccines and people were healthier and have a longer life than today. Please help me share our story.

Q: What help, support, or resources, does your family need?

We are now in need of financial support as we are now bankrupt due to unexpectedly what happened. We have so many loans to pay – even from the time I delivered my daughter by c-section as we lacked some funds to pay the hospital. We need some funds to pay the attorney that is handling our case to get justice for our baby Jhanella. The cemetery lot where we buried our baby on December 12th is not yet paid as well. I was unable to work by home cooking foods that I sell due to much depression I felt after losing my baby.

Q: Do you have other children? If so, are you planning on vaccinating your other children? Why or why not?

Yes, we have another child and she’s four years old. If I will be having another child, I will never allow any vaccines to ever again as I can’t allow my child to be sick because of vaccines again.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

Some vaccine injured parents are messaging me to push and fight for the right justice for my child, so that they can also achieve the justice for their children.

Q: Do you have a fund set up to help raise money for an independent autopsy or other services needed?

We honestly are very broke as of now and very much in debt. I’m also not sure about the autopsy payment we have to raise. That’s why we are praying and seeking help.

Q: Do you have any questions or anything else to share?

None for now as I am trying my best to be strong while we are still grieving for the loss of our baby.

~ In loving memory Jhanella Chikkara Toniacao Abello (October 10, 2019 – December 5, 2019) ~

Read more about their story reported by Sunstar, a Philippine news outlet.

  • Dolores says:

    I was so saddened with the death of the baby. But the baby was given only three vaccines as what the mother stated and as what recorded in the baby’s immunization card (12/4/19): Pentavalent,opv and pcv..pentavalent from the word penta means one vaccine it gives you protection from 5 diseases..pentavalent and pcv is both intramuscularly administered which means through injection while opv is orally given unless it’s the booster dose of opv which is ipv. I don’t know the cause of the baby’s death, maybe the vaccine or maybe not unless there would be a strong evidence to it which is the autopsy report. Whether it is caused by the vaccine or not, I hope that it would be cleared to all readers on how many vaccines was really given..that also shows that maybe the healthcare provider didn’t explained well to the parents. Still, I hope truth will be revealed and justice will be served.

  • Elena says:

    Non ho parole, anche in Italia succedono queste disgrazie a causa dei vaccini, Sembra che importi a nessuno,non si informano e se lo fanno vengono bloccati, Obbligano le vaccinazioni x gli asili nido e maternità, c’è una multa se non si effettuano alla scuola dell’obbligo… Situazione molto grave.Io non sono contraria alla vaccinazione, se effettuata in sicurezza ,con criterio quando è effettivamente necessaria, previa esami prevaccinali individuali,eviterei assolutamente quelle delle malattie esantematiche e dovrebbero essere controllati i contenuti del vaccino.e tanto altro …Stanno distruggendo…….?

  • Marie says:

    If someone drinks and drives and has an accident and someone is killed, I believe that is considered manslaughter. If an infant is given a large number of vaccines at one time and dies–in my opinion, that is manslaughter, at the very least. Most infants are healthy at birth. Is a young infant in danger of coming down with whooping cough, diptheria, tetanus, hepatitis B, or pneumonia? If the baby is breastfed, the mother’s milk helps to protect the child from disease.

  • Marie says:

    That was a large number of vaccines (7) to give to a very young baby–and not necessary. She had also been given Hep B vaccine at birth.

  • Shasha says:

    Antibiotics lower Mg/lower the immune system/wipe out the good bacteria in the large intestines which maybe low due to C section/hurt the gut lining/hurt mitochondria and more. They should not have given them. No medicine may have helped since it may burden the liver. Breast feeding is best. Vaccines may hurt and there are too many at one time and too young/too many total vaccines. Agenda 21 is to lower the population. Natural help only and no vaccines/breast milk that has stem cells in it to help heal a child may help. God bless the family!

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