After Vaccines Cause Epilepsy in Toddler Mom Stops Vaccinating All Children

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After Vaccines Cause Epilepsy in Toddler Mom Stops Vaccinating All Children

Colleen Malone shares her traumatic story about how one of her six children drastically deteriorated following the DTaP, HIB, IPV, and HepA vaccines when her child was 18 month’s old. Colleen vividly recalls her once healthy, talkative, and active toddler change for the worse before her eyes. Witnessing this dramatic decline, Colleen dove deeper and followed the twisting path of countless tests and evaluations that ultimately led to her daughter’s epilepsy diagnosis caused by vaccine injury.

In our follow-up question and answer interview, Colleen elaborates about her experience, reflects on her other children’s health issues (which she later made the connection to vaccines), and how she vowed to stop vaccinating all her children following her daughter’s severe vaccine injury, and what she is now actively doing to improve her children’s health.

Colleen: With what seemed like a million electrodes attached to her scalp, I laid next to her in that bed at DuPont watching her tiny body seize. All I could do is pray while the tears silently flowed until there was just nothing left. I wanted to scream, punch the wall, and break down the door at the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) all at the same time. Those 50 minutes were pure agony. No one said a word, but I knew what the results of that EEG (electroencephalogram) were before they even had the electrodes untangled out of that curly haired mess, but I had to wait two more days for the “official” results. 

We were well on our way into our Wednesday afternoon routine, driving to speech therapy, when everything collapsed. I saw the hospital number on my phone. I pulled into a development, took a huge breath, and stepped outside of the truck. I could hear the kids screaming inside because they didn’t understand why I was stopping. I don’t remember much of what her neurologist said to me because I froze with “Ceceila has epilepsy”. Seizures I could handle…that word though…that changed the entire playing field. 

God, what had I done??

Vaccines never sat easy with my soul. I wanted to trust the doctors, their knowledge, training, and oath, so I shut my intuition down and let my kids be injected with dose after dose of toxic poison. I didn’t do the research. God, if I had though…

Wednesday May 25, 2016 was the very last morning I would see her not struggle. 

She had excelled at everything. Walking before her 1st birthday, running before she was 14 months. She was full of personality and had way too many words for a 16 month old — like for real, wouldn’t shut up! She had missed her originally scheduled 4th dose of the DTaP due to a fever, so I had to drag her back in to get it. I was without a doubt in a fog of newborn haziness. Elia had been born in early February and we were definitely still in the adjustment phase, but I recall that Friday morning after so vividly. 

I thought she just wasn’t feeling well. She was tuned out, had a fever, and just wanted to hang out with her blankets and the iPad. Knowing the end of the story looking back, I know it was WAY more than that. Over the course of next week, she seemed to improve, but I noticed little things were off. Her balance wasn’t right, she was introverted, her word retrieval and overall speech intelligibility had drastically changed, she had frequent moments of staring into space, she had muscle spasms, and hand and leg tremors. I spoke to the doctor, but he didn’t really see the neurological stuff at first. I knew something wasn’t right though and he referred me to early intervention. They were my saving grace. I was familiar with the system because Nico had gone through it years prior and I was blessed to have an evaluation team not only familiar to me, but that of which was comprised with the best of the best. Each therapist looked me in the eye and told me she needed to see a neurologist STAT.

Freaking out inside…just how bad was this? I made phone call after phone call. The shortest wait time for an initial evaluation was FOUR MONTHS and I would have to drive from New Jersey to Lancaster, Pennsylvania for it. It seemed like an eternity. How can they make you wait four damn months when your kid is clearly not ok??? 

The day FINALLY came. 

I got Cecelia up at 4:00 a.m. and we made the trek to Lancaster. The entire ride I couldn’t quiet my mind. I’m truthfully not even sure if I breathed at all. I could see the doctor leaning towards autism and I just kept saying what about the neurological impairments…the onset directly correlated with that vaccination? (I have yet to find a doctor who actually wants to have a reasonable conversation about that.) He then measured her head a second time and asked me if anyone had ever mentioned Microcephaly to me. As a Special Education teacher, I knew exactly what he was talking about. Her head circumference had always been on the smaller side, but truthfully all of my kids have always tipped the charts on that end of the spectrum. Could her brain really have just stopped growing? I was given orders to schedule an MRI as quickly as possible and that he was going to mark it as urgent in the hospital computer system. My brain couldn’t keep up. In the days to come, I had myself convinced that we must be dealing with some type of tumor. 

The torment continued inside my skull for over a week. This time we had to travel to the main hospital in Delaware. It poured the entire way there. I kept trying to talk myself off the ledge, but I was too far gone at that point. I knew she had no idea what was about to go down and I just kept trying to keep that smile on my face. The IV was probably the most difficult part for her, although she handled like a champ. I was doing ok – until it was go time. Being so young, they had to completely sedate her. To keep her calm though, they do it while you are sitting there by her side. That moment. I can still feel it like it was this morning. To actually watch your child’s body go limp, be told to give her a kiss, and then be escorted to the waiting room all in less than a minute…57 minutes of waiting. ALONE.

So blessed there were no complications and she woke up picking right back up where she left off. I frantically waited three days and then I couldn’t wait any longer. I called the neurologist’s office and needed answers. We missed each other’s calls three times. When we finally did connect, he told me the scans were clear. No sign of anything. I collapsed in gratitude momentarily and before I could even get up off the floor, I remember asking now what? I was directed to the Neuromuscular team at the main hospital. I had barely even hung up the phone before I was dialing the number. I needed answers. I needed to help her. I almost was able to breathe, then I was told the soonest appointment they could give me was five months out because I was switching neurologists, and even though it was within the same network, she was considered a new patient again. Let’s just say I pretty much lost my shit.

After the ugly was over, I pulled myself together and made it a point to call every single day to see if there was a cancellation. I knew each and every person in the general call center’s voice by the end of month two and they sure knew mine. Prayer and persistence paid off because there was a late notice cancelation one Thursday morning. I scooped Cecelia and Elia up, barely grabbing the diaper bag, and headed to Delaware. The neurologist listened, she even verbally acknowledged that she has seen more of this than she would like to admit in relation to vaccinations. She decided that Cecelia should also be evaluated by the pulmonology and orthopedic specialists on the team. Fortunately, those appointments were easy to schedule and both were complete within a two-week time span. Neither gave us anything definitive and we were back to the drawing board. That’s when the neurologist decided an EEG was the next appropriate step…and you all know what the results of that were.

The diagnosis appointment with the epilepsy specialist was grueling. I tried so hard to listen, but at the same time I didn’t want to hear a word. Based on the way the seizures presented themselves on the EEG she was certain that Cecelia had a form of genetic epilepsy. I called bullshit on that one instantly inside of my head. So on to genetics we went. It took a cajillion days to get it approved by the insurance company and then umpteen more to get the results. Her DNA was tested right down to the mitochondria. 


Of course, she has variations and mutations, but nothing that could be pinpointed to a genetic disorder that would be presenting itself in this way neurologically. All that poking, prodding, testing, and there were no solid answers… 

Oh, wait there is that one BIG SMOKING GUN…

But no one in the medical community would ever admit on paper that this damage was the result of vaccinations. We went home from that appointment with a prescription for Onfi in hand. The specialist assured us over and over again that it had little to no side effects. I knew differently though. God had strategically placed one courageous mother on my path months prior to show me the way.

There were many moms who spoke up that the vaccine injury their child endured was horrific, but it was nothing compared to the hell that they endured at the hands of the Big Pharma seizure meds. Because of them, and in particular one mom I was connected with, I knew the side effects, the withdrawal, and the list of other meds she would most likely be on if we started the Onfi because of the symptoms it would trigger. I was so, so blessed that we never filled that prescription or her story would be DRASTICALLY different.

Q&A with Colleen:

Q: After she received the vaccines where you noticed a significant difference in her behavior, etc., did you continue to vaccinate or hold off until all of her testing results came back?

Neither she nor her siblings have been vaccinated since.

Q: How is Ceceila doing now? Where does she thrive? Where does she struggle?

Cecelia makes gains every day, but there are definitely periods of regression too. She is a social butterfly and very cognitively astute. I am grateful every day that this didn’t affect her ability to excel academically! She is fearless and never limits herself. Currently she struggles with motor planning, body awareness, and hyperactivity. Her speech and language processing are improving, but remain inconsistent. Can I blame her level of sass on this too?? Lol

Her incredible Early Intervention team and current school program and staff have abundantly created opportunities for personal and therapeutic gains. We currently use CBD Oil to manage here pain levels and epilepsy.

Q: What long-term or chronic conditions does she experience?

Cecelia has epilepsy as a result. Ceceila has been diagnosed with epilepsy. I will forward her medical records for more accurate diagnosis information.

Q: What, if any, detox, or other health protocols or modalities do you incorporate for her?

Detox is out of reach financially besides Epsom salt and bentonite clay baths. It is so frustrating that detoxing is so expensive and there is no one to hold accountable for the damage. We have used Energetix Drainage Tone in the past, but I am not able to provide consistency with it due to the current financial status.

Q: Can you describe the health of your other children and if they are vaccinated and what issues they have?

Nico 10 – Autistic, ADHD, Sensory Integration Disorder, ear Infections, jaundice at birth, failure to thrive the first two years

Gianna 8 – Crippling anxiety, eczema, unexplainable onset of hives any given day (Nutrition response testing completed by practitioner was able to trace it back to the MMR vaccine.)

Carmella 6 – Anxiety, ear infections, unexplainable onset of fever on any given day lasting 2-4 hours, hyperactive (no official diagnosis)

Elia 4 – High-pitched shrill scream right after he had the HepB in the hospital lasted 2 years, inability to regulate emotions, received early intervention for low tone and socio-emotional skills (he did not qualify for services through the district once he aged out)

Ami 2 – I fought in the hospital to not vaccinate. He is low tone and speech delayed. I am requesting his hospital records because something just doesn’t sit right.

Q: What are your plans for future vaccinations for your family?


Q: Do you have a current pediatrician or doctor that understands Ceceila’s health background and her vaccine-injury?

Not really. They will not formally connect it.

Q: What in your opinion is the most pressing issue regarding vaccines?

The law taking away our constitutional rights, parents being punished by the court and child services while their children are force vaccinated in foster care. Censorship of the “post market research” and the peer reviewed work. Also, there being no provision to ask genuine questions.

Q: Were you aware of the risks of vaccines prior to vaccinating your children?

No. I was complacent and trusted. It never felt right in my gut, but I did not actively pursue further knowledge. 

Q: What do you wish you would have known before vaccinating?

Where do I even start??

My rights as a parent to decline.

Documented side effects. #1 being death. That would have instantly ended it right there.


That Big Pharma has immunity. No safety or efficacy studies.

The money on the line for the pediatrician office.

What actually eradicated “diseases”- the timeline of the vaccine introduction.

Vaccinations do not mean immunization.

Q: Can you describe the medical community’s opinion and perspective of Ceceila’s situation?

It is hush hush. No one wants to address or discuss it. Everything remains “inconclusive” which gets us nowhere with VAERS. If I push, I risk the wrath of child services. It is a very scary, lonely, and agonizing place to be.

Q: What was the consensus about what happened to her?

No one will provide that.

Q: Can you provide an overview of the timeline of events and key appointments?

The timeline isn’t really cut and dry. She instantaneously became extreme introverted, lethargic, and closed off the first day. By day three it was like she was in her own little world and barely acknowledged anything going on around her. In hindsight I now know that the staring episodes were seizures. I saw her slowly decline fine and gross motor wise. Her speech regression was evident from day one though.

I addressed this with the pediatrician, but he didn’t “see” what I was talking about in the ten-minute appointment. I was dismissed, which because of my history of living in trauma, made me think I was just making it all up. I hate admitting that. So I sat and waited. It got worse. She was walking into walls and falling all over the place. I finally broke down and called for an Early Intervention Evaluation. The dates are as follows. It took forever to get someone to see what I was seeing. It took over a YEAR.

DTaP, HIB, IPV, HepA 5/25/16

Early intervention evaluation 4/25/17

duPont Pediatrics Neurologist Lancaster 5/10/17

Brain MRI- 5/26/17

Geneticist/Neurologist initial appointment 7/20/17

EEG 7/24/17

Epilepsy Specialist Diagnosis 8/2/17

DNA Testing Completed 10/30/17

Q: What support or resources do you need?

Access to detox and homeopathic doctors. The cost of it is gut wrenching. All of my kids could use consistent access to top of the line probiotics and detox remedies like TRS. I have seen firsthand the healing force of consistent hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy and pray every day one will just appear at our home!

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to share?

The exhaustion level of this is intense. Parents who are speaking up and fighting the anger, wrath, and death threats of pro-vaxxers are not gaining anything. Our children are ALREADY injured. We live the hell every day. It is so taxing – taking care our babies and having to fight a fight that shouldn’t even be in question. If my child were force vaxxed she could DIE. I can’t get her or my other children a medical exemption. The fear is overwhelming.

Q: What is your hope with sharing Ceceila’s story?

I pray it shows others who are walking this path also that they are NOT ALONE. I felt so alone for so long in this – especially when the medical world wrote me off. I hope it allows a space for anyone researching or questioning vaccinations to gather the strength to fight the good fight for themselves and their babies. I pray it puts a face and life with the truth. We have been silenced, shamed, and mocked, but KNOW we are reaching hearts and minds.


  1. Yes, I was the same way, young and naive unfortunately. Trust in doctors? Hell no. They can ALL get for real. Vaccines are total bullsh*t!

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