AUTISM: Recover Health With Homeopathic Detox CEASE Therapy

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AUTISM: Recover Health With Homeopathic Detox CEASE Therapy

A Homeopath and filmmaker explains how homeopathic CEASE Therapy can detoxify and recover autistic children and/or help improve their quality of life. CEASE Therapy was originally developed for those with autism but is now used to help anyone who requires a safe and effective detox that can lead to full recovery. CEASE Therapy is a great compliment to biomedical treatment for autism.


Biomedical Treatment For Autism
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I’m a Homeopath and a Filmmaker, and I’m here to talk to you today about CEASE therapy, which is a treatment option for Autism. CEASE stands for complete elimination of autism spectrum expression, and it’s a homeopathic technique developed by a homeopath named Tinus Smits.

Homeopathy is a way of using very dilute substances to stimulate the immune system and encourage healing in the body, and it’s a 200 year old medical art. CEASE is a system that uses a combination of homeopathy orthomolecular medicine and nutrition. And along with some detox support, to help the body and the mind and the brain, detox and recover health. And it was originally created as a methodology to treat autism, but today it has many applications for different types of toxicity.

A CEASE practitioner will take a very thorough case, to first try to understand what possible toxicological factors may be involved to understand the present mental and emotional and physical state of the patient. And once they’ve identified a specific toxin that they want to address, we have what’s called a homeopathic detox.

Using that very same substance given in homeopathic potencies we slowly detox the person, and this can be difficult as they go through, as any detox program, they can go through aggravations, but it’s really amazing to see how an aggravation comes up, comes down, and you see significant improvement in the individual. We also provide individualized or thermolecular support which means using vitamins and nutrients, and we use them to help reduce inflammation in the body and heal the gut.

So for example we’ll use water soluble Vitamin C, and fat soluble Vitamin C, the fat soluble can cross the brain barrier and reduce inflammation in the brain and the water soluble is very effective in the gut. We use Omega 3 oils, which are essential fatty acids that are vital building blocks of brain tissues and also important in reducing systemic inflammation. We use Zinc to help balance methylation in the body, and so on.

And again, it’s always individualized to the needs of the patient. We also incorporate things like epsom salt baths, and activation charcoal which help draw out toxins from the system and ease the aggravations from the whole process. And then we start bringing in constitutional homeopathy and inspiring homeopathy.

So constitutional homeopathy is when we actually address the person as a whole, we look at their mental, emotional, and physical, and spiritual states, and match that too a homeopathic remedy picture to support the whole person.

We also use something called inspiring homeopathy, which was created by Tinus Smits as well, and these are very special remedies that address the human state, which often people will get stuck in a very specific place instead of being free in their emotional and mental movement.

Over the years of working with this methodology, I’ve seen some remarkable successes. I’ve seen aggression reduced in very aggressive individuals, I’ve seen eye contact return to children, I’ve seen language development return to normal, I’ve seen an increased understanding and awareness of what’s going on in their environment, and comprehension.

61AvSni6lqL-300And in young children I find that it’s very, its often a really quick process, and that they, I have a handful of kids who are no longer considered on the autism spectrum after going through this process. And with older individuals it can be a slower process and take more time, but it can still make significant improvements in a persons quality of life.

In terms of self sufficiency, being able to understand and communicate with people around you, and with reduction in pain and inflammation and all these other processes.

So my experience has been overwhelmingly positive using CEASE therapy and I highly encourage you to do some research, there’s many resources online, you can check out, and Tinus Smits has two books out there, very informative, one is called Autism Beyond Despair, and the other Inspiring Homeopathy. And I recommend you meet with a certified CEASE practitioner.

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