Brandy Vaughan’s June 15, 2015 Attack On Activists

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Brandy Vaughan’s June 15, 2015 Attack On Activists

Below are screenshots and the text from Brandy Vaughan’s attack on other activists in the Facebook Group “AWAKE California.” As of May 31, 2018, her post is still live in the Facebook Group. This unfounded attack on other activists created confusion, distrust, angst and a lot of hostility in the vaccine choice/anti-vaccine movement. Later, Dr. Bob Sears, MD, a pediatrician who worked alongside many activists to try and stop CA SB277 from becoming law, wrote this public response to Brandy’s unfounded attack on other activists (although he does not name her in his post). I also added his response below for you. When you review my rebuttal to Brandy’s malicious and very distorted hour long character assassination on me and see how she crafted her manipulative diatribe, I hope you can understand how her attack on other activists is no more than just reckless distortions of the truth that have no place in our vaccine choice/anti-vaccine movement.

~ Larry Cook


Everyone, I just have to reiterate it again. You are being LIED to about the hearing — by Amber and Melissa and Aaron And the CCHC.They are all over these threads saying one thing, then changing their story left and right. TRUTH: the panel was decided by CCHC and Janet, including Bianca the Friday before. CCA was on the call too. Christina was given a seat and it was BLF. Testifiers WERE NOT chosen by Bonta, please don’t fall for that lie that has clearly been debunked. CCHC/Janet told others they could have Allison Folmer and dr hooker and dr Bark speak to placate them. But they were lying, and everything was just as they had decided the Friday before. Except, then they put Bianca up there as a planned surprise, Janet’s lobbyist handed George a note saying go third instead of last and when Allison went to speak last, Melissa Floyd reached over and turned her mic off. Check out the hearing video at 1hour 20min and 43 seconds to the right of the podium. Allison came down and said, “someone turned off my mic!!” You can see in the hearing video that it was Melissa (at 1hour, 20 min and 43 seconds, look to right of podium at quick hand maneuver). Bianca was just on here saying she wasn’t supposed to speak, then why did she have a speech all prepared and rehearsed. Why did she not let Allison speak?!! They are playing coy and naive and covering their asses left and right,but this was completely deliberate and extremely well-orchestrated.

Their stories keep changing, just search their comments in Awake — first they pointed fingers at Bonta when that was exposed as a lie, they changed their story. Then it was that there was no list — then they admitted there was. Then they said nobody was kept out of the room — then they admitted some people had to show id to get into room. Then they said they wanted Bark and Hooker to testify — CCHC called Dr bark and told her she wouldn’t be allowed to testify? we flew her in anyway because there has NEVER been a list before. Somehow they are always one step ahead with special permission this time around, which is not because we are so well-liked, to go in the side door and have a list at the door. I was with dr hooker when the guard asked for our names and then there were no seats left. But there were seats left, CCHC kept coming out and pulling people in. But we were closed out. Until I had two people from my regional group give up their seats timed with when the main guard was pulled away for a minute. this is NOT me being dramatic or just upset that we lost or “my” witnesses didn’t get to testify — this is the TRUTH. And these were not MY witnesses, they were here for everyone, what they had to say (they as in Allison, Hooker, Bark, Dreicher, etc). We had 25 minutes, we had enough time for 8 witnesses to speak for 3 min each. Dont let them hem fool you, we have been played.

I knew we’d lose this hearing, but we needed those people up there — the cdc whistleblower story (this was the smoking gun because all Pan talks about is measles) and the Merck fraud cases, the lack of gold standard testing for vaccines, lack of liability, the fact 300+ vaccines are under development! the fact we give three times as many vaccines under age 5 as other developing countries, the science linking the true health crisis of our children to vaccines not 130 cases of measles, truths challenging pan’s lies straight on — all of these things were going to be said (both doctors and I had a power breakfast and discussed it before the rally). Speaking of the rally, I organized it and announced it only the night before because when the idea was leaked to CCHC accidentally, they accused me of sabotaging their rebuplican-lead rally, which again they will say was entirely Mathis’ office but that’s not true either — they were in every rally meeting (Kelly and Jude). and another lie: Melissa claims she didn’t know she was testifying until 20 min before — then how did she have such a well prepared speech? Same with Bianca. Both were planned to keep seats at the table during Q&a as dead weight.

Merck used to train us to just tell doctors ONE line with numbers because if you throw too many numbers at them, their eyes glaze over. Everyone impressed with Melissa’s testimony should realize that it was a very calculated and very ineffective strategy. Their speeches were well articulated, because if they weren’t people would be even more suspicious. But as usual, they played into the same ineffective argument that failed three times before. The CCHC leadership is the same group that drive AB2109 into the ground with, guess what, the same arguments and even the same testifies (Dr Jay). Btw, those curious as to why dr jay said vaccines were so safe and effective multiple times, it was because his speech was partly written for him and he was coached to stick to that line. One doctor on a5-person health committee hearing while three well-known well spoken ones are kept off the panel — this is NOT just another mistake, it was pure strategy, just not the kind with good intentions. and they will tell you just to move on, keep fighting and letting them lead.

I will tell you, they have already lost SB277for us. It’s time to take to the streets and the governor’s office, grassroots style, flyers everywhere, op-eds with the real info, banners, rallies, booths at farmers markets, talking to community groups, etc. all of the things that CCHC tried to shut off while keeping us focused on calls and emails to lawmakers while they pounded the halls of the Capitol (I know, I had meetings with them and was part of their outer circle for most of this) ensuring that the only arguments that were heard were impressively detailed and ineffective, and don’t forget they wanted to be in every district meeting too.

And just to counteract some of their attempts to discredit me: not true that I wanted to lead this movement, I’m a single mom just trying to keep life going and run a business (notice they are always commenting on FB??!) I just don’t have the time. And no, I’m not a disgruntled employee, I made great bonuses at Merck, won sales awards and was even chosen to launch a new product — a huge honor among reps.

That said, I am a disgruntled that the night I named names off those behind the CCHC sabotage (last Thursday), my house was visited at 3.45am and my alarm wirelessly disarmed. Nothing was taken and I wasn’t there,but ways were explored for future visits and my house tapped. I am only saying this so if anything happens in the future, everyone knows why and who.

So am I pissed, yes, but only because we have been played. And I didn’t even realize it until the Democratic Convention rally, which CCHC called off last minute, yet suspiciously still showed up and tried to control things behind the scenes — they were really mad I spoke there apparently. And some other really shady things happened there behind the scenes.

But I am still committed to exposing the truth, whether that’s the driving force behind the 100+ mandatory vac bills in 36 states, or the truth behind why the sb277 hearings seem to all go the same way, not to mention AB2109…It is not only Pan that has kept important info out of this fight. SB277 has been 8 years in the making since pan was hand picked back at UC Davis and was Jodi Hick’s ped. He even starred in a merck PSA. so were we going to win this, probably not, but it was VERY important that we got more info out there on record and better messaging.

So please don’t let them fool you and please don’ t trust them to ever lead the charge for this movement again. Now, let’s all watch the vipers come after me. I am getting out of the country for awhile, as you can imagine after my little visit. But this won’t stop the truth from coming out.

We may have lost this battle in this long war, but I have faith that the TRUTH twill prevail…eventually.

NOVEMBER 24, 2015


Thank you so much to everyone who continues to work tirelessly in this fight to maintain our medical freedom and parental rights in California and nationwide. It’s exhausting, isn’t it? It seems to consume every ounce of free time. What I find most draining is the mental aspect of it – always thinking about it – day in and day out. Wondering how we can better have the reasonable conversation that informed consent is a critical aspect of medicine and is a basic human right afforded to ALL people. Moreover forced homeschooling is NOT an equal option, and vaccines inherently have risks. It’s the children that matter most, and it’s the ONLY thing we are fighting for. Nothing else matters.

But within this fight, you know what else I have to spend mental energy on? Trying to figure out why certain people in our movement continue to point fingers at some of the most effective advocates and leaders, criticizing them for being too “mainstream”, and accusing them of being influenced by Pharma. Why do people have to be witch-hunters? Why do some feel the need to publicly declare that so-and-so or the leaders of such-and-such group are not to be trusted, or are working with Pharma? And what are their true intentions or motivations in accusing people? What gives anyone the right to make such serious accusations without any proof? That crosses a line – a very big line. And when it comes to vaccines, why does it need to be all or nothing with this movement? If you support personal liberties and informed consent, it shouldn’t matter what personal vaccine choices you make for your family, or what message you support.

The witch hunt started way back in June when one particular person in this fight decided she would accuse a few of our colleagues of being under the influence of Pharma. Since it was only one person, I didn’t think much of it. But it’s continued since then, and a few others have joined in, and just last week the same finger-pointer encouraged people NOT to attend the Pomona College Student Union event on “Vaccine Wars” I was invited to speak at. She warned online (and to who knows how many countless people verbally) it was indirectly sponsored by friends of mine who are apparently working for Pharma and are providing me with Pharma-approved messaging. I know, right? It was put on by Pomona College. So, Pomona College is Pharma and actually wanted ME to speak there? Sounds a little bit . . . um, I won’t say.

The problem with her misguided warning is that not only was it completely false (I didn’t know anyone on in the Pomona Student Union, so not sure how my “friends” in Pharma were sponsoring or controlling it), an event like the Pomona one is a crucial conversation to have – a dialogue that needs to continue happening across the country. We need to be having rational debates on issues that affect individuals and families so profoundly, like this one. So in the end, childish behavior like this person’s actually hurts and splinters our movement.

I would like to extend my heartfelt and humble thanks to the large number of parents and advocates who came out to the Pomona event. So many people that I saw repeatedly up in Sacramento, some driving for hours, came to support a cause that we all believe in. I’ll post the video soon when it becomes available, and I’ll let you know what I learned from it.

Let me be very clear about one thing: we need all types of different messaging in this fight. We need those who focus on medical rights, informed consent, parental rights, personal liberties, vaccine risks, and the truth about vaccine injury. But what I see, instead, are those on the extreme end who think we should ONLY focus on the harm of vaccines, and the witch hunt that follows for anyone who fails to spread that message; good people are labeled as controlled opposition or working for Pharma.

Since it is really only a few individuals responsible for such accusations, it should be a pretty insignificant problem and have very little effect on the rest of us who continue this fight each and every day, right? I mean, what damage can a handful of people do to our entire movement?

Well that’s just it. The damage has already been visible. They are trying to divide us into different camps. I don’t want any camps; neither does virtually every other person I know. We don’t have the luxury to separate. We are David (citizens) fighting against Goliath (industry/politics), and we are already at a large disadvantage…what we have is truth, passion, AND each other.

So why do I break character and come out and counter-attack these individuals now? It’s because their efforts are putting children in danger. By sabotaging events and messages, and by encouraging division, they hurt all our efforts. Now I’ve decided not to name names here, but many of you will know who I am talking about, because you have witnessed the bashing, the gossip, and the accusations yourselves. And you’ve had to witness the backlash from those who are being accused. It isn’t pretty, and it’s a waste of everyone’s time. I would say that anyone who is falsely accused of being a Pharma Witch has every right to defend him or herself. For those who don’t know details, consider yourselves lucky; it’s an embarrassment to deal with such things when children’s lives are at risk. And I hope it ends here.

So this is a personal plea for those of us in this fight to make a unanimous decision to ignore ANYTHING that distracts us from our purpose of protecting the children. Instead, we need to focus only on the work that really needs to be done. Focus on the children and the real issues: maintaining informed consent, medical freedom, and parental rights in our country, and discussing the risks of vaccination and the truth of vaccine injury. If the dialogue does NOT include something effective that contributes to our cause, then simply ignore it (or them) and choose not to be a part of the problem.

Everyone has a right to focus on the issues and messages that are most important to you, whether it’s about the potential harms of vaccines and the tragedy of vaccine injury, or the importance of medical freedom and parental rights, or one of a dozen such messages that are valid in this fight. While the individual messages may be different, we need to fight it together. Together by realizing we all have the same goal in the end. Together by accepting each other’s differences, quirks, personalities, faults, and focuses. Together by refusing to turn on each other. Because THAT is exactly what Pharma wants – It wants us to accuse each other, fight against each other, and waste time arguing with nothing to gain. Witch-hunting is a perfect Pharma strategy.

Take the pledge with me– let’s re-commit to this fight with only ONE GOAL in mind: finding solutions to preserve our human rights. Period.

Dr. Bob

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